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Branson PM MOPS April 2010 Newsletter


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    Mission Control: Where Super Moms Get Their Ideas April 2010

    Where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20

    Lifestyle of consumerism "No one can serve two masters. Ei-

    ther he will hate the one and love

    the other, or he will be devoted to

    the one and despise the other. You

    cannot serve both God and Money."

    Matthew 6:24 (NIV)

    If you are anything like me - and

    millions of other women - you find it

    hard to disengage yourself from the

    lifestyle of consumerism all around

    us. Material things - mere inanimate

    objects - seem to have so much

    power over people. The frustrating

    thing about money and things is you

    can never quite get enough. Styles

    and fashions change with the sea-

    sons. Fancier homes are being built

    around the corner. Technology im-

    proves so rapidly. Great bargains

    await us down every aisle. There

    are always newer and nicer things to

    be had, and there are always people

    around us having them. There is a

    subtle but unrelenting pressure to

    have it all.

    So what happens when we give

    in to the pressure? We discover the

    tyranny of material things. Soon we

    find ourselves in spiritual bondage,

    and financial debt. A few years ago I

    read an eye-opening statistic - sev-

    enty percent of all Americans said

    they are carrying so much debt that

    it is making their lives unhappy. Are

    you feeling the pressure of financial

    debt? Is it worth it to have a home full

    of nice things, where tensions run

    high, creditors call, and you can hardly


    At the time I read that statistic I

    was beginning to feel the pressure of

    my own mounting debt. I remember

    quite well the stress, fear, and feelings

    of failure. Thankfully, it drove me to

    my knees where I cried out to the only

    One who could truly help me change.

    Through tears I asked God's forgive-

    ness for how poorly I'd handled the

    money He had provided me, and

    asked Him to help me gain some con-

    trol and make wiser choices. I humbly

    confessed to others the situation and

    asked for prayer. Next I prayed fre-

    quently and reverently for God to in-

    crease our family income so we could

    pay down the debt. I increased my giv-

    ing to God. And, very importantly, I put

    a strict moratorium on myself buying

    anything but groceries. No more new

    sweaters, cute kids' toys, or anti-

    wrinkle creams - no matter how great

    the sale - until I'd gained some self

    control when it came to money.

    I am glad to report that God has

    been faithful to hear and answer those

    prayers. I'm also confident in saying

    He can do the same for you.

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    Inside this Issue:

    Lifestyle of


    Results Are In- 2

    Space Team - 2

    Service Update~ 3

    Branson PreK ~ 3

    K RoundUp ~ 4

    Picky Eaters ~ 4

    Congratulations - 5

    Prayer & Care ~ 6

    Tea & Testimony ~ 7

    Earth day~ 9

    Planet Prom~ 10-11

    Prom Queen Form ~ 11

    Next Meeting~ 14

    Next Next Next Next

    Meeting Meeting Meeting Meeting

    April 13thApril 13thApril 13thApril 13th

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    The Space Team Coordinators:

    Tennille Michel ~ 417.335.4807

    Mary Blackwood ~ 417.335.5437


    Meoldy Alms ~ 417.561.2602


    DeAnna Sheets ~ 417.880.9936

    Prayer & Care:

    Amy Wilhoit ~ 417.336.9822


    Service Coordinator:

    Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381

    Craft Coordinator:

    Hollie Holderfield ~ 417.263.0484

    Small Group Coordinator:

    Kelly Skoglund ~ 404.819.6527


    Carolyn Loften ~ 417.336.5487


    Small Groups Leaders:

    Jordan Miller ~ 417.230.5072

    Sarah Matthews ~ 417.334.58.12

    Sara DeLawder ~ 417.230.2811

    Stacy McNeill ~ 417.336.1111

    Kara Swofford ~ 417.336.1937

    Maryann Riveros ~ 417.336.8706

    Vanessa Hogan ~ 417.335.3785

    Kathy Morgan ~ 417.339.4108

    The Results Are In. . . .

    MOPS Poll 2010

    This month we had 38 moms respond to our results are in sur-

    vey. Heres what they had to say!

    Which reality TV show do you love to watch?

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette 29%

    American Idol 42%

    Survivor 13%

    American Race 23%

    Biggest Loser 23%

    Big Brother 13%

    Dont Watch Them 10%

    Allowance 50%

    No Allowance 50%

    Toddler Bed Time

    7 pm 2%

    8 pm 42%

    9 pm 34%

    Varies 21%

    continued from front page.

    The Bible clearly states that God will not

    reign in our lives as long as we have material

    things enthroned in our hearts (Matthew

    6:24). So join me in renouncing money, lux-

    ury, and possessions as the main goals in

    life. Today let's choose better goals - to know

    God intimately and to bless others out of the

    abundance of our hearts. The lifestyle of con-

    sumerism is all around us. The temptation to

    try to satisfy our own needs and desires with

    material things is strong. Ultimately, however,

    the best bargain in town is still that we can

    trade our filthy rags for robes of righteous-

    ness in the dressing room of our very own


    Rachel Olsen communicates from the heart -

    with wisdom women need, humor they enjoy

    and sincerity they remember.

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    Jennifer Storey, LMT

    100 First St.

    Hollister, Mo (next to Pink Door Thirft Shop)

    417-239-4280 (cell)

    Escape & Rejuvenate

    We offer a variety of therapeutic services

    to help you escape from stress and in-

    vigorate your spirit.

    Call us today to discuss our massage &

    spa services

    Service Update

    Nearly 10 MOPS moms were able to

    volunteer this past month at the

    Womens Crisis Center and all who at-

    tended had an amazing experience of

    blessing these womens lives while

    being reminded of what God has done

    for us.

    Donations Needed

    Baby Oil, Toddler Outdoor Toys,

    Baby Blankets, Bottles, Sippe Cups,


    Summer Months

    MOPS will continue to volunteer at

    the Womens Crisis Center over the

    summer. If you would like to volun-

    teer to go over the summer let

    Teresa Boyd know by email at

    [email protected]

    Pirate Pre-K Screening

    Branson Parents as Teachers will be offering screenings for all children interested in at-

    tending Pirate Pre-K for the 2010-11 school year on April 13th, 14th, and 15th.

    To be eligible for the Pirate Pre-K Program, you must be a resident of Branson School

    District, and be age 4 on or before July 31, 2010.

    Please contact Angi at the Student Services Office to make an appointment. She can be

    reached at 417-334-5131, ext. 9712

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    Area Kindergarten Round UpArea Kindergarten Round UpArea Kindergarten Round UpArea Kindergarten Round Up

    Hollister Kindergarten Roundup Hollister Kindergarten Roundup Hollister Kindergarten Roundup Hollister Kindergarten Roundup

    April 19th at 6 p.m. Screenings will be scheduled at the Roundup but the dates will

    be May 4th and 5th

    Branson Kindergarten Roundup Branson Kindergarten Roundup Branson Kindergarten Roundup Branson Kindergarten Roundup

    April 20th- all children turning 5 or 6 before August 1, 2010 should attend with their

    parents for this exciting time to experience the excitement of kindergarten, ride on

    the school bus, and set up a development screening for teacher placement.

    Last Names beginning with A-M 4:30-5:30 pm

    Last names beginning with N-Z 6:00-7:00 pm

    Located at the Branson Primary Cafeteria

    Contact Branson Primary @ 417.336.1887

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    Getting a Picky Eater to EatGetting a Picky Eater to EatGetting a Picky Eater to EatGetting a Picky Eater to Eat How do I get my 3-year-old to try new foods? My son is such a picky eater, he refuses to eat any-

    thing I make, and I feel like I've tried everything! It's turning into a power struggle with himand

    he's winning! How do I get him to eat the foods that I give him without a major battle?

    I actually just dealt with a similar situation on Nanny 911. Believe me, food is one battle you do NOT want to fight on a daily basis! You said your child eats nothing. But honestly, he would not be alive today if that where the case, would he? Oftentimes, picky eating is a way of getting mom and dad's attention. And clearly, your son's "I don't eat any-thing" game plan has been working in his favor thus far.

    Here is what I recommend: -Take all junk food out of the house or keep it in an area so it is not in view. Only offer healthy food choices on a regu-lar schedule. -At every meal, put one healthy food on the plate that you know he will eat, then one new food. Tell your kid that he does not have to eat it, but that the new food stays on the plate. And don't make a fuss if he doesn't touch it! -Keep a food log. For your own peace of mind, jot down what your child actually eats. You may be surprised at th