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Newsletter for Branson PM MOPS for May


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    Mission Control: Where Super Moms Get Their Ideas May 2010

    Where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20

    ~Momology 2010 Theme~ In 2010, MOPS invites you to join

    in the learning process as together

    we explore Momology: The Art and

    Science of Mothering.

    Mothering is both art and science.

    It combines all of who we are to

    shape healthy, resilient kids. Moth-

    ering is so complex it requires both

    sides of our brain not to mention

    our hands and feet, eyes and ears,

    mouth and (sniff, sniff) unfortunately,

    sometimes even our noses!

    There's the scientific side of moth-

    ering where we develop a hypothe-

    sis based on certain principles, test

    that hypothesis in real-time, con-

    sider the results and decide what

    parts worked and what parts didn't.

    We keep refining our hypotheses

    until we find what works for us.

    Intertwined with the scientific,

    mothering requires an artistry that

    shades with our personality, colors

    with our unique gifts, and blends

    past and current experiences.

    MOPS International has identified

    four essential elements for success-

    ful outcomes with our kids.

    Core is about knowing and growing

    ourselves. Understanding and work-

    ing with our unique temperament,

    experiences, and emotions in a way

    that develops resilience. Research

    clearly shows that a mom with a

    strong, resilient core is more likely to

    raise a child with a strong, resilient


    Finesse is about honing practical

    mothering skillsintentionally carrying

    out our daily responsibilities in ways

    that encourage growth and resilience

    in our kids.

    Circle is about building relationships

    with neighbors, care-givers, extended

    family and, most importantly, with our

    husbands or for single moms, with a

    parenting partner.

    Grandscape is about engaging with

    God and his unique purpose for our

    lives. Both secular and Christian re-

    search identifies faith in God as an

    essential element for successful moth-


    Through Momology, as we explore

    together, well be guided by an all-

    knowing, all-powerful, always-present

    God. Our theme verse for the year is:

    Even there your hand will guide me,

    your right hand will hold me fast.

    (Psalm 139:10)

    Anywhere we go, God sees, knows,

    and guides. So we can lead and

    love knowing God will get us

    through all the hard spots, all our deci-

    sions, all our roles, all our times we

    cant hold open our eyelids and the

    times were bursting with joy. Gods

    hand guides us as we guide our chil-

    dren. As we study Momology together

    to become better moms making a bet-

    ter world.

    Inside this



    Space Team - 2

    Tea &

    Testimony -3

    Service Update-3


    Tutoring 4

    Upcoming Events-4

    Congratulations - 5

    Next Meeting- 6


    Meeting Meeting Meeting Meeting

    May 11thMay 11thMay 11thMay 11th

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    The Space Team Coordinators:

    Tennille Michel ~ 417.335.4807

    Mary Blackwood ~ 417.335.5437


    Meoldy Alms ~ 417.561.2602


    DeAnna Sheets~ 417.880.9936

    Prayer & Care:

    Amy Wilhoit ~ 417.336.9822


    Jen Cooper ~ 417.496.6133

    Renea Daniels ~ 417.339.3335


    Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381

    Jenine Conway ~ 417.239.0632

    Service Coordinator:

    Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381

    Craft Coordinator:

    Hollie Holderfield ~


    Small Group Coordinator:

    Kelly Skoglund ~ 404.819.6527


    Carolyn Loften ~ 417.336.5487

    Peg Welte ~ 417.335.2525

    Small Groups Leaders:

    Jordan Miller ~ 417.230.5072

    Sarah Matthews ~ 417.334.58.12

    Sara DeLawder ~ 417.230.2811

    Stacy McNeill ~ 417.336.1111

    Kara Swofford ~ 417.336.1937

    Maryann Riveros ~ 417.336.8706

    Vanessa Hogan ~ 417.335.3785

    Kathy Morgan ~ 417.339.4108

    Kim Matthews ~ 417.230.6409

    Kami Biedenstein ~417.348.0695

    Tami Guerin~ 417.880.7370

    Are you interested in helping with:



    Prayer & Care


    Let God use the gifts he gave you and

    make sure to find the sign up sheets at next months meetings.

    MOPPETS is in need of juice boxes for our little ones. If you are able to bring some juice to the next meeting it would greatly help!

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    Service Update

    On May 22nd Kathys Group and any other moms who would like to go to the Womens

    Crisis Center will be meeting and driving out there. If you would like to join contact

    Teresa Boyd.

    MOPS is going to continue to help out at the Womens Crisis Center during the sum-

    mer the last Saturday of each month. If you are interested in attending contact

    Teresa Body at [email protected]

    The Womens Crisis Center is still in need of the following baby items: blankets, bot-

    tles, sippie cups, diapers, and baby clothes. If you have any to donate please give

    them to Teresa.

    2nd Annual Tea and Testimony The 2nd annual MOPS Tea & Testimony was held on Saturday, May 01, 2010 at the home of our wonderful mentor, Peg Welte. The morning included great fel-lowship, delicious food, devotion from Miss Peg, and three wonderful testimo-nies from Kathy Morgan, Kami Biedenstien and Erin Wicker. Thank you Miss Peg for your hospitality, and big heart we appreciate you and love you!

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    Secret SisterSecret SisterSecret SisterSecret Sister

    Dont forget May 11th is our last

    meet this year. If you have par-

    ticipated in Secret Sister please make

    sure to let your secret sister know

    you have been the one making her


    Upcoming Events

    May 8th~ Community Garage Sale &

    Farmers market at Rec Plex Parking

    lot 7am-noon

    May 14-15th~ A day for Shay and

    Pals, Area 57 in Branson, MO Con-

    tact info: Michelle 417.230.4637 or

    [email protected]

    (More Info Below)

    May 15th~Women in the Outdoors

    Archery, kayaking, fly casting or

    target shooting? Ladies here is

    your chance to be introduced to a

    number of sporting activities. All

    classes are basic introduction with

    professionals. (Branson Rec Plex)

    Call Catherin McGregor at 593.6333

    or [email protected]

    2nd Annual Day for Shay and Pals2nd Annual Day for Shay and Pals2nd Annual Day for Shay and Pals2nd Annual Day for Shay and Pals

    Come join Buzz, Woody & Jessie from Pixars Toy Story on May 14th and 15th at Area 57 for food, fun and games all in support of the local Autism community.

    May 14th: 6:00May 14th: 6:00May 14th: 6:00May 14th: 6:00----10:00 pm10:00 pm10:00 pm10:00 pm

    Drive in movie and picnic (featuring Pixars Cars)

    May 15th: 10:00 amMay 15th: 10:00 amMay 15th: 10:00 amMay 15th: 10:00 am----4:00 pm4:00 pm4:00 pm4:00 pm

    Raffle Drawings, Bounce Houses, Local Entertain-ers, Face Painting, Petting Zoo, Monsters Inc Gang, and Mickey Mouse.

    Join other MOPS moms for Splash

    Time at the Rec Plex Monday-

    Thursday in the months of June and

    July from 10:00-11:30. Fee is $2.

    Children must be 5 or under.

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    Special thanks to Sir Speedy who takes care

    of all of our printing and copying needs.

    Visit them online at:



    6 Kathy Morgan

    12 Kim Ellett

    12 Shannon Donnathan

    25 Kami Biedenstein

    11 Kim Good

    12 Adriane Stauffer



    4 Shane & Michelle Russell

    12 Larry & Sara DeLawder

    18 Terry & Kim Crouse

    19 Jeff & Monina Lansman

    22 Greg & Stacy Cummings

    23 Josh & Sarah Williams

    26 Mike & Sara DeLeon

    26 Carlos & Maryann Riveros

    28 Jason & Shannon Coyle

    New Arrivals:

    *Janelle Carter welcomed

    a beautiful baby girl on April

    10, 2010 named Alexis

    Grace Carter.

    Dont forget to pray Dont forget to pray Dont forget to pray Dont forget to pray

    for all the pregnant for all the pregnant for all the pregnant for all the pregnant

    mommies and mommies mommies and mommies mommies and mommies mommies and mommies

    wanting to be preg-wanting to be preg-wanting to be preg-wanting to be preg-


    If your birthday or anniversary is misprinted in the newsletter or not

    printed please let me know so our records are accurate.

    E-mail me at [email protected]

    Make sure your e-mail address is correct with

    DeAnna Sheets to ensure you receive sum-

    mer activities and events. These are only sent

    to you if you signed up for mopportunities. If

    you havent been getting these or would like

    your name to be added please contact

    DeAnna at [email protected]

    There will be one newsletter over the summer

    but it will only be sent out through e-mail.

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    Branson PM MOPS

    DeAnna Sheets-Publicity

    640 Eiserman Street

    Branson, MO 65616

    What to Exp