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Brief Notes Brief Notes on on Editing Editing Concepts Concepts

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  • Brief Notes on Editing Concepts
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  • Objectives Explore editing vocabulary Differentiate editing for film versus editing for videotape Compare two basic editing techniques Discuss video capture strategies
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  • Splicing Is... The mechanical act of joining pieces of film. There is no real equivalent for videotape.
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  • Editing Is... A specialty skill or occupation in video and film production. A process of assembling visual & aural elements into a creative product. A post-production process.
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  • Remember... Every year the Motion Picture Academy awards an Oscar for editing in Film
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  • But... that person did not write, produce, direct, shoot, and distribute that product!!!
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  • Whats a Clip? A clip may be only video Or other compatible formats A clip may be only audio A clip may be both audio and video Video Audio Clip 1
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  • Two Basic Edits for Video Assemble or Add-on Sequentially assembling clips in linear order Insert or Cover Overlaying one clip on top of another
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  • Two Basic Edits for Video Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3 Assemble Edit Clips are assembled sequentially, or, a clip is added on to the end of the previous clip.
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  • Two Basic Edits for Video Clip 1Clip 2 Clip 3 Insert Edit One clip is inserted or overlaid on others. Notice the new video clip only covers the picture without covering the audio. New Video
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  • Clip Structure for Edits Clip 1 In PointOut Point Duration
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  • Clip Structure for Edits Clip 1 In PointOut Point Duration XXXXXXXXXXXXX Excess Video & Audio
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  • Capture Strategy Clip 1 In PointOut Point Duration Minimize the capture of excess clip material XXXXXXXX
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  • Two Basic Edits for Video Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3 In Logically, the out point of a clip becomes the in point of the following clip. In/Out Out
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  • Premiere 6.0 Timeline Set In & Out Point
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  • An Editing Truth Video must be shot with editing in mind.
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  • Mortensens Corollary You cant shoot with editing in mind if you have never edited before!!!
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  • Mortensens Corollary Therefore, your first project is a giant learning experience.
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  • Adobe Tutorials Look for tutorials on all the Adobe software packages below: Photoshop 7.0 Premiere 6.0 After Effects 5.5 Live Motion 2.0
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  • Key Terms Splicing Editing Clip Duration Assemble Edit Insert Edit In Point Out Point Three point editing Capture Strategy
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