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Bright Futures Begin with Summer Reading

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Bright Futures Begin. with Summer Reading. We love Summer Reading!. Because we Meet children Help find good books Play games Provide fun programs Give prizes!. Kids have fun!. But they also Maintain reading skills Do wholesome activities Grow intellectually - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bright Futures Beginwith Summer Reading

  • We love Summer Reading!Because weMeet childrenHelp find good booksPlay gamesProvide fun programsGive prizes!

  • Kids have fun!But they alsoMaintain reading skillsDo wholesome activitiesGrow intellectuallyHave a creative outlet

  • Each yearWe see an increase in kids who participate in summer reading programsThis yearWe want even more children!

  • Find solutions @ your library!Insert PSA hyperlink here.Go to will need to create a username and password if you have not already done so.Go to Programs, then Childrens Programs, then PSAs.Save the file to the same folder you have this PowerPoint.Insert the PSA file into your PowerPointDelete these instructions.

    Note: PSAs are usually available in late March

  • Promoting to kidsFliersMedia announcementsClassroom visits Backpack pic here

  • Why we need Summer ReadingEnding the school year reading below grade level in 2008

    18% of kindergarteners28% of 1st graders28% of 2nd graders23% of 3rd graders36% of Hispanic 3rd graders

  • Why we need Summer ReadingBeginning the school year reading below grade level in 2009

    33% of 1st graders46% of 2nd graders37% of 3rd graders52% of Hispanic 3rd graders43% of kindergarteners

  • Our Summer Reading GoalsRegister 10% more childrenOr (what number) more children

  • Meeting our GoalsVisit ClassroomsTalk to EducatorsTalk to Community Partners

    Register 10% more children

  • Meeting our GoalsHelping us provide booksProviding small prizes

    You can help by

  • Meeting our GoalsGetting children to programsVolunteeringAdd a summer reading link to your website

    You can help by

  • HERES HOW KIDS CAN GET SIGNED UP:Add your information or link here.

  • Bright Futures Begin with Summer ReadingYour nameYour phone numberYour web address

    *Our library is about kids, and last summer we saw hundreds of them come through our library. We brought them in through Summer Reading, a program tailored to their interests with an emphasis on fun. *We love Summer Reading at our library. We get to meet the children of our community, help them pick out favorite books, and give them prizes as incentives for reading. We also get to do craft projects, have guest readers, and parties.*While the kids are having fun, they also maintain their school year reading gains, catch up to grade level, or even get ahead. We provide a wholesome activity for children during their out-of-school time. Our Summer Reading activities stimulate intellectual growth and provide creative outlets. Thats why we think Bright Futures Begin with Summer Reading.*This year, we are gearing up to encourage even more of our children to participate. What child could resist Make a Splash- Read! This theme is packed full of programs that relate to water.



    *Well post fliers around the community, put articles and announcements in the paper and on radio & TV. And well visit schools.

    (Using the CSLP Program notebook, consider using abbreviated skits from Chapter 2: Promotion.)

    Well, you can see what kind of fun we have. But there is a serious side to Summer Reading too.*Teachers work hard during the school year to increase the reading levels of their students. In the spring of 2009, according to the Idaho Department of Education, 23 percent of third grade children in Idaho ended the school year reading below grade level, 28% of first and second graders were below grade level, and only 18% of kindergartners were below grade level. A little over 1/3 of Hispanic third graders were reading below grade level. Students are then let out of school for almost three months, where for many of them, especially low-income children or children for whom English is a Second Language, their regular reading routines pretty much halt.

    *Research consistently shows that when these same students begin school again in the fall, their reading levels drop. For low-income or English as a Second Language students, the drop is drastic. Remember those kindergartners in the spring, of whom only 18% were reading below grade level? When they returned as first graders in the fall, over a third of them were reading below grade level. And over half of returning Hispanic students began the school year reading below grade level.

    Summer reading can also help prepare incoming kindergartners for school. Last fall, 43% of new kindergarten children were unable to recognize 11 or more letters. Its important for children to be ready to learn in kindergarten or theyll fall further behind as they go through the grades.

    We know kids who are read to fall in love with books. When they are older, kids will read more if they can choose their own books. And the more they love to read, the better they are at reading to learn. Finally, children who are English language learners may not hear English spoken or get to practice their English reading, writing, and speaking skills during the time they are out of school. Summer reading is a great place to keep their language skills on track.

    *At the library we are dedicating ourselves to bringing more children into our Summer Reading program, whether theyre coming to the library or reading at home.

    *As I mentioned earlier, our library staff is visiting classrooms with an invitation for children to attend our Summer Reading Program. We are also talking to teachers and principals, asking them to help get the word out. *We are also asking for your help.

    One way would be to match the Idaho Commission for Libraries incentive in books for the Read for you Library program. Through this program, elementary school children have the opportunity to win $200 in books for both the public and school library. And as you can imagine, our school principal has enthusiastically signed. Additional dollars from you could buy even more books for the libraries.

    Or you might consider providing money for small prizes. You would be amazed at how a small incentive like this (show prize) can motivate some children to read throughout the program.

    *You can also help by forming car pools so that all children in your neighborhood can attend or by volunteering to help at one or more program. A very easy way to help would be to add a link to our summer reading program on your website!**If you can help in anyway, please let me know. With your support, we can make sure that all our children have bright futures, beginning with Summer Reading.