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Get the Edge in the Graduate Market this Christmas BRIGHT FUTURES 22 DECEMER 2011

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Bright Futures monthly e-magazine giving students and graduates the chance to stand out from the crowd, develop their employability skills, network with graduate recruiters and get insider knowledge first! This month, see what doors are still open, look into the alternatives of working for an SME. and see what steps you can take to make sure you stand out in the application process.


Get the Edge in the

Graduate Market this




ER 2011


03 Merry Christmas from everyone at Bright Futures HQ The year is almost coming to a close and many students are thinking more about what their phones and emails will bring in terms job offers than what Santa is going to pop under the tree.

04 Stand out from the Crowd this Christmas Short of sending in CVs etched in gold leaf, what can you do to make your job application stand out from the crowd? share their top tips.

05 AssessmentDay 20% off for Bright Futures Members on practice psychometric testing

06 If you’re the type of fish that prefers a pond to the sea—you should join an SME! 86% of graduates can actually be found within the SME market, find out how a job within one could be the option for you.

07 Current Vacancies Still looking for a job? Take a look at just a few roles Bright Futures has to offer from our recruitment team.



15 AON




19 FSA







26 PWC



08 Staffordshire & Keele make a tag‐team Combining forces to put on a huge event for IBM...

08 Lancaster Dinner with Industry The original Dinner with Industry event hosted for the 5th year!

08 Come Dine with THE BIG FOUR Bristol Bright Futures played host to each of the Big Four companies.

09 Executive & General Manager of IBM @ Conventry Launch event Over one hundred students attended Coventry Bright Futures launch event on 23rd November playing host to the multinational technology and consulting corporation, IBM.

10 Getting that something “Xtra” from Bright Futures Jaspal Jassal tells anyone that wants to listen about his success as a graduate securing his first grad scheme, and just how he got there.





Merry Christmas from everyone at Bright Futures HQ

The year is almost coming to a close and many students are thinking more about what their phones and emails will bring in terms job offers than what Santa is going to pop under the tree. Now is the time where many companies will be closing the applications for their annual graduate recruitment for the year, running assessment centres and making an abundance of offers. There are still some windows of opportunity open which you can check out by seeing our Recruiter News towards the end of the magazine . All is not lost if you haven't got onto the scheme you want or you’ve just spent your time focusing on your degree instead (no one can

blame you for that!). There are hundreds of thousands of organisations out there that work in the SME market recruiting around the clock, offering high levels of responsibility as soon as you set foot through the door, not to mention a typically competitive starting salary. We have an article just for SMEs in this edition with some jobs for you to check out right away. We also have a great success story from one of our recent graduates on how he secured a role with a leading accountancy firm. Not to mention reviews on a handful of our society events. So Stand out from the crowd this Christmas, look into all paths and avenues, and work towards getting the job you deserve.

But it doesn't stop there…. If you have secured your dream job and are just finishing up the rest of your essays and exams do make sure you are ready to impress as soon as you start on your first day. Keep up to date on company news, see if they have any networking events and activities for new grads so you can get to know your colleagues before you meet in the boardroom, and make sure you swot up and hit your deadlines, because the last thing you want is to have an offer on the table but have it ripped from under you at the last hurdle because you didn't make the grades you were expecting. And last but not least, have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Jackie Bright Futures Editor & Regional Manager

Stand Out from the Crowd this Christmas


Short of sending in CVs etched in gold leaf, what can you do to make your job application stand out from the crowd? Here are our top eight standout tips: 1. Get Creative. If you’re aiming for a creative job (design, website design, PR or advertising etc.), why not set up a website to show examples of your work? Or attach case studies to your CV? You could even make an online CV. What about creating a Facebook CV if you’re applying for a social networking marketing job? 2. We hate to break it to you, but you have to embrace social media. Spend as much time on your LinkedIn profile as your CV and use Twitter, Facebook and AllAboutCareers to follow companies and recruiters. Increasingly, employers are directly sourcing employees from the web, so you need to work on your social media presence. 3. Really, it all comes down to your CV and covering letter. Ditch any clichéd wording or corporate speak, keep it concise and interesting. Short and snappy sentences are the key to success. The covering letter should be a beacon of your personality, but it should also be professional and formal. You could even (whisper it) break a few general CV and covering letter rules, like using different headings or sections. However, it still has to be readable and accurate. 4. Research, research and research. Don’t just look at the ‘About Us’ section on the company’s website; use other sources, such as newspaper articles and employee profiles on LinkedIn. Think

about what it really is that attracts you to the company. 5. Imagine yourself doing the job. What would you bring to it? And what would you change about the company? Obviously don’t come to the interview armed with criticisms, but have an awareness of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and what you can do for them. 6. Always, always be aware that you are sending it to a person. No matter how impersonalonline applications look, it will always be read by human eyes. Job applications that are successful really take into account what the person receiving it is looking for and offer them something different from the stacks of CVs they have already trawled through. 7. What you do in your extra time counts. Get involved in your target industry in your free time and show an interest in your sector beyond wanting a job. Set up your own blog and include a link to it in your CV. 8. Make it relevant! We can’t stress this enough and if it means nagging, we will. You should tailor your CV and covering letter for every (and we mean every) job application, striking out anything that is not relevant with a proverbial red pen (or the delete button on your computer).

Written by


If you're the type of fish that prefers a

pond to the sea—you should consider an



An SME stands for small medium‐sized enterprises;

these are businesses that employ between 1 and

250 people. There are thousands of SMEs in the

UK; actually the majority of businesses tend to be


When you’re a student it’s easy to become

disillusioned into thinking that your only option

after leaving University is to work for a large

organisation that has a readymade graduate

scheme in place. Whereas when you leave

University you begin to realise that actually the

majority of graduates (a massive 86%) end up

working in SMEs.

Yes, working for large organisations can provide

excellent training opportunities and benefits,

however, this option isn’t for everyone and the

benefits of working for an SME shouldn’t be

overlooked. Working for an SME can also give you

great amounts of responsibility and autonomy,

which could mean faster promotion opportunities

and a higher profile within the business.

So if you’re the sort of person that wants variety,

wants to work closely with senior management

and have a high amount of recognition, then

working for an SME could be the right option for

you. There is also a high amount of flexibility in

roles within SMEs meaning you could be involved

in number of different tasks and job functions. Yet,

one of the biggest attractions of working for an

SME is the impact you can have on the business.

Even in your first month you could make a

significant contribution to the business and get to

see your ideas implemented instantly. A recent

survey on behalf of the Give A Grad A Go scheme

showed 82% of students believed they would get

better job satisfaction working for a smaller firm.

They also found that 92% of students felt that

SMEs foster greater creativity for their workforce.

Increasingly, more and more SMEs are taking on

graduates and offering very competitive starting

salaries. In return, these companies want

graduates who are; practical; flexible; quick to

learn; work well under pressure; need minimal

supervision and are willing to get involved.

If you’re a recent graduate and think you would be

interested in working for an SME then please send

your CV to our SME Graduate Recruiter David Cook

at Bright Futures HQ to find out more about the

SME graduate opportunities currently on offer. You

can email him at: [email protected]

or contact him directly in the office on: 01242


Company – Intercall Industry – IT communications Job Title – Graduate Sales Scheme Salary – £25,000 Location – South East Joining the InterCall Graduate Programme is a fantastic opportunity to let your personality shine. You’ll step into one of the world’s leading conferencing and collaboration organisation and work with some of our biggest clients, with exciting technology alongside inspiring, ambitious motivated people.

Company – Key Industry – Direct Marketing Job Title – Webmaster Salary – £20,000 ‐ £23,000 Location – Dorset As a Webmaster you will report into the E‐Business Manager and your key responsibility will be the effectiveness and accuracy of the web based shop, your success will be measured by the operational efficiency and the overall revenue generation of the shop

Company – Portakabin Industry – Modular Building Hire Job Title – Commercial Trainee Salary – Extremely Competitive Location – Nationwide This position is a great opportunity for a recent graduate with a couple of years’ commercial experience to start a long term and lucrative career with a market leading manufacturer of quality solutions. The position involves an 18 – 24 month programme of education to develop the skills and competencies required to undertake the commercial planning and selling functions within the company’s hire division.

Company – Alpha FX Industry – Finance Job Title – New Business Sales Executive Salary – £22,500 + Bonus Location – Windsor This is a new business role, focusing on the identification and qualification of new opportunities, using a database to spot new prospects. Your clients will be the Directors – generally Finance Directors – of companies who tend to make less regular, large FX transactions and who have their own accounts in the countries they are exchanging with.

For any of these roles please contact

[email protected] or call 01242 246415 BRIGHT FUTURES 22 DECEMBER 2011

Current Vacancies

Stafforshire & Keele make a tag team! Tuesday 3rd November, 2011 November 28th saw Staffordshire and Keele Universities’ join forces to hold an IBM event which was a great success! Over 130 students came to hear from our graduate employee on what it takes to make it into IBM. But the success was down to great team work and a big marketing strategy. Posters were designed and put up across both Universities, emails were distributed to members, our followers on Facebook & Twitter were also promoted to regularly with updates and information to capture peoples’ attention. However, much of the promotion was down to face to face marketing. Getting up close and personal with fellow students, talking to them about the society and the event, inviting them along and handing out leaflets as well as getting into lectures and doing shout‐outs. It did take some planning and effort but it was definitely worth it. Our next aim is to get

Dinner With Industry Monday 28th November, 2011 Lancaster Bright Futures hosted their 5th annual ‘Dinner with Industry’ which hosted many Bright Futures Investors including ACCA, Centrica, EY and Deloitte. The committee secured attendance of two non‐investors Unilever & Diageo. After a Bucks Fizz arrival and into the starter it was then over to Diageo for a very engaging presentation & quiz which saw one table win two bottles of Don Perrion Champagne! Table rotations half way through the evening meant students could speak to more employers. After the main course there were further presentations from ACCA, Unilever & Centrica, with the event ending superbly with a chocolate fountain and informal networking. A fantastic event which shows how good organisation and marketing can lead to a great event for both students and employers.


Come Dine with THE BIG FOUR Thursday 8th December, 2011 As we draw closer to the end of December many students are rushing to finish internship applications, whilst others have finished but are waiting for the online tests, interviews or assessment centres. Others considering their career may just want to meet and chat with graduate recruiters about opportunities and gain an insight into their companies. For the first time Bristol Bright Futures brought to its members PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and Ersnt & Young all together under one roof. This gave their members a fantastic opportunity to talk over their career choices and applications. Keeping in mind how busy evenings are, this event was scheduled at lunchtime with a free sandwich lunch being served. Another reason why the students couldn’t miss out! And with over 100 turning up over the 2 hour lunch period it was a great success! The event welcomed students from all years and across all faculties as all of the big four organisations take pride in their diversity so everyone is welcome! For 1st year students, they were reminded that all of the companies provide Insight Days especially designed for them. As for 2/3rd year students, this was one of the best opportunities for them to discuss your application progress, find out more about the organisations and their culture or to just impress them. Bristol Bright Futures have plans to run another event similar to this in the New Year.


Over one hundred students attended Coventry Bright Futures launch event on 23rd November playing host to the multinational technology and consulting corporation, IBM. IBM delivered an employer presentation followed by a networking session of which a number of IBM representatives were present to talk with attending students, including ex‐Coventry Polytechnic student Christine Wyatt, who is now the Executive and General Manager for IBM UK and Ireland Global Business Services. Coventry University maintains a strong link with IBM, with regular employer presentations and a dedicated Level 2 module “IT‐based mentoring” which sees students paired with an IBM mentor from their Warwick site to improve their CV, presenting and interviewing skills. Almost 25 years after her own graduation Christine Wyatt returned to Coventry in the midst of this year’s graduation celebrations, where she met with the upper alumni of the university, the Vice Chancellor and Chancellor of the university and was given a tour of the campus to see how life at Coventry has changed since studying Industrial Economics here. Her inspiring talk was a great insight into working life at IBM;

Christine discussed her career path which included many impressive names such as KPMG and PwC before she joined IBM in 2002, proving that students from Coventry have a real chance to succeed in high‐profile organisations. She also gave students an overview of projects IBM have worked on that really showcased all the different aspects of the business IBM are involved with from their Technology development to Consultancy. The presentation was concluded with a question and answer session was followed by an informal networking session over a cup of tea/coffee. This was an opportunity for students to ask individual questions in a relaxed environment. Students from a range of faculties attended the event, primarily Engineering & Computing and the Business School, having worked very closely with these employability units and the university Careers department who successfully helped secure maximum attendance. The event was a great success with positive feedback from student, academic and company, with some great words given from Gwenyth Barker—

IBM UK Schools & Universities Attraction Manager:

“I was incredibly impressed with how much hard work was put in by the Bright Futures team, in particular the president Simran, in terms of how the event was advertised and how much effort went into securing a great audience. As a result of this hard work, well over 80 people turned up… The networking session afterwards was well attended by many high quality students who were genuinely interested in working for IBM… an example of a fantastic event between IBM and a Bright Futures society.”

Executive & General Manager of IBM @ Coventry Launch Event


It all begins with an application form; you're just one of thousands of nation‐wide applicants. Then, you're put through your paces by a series of gut‐wrenching tests and proceed to express why your life experiences make you the ideal candidate. Failure at this stage – more often than not – results in little or no feedback. Loved ones will remind you, “Not to worry, you can always apply next year.” Success, however, enables you the opportunity to showcase your talents in front of a

larger audience. You’ve almost made it, just one more stage remains. Finally, you encounter your

rivals and get the opportunity to compete in

front of the judges. This is your time to shine and prove that you are what they are looking for. If they believe in your ability, then congratulations are in order as you've succeeded and are well on the path to a great career. Failure at this stage means it’s back to the drawing board. Now, some of you would be inclined to think I was outlining the vigorous process of entering ITV’s ‘The X Factor’. However, ambitious final year university students will know that I am indeed talking about the search for a graduate job.

Fortunately, Grant Thornton believes in my abilities and will nurture me throughout my career. Yes, having the necessary UCAS points and degree classification aided my pursuit of a brilliant graduate role, but Bright Futures really was the springboard to

my success. We were first made aware of this brilliant society in the autumn of 2010 by our inspirational Employability Officer, Wendy Jacob. After very little encouragement, a team of eight proactive students came together to form a committee and Middlesex Bright Futures was born. The rest, as they say, is history. But it’s not. The skills that Bright Futures equipped me with – as well as the ones they enhanced – will continue to play a part in my present and my future.

Having to drum up interest in a newly formed society definitely boosted my

confidence and public speaking abilities, to the extent where it was pretty hard to stop me from promoting Middlesex Bright Futures. You don’t enlist 450 members within six months by accident or without using your initiative. Nor do you do it alone. We truly worked as part of a team to ensure that our events were a huge success and that our members, and corporate sponsors, wanted more. Each committee member played a pivotal role and embarked upon tasks that fostered autonomy and leadership, culminating in fantastic events. The highlight of our year came at the 2011 Bright Futures Award Ceremony

Getting that“Xtra” from B


where we were honoured to be presented with ‘Event of the Year’ for our inaugural event, whilst narrowly missing out on ‘Newcomer of the Year’. I’ll be the first to admit that it takes a lot of courage to run a society (let alone establish one!) in your final and most important year at university. I’ll also be the first to admit that it transformed my planning and organising skills for the better. Perhaps most importantly, Bright Futures taught me how to network effectively. My role at Grant Thornton commences in January 2012, yet I’ve been busy networking there for the past four months. In my opinion this skill is

still incredibly underrated and probably deserves an article all on its own.

So, a quick recap of what Bright Futures has helped me with: confidence, public speaking, teamwork, leadership, planning and organising and networking. That sounds a lot like the competencies that global firms are looking for in a potential candidate. Wouldn’t you agree? Despite this glowing reference of Bright Futures, I still feel like I’ve undersold it. Bright Futures has still probably done more for me than I'm giving it credit for and I'll be singing their praises for years to come. An average person with an outstanding voice will not necessarily triumph on ‘The

X Factor’, while a student with a first‐class honours degree will not necessarily secure a fantastic graduate job. Having that something extra will see you over the finish line in first place; Bright Futures is your something extra. Remember, you’re just one of thousands of nation‐wide applicants; it doesn’t all begin with an application form. It all begins with Bright Futures.

Jaspal Jassal

Co‐Founder of Middlesex Bright


t something Bright Futures

13 ACCA ACCA Accelerate—Stand out from the crowd

14 ACCENTURE Will an industrial placement really give you the edge in the graduate market?

15 AON Aon UK Graduate Programme: Actuarial Consulting—Pensions

16 BIBBY FINANCIAL SERVICES Stand of from the crowd at Bibby Financial Services

17 ERNST & YOUNG A range of opportunities with Ernst & Young

18 EVERSHEDS Eversheds announce Combined Study Training Contract vacancies. An alternative Training Contract.

19 FSA Summer Intern Training

20 HISCOX Looking for a Graduate Programme with a difference?

21 ICAEW A very Merry Christmas from ICAEW

22 THE IDM A foot in the door to a top marketing job

23 KANTAR WORLDPANEL In the UK we don't quite leave our Christmas shopping to the last minute, but almost...*

24 KPMG Are you someone, or do you know someone, who is still looking for a 2012 graduate position?

25 NESTLÉ Standing out from the pile

26 PWC Careers with PwC

27 SOFTCAT Stand out from the crowd

28 THALES Business and Finance Opportunities

Recruiter News Contents


The graduate job market is more competitive than ever, so it's important to stand out from the crowd. Joining the ACCA accelerate lite scheme is a good way to stay ahead of the competition and develop the knowledge you need to show employers that you're serious about a career in accountancy. It's free to join and as a member you can access a range of services designed to assist you in your search for a graduate role. The breadth and depth of the ACCA Qualification makes it the perfect platform to launch any business career, and you will have the opportunity to become the finance professional that employers are now demanding. ACCA’s combination of technical exams, practical hands‐on experience and ethics gives you everything you need to begin your journey.

You can work and train in any sector, giving you the freedom to pick the path that you want to. Accountants are always in demand, even in a recession, and ACCA sets a syllabus that ensures you get a solid grounding in all areas of finance before specialising at the end. ACCA has over 424,000 students and 147,000 members in 170 countries. With our qualification, you can apply for finance roles in any sector, in any business, anywhere in the world. Start your journey today at Follow ACCA on Twitter @ACCAUK_OnCampus Find us on Facebook


Out from the Crowd


Will an Industrial Placement really give you the edge in the graduate market?

The simple answer is: yes. Joining Accenture on our 12‐month placement won’t mean making the coffee or doing the photocopying. Instead you’ll be meeting new people, facing new challenges and learning new skills. After a thorough induction, you’ll quickly be assigned to a project, which could be in any part of our consulting workforce. As a key member of the team, you’ll take on real responsibility from day one; this could mean anything from testing software or undertaking research to compiling reports or analysing complex information. But that’s not all.

We’ll provide you with a basic salary, as well as a relocation allowance to help set you up in London. You also get a ‘buddy’ who will provide expert advice whenever you need it plus the opportunity to join us in the Analyst Consulting Group if you perform well. And we promise you’ll go back to you final year of university with an entire new set of skills and a completely fresh perspective, as well as the inside track on what it’s really like to be a consultant for a world‐leading global consultancy. But don’t take our work for it. Just hear what our previous Industrial Placement students had to say about the scheme. Visit to find out more.


Aon UK Graduate Programme: Actuarial Consulting – Pensions

If you really want to get ahead this Christmas, early application is the key! Opportunities available in Birmingham, Bristol, Farnborough, Epsom, St Albans, Leeds, London, Manchester and Glasgow At Aon, all our graduate careers come with challenges and rewards in equal measure. Our business is professional services; we are the world’s #1 insurance broker, the #1 provider of reinsurance, the #1 provider of investment consulting and the #1 provider of human capital consulting. Our Actuarial Consulting – Pensions Stream has been designed to identify and develop the future stars of our business. Your role will range from the design and day‐to‐day management of pensions schemes to corporate transactions and ultimately to the final close‐down of the plans, when risk is passed to a third party.

You’ll get real responsibility far sooner than in many organisations, and very quickly become a technical specialist in your area, meeting clients and advising them on our market‐leading products. Our training and networking opportunities will prepare you fully for this client‐facing role, helping you to build business knowledge, develop professional skills and grow relationships. As well as graduate opportunities, we offer paid summer internships. Lasting 9 weeks during July and August, these provide a real feel for our corporate environment and the chance to gain valuable experience in the profession that’s of interest to you. If you have a minimum 2:1 degree or equivalent, plus numeracy, analytical abilities and are client focussed, find out more and apply at Visit us at


Stand out from the crowd at Bibby Financial Services…

Here at Bibby Financial Services we run Graduate Assessment Day’s to find the best candidates for our vacancies. The day hosts around 15 graduates all fighting for the same vacancies, so in order to make yourself stand out from the crowd, here are a few tips: Be on time – prepare for unexpected

delays and to a test run so that you know exactly where to go on the day

Be friendly and polite to all the staff

you meet on the day Make yourself familiar with the job

and the company Dress for success

Approach the assessors during your breaks and speak to them about what they are looking for in a candidate, and how you fit that mould

Speak to other candidates during the day – show that you can build relationships and network

Ask thought out and well informed

questions Be confident and comfortable Show off!! This is your one

opportunity to make us see why you are the right person for the job.

Find out more about our values and what we look for at


A range of opportunities with Ernst & Young

EY Insight Day A one‐day experience at an Ernst & Young office, designed to give you a real insight into life and work here. You’ll see what people do day‐to‐day at a global professional services firm, what joining a company like ours can lead to, and start to learn about your personal strengths. EY Leadership Academy This elite programme is a three‐day residential course to help you develop leadership skills. The stimulating, intensive training is conducted by recognised experts and will really push you. You’ll learn skills and self‐awareness that will help you hit the ground running when you start work. EY Summer Internship A summer programme to get you fully involved with life and work at Ernst & Young. To start with we’ll help you develop your

fundamental business skills, but before long you’ll be doing the same kind of work as our graduates. It’s a great chance to really explore what Ernst & Young has to offer – and a good stepping stone to a future career here. EY Placement If your course requires you to spend a year in industry and you’re committed to a career in professional services, put an EY Placement at the top of your list. You’ll spend a year working with clients and sitting some of your professional exams. It’s an exciting chance to make great contacts, and many EY Placement students go on to graduate jobs with us.

To find out more and apply go to:


Eversheds announce Combined Study Training Contract vacancies. An alternative Training Contract.

Eversheds have been authorised by the SRA to run a Combined Study Training Contract (CSTC) commencing in Leeds, London and Birmingham from January 2013. Trainees will study the core modules of the LPC at BPP Law School from August 2012 to December 2012. They will then join the firm as a Trainee from January 2013 on a Trainee salary, qualifying in January 2015. During their two year Training Contract they will complete three LPC electives which will be relevant to their seats where possible. This is a fantastic opportunity for Trainees to put the theory of the LPC into practice whilst working in a practical environment. The CSTC will enhance the learning of the LPC and enable Trainees to join the firm much sooner than if completing the LPC prior to

commencing a two year Training Contract. We currently have twelve CSTC vacancies; four vacancies in each of our Birmingham, Leeds and London offices. Applications for these vacancies are live from today and further information is available via our website at‐study‐training‐ The application deadline is currently 27th January 2012. These vacancies are open to anyone who hasn’t yet completed their LPC and is able to commence their LPC from August 2012. If you have any further queries, please email [email protected].


Summer Intern Training

The broad remit of the FSA means that we can offer diverse and unique internship roles that are not available in other organisations. As part of an internship programme, you’ll be assigned to one business project. Being part of real business tasks, you’ll gain valu‐able industry experience, and build the foun‐dations for your future career. Our summer internship is intended to give you real responsibility from day one, and of‐fer you the opportunity to see our organisa‐tion’s work first hand. This will help you to decide whether our Graduate Development Programme is right for you. Summer intern training We offer an extensive training programme and excellent opportunities for your devel‐opment. When you join, you will be assigned a buddy. A graduate from a previous intake,

they will answer any questions you may have, introduce you to the teams and dem‐onstrate procedures – ensuring you get the most out of your time with us and easing your integration into the FSA. Benefitting from on‐the‐job training by your line manager and team, you will also have the opportunity to take further internal courses in technical and soft skills. You also have a formal mid‐term appraisal and a final appraisal at the end of you internship. These, combined with your ability to meet key performance indicators will contribute towards you receiving a graduate offer. (This year 90% of our interns were offered gradu‐ate roles or return internships.) For more information and to apply please visit


Looking for a graduate programme with a difference? Then look no further. As a FTSE250 company, Hiscox leads the pack when it comes to the world of specialist insurance. We are experts in protection of a wide range of personal and commercial risks, which are often too complex or too much trouble for other insurance companies to consider. There is nothing grey about our business, and our graduate scheme is no exception. Our international two year graduate programme is designed to give you immediate hands‐on exposure, gaining on the job training from highly‐respected professionals. Whilst working in your allocated team you will undertake at least three secondments across the Group and overseas (to either the US, Europe or Bermuda) to enhance your commercial awareness, combined with professional study and a comprehensive training programme. Assessment centres for our scheme have been taking place in November and December, however we continue accepting applications

to our remaining vacancies until mid‐January 2012. Deadlines are listed on our website by vacancy.

Underwriter roles

Project Manager – IT

Project Manager – Claims


Business Performance Analyst

If you’re interested to learn more about what makes Hiscox, and the insurance profession, interesting then visit and select ‘Our People’ where you can watch a video of our current graduates.

We are also now recruiting for our summer internship scheme. We have nine roles available for driven undergraduates looking to gain professional experience. Our internship scheme offers real work for real reward; you definitely won’t be stuck making the tea! To learn more about these opportunities visit and select ‘Our Scheme’. The deadline for application to our intern scheme is Friday, 20 January 2012.


A very Merry Christmas from ICAEW!

As you head off for the Christmas break,

ICAEW would like to send its thanks to all

those who joined us at graduate events

across the UK in 2011. The student

recruitment team is currently putting the

finishing touches on some exciting plans for

the new term, where we hope to see many

more of you!

To whet your appetites, in January we’ll be

talking to students about getting into

accountancy and the difference between the

‘Big Four’, then we’re off around the UK to

test your business and employability skills

with sessions that will help you secure that

ACA training agreement.

Don’t forget to visit our careers website to see when we’re visiting your campus in 2012 or sign up for regular newsletters. And while we’re at it – find us on Facebook for some festive fun!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to


Louise, Adam, Amanda, Katherine and


ICAEW Student Recruitment Team


A foot in the door to a top

marketing job

If you’re contemplating a career in marketing, then the IDM has some great opportunities for students – even if your course seems completely unrelated. But don’t just take our word for it. This time last year, Kristina Tomes a languages graduate from Leeds University, was just like you. Then she applied for the

IDM Marketing Summer School and has never looked back. Here’s her story. “Why I chose the IDM Summer School When I read about the IDM Marketing Summer School I thought it looked like a great opportunity to spend a week learning more about an industry that I really wanted to be

a part of. Spending time with other people with a common interest was really appealing, and I was keen to hear more from agencies which I’d heard about and admired. But even though the website said this would be a stepping stone to a job in the industry, I couldn’t have imagined I’d be writing this,

having already spent a month working at a top London agency that had appealed to me the minute I read its profile on the Summer School website. What happened next I’m currently a Graduate Trainee at archibald ingall stretton and over the next year I’ll be getting experience in planning, account handling and new business, so the great thing is that, by the end, I’ll know which area suits me best and can specialise accordingly. I’m then looking forward to getting stuck into my future role and working my way up from there. My advice to other students Get as much experience as you can, both through paid work and any extra‐curricular activities at uni. And apply for the IDM Summer School! I’m so pleased I did. The week opened up doors that I never knew existed and brought a whole new focus to my job search.” So if you’re serious about a career in marketing, get yourself over to, fill in the application and this time next year, you could be just like Kristina!


In the UK we don’t quite leave

our Christmas shopping until

the last minute, but


*Biggest consumer spend in the run up to xmas is the 22nd and 23rd December (unless

it’s a Sunday). KWP UK data from 2005 – 2010

Whilst you might want to leave it until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping this year, the same shouldn’t be said of planning in your graduate scheme applications. At Kantar Worldpanel we know consumers like nobody else. That’s why we’re top of the list to provide insight and trusted advice to

some of the biggest consumer brands out there. To find out more about how joining us as a graduate could launch your commercial career then visit us at And the date we want you to be planning for? Applications for our autumn 2012 graduate trainee scheme close on 20th January 2012. To apply, click here.


Are you someone, or do you

know someone, who is still

looking for a 2012 graduate


KPMG is still recruiting for 2012 graduate vacancies but potential candidates will need to move fast as we are filling quickly and close for applications once we are full. We still have some vacancies across Audit, Tax and Advisory across the UK so please spread the word to any friends, family members, or anyone in your professional or personal networks who you think might like to know we are still accepting graduate

applications for an autumn 2012 start. Just as a reminder, we take on students from any university with any degree background but we do have a few minimum requirements For more information on our Graduate Opportunities, please click here


Standing out from the pile

Nestlé’s 2011 Graduates get together with the Graduate Recruitment Team to offer some top tips on how to make your application stand out from the pile. “.... Make sure you fully explain your motivations for applying for a graduate scheme. You need to know why you are applying for that specific scheme at that specific company. For me, the HR Graduate Scheme at Nestlé was an opportunity to go and learn about cutting edge HR practice from one of the leaders in the field.” Claire Sherwin, HR Graduate 2011. “.... It may sound simple, but make sure that your spelling and grammar is spot‐on. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills and your attention to detail.” Will Corder, Graduate Recruitment Manager “... At every stage of the application process, make sure that you’re identifying your key skills and explaining why these make you the perfect candidate for Nestlé.” Ben Brown, Sales Graduate 2011. “...Make use of the internet! Research our company, our brands our website, functional specific journals such as Marketing Week – what have we been up to and what have we got planned for the future. We want to see your

passion and understanding of how we operate as a business.” Hannah Dixon, Marketing Graduate 2011. “... Make sure you clearly explain to us why Nestlé’s right for you, but also, why you’re right for Néstle.” John McKinerly, Finance Graduate 2011. “...When it comes to telephone interviews, remember to smile! This will lift the tone of your voice and help to convey your enthusiasm. Record yourself rehearsing answers and make sure you get your key points across succinctly while conveying passion. There is an opportunity to ask the interviewer more about the company and role so have some questions ready.” Laura Fuller Engineering Graduate 2011. Please visit our website at‐nestle‐jobs.htm for more details and to apply online. Please note that the closing date for graduate applications is the 12TH DECEMBER. Deadlines for Industrial Placements is 9th JANUARY and Internships 6th FEBRUARY. Good luck! Like Nestle Graduate Careers on Facebook


Careers with PwC

About PwC We help our clients and our people create the value they want. We work alongside our clients – from public and private companies to governments and charities – to measure, protect and enhance the things that matter most to them. We have big ambitions to grow, and if you're serious about a career in business, we don't think anyone else can give you a better start. Students agree: we’re proud, based on the opportunity we offer, they’ve voted us number one in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers survey for the last eight years. What we offer Get a unique insight into what we offer on one of our Insight programmes for undergraduates ranging from our Talent Academy for first year students to our Internships and Business Placements for

penultimate year students. For final year students, join our full time opportunities in one of our business areas; Assurance, Consulting, Tax, Financial Advisory, Actuarial and Technology. Think about the programme and the business area that you’re interested in as we’ll be looking for this commitment in your application and interview. What you need

A 2:1 or above in any degree discipline A UCAS tariff of at least 300 (or

equivalent) How to apply Be part of something special, visit Find us on Facebook. Visit


Stand out from the crowd and thrive

Christmas is coming. If you’ve already graduated, it’s a good time to find your first job. If you’re still at university, now is the time to show prospective employers you’re the kind of person who plans ahead. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your break: Research properly Don’t waste time applying for jobs you don’t really find interesting. Instead, get to know the good employers inside out. Take notes, use bookmarks, set up alerts and use social networks. Play to your strengths Only apply if you already have most of what the employer is looking for. Make a list of your key strengths so you can assess how closely you match each job description. Prepare good questions Ask questions on the phone and during interviews. Seize every chance to demonstrate a genuine interest in the job,

and collect intelligence that other applicants might not have. Make a good impression A surprising number of applicants forget all about presentation. We need to know you can be polite and dress to impress. Never give up Fact: there are still hundreds of employers out there struggling to find suitable candidates. Keep trying and you’ll get there eventually. Careers in London, Manchester and Buckinghamshire Softcat is an exhilarating, multiple award‐winning place to work. If you’re interested in IT sales, you can find out about our graduate programmes and next assessment days on our Facebook page, or on Twitter. Alternatively call 01628 403 408 and visit our website to apply.


Business and Finance Opportunities Cracking the confusingly complex is second nature to us at Thales*. Where others get fazed and faint hearted, we grab challenges with both hands and break new ground. If you’re exceptionally enthused about tackling the bafflingly bewildering, the impossibly intractable and the unrelentingly unknowable, we’d like you to create superlative solutions to business brainteasers. You might not realise it but our work touches all of our lives – every single day. From BACS, the secure network communications system behind 3.7 billion secure electronic transactions every year, to in‐flight entertainment systems for passenger planes and state‐of‐the‐art equipment for military aircraft, the scope and scale of our problem‐solving abilities knows no bounds. Join our General Business stream and you’ll experience three 9 month placements areas including Programme Management, Commercial, Purchasing/ Procurement, Sales & Marketing

and Head Office functions. Alternatively, our specific Finance stream will introduce you to various businesses, again through four six‐month rotations. Both streams could take you to any of our UK sites, so as well as developing an overview of the business as a whole, it’s also an opportunity to network, meet new people and experience a broad spectrum of business challenges. You can come from any degree discipline, as long as you have the ambition, intellect and commercial savvy to stand out from the crowd. To find out more and apply, visit *That’s Thales as in ‘Alice’ by the way.

To find out more and apply visit: Or find us on Facebook at: