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e-mag Plan A. is on track but what about Plan B. or Plan C... BRIGHT FUTURES 29 SEPTEMBER 2011

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Bright Futures monthly e-magazine giving students and graduates the chance to stand out from the crowd, develop their employability skills, network with graduate recruiters and get insider knowledge first!


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    Plan A. is on track but what about Plan B. or Plan C...



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    Editors letterPlan A on track... 3

    AllAboutCareers.comMix it up! 4

    5 Top Ways to Improve Your Employability... 5

    Business Championsthe story of Exbay 6

    What do students really want when they meet recruiters on campus? 8

    Need a career break? 9

    Give your Careers Service a Chance 10

    The BIG Network 12

    100 Students, 35 Universities, 16 Graduate Recruitersall under one roof 13

    Recruiter News: 14

    ACCA 15

    Accenture 16

    Bibby Financial Services 18

    Centrica 19

    Deloitte 20

    Eversheds LLP 21

    Financial Services Authority 22

    Hiscox 23

    IBM 24

    ICAEW 25

    Kantar Worldpanel 26

    KPMG 27

    npower 28

    Pinsent Masons 30

    PwC 31

    Softcat 32

    Contents *Front cover Image courtesy of Horia Varlan, High resolution book photos


    So youve managed to get through the trauma of A-levels and further education to get you that all important place at university. Plan A (your Academics) is firmly on track, even more so if you are a second year or finalist. But have you considered Plan B and Plan C? Many students look into setting up their own business (Plan B) or lining themselves up for their dream career (Plan C). This months edition of the Bright Futures e-mag will share with you how you can start developing your other plans in and around your academics. Business Champions is ready to be launched come 1st October and sets about embracing entrepreneurial spirit in a live business competition. Offering students the chance to put their ideas to life with the opportunity to gain real funding with professional support throughout. The main aim is to raise as much money as possible from their business idea for charity, gaining great skills along the way and prizes up for grabs. And who knows, you may even end up with a business of your own! Be

    inspired and read about one of last years participantsExbay. You can also check out the npower Future Leaders Challenge and bag yourself a trip to The Land of the Midnight Sun (thats the Arctic to you and me) and make yourself a whole team of furry friends whilst dog sledding across the vast snowy plains! If you are more of a Plan C kind of person, you might want to check out all the fun and interesting activities our Bright Futures Investors are up to by giving the recruiter pages a peak along with The BIG Network. We also have great advice given by our partners AllAboutCareers on embracing variety at university, as well as finding out about how your university Careers Service can help you , written by our guest blogger Matthias Feist, Head of Careers and Business Relations at Regents College, London. When it comes to deciding on your plans, it doesn't have to be one or the other. In fact, employers want you to show youve had a balanced lifestyle and pushed yourself beyond the world of lectures, exams & essays. So check out this months content and see how you can get the ball rolling to help you stand out from the crowd. No matter what year you are in, what discipline you decided to study, what your future interests are, or even if you have already graduated, Bright Futures is here to help. Enjoy the journey...

    Jackie Regional Manager

    Plan A on track, but dont forget about Plan B & Plan C...

  • Mix it up! Variety is the spice of life In a time when employers are looking for so much more than just a degree, its important to get involved with as many extra-curricular activities as possible. This shows that you didnt just sit around all day, attending the odd lecture and coming up with new drinking games. It also shows that you didnt just bury your head in the books. After all, university is about so much more than expanding your mind academically; its about becoming a well-rounded, versatile individual. Youve got to mix things up to keep them fresh and exciting!

    How am I supposed to balance everything? You may be wondering how on earth you could fit something

    else in on top of your workload, but if you plan ahead and stay organised, youll have enough time for absolutely anything. So, what can you do outside of your university work? The options are pretty endless. A good start would be to attend the Freshers Fair at the beginning of each year. Youll have the opportunity to try out anything and join all kinds of societies, from sports teams to knitting groups and tea-appreciation societies, not to mention the Bright Futures Society. Anything you do, will give you a great opportunity to meet new people and take on something that will offer an alternative to your studies. If you find that there isnt a team or society for something that youre interested in, dont be afraid to set one up. If you have enough people who are keen to get involved, then why not? It shows initiative and will look fantastic on your CV. Youll also find that joining a club will improve your social life no end. With various nights out, events and weekly gatherings or fixtures (for the sportier ones amongst you), theres loads to keep you busy and take your mind off those looming deadlines. A lot of students boost their work experience by getting involved in something that theyre already interested in. For example, if you want to be a journalist, get writing for the student paper. If youre interested in music, start up a student band. Its all valuable experience and will help you to combine your extra-curricular interests with your career development plans.

    Where does university work fit into all of this? Its important to remember that work comes first, but that doesnt necessarily have to mean locking yourself away in a dark room with a pot of tea, a laptop, the latest Radiohead album and 284 textbooks for company.

    Chat to the other people on your course and think about starting up a study

    group. This way, youll be mixing with other people, sharing ideas and getting

    some work done. No student can be expected to stare at the same four walls all

    day. Youll be surprised at how many people on your course will appreciate you

    setting up something like this. You could even have your first study group

    session at the pub!

    Written by Jack Collins Managing Editor @


    Image courtesy of woodleywonderworks, chilli on white.




    1. Societies and Clubs get actively involved, ideally at committee level. Employers recognised that taking a lead role in a society was, after an internship, the best way to develop the skills wanted for the world of work. So, try societies like the Bright Futures Society, the UKs largest career focused student society.

    2. Get an internship or placement it is seen by employers as the number one way to develop work based skills. 3. Do more than just your degree at University do non-academic activities, and if not in societies & clubs, then in activities that will get you noticed and show your can achieve to a high level. Examples vary from music to running a marathon; organising a large event to working abroad (and not just Australia!)

    4. Get any work experience but make the most of it seek additional responsibilities (which means ask for rather than waiting to be given).

    5. And hugely important; learn how to sell yourself and the employability skills you have gained. Look at our link on how to write a strong CV. and also check out our youtube video Top Tips to CV Writing


    1. Get into work as soon as you can after University the longer the gap the more employers question you AND when in work you are developing your skills and with them your employability

    2. Dont think that post graduate study will automatically make you more employable it might for some but not for all

    3. Volunteer for a charity to fund raise as this will develop great selling and persuasive skills along with project management skills if you are organising an event

    4. Dont worry if it is not your ideal role as long as it is a step in the right direction and part of a long term plan you will be able to show to future employers you had a plan and were not drifting, like too many graduates do.

    5. And as with student learn how to sell yourself and the employability skills you have gained. Look at our link on how to write a strong CV. and also check out our youtube video Top Tips to CV Writing

    Whether you are a student or a graduate you can find out more about Bright Futures by visiting our website here you can also check out more hints and tips,

    advice and information about careers, job hunting and recruiters.

  • THE BEGINNING Exbay all started when we received a newsletter telling us about a competition hosted by Bright Futures & PwC that enabled students with a business idea to start their own business and receive funding and mentoring. So a few of us got together and came up with something Exeter University was lacking; namely a place for students to get the items they needed for cheap, or sell the things they no longer wanted for some extra cash. For this we thought nothing would be more flexible and student-

    friendly than a website, which meant an online based exchange point. We didn't want to charge commission to users so we decided to make our revenue from advertising on the website.

    GETTING THE GO AHEAD We sent in the application to Bright Futures and waited. But, it didn't take long until we were invited to a development day in London. Here we met other teams, worked on developing vital skills and met our PwC mentor, Victoria Knox. Victoria deserves a large thank you for helping us get organised, spot problems and becoming a better team all around! The development day also included how to give presentations. Not many first years have much experience in giving presentations to a panel of senior partners, so the advice was of great help. It put every team in the mindset of the business competition, which required a rigorous, but genuinely fresh and original production. We were indeed given inspiration to deliver an interesting and smart presentation, without letting it fall into a dull conventional dj-vu.

    DEALING WITH THE CHALLENGES Things were going great after the launch, signing up two contracts and promoting to the students. However, we faced various challenges along the way. One of the biggest was working as a team while being in 3 different countries for our holidays. Management of the funding received from Bright Futures was another. We had to follow budget constraints throughout and reach a consensus among the team-members about what is worth spending money and what is not. This made us thoroughly consider the consequences of any investment made.

    A PRIZE WORTH WORKING FOR In March we were to give two presentations before the judges. By now we had gelled enormously as a team and felt we were well prepared for the final. Managing to overcome the inevitable nerves (and a particularly bad case of food poisoning), we were awarded second prize and places on the PwC Insight Academy! This was a fantastic experience with an action-packed three days of assessments, presentations and networking; which focused on both our individual and inter-personal skills.

    FUTURE AMBITIONS We have ambitious plans for our business. Clearly, the overriding priority is to increase our presence on the Exeter campus. To achieve this we will be stepping up our marketing, meaning plenty more posters, leaflets and social media campaigns, in addition to spreading the word through freshers week. We also plan to increase links with the Students Union as part of our effort to reach a larger section of the student population. Beyond this, we are looking at the potential of introducing the concept on campuses throughout the UK.

    Business Champions has given us a truly unique opportunity. Without the seed funding, mentoring and the opportunity to develop as businesspeople, we would have neither a business nor the numerous skills and experiences the competition has given us.


    Business Champions: The Story of Exbay


    What do students really want when they meet recruiters on campus?

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    and they are

    too repetitiv


    Hands on experience

    Business games/case studies and educational events are a big draw Interactive events deliver message in an enjoyable way Talk about work life balance, working hours etc what its really like Follow up with events in your offices

    More than what is on the website

    I can find out the content of most presentations in 5 minutes from the comfort of my bedroom Meeting people at fairs who just tell you to go to the website makes you wonder why you made the effort

    Want to have your say? Change the way recruiters engage with students on campus by telling us what you think of the recruitment process and how you think it could be better. Contact us today: [email protected]

    Dont give the wrong messages

    Dont reject me for lack of technical skills if you didnt tell me they were important in the first place

    If you are already on campus, why arent you interviewing me?

    Tell me realistically what my chances are

    And afterwards

    If I met some one with a great CV I would fast-track them to assessment centre

    Help me be more successful through the application process

    Why cant I have the telephone number of the recruitment team? Dont they want to recruit me?


    Need a career break? Why in Hollys case a sabbatical makes everyone a winner

    Sabbatical = a month off, a break, some time away, i.e. an easy ride. Oh how wrong you can be..... I spent my entire sabbatical working a 6 day week up at 6am every day and enjoyed every precious moment [well best not to ask about my rat/snake/deadly ant problem!] I set off from the UK flying out through Amsterdam and Kenya before touching down in Tanzania prior to a 10 hour bus journey and 3 hour off road drive. 29 hours of travel later I arrive in the Mufindi area of Tanzania where I am welcomed by the two members of the Peace Corps I was to work with. Having spent the first few days getting to grips with the work of the NGO most broadly I elected to take on four projects in Education, Healthcare, Income Generation and General Admin. All had their own separate challenges and ensuring I could get each one completed within the timescale is was unquestionably tough but the satisfaction of achieving each is so widely impactful I cant complain. Although to some extent I am using the skills I have in my day job their application has been so vastly different it is great to use them in an alternative way and a good reminder about flexibility. It is a great opportunity to see what can be achieved when time and resources are short and your greatest currency is your skill.

    I [like many] could talk all day about my time in Tanzania but if you would like to find out more do check out the Bright Futures blog at here you will find a summary of each of the projects objectives and conclusions to give you a feel and perhaps some inspiration. After 4 weeks of the best hard work I could have imagined. I have come back into the business renewed and refreshed with a focused vision of not only my own skills but a greater confidence in my ability, single handed or in a team to make things happen. The team I worked with were buoyed by new enthusiasm, the community I worked with have

    moved things forward they were unable to do single handed and Bright Futures and I have both benefited from the experience. So all in all I can now say first hand, if you are looking for a career break, a sabbatical really might be the answer. One thing though, if someone asks you if you fancy doing some volunteering work out in Tanzania in your summer, do remember that in July it is 3c and Kilimanjaro is not the only mountain need I say more?



    If you follow the recent coverage on careers services and how they support students, you will find a certain amount of anxiety. Ever more graduates apply for a scarce number of positions, while universities are under increasing resource pressure to return on the investment made by their students. For those working in your uni to support you, this may often feel like having to do more with less. Investing into career services, for students, is crucial to help you you can rely on their heads to push for more resources as you read this; but there are three things you can do to help them and yourself to achieve this return on investment:

    Go see them now! Dont wait, here take my bike. As soon as you finish reading, call them, email them, open their website, or just walk

    there just do it right away. You will find that at whatever stage in your studies you are, they will have some activity or resource to engage

    with so make sure you book an appointment. We often see with candidates who have an urgent enquiry that it is only urgent because they didnt prepare well in enough in advance. And there are things you can prepare in first year that will become relevant in your final year. Heres your chance do it right now, and your stress levels will be significantly less than

    later. Ill wait until youre back

    Ok, now that youre back: prepare for that visit! Again, the more prepared you are, the more you can make of the experience. If I were

    to give you one website on which you can pretty much find any


    Give your


    Service a




    Give your


    Service a

    resource for careers guidance to start you off, I would nominate Its the official voice of careers advisors in the UK and their resources are simply stunning. From helping you answer the question of what job would suit me to detailed information about whole job sectors, roles and real live vacancies, along with statistics on graduate employment. This stuff is a must, wherever you want to work (or go for interview) in the UK. There are literally hours of reading to do, right up to your appointment (and then after that). Subscribe to their RSS feeds, friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter. Again, as soon as youve closed this page you get the picture.

    And this is the tough one give your Careers Service a chance: they wont always know what you want at first, and they wont always be

    able to give you right away what youd like. But they will be committed to help you find out and achieve your aims. They are ,in

    that sense, a bit like a gym I know, because Ive worked in both membership alone doesnt yield the benefits youre looking for. Its how

    often no, its how well you use it. A high volume of usage doesnt mean always better results. Its much more effective when you make sure you are prepared (see above) for every single session. Researching jobs and sectors, and writing CVs and applications are admittedly boring but yielding the results (in the form of interviews and offers) is not. One leads to another and nothing motivates your careers team to help you more than showing that effort, and challenging them to give you their best.

    So in a nutshell its a tough market, but the best chance of succeeding is to give your careers service a chance: Book now, prepare in advance, and engage with them fully. Thats how you get the most bang for your buck. And, did I mention now?

    Written by Matthias Feist Chair of PlacenetPlacements in Industry & Head of Careers and Business Relations @ Regents College, London Follow him on Twitter @matthias_feist


  • 100 Students, 35 Universities, 16 Graduate Recruitersall under one roof

    Its that time of year again - the words on everyones lips at the beginning of September when it comes to the wild world of university. Its not just an anxious period for those heading off to university for the first time, but its also hugely busy for those who work in the graduate recruitment industry, those who employ students and graduates, those who have sons and daughters at university, and not to mention us here at Bright Futures HQ. Here at Bright Futures HQ we have been super busy planning, organising and sweating over a whole host of events and activities to ensure that each & every member of the society gets the very best experience from it. The first action on our hit-list was to ensure all our committee members from right across the UK were filled to the brim with knowledge, guidance and inspiration to tackle their Freshers Fair with confidence and most importantly they have the passion for what they are trying to do for fellow students at their university. In order to achieve this we hosted our annual Society Training Conference at the FSA offices in Canary Wharf on Friday 16th September. Here we gathered over 100 students from 35 universities, each networking with one another to share best practice, chat about ideas and experiences and create a network that will inspire generations of Bright Futures Societies to come. This event was quite possibly one of the biggest representations of UK universities by a single organisation. But it wasnt just themselves that they networked with; we also had a wide range of top graduate recruiters present from ACCA to npower, IBM and Centrica, Explore Learning to Pinsent Masons, RBS and ICAEW, Bibby Financial Services to Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG, not to mention the FSA who kindly offered the use of their superb offices. Placed in a

    structured speed networking session, each society engaged with each employer to secure & schedule events, share event ideas and build relationships. All in all, the event was a huge success and we are hugely looking forward to the next society conference. But, before we get too excited about the event in December, we have The BIG Network to stick our teeth into where we connect with our national student membership and offer them an exclusive opportunity to engage with recruiters on a more personal level, developing their own relationships and professional network, hearing right from the horses mouth what it takes to stand out from the crowd when applying for internships and graduate schemes, as well as the opportunity to secure real placements with a whole host of companies in attendance at the event on Thursday 27th October, Regents College, London. Find out more on our website at:


  • Recruiter News: 14

    ACCA 15

    Accenture 16

    Bibby Financial Services 18

    Centrica 19

    Deloitte 20

    Eversheds LLP 21

    Financial Services Authority 22

    Hiscox 23

    IBM 24

    ICAEW 25

    Kantar Worldpanel 26

    KPMG 27

    npower 28

    Pinsent Masons 30

    PwC 31

    Softcat Ltd 32

    Recruiter News Contents


  • A career in accountancy, finance or business can be fulfilling, challenging and hard work. With ACCA, you can go all the way to the top Qualifying with ACCA is your first step towards a successful career in accountancy, business and finance. Whatever your ambitions are a background in accountancy will ensure that you are equipped to achieve them. Why ACCA ACCA is the largest and fastest growing international accountancy body, with over 424,000 students and 147,000 members in 170 countries. The breadth of the ACCA Qualification makes it the perfect platform to launch any business career. You can acquire the technical skills that employers are demanding to steer the business through these volatile times, without pigeon-holing yourself for the future. As a global professional accountancy body, ACCA is better positioned to benefit graduates both now and in the future. The global portability of the qualification means that you can seek opportunities both home and abroad. Weve been in China for over 20

    years and Russia for 10 years and our reputation in those countries is stronger than any other international accountancy body. Our flexible approach means that there are no artificial barriers to prevent you from qualifying whatever you face in the short-term. There are three equally important elements to qualifying as an ACCA accountant - exams, practical experience and an online ethics module. Internships at university can count towards the practical experience requirements of the qualification and enhance employability. Also exemptions from a relevant degree mean fewer exams for students to sit. View the ACCA website: Follow ACCA on Twitter @ACCAUK_OnCampus Find us on Facebook

    Where will ACCA lead you?




  • As a new academic year starts, new

    opportunities are opening up. Internships

    with Accenture are not just a great way to

    experience global business but they will also

    help you gain and develop essential skills by

    working on live projects with world

    renowned companies. Accenture has a

    variety of options available to students and

    graduates, from 48 hours at Boot Camp to

    the 8-week Summer Vacation Scheme to a

    year-long internship. All of them will

    challenge you to achieve more.

    To be eligible to apply for these schemes

    youll need to have achieved 340 UCAS

    points and have a predicted 2:1 degree or

    equivalent. When you first arrive at

    Accenture we will assign you a buddy who

    will be on hand to offer advice whenever you

    need it. Whats more all but Boot Camp will

    reward you with a competitive salary of

    between 18,000 and 20,000 pro rata for

    the duration of the scheme.

    If youre considering a career in consulting,

    Accenture is an excellent place to start. You

    will be surrounded by talented people who

    will help you build new skills and gain broad

    experience. You will add value to the

    company from the start, working as a

    genuine member of the team. You may even

    earn yourself a full-time Graduate position in

    the process.

    Applications close on 1st December 2011 and

    its worth applying early as places will fill up


    Visit to find

    out more.

    Not just a great experience...






  • We are looking for fun, energetic business graduates who like to get stuck in. If this sounds

    like you, come and meet us!

    Bibby Financial Services is a Global independent invoice financier providing

    funding to over 5000 businesses worldwide. Visit our website and look

    at details of our graduate vacancies.

    Location: Nottingham

    Date: 27th October 2011

    Topic: Business Networking Event

    Location: Edinburgh

    Date: 31st October 2011

    Topic: Effective CVs Workshop

    Location: Hull

    Date: 17th November 2011

    Topic: Interview Skills Workshop

    Location: Leicester

    Date: 24th November 2011

    Topic: Recruitment Investor Panel

    Location: Essex

    Date: 28th February 2012

    Topic: Panel Presentation

    Bibby Financial Services... pleased to be back!

    Bibby Financial Services are delighted to be back for another academic year working with

    the Bright Futures Societies across the UK.

    We have already confirmed the following events at universities around the country to come

    and meet you, and to introduce you to our business. The following events are confirmed;

    however we hope to be able to communicate more shortly:











  • CentricaWhere do you fit in?

    As a new term begins Centrica are gearing up

    for a busy year with Bright Futures, and

    were really excited to be working with some

    fantastic committees on a wide range of

    student events. The new term sees Charles

    Stanton heading up the Bright Futures

    Relationship Team alongside Chris Parker

    and Catherine Brittain, please do introduce

    yourself to them when you see them

    representing the company at corporate

    events and on campus. Theyll be working

    directly with your committees promoting our

    company, and driving our graduate


    Alongside a new term comes some new

    objectives for Centricas graduate

    programme, as well as our usual events well

    be promoting Technology and Engineering

    events at your campus in support of these

    often under-represented industries. Were

    also aware that in a harsh economic climate

    students today appreciate gaining practical

    skills in job-seeking, so we will also be

    focusing on Application Form, Interview and

    Assessment Centre workshops wherever

    possible. Do be sure to let us know if your

    campus is interested.

    All that remains to be said is we look forward

    to meeting you all very soon, and best of

    luck in all of your events this term.

    Visit us at

    Follow us on Twitter:


    Find us on Facebook:






  • Deloitte 2012 Careers Presentations

    Come to our 2012 Careers Presentation to

    find out about a rewarding career in our

    Audit, Tax, Consulting, Corporate Finance

    and Technology areas. As one of the worlds

    leading professional services firms we

    provide a culture which demands, supports

    and rewards the highest performance,

    allows everyone the opportunity to shape

    their own career and provides an

    environment where training and

    development are genuinely first class. So

    come and meet our friendly staff and find

    out more from those who know and have

    been in your shoes. We look forward to

    seeing you there. Its your future. How far

    will you take it?

    Find out more and register to attend at

    Find us on Facebook: http://

    Follow us on Twitter:





  • As one recruitment season comes to an end...a new one begins!

    Eversheds are currently working on their

    university activity/events and are very much

    looking forward to meeting you on campus.

    Our campus and marketing activity is very

    much designed to give you an insight into

    the legal industry, life as a commercial

    lawyer and what we look for in the future

    talent of an Innovative, International Law

    firm. We will be running skills sessions to

    help you with the recruitment process, legal

    topic sessions and Webinars to keep you up

    to date with the legal industry and events

    and Webinars that will share the experiences

    of our current and future Trainees, Solicitors,

    Associates and Partners giving you a first

    hand account of what it is like to work for us.

    We will also be holding office events and

    running our annual Big Deal event for first

    year students. Please keep an eye on the

    graduate pages of website for dates of

    Events and how to sign up. Also, please feel

    free to contact us at

    [email protected] with suggestions as

    to what you would like to see us run at your


    Visit us at

    Follow us @LegalTrainee






    Kicking off 2012 with a BANG!

    Hiscox is excited to kick of our 2012 graduate

    recruitment cycle with a bang! This year we

    are planning to visit universities across the

    UK, and are also looking forward to holding

    an Insight Day for the first time at our 1

    Great St Helens offices, just off Bishopsgate

    in London, on Tuesday, 18 October 2011.

    In 2012 we are looking to hire 12 graduates

    with drive, flair and character there is

    nothing grey about our insurance company.

    Our scheme who will offer development to

    graduates who share our values of courage,

    quality, excellence in execution, respect,

    integrity and have the spirit to bring these

    values to life. To put it simply, we want to be

    the best and to do that, we only employ the


    To review positions visit

    graduates and apply online to our scheme.

    Vacancies are now open for applications and

    the deadline for applications is 11 November

    or 23 December dependent position. We will

    be holding assessment centres from

    November 2011 March 2012.

    We will also be recruiting for our Summer

    Internship scheme offering real life, hands

    on experience and the opportunity to make

    a difference in our growing business.

    Applications for our eight Internship

    vacancies will be open in November 2011,

    and we will be holding assessment centres in

    March 2012.





  • FSA Opportunities and Hosting the Bright Futures Conference 2011/12

    We were extremely happy to host this years

    Bright Futures conference and had a great day

    meeting representatives from Bright Futures

    Committees. We are looking forward to working

    with as many societies as possible this year.

    As the primary regulator for financial services in

    the UK, our remit is broad and encompasses the

    full spectrum of the 27,000 financial firms in the

    UK - from the UK operations of global investment

    banks, through to sole traders and independent

    financial advisors. Working for a financial

    regulator means that you are personally

    contributing to safeguarding the interests of

    consumers, having the remit and the scope to

    influence policy and the way financial institutions

    operate, to ensure stability of the financial

    system, and to facilitate and champion fair and

    orderly markets.

    The work of the FSA is varied and is an ideal

    starting point for those interested in a career in


    Our graduate development programme offers the

    opportunity to spend time in a number of

    different business areas, as well as a 6 month

    external secondment to one of our regulated

    firms. It suits both those who are keen to

    specialise in a particular area of finance, such as

    prudential risk, or those who want to get a broad

    foundation. You dont need a particular degree

    background to join the FSA just an interest in

    finance and a desire to understand the regulatory


    The FSA is currently undergoing a period of

    structural change, with this being an exciting time

    to be part of a huge change programme and help

    shape the future of UK regulation. Join now and

    you will have the opportunity to help shape the

    future of financial regulation.

    For more information on our programmes please






    L SE







  • Watching the Rugby World Cup? Were sponsoring ITVs coverage!

    Here at IBM we are proud sponsors of the Rugby

    World Cup 2011 coverage on ITV and STV. Rugby is

    a game where a smart decision can make the

    difference between winning and losing. And its the

    same with IBM data analytics making decisions

    through smarter use of data makes for a smarter

    business outcome.

    So where do we come in? IBM has deep capabilities

    in data analytics, and we can help interpret a

    companys data in many new and more useful ways.

    To give you an example: 1 in 3 business leaders

    frequently make critical decisions without the

    information they need crazy, right? With IBM data

    analytics that neednt happen.

    Smarter Data for a Smarter Planet? The world is

    alive with data and the more we understand that

    data the more answers we find. Thats why data

    management and analysis is already helping to

    lower energy costs, ease traffic and detect diseases

    faster to build a smarter planet.

    Sound like something youd like to get your head

    round? If youre thinking yes yes YES, youll be

    pleased to know were looking for high performing

    graduates to apply for our Graduate Strategic

    Analytics Consultant role. Not for the faint hearted,

    this role requires you to be highly numerate and

    analytical; youll be working within IBMs Business

    Dynamics Group, the centre of excellence in IBM

    Global Business Services for analytics and business

    modelling. So if youre highly mathematical,

    innovative, with the intellectual rigor and curiosity

    not just to find the answer but also deliver it - what

    are you waiting for?

    Join us. Lets build a smarter planet.

    Folllow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook



  • Are you ready for a taste of success? With the new academic year upon us, the ICAEW Student Recruitment team thought it would bring

    you a glimpse into some of our student events planned for the Autumn term.

    Get a taste of working anywhere in the world come and see us on campus in October.

    Wouldnt it be great, when you graduate, to begin a well-paid and challenging career that could take

    you anywhere in the world? Well, perhaps becoming a chartered accountant is for you. Youre invited

    to join us at the ICAEW global experience to find out why youll go further when youre chartered.

    Well be visiting:

    As well as offering you essential career advice, information and the chance to win a 500 travel voucher, therell also be plenty of tasty treats from around the world to whet your appetite.

    Women in Accountancy 2011

    This popular event returns to Chartered Accountants Hall in London on Monday 21 November. Designed to offer some insight into becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant from a female perspective, the day is packed with workshops, employer networking and guest speakers. Theres also the chance to win a top prize from TM Lewin. Register now!

    London Presentation Evening

    If youre a student currently thinking about chartered accountancy as a career, why not join us at Chartered Accountants Hall for the London Presentation Evening on Thursday 13

    October? Find out more about the ACA qualification from current trainees, the ICAEW Student Recruitment team and some of our authorised training

    employers. Well be glad to talk to you about your career and how you can become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. Find out more

    Find us on Facebook at

    Newcastle University Monday 17 October

    Nottingham University Tuesday 18 October

    Sheffield University Thursday 20 October

    Leeds University Friday 21 October

    Birmingham University Monday 24 October

    Warwick University Tuesday 25 October

    Bath University Thursday 27 October

    Exeter University Friday 28 October




  • Beer, fashion, FMCG... Have a view on brand strategy!

    If you were a leading brewer and knew that beer loses around a quarter of its share if men drink in mixed company rather than male only

    groups, would you change your advertising strategy?

    Sound like the kind of commercially focussed subject you want to be involved with in your

    Graduate Career?

    This is one of the discussions our 20 new Graduates are having as part of their 2 week induction into our business, known as The Knowledge. Theyre also meeting our directors, learning about how we help our major brand clients, and becoming familiar with the tools of the trade (apparently Powerview is much easier than you might think!). Oh, and they all joined in with our its a knock out style company sports day on

    their second week in the business enjoying the sunshine, BBQ and seeing all their new colleagues in a slightly different light. If really understanding how some of the

    biggest consumer brands work and learning

    how to be in a position to advise them on

    their brand strategy sparks your interest (and

    you can see yourself taking part in our sports

    day next year!) then take a look at our 2012

    Graduate opportunities.

    View our website here

    Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on










  • Straight talking from KPMG

    At KPMG, the people make the place. And

    what's that place like exactly? In short, its one

    where everyone feels valued, and hard work is

    recognised and rewarded.

    What's more, our firm is growing. Since a

    number of European firms merged to form

    KPMG Europe LLP, we've become the largest

    fully-integrated accountancy firm in Europe,

    offering Audit, Tax and Advisory services to

    everyone from oil companies to music gurus.

    But it's not just what we do that's important.

    It's the way that we do it. The values don't just

    live on a wall. They're a way of life,

    underpinning the way we work with clients

    and with each other.

    So what can you look forward to at KPMG?

    Exposure to clients from day one. Working on

    challenging projects. And if you're

    studying for a professional

    qualification, there's a fantastic support

    network that includes a mentor and generous

    study leave.

    Despite the focus on qualifications, it's not all

    work and no play. Whether it's joining

    societies and sports teams or enjoying

    volunteering days, free lunches and

    secondment opportunities, KPMG is a

    fantastic place to start your career.

    We will be on campus this autumn waiting to

    talk to you about a career with us. To find out

    when we will be running events at your

    university, please visit

    We look forward to meeting you soon.


    Follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook




  • Applications open for 2012 Summer Vacation Placements at Pinsent Masons

    Pinsent Masons is an international law firm

    headquartered in London, with offices in the

    major UK business centres and that stretch

    across the Gulf and Asia-Pacific region. We

    offer a full service capability across a range of

    core sectors. In each, our aim is to lead by

    combining exceptional legal advice with

    unrivalled market understanding.

    We encourage all candidates interested in

    pursuing a career in commercial law to apply

    for a vacation placement at the firm. The

    facts speak for themselves. A good 70% of our

    trainees regularly join us after experiencing

    the working environment first-hand, over our

    two-week summer placement programme. Its

    by far the best way for you to get to know us,

    and for us get to know you.

    A summer placement is the start of our

    investment in you. To make sure we give this

    opportunity to the most promising people, we

    interview for every position. If you gain a

    placement, its because were already thinking

    of you as a potential trainee. And over two

    weeks, well do our best to give you every

    chance to prove us right. Thats why

    placement students dont need to make a

    separate application for the training

    programme. If youve already gained a

    placement, in our eyes youre already a


    We have just refreshed all our graduate

    recruitment materials and will be undertaking

    a number of campus events in the months

    ahead. To find out more visit

    The closing date for applications to our

    vacation placement programme is 31

    January 2012.




    T M



  • The new academic year for RWE npoweris

    going to be hectic!

    Energy is the lifeblood of modern society; access to

    energy that is reliable, sustainable and affordable is at

    the heart of the countrys economic recovery and

    continually developing our employees and expanding

    our expertise is essential to respond to these


    Our graduates are an essential part of this expertise

    and RWE npower requires a diverse mix of graduates

    on its scheme, offering a mix of qualifications,

    different thought processes and different

    experiences. The cohort is small, offering a more

    personal experience, a diverse mix of placements with

    a large supportive network and graduate community.

    During the coming months, RWE npower will be

    attending careers fairs, delivering our Pole to Pole

    presentations at a number of universities and we

    will also be opening The BIG Network

    hosted by Bright Futures on

    Thursday 27th October.

    Alongside these

    events we will

    be running


    competitions, the Future Leaders Challenge and the

    Energy Challenge; these competitions keep us very

    busy but are win-win for all concerned, offering

    students valuable employability skills and fabulous

    prizes, whilst raising awareness of RWE npower and

    giving us access to amazing students.

    Applications for the Future Leaders Challenge close 9th

    October, thank you to you all for helping us raise

    awareness of it and good luck to those of you who

    have entered.

    19th October sees the launch of the RWE npower

    Energy Challenge competition at a reception at The

    House of Commons.

    The Challenge is an annual inter-university

    competition, for students in their penultimate or final

    year of undergraduate study in the UK, Netherlands

    or Germany. In teams of four and with the help of a

    supporting lecturer, you need to develop a solution to

    the RWE npower Energy Challenge question what is

    the cost of your energy?

    Finally, we are offering our graduate opportunities in

    10 different business areas. Applications will open at

    the end of September, with assessment centres

    running from mid-November onwards.

    Find us on Facebook



    E N



  • What we offer...

    About PwC

    We help our clients and our people create the

    value they want. We work alongside our

    clients from public and private companies to

    governments and charities to measure,

    protect and enhance the things that matter

    most to them. We have big ambitions to grow,

    and if you're serious about a career in

    business, we don't think anyone else can give

    you a better start. Students agree: were

    proud, based on the opportunity we offer,

    theyve voted us number one in The Times

    Top 100 Graduate Employers survey for the

    last eight years.

    What we offer

    Get a unique insight into what we offer on

    one of our Insight programmes for

    undergraduates ranging from our Talent

    Academy for first year students to our

    Internships and Business

    Placements for

    penultimate year

    students. Final

    year students can join our full time

    opportunities in one of our business areas;

    Assurance, Consulting, Tax, Financial Advisory,

    Actuarial and Technology.

    Business Champions

    Dont miss our Bright Futures Business

    Champions competition which challenges

    undergraduates to come up with a workable

    money making idea and turn it in to a reality.

    Supported by seed funding and a PwC mentor,

    were challenging you to try and raise as much

    money as possible for this years chosen

    charity. Keep an eye out for more information,

    well be launching it at our careers

    presentation evenings.

    What you need

    A 2:1 or above in any degree discipline

    A UCAS tariff of at least 300 (or equivalent)

    How to apply

    Be part of something special, visit




  • New term, new careers

    Given the endless stream of bad news about the UK

    economy, recent graduates would be forgiven for

    thinking that their futures are anything but bright

    when it comes to forging a career. According to

    recent research from Birmingham University, even

    engineers are struggling to find employment.

    Apparently a quarter of them are working in non-

    graduate jobs or unskilled work. But hang on isnt

    UK plc crying out for well-qualified scientists and

    engineers? Apparently not

    This research is at odds with comments from the

    CBI, who suggested recently that employers still

    complain of a shortage of good, employable

    candidates. We have some sympathy with the CBIs

    statement. We are always on the lookout for good

    graduates, but we have to interview a lot of them to

    find the ones who we think will succeed at Softcat.

    So who are we looking for? Applications from

    engineers and scientists are very welcome, but in

    fact were more concerned about whether you are

    intelligent, articulate, and have excellent

    communication skills than your degree subject.

    Although IT is our core business, some of our most

    successful IT sales executives graduated in subjects

    like biology, drama and history. We offer training

    and development through a structured programme,

    which supports new recruits in attaining relevant


    Were conscious that todays graduates look for

    careers that offer prospects for development. And

    together with outstanding training, pay and perks,

    and a working environment like no other, thats

    exactly what we have to offer. We provide

    outstanding rewards for those who work hard, and

    the opportunity to progress quickly into team leader

    and sales manager roles.

    Careers in London, Manchester and


    Softcat is an exhilarating place to work. Find out

    about us, and our next graduate open days, on our

    Facebook page.

    Alternatively call 01628 403 408 and visit our

    website to apply.

    Apply here:


    Softcat Careers on Facebook: Softcat Careers on Twitter: