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Bringhurst Primary School Headteacher Application Pack Bringhurst Primary School

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Page 1: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

Bringhurst Primary School

Headteacher Application Pack

BringhurstPrimary School

Page 2: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

This pack contains:

• Details about the David Ross Education Trust and how the Trust supports our academy leaders;

• Information about Bringhurst Primary School;

• Guidance on the leadership skills we are looking for and the benefits of working for the Trust.

We hope that you find this pack informative and useful. If you are able, we would be happy to arrange a visit for you to tour the academy.

WelcomeThank you for your interest in the position of Headteacher at Bringhurst Primary School, Leicestershire.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a visit, then please contact us directly via the details below:

Elizabeth HaydenHR [email protected](01476) 566801

Page 3: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

The David Ross Education Trust (DRET) is a network of over 30 academies across the East Midlands, East of England and Yorkshire and Humberside.

Our aim is to be the country’s leading academy chain, committed to delivering the highest academic standards alongside an unrivalled package of sporting and enrichment opportunities.

Our ambitions are high, but if we do not demand the best from ourselves then we cannot ask the same of our 2,000 staff and 10,000 students.

To achieve this we need strong and dedicated leaders at each of our academies, who each have a clear vision of what makes an outstanding education provision.

Within the Trust, 22 of our 33 academies are primary schools and they all have very different attributes and strengths that contribute to our diverse network. Our smallest primary academy has just 45 pupils compared to our largest that has over 500.

Bringhurst is very much at the heart of its local community. It was graded as ‘Good’ in its most recent Ofsted and the Key

Stage 2 results are above the national standard.

We are looking for an exceptional leader to play a key role in strengthening Bringhurst Primary School.

Our selected candidate will be inspired by the opportunity to ensure that Bringhurst sets high standards so that it is recognised as an outstanding school by our stakeholders and its community.

I hope you are as excited as we are about the possibilities this position offers. I look forward to receiving your application.

Warm regards,

Wendy Marshall CEO

Welcome from the CEOWendy Marshall

Page 4: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

The David Ross Education Trust (DRET) broadens the horizons of young people across a network of like-minded, aspirational and high achieving academies.

About the David Ross Education Trust The Trust now supports 33 academies,

which includes primary, secondaries, a grammar school, a free school and a special school for children with severe physical learning needs.

Each of these academies have their individual strengths and expertise. Collaboration and the sharing of ideas and best practice are at the heart of DRET.

The trajectory of our achievements and growth has been positive and strong:

• At a primary level, combined Level 4 results have improved significantly across the Trust, by an average of 10 percentage points per academy in 2014 alone. This includes the Arbours Primary Academy who have risen from 43% to 83% in just two years.

• There are seven secondary academies who have been with the Trust for at least one full academic year. This includes Skegness Grammar School, where over 92% achieve the target (5 A*-C English and Maths) compared to just 78% when they joined the Trust.

• A-Level and Key Stage 5 results have rocketed at Malcolm Arnold Academy and Lodge Park Academy, nearly 60% of all exams sat at both academies achieved a grade B or above.

Ensuring that this success is consistent and sustained is the key focus for the Trust as we go through the next stage of our development.

By simply looking at the logos of our academies, you will see that we are not a sponsor who has a one-size fits all policy. We believe that each of our academies should retain its individuality and strengths, but seek to embrace the best practice and ideas that run throughout the Trust.

For more information please visit

Our MissionOur mission is to become the country’s leading group of academies and free schools, committed to high quality academic education for all. This will be achieved by:

• Developing fully the talents and potential of each student;

• Providing an excellent academic education, supported by wide-ranging and exceptional sporting, cultural and artistic activities;

• Fostering scholarship, hard work and conscientious application;

• Enablingallstudentstobecomeknowledgeable,confident,kindand courteous adults capable of playing a positive and active role in society.

Page 5: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

While we respect each academy’s individuality, needs and strengths, we recognise that we are stronger as a network of academies rather than individual parts.

Support for our academies

Teaching School Alliance

The Trust was awarded teaching school status in April 2014.

The Trust has developed a wide range of programmes, which are being accredited, that educate our future teachers, improve standards in the classroom and strengthen and enhance the leadership abilities of our most senior staff.

Education Improvement Clusters

Every academy works within an Educational Improvement Cluster. These are a sub-group of academies linked by geography, that have a designated cluster lead who is responsible for the sharing of best practice, innovation and collaboration within each cluster.

Effective challenge

We respect that leaders need the freedom to innovate and bring in their own ideas, and effective challenge is a critical part of this process. Each academy is assigned an Educational Improvement Advisor who reviews progress against key targets.

Local Governing Bodies and/or Academy Improvement Boards are also at the centre of the Trust’s vision.

Enrichment and partnerships

Through our sponsor we have access to unique and exciting enrichment opportunities to support learning.

Through partnerships with leading universities as well as organisations such as the Outward Bound Trust and the National Portrait Gallery, the Trust is able to help raise aspirations and expectations.

Sport, particularly competitive sport, is critical to the Trust. To support this, Olympians and the sporting elite regularly visit our academies and attend our sporting events. In the last academic year, for example, Austin Healey taught rugby, Dame Kelly Holmes opened our Summer Cup, Shane Warne took a cricket nets session and Rebecca Adlington gave a swimming masterclass.


The Trust believes it is vital that senior educationalists have the capacity to focus on teaching and learning. The Trust provides back office support that includes Finance, HR, Communications, IT and buildings and infrastructure.

We work in an environment where, quite rightly, there is a high demand for the use of public money to be both robust and transparent. Regional finance hubs are being piloted, which include regional business managers and management accountants who work closely with senior leaders within each academy to ensure the smooth delivery of budgets, financial reporting and accounts.

The Trust’s package of support includes:

Page 6: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

About Bringhurst Primary School

Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary academy, just half a mile from the picturesque village of Bringhurst, in Leicestershire. The school can educate up to 182 pupils aged 4 to 11 years.

The academy joined the David Ross Education Trust in September 2014 to broaden the horizons of its pupils and ensure that the children of Bringhurst have access to the highest academic standards and opportunities.

Bringhurst’s Key Stage 2 results are above the national average. There is however, still substantial work to be done on the academy’s journey towards outstanding.

We are looking for a leader to respond positively to the opportunities at Bringhurst, ensuring that high aspirations remain a key focus for the academy going forward.

To achieve this, the successful candidate will be supported by a passionate Local Governing Body, an experienced and innovative network of academies and a Trust that is striving to be the best performing in the country.

KS2 results

Percentage achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths:



2014 -92%

Ofsted Grading

Good (2012)

About Bringhurst Primary School:

Key information:

• The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is significantly lower than the national average.

• Almost all pupils come from White British backgrounds and the proportion of pupils who speak English as an additional language is low.

• The proportion of disabled pupils and those with special educational needs is below average.

• Attendance is higher than the national average.

Page 7: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

Job Description

Job Title: Head Teacher

Location: Bringhurst Primary School, Great Easton Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16, 8RH

Job Purpose: The Head Teacher is accountable to the Trust for ensuring the educational success of the Academy within the overall framework of relevant legislation, best practice and available resources made available by the David Ross Educational Trust.

Background: The David Ross Education Trust (DRET) is a growing network of academies. The network is a mix of primary, secondary and special schools and those that have chosen to join DRET on conversion with sponsored academies.

The Trust places significant importance on developing strong financial management within each academy and across the network. This post would lead on this area within the central accounts function.

Reporting Lines: The Chief Executive Officer, DRET

Salary: An attractive salary and bonus scheme is available to the right candidate.

Strategic direction and development

• Work to further develop and communicate an educational vision within the academy that expresses the core values of the Trust and is responsive to the needs of the local community as a whole, and motivates and inspires others.

• Work closely with other academies within the Trust and all key stakeholders to achieve this vision and secure their commitment to its enactment.

• Translate the vision into agreed objectives, operational and business plans, and develop appropriate mechanisms for regular monitoring and review.

Leading, teaching and Learning

• Work to further develop integrated approaches to the curriculum and learning and teaching the academy.

• Work with Senior Leadership Team to seek ways to share knowledge, skills and approaches to improve provision for pupils of all ages.

• Promote excellence in teaching and learning, ensuring a continuous and consistent academy-wide focus on pupil’s achievement and development (moral, spiritual, physical and social, as well as academic).

• Ensure that a high quality educational experience is available for all children and young people that attend the academy.

• Establish creative and collaborative responses to personalising learning and improving teaching within the academy.

• Drive innovation in education

ensuring the academy is able to respond to a changing external environment and that the skills, learning and aspirations of children and young people are developing and enhanced at all key stages.

• Determine curricula that are informed by current knowledge and best practice to develop the potential of all pupils and equip them for the demands of 21st century.

• Develop and implement strategies to ensure continuity of learning at all main points of transfer.

• Encourage creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching.

• Monitor, evaluate and review classroom practice, celebrate and promote excellence, challenge under-performance at all levels and ensure appropriate action.

• Ensure that individual pupil progress is regularly assessed, recorded, reported and used to inform future teaching.

• Implement a programme of a range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities which will meet the Trust’s aspirations for pupils.

• Create a stimulating climate which will encourage all pupils to fulfil their potential, in the widest sense, and maintain a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and personal development.

Leadership of Self and Others

• Provide dynamic, consistent and motivational leadership for the academy and its teaching staff, ensuring the successful delivery of the vision, ethos, aims and objectives of the academy.

• Set high standards and expectations for personal, pupil and staff behaviour’s and actions in support of the achievement of the academy’s intended outcome.

• Develop and maintain respect across all stakeholders, inspiring individuals to contribute positively to shared ideas and plans for the academy.

• Implement the performance management framework for teaching staff for the delivery of agreed outcomes and of high quality services through high quality people performance.

• Regularly review own practice, set personal targets and take responsibility for own development.

• Ensure that systems are in place to encourage all teaching staff to be similarly active in their personal and continuous professional development.

• Develop the capacity, through coaching and other appropriate means of the educational leadership and management, particularly the Senior Leadership Team within the academy.

• Develop an ethos which ensures regular involvement of teaching staff in academy developments and encourages collaboration, innovation and individual and team creativity.

• Keep abreast of educational developments and best management practice in order to introduce appropriate innovation, whilst building on the beat of the Trust’s ethos and vision.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Page 8: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

Job Description cont...

Academy ethos and community

• Create effective means of communication to ensure that all sections of the academy (including parents) are kept informed about, consulted on and have an understanding of the aims of the academy, its policies, procedures and future direction.

• Create strong links and collaborative ways of working with all stakeholders including the wider community, other academies within the Trust and neighbouring schools, ensuring the academy is at the heart of the community.

• Work with other public and voluntary sector agencies, clubs and societies in the local community to develop extended services to enable the wider community to access knowledge, skills and learning opportunities.

• Work with the Trust to support the achievement of locally determined educational priorities and initiatives.

• Build wider links to ensure that national, public service, social enterprise and international perspectives feature in the academies approach.

• Develop positive solutions to achieving diversity, dignity and equality in all aspects of service delivery and engagement with the broader community.

• Create a culture where all members of the academy community respect others and their physical surroundings.

• Provide appropriate systems of pastoral care to support the personal development of all pupils and create a caring climate in

which self-confidence and social responsibility are encouraged.

• Develop amongst teaching staff an outward perspective and desire to contribute to the wider life of the academy.

Management of the Organisation

• Deliver effective operational management for the delivery of education within the academies budget and in accordance with financial and organisational structures of the Trust.

• Work to, and report on targets for achievement of the academy and personal targets as agreed by the Trust’s Board of Governors and the DFE.

• Work within a defined organization structure which enables effective and efficient ways of working and supports the achievement of the academies objectives.

• Work with the Trust, Board of Governors and Senior Leadership Team to manage all education resources within allocated budgets; actively seek opportunities for cost-improvements and ensure that ‘value for money’ is the core of all financial activities.

• Within the academies strategic plan, recruit, deploy, develop and motivate a committed, effective and diverse education workforce whose members have a clear understanding of the vision of the academy and of their personal role in enabling and promoting high quality learning.

• Work with the Trust, Board of Governors and Senior Leadership

Team to ensure that there are robust, reliable mechanisms for appropriate risk management in all academy educational activities.

• Act in accordance with Trust policies and legislation affecting the conduct of the academy, particularly governing health and safety matters and employment rights.

• Monitor and evaluate pupil and organisational progress to ensure that objectives are being achieved.

Supporting the work of the Trust

• Develop strong, positive relationships with Trust colleagues; contribute to collaborative work across Trust Academies; and support other staff in participating in Trust work.

• Participate in Trust and sector-wide activities in order to share best practice, contribute to the development of Trust strategies and policies and promote the academy and the Trust in a national and local context.

• Undertake any other duties reasonably deemed appropriate to the role.

Key Duties and Responsibilities


• All academy leaders are subject to the requirements of the National Standards together with the Operational framework. These criteria will form part of the individual’s professional development, performance management and review to be carried out by the Trust’s CEO and Chair of the Board of Governors.

• All academy leaders are subject to the requirements of the OFSTED measures of effectiveness, which will be monitored by the Trust’s CEO and the Chair of Governors.

• The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the statement of Conditions of Employment.

• This job description allocates duties and responsibilities but does not direct the particular amount of time to be spent on carrying them out and no part of it may be so construed.

• This job description in not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. It will be reviewed at least once a year and it may be subject to modification or amendment at any time after consultation with the holder of the post.

• The duties may be varied to meet the changing demands of the academy at the reasonable discretion of the Trust’s CEO and the Chair of Board of Governors.

• This job description does not form part of the contract of employment. It describes the way the post holder is expected and required to perform and complete the particular duties as set out in the foregoing.

Page 9: Bringhurst Primary School - Malcolm · About Bringhurst Primary School Bringhurst Primary School is a rural primary

Person Specification

Qualifications and Professional Development

Essential• Degree or Equivalent

• Teaching Qualification

• Recent and relevant management development/training

Desirable • Recent and relevant short course


Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

Essential • Successful management of whole

school improvement strategies

• Extensive experience of developing staff and of team building

• In-depth knowledge and understanding of current educational priorities

• Evidence of effective school development planning

• Successful leadership of innovation and change

• Successful management of monitoring and evaluation strategies of quality of teaching and learning, student outcomes, quality of provision and efficiency

• Successful experience of promoting equality and diversity, inclusion and appropriate strategies for children with special educational needs

• Successful experience of working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds

• Wide experience of managing change, leading innovation and transformational learning and meeting challenges successfully

• Motivation to work with children and young people particularly relating to safeguarding and promoting their welfare

• Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children and young people

• Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours; and attitudes to the use of authority and maintaining discipline

• Outstanding leadership skills

• Outstanding classroom practitioner; strategic management, resource management, development planning, personnel management and financial management skills

• Effective interpretation, analysis and use of data

• Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills (including written, oral and presentation)

• Able to develop and maintain good relationships with staff, parents, governors and the community

• Able to deal sensitively with people and achieve positive outcomes

Desirable • Successful management of health

and safety issues

• Successful risk management strategies

• Understanding of the role of governors

• ICT skills

Experience:Essential• Experience as a successful Head

Teacher or Deputy/Assistant Head in a similar school

• Evidence of successful curriculum leadership

• Successful establishment of links with the local community

• Excellent track record as an effective innovator of education

• Proven Team Leader

• Committed to the highest standards in all areas of school life

Desirable • Successful management

of OFSTED process

• Experience of driving up standards and school improvement

• Experience of working with children of different cultures