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Control Experiment Lone Run

Social FacilitationByAaron Chan & Jewel Conrad


What is it?Increased performance?Helps us understand ourselvesHelps us make decisions ex. Lyon center vs. running around campusNot limited to exerciseSimple skillsSocial Facilitation TheoryAtmosphere of evaluation


ExperimentWe performed an experiment for replicability and validityWe screened 10 participants, 5 males, 5 femalesOther than gender, the selection was random

3Simple skill, in good health,

Control GroupSingle Runner

Experimental Group Group Run

Overall the participants got faster by a mean of 18.8 seconds during the group run.There was a larger difference in the times of male participants.

ResultsMean Diff.(sec)% Difference Females15.21.41%Males22.42.44%Both18.81.92%

Table 1. Mean second and % increase in performance between female, males, and both.


Participant:Controlled RunGroup RunMale 114:2313:50Female 117:1516:52Male 215:0014:45Female 219:0518:20male 317:4017:00Female 313:0112:50Male 412:0311:48Female 415:3215:20Male 518:0717:58Female 516:2016:15

Table 2. Specific values of individuals amount of time taken to run.Figure 1. Graph of Participants and time taken to run 2 miles. Red represents the control group, blue represents the experiment group.

Gyms can get people to come by showing group workouts are more effective.Gym memberships, group workout classes.Targeted towards those who have trouble motivating themselves during workouts-not trained athletes.However, it depends on the environment and type of audience.

Audience and Applications

Friends you know, people you dont know 10



Task ComplexitySimple SkillsAutonomousRequires little attention spanComplex SkillsRequires large attention spanComplicated and practiced in training


Social DisruptionComplex skills are performed worse in the presence of othersNegative response to an environment of evaluation