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Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Some love quotes are focused on your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family members, or whoever, but the following love quotes can be used by everyone who wants to understand love better.

You Can Do It Quotes

Do you have a strong feeling that you cant do it, but you are still being called to try it, to go after it, to make it happen? How many times has this happened in your life? How many times have you ignored the call to do something because you simply believed that you couldnt do it? If you are like most people, youve probably had quite a few times where you stopped before you even really started to try.

Bruce Lee Philosophy

There are some people who make their mark in a big way, and Bruce Lee was one of them. Even though the actor, philosopher, and martial arts instructor only lived a short 33 years, he had many uplifting and insightful things to say. Many people believe that he was extremely mature for his age and way ahead of his time. Following is some of the Bruce Lee Philosophy that can change your life.

Albert Einstein Quotes

There is not one person who has not heard of Albert Einstein. Most people simply know him as the genius who came up with the theory of relativity and had wild hair. But, once you start to go through Albert Einstein quotes, you see that he was not only brilliant in physics, but was also aware of things that many other people were not aware of yet. He didnt just accept what he was told or saw, but he questioned everything and came up with some unique perspectives on life that we are just starting to really delve into now.

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