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    YEAR 2018-19

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    1 About Corporation 5

    2 Financial Performance for the year 2017-18 of Navi Mumbai 11

    3 Budget Estimate for the year 2018-19 of Navi Mumbai 17

    4 Highlights of Budget for Navi Mumbai Project for the year 2017-18 23

    5 Financial Performance for the year 2017-18 of New Town 41

    6 Annexures to Navi Mumbai Project Budget 51

    7 Annexures to New Towns Projects Budget 77

  • Performance Review 2017-18 & Budget Estimate 2018-19


  • Performance Review 2017-18 & Budget Estimate 2018-19

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    About our Corporation

    The current budgetary year, CIDCO has started with its 49th year

    and fast nearing its Golden Jubilee landmark. The upcoming year

    will be crucial as the mission of making sustainable cities with

    futuristic infrastructure and creating a legacy for generations to

    come has been hallmark of City and Industrial and Development

    Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCO). The upcoming 2-3

    years are crucial as we are on the brink of accomplishing the

    mission that was taken up on 17th March 1970. The mission was

    to develop a planned urban habitat that could sustain for years to

    come in the periphery of 344 sq. km land that was handed over to CIDCO.

    As per the Development Plan, CIDCO carved out 14 nodes i.e. townships, each capable of accommodating at

    least 1 million population and provided physical and social infrastructure making every node self-sufficient.

    Before CIDCO could reach its Silver Jubilee year, on 1st January 1992 a new local self-government body

    namely Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation was formed in the 7 developed nodes on the North side. CIDCO

    handed over the land to the civic body in phased manner. In the near future the entire Navi Mumbai periphery, all

    the 14 nodes, is set to become the new epicenter of investments in India with mega projects such as the

    International Airport, Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area (NAINA), Navi Mumbai Metro Railway and

    Metro City on anvil. The new horizons will be opened up for job opportunities galore in different industries.

    Navi Mumbai International Airport:

    One of the most ambitious and vital projects, the Navi Mumbai International Airport, is a giant leap in CIDCO's

    array of projects, connecting Navi Mumbai to the world. Proposed to be developed with public-private

    participation, the Airport is aimed to ease off the heavy air traffic and the burden of the existing airport at Mumbai.

    Spread over 2268 Ha. it is designed to accommodate new large aircraft compatible to aerodrome code 4-F,

    confirming the specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It will boast of 2 parallel

    runways for simultaneous and segregated parallel operation and full-length taxi ways on either side of the


    The bidding process for selection of a joint venture partner for development of the USD 2.5 billion Navi Mumbai

    International Airport (NMIA) project commenced on 5th February 2014 with the release of the Request for

    Qualification (RFQ) document. Four bidders - GMR Airports Limited, Mumbai International Airport Limited

    (MIAL), MIA Infrastructure Limited (a joint venture of Tata Realty and VINCI Airport Concessions) and Voluptas

    Developers Pvt. Ltd (a consortium of -Hiranandani Group and Zurich Airports) - were pre-qualified for the

    bidding stage in May 2015.

    After addressing several queries from the shortlisted bidders on

    the bidding documents, CIDCO announced February 13, 2017 as

    the date for submission of the financial bids for this prestigious

    project. Financial Bids were received from two bidders, M/s GMR

    Airports Limited and M/s Mumbai International Airport Limited

    (MIAL) today. M/s GMR Airports Limited offered an annual gross

    revenue share of 10.44% while M/s. MIAL (GVK) had offered

    12.60 % share of the annual gross revenue of the project.

  • Performance Review 2017-18 & Budget Estimate 2018-19


    The CIDCO Evaluation Committee will prepare a report on qualified bids which will be sent to the Project

    Management and Implementation Committee (PMIC) headed by Chief Secretary and then to the State Cabinet

    for approvals. The State Cabinet will take a final decision about award of the project to the successful bidder.

    CIDCO as per the agreement will hold 26% of equity SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) during the development of

    the project. Meanwhile, the works of acquisition of land, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) of the project

    affected people (PAP's) have been successfully completed by the corporation and it is alertly working towards

    meeting the deadline of the project.


    Around 270 villages need to relocate due to the Navi Mumbai

    International Airport project. Hence, CIDCO has chalked out a

    separate project known as NAINA which covers all the areas

    surrounding the NMIA project. The administration has planned a

    systematic development plan under the 60:40 ratio with the

    present plot owners with beneficial gains for them. This project is

    aimed to have 30 Hi-Tech towns that will come up in the years

    ahead. The NAINA project is a futuristic planned dwelling space

    that will include all round infrastructural developments. All

    important sanctions have been received from GoM and other

    concerned parties and work is on in full-swing and the project is

    towards completion.

    CIDCO has devised Interim Development Plan (IDP) with novel

    land pooling concept to achieve sustainable development and

    realization of physical and social infrastructure without resorting to

    bulk land acquisition. The scheme involves voluntary participatory

    development model which encourages land pooling applicable for

    land aggregations above 10 hectares. Farmers can come

    together and surrender 40% of land 'free of cost by consent

    agreement 'retaining 60% with them.

    The IDP was published in the Raigad district Gazette on August 13, 2014 inviting suggestions and objections

    from the public. CIDCO received 3946 suggestion and objections. In first phase, 2733 suggestions and

    objections were heard from on 27th, 28th and 29th November. The rest of the objections and suggestions were

    heard on 18th June 2015.

    The IDP of NAINA was submitted to State Government on 22nd September 2015. On receipt of sanction by the

    UDD in COM, all the lands under reservations (Social facilities, utilities, Open spaces, Growth Centers and road

    network) shall be notified for acquisition. Till then CIDCO, as the SPA, will act as per the provisions of the

    Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966. Simultaneously, all land owners will be invited to

    participate in 'NAINA Scheme' through public advertisement. 'NAINA' Scheme will be kept open for 4 months.

    Acquisition notices shall be withdrawn on those lands where the owners are willing to join 'NAINA Scheme'

    within this period. The land of such participants will be acquired through Consent Agreement without monetary

    compensation. Project infrastructure in IDP area is to be completed in 5 years.

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    Navi Mumbai Metro:

    Keeping in mind the seamless transportation needs of Navi

    Mumbai, CIDCO is developing an elevated metro rail.

    Maharashtra Government authorized CIDCO as MRT system

    administration implementing agency under the Indian

    Tramway Act 1886 for execution of Belapur-Pendhar -

    Kalamboli - Khandeshwar Metro Rail Project.

    The project is being developed in three phases: Belapur to

    Pendhar in phase 1; MIDC to Khandeshwar in phase 2; Interconnection between Pendhar and MIDC being

    the phase 3. The works of Viaducts, Stations, Depot Development, etc are in the advance stage of

    completion. While the work of Complete Rail Systems Turnkey work consisting Rolling Stock, Signaling &

    Train Control, Power Supply, Traction, SCADA, Depot Equipments, and Maintenance etc for three years

    etc is in progress. Alike the international airport, Navi Mumbai is demanding a revamped transportation

    network. CIDCO has come up with the Metro Rail project which is already a grand success in other parts of

    the country. The project is planned in 2 routes covering nodes of CBD Belapur, Pendhar and Taloja. The 1st

    route which is planned between CBD Belapur to Pendhar is an 11 kms path and is expected to be functional

    by the end of 2018.

    CIDCO has completed 90% of work on the primary route and is working on planning stage for the second

    route which will extend to Taloja. The organizational expertise and project accuracy of CIDCO is ought to

    gift Navi Mumbai its Metro network soon.

    Affordable Housing:

    In order to meet the fast growing housing demand of various

    section of the society, CIDCO has framed its housing policy

    incorporating self-financing principle using land as a prime

    resource in development of housing sector. The Corporation

    has used load bearing composite masonry - involving


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