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  • Business Etiquette

    Career and Job Placement Center

    Trista Iodice, MBACarolyn Serdar, Ed.S.

  • May 22, 20172

    Soft Skills Overview

    • What are Soft Skills?• How to Dress• How to Groom• How to Accessorize• What NOT to Wear• What TO Wear• How to Prepare• How to Behave• How to Close• How to Follow-up• A Word About Social Media• The Final Word

  • May 22, 20173

    What are “Soft Skills”?

    • General skills that are developed and maintained to help you be a productive citizen and worker

    • The non-verbal cues that you send and others use to form an impression of you

    • Absolutely critical elements of a successful interview

  • May 22, 20174

    ~ Psychology Today, April 2013

    Right or wrong, people do make assumptions based on the way we dress. In 3-5 seconds, they make judgments about our:• Confidence• Character• Income• Sociability

  • May 22, 20175

    How to Dress

    • Dress for the Position– At least: dress slacks and a pressed shirt– At most: business suit– Wear dark socks with dark pants– Skirts

    • Plain• Appropriate length

    • Shoes– Clean– Polished– Modest

  • May 22, 20176

    How to Groom

    • Hair– Clean– Styled– Facial hair

    • Trimmed neatly• Clean shaven

    • Makeup– Natural-looking– Simple– Appropriate for the

    position you seek

    • Nails– Clean– Well-maintained– If polished…

    • Modest (preferably clear or neutral) color

    • Fresh application (no chipped polish)

  • May 22, 20177

    How to Accessorize

    • Jewelry– Simple– Modest– Facial piercings: maybe

    • Accessories– Handbag– Portfolio– Your Phone

    • Leave it in the car• Otherwise, silence ALL notifications

  • May 22, 20178

    What NOT to Wear

  • May 22, 20179

    What TO Wear

  • May 22, 201710

    How to Prepare

    • Look in a Mirror– Check your teeth– Check your nose– Fix your hair– Remove lint, hair from clothes

    • Superman Pose– Hold it for a few seconds to a few minutes– Remind yourself to be confident

  • May 22, 201711

    How to Behave

    • Greet the Interviewer– Shake their hand***– Make eye contact– Repeat their name (e.g. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Joe.”)

    • During the Interview– Sit upright with both feet flat on the floor– Answer questions without rambling– Use a brief, silent pause rather than um, uh, hmm, etc.– Avoid using like, you know, I mean, etc.– Do not fidget– Do not avoid eye contact

  • May 22, 201712

    How to Close

    • Thank the Interviewer– Shake hands– Make eye contact– Use their name

    • Ask for the Job• Ask about Timing

    – “By when do you expect to make a decision?”– “May I please call you on (DAY) if I do not hear from you by

    then?”– Take their business card

  • May 22, 201713

    How to Follow-up

    • Send a Thank You Message– Send it later that same day or the next day– Use email or handwritten note– Express your appreciation for their time– Ask for the job again

    • Call or Email– If you have not heard by set date– Ask for an update on the process

  • May 22, 201714

    A Word about Social Media

    • Employers DO check it– Manage your settings: make your profiles private– Create an alias

    • Even still, keep it respectable– You can have opinions and post them– You can have fun and post it– Avoid anything that might jeopardize your hire/job

    • Create a LinkedIn profile

  • May 22, 201715

    The Final Word

  • May 22, 201716

    Career Services Specialists

    • Carolyn Serdar– [email protected]– (847) 543-2058

    • Trista Iodice– [email protected]– (847) 543-2263


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