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A complete guide to distinguished and elegant business portraits through Shelby Weiser Photography.




  • In business it always hard to spend money on something that seems so simple to accomplishfor relatively free. Everyone has a professional style camera in this digital age but getting agreat portrait isnt accomplished by a camera alone. It takes knowledge of the equipment,ability to pose different body types and the skill to process an image to produce a stunningportrait.

    There are many reasons why you should choose a professional photographer:

    - Kn- Knowledge of body types and ability to pose them in a flattering manner.- Clean backdrops that will correspond with your advertising.- File production that complements your business and your needs.- Versatile portraits that allow you to create a full professional marketing kit.- Reliability provided by working with a fellow business professional.

    When getting your car fixed or buying/selling a home, most people go to a professional. WHY?Because they want it done right and they are willing to pay for their knowledge. It is the samewhen looking when looking for beautiful portraits, you get what you pay for.


  • With your executive business portrait package you receive five high-resolution files for usewith all your printed materials. These images are able to be printed up to a 12x18 poster size.You will also receive low-resolution files that are individually sharpened and resized so that theyalways look clean and sharp on your social media platforms as well as load quickly on your website. These files are accompanied by my legal print release form that allows you to print, resize and use your images for business and personal reasons with restrictions ononly on file manipulation.

    As a business professional yourself it is always nice when we can partner to provide an exceptional product for your clients. I work strictly on a referral basis so if you like my serviceand the product I have provided for you, I will provide you with gift certificates that you can hand out to your clients. These certificates are provided at no cost to you, they are a unique way to thank your customers for their business. I also provide you with a template email you can forwardto any business associates you think might benefit from my services. This also is at no cost to youand pand provides an excellent way to thank the businesses and people you work with day to day.

    I keep track of referrals from all my clients and I love to reward* you for your support. After fivereferrals, you will receive a complementary portrait session of your choice (newborn, child, family, maternity, high school senior or business) This is a $99 value. If you refer ten or more clients, youare eligible for a complementary portrait session plus $75 off any portrait package*. Keep thesefor yourself, use them for family or even give them to your best clients, they are my way of sayingthank you so very much for your business and your support.

    * Re* Referred clients must purchase at least one product to be eligible.

    * $75 portrait package discount does not apply to a la carte items.


  • Our makeup artists have years of experience and are the best at what they do. Makeup is decided upon with what you want and our artists suggestions. Photography makeup differs fromnormal makeup and even though you might have things mastered day to day, our makeup team will have you looking like a super model. This optional add-on service is strictly on location at your portrait session and needs to be booked in advance.$100 per person

    One of the most frequently asked questions is "What should I wear?" Clients are constantly inquiring about what looks good for something like this. In my opinion business to business casual is where you will want to be. Bring in a nice suit with accessories (a tie for the guys, jewelryfor the ladies) and then layer because I am going to have you take the jacket off. If you would liketo add an additional look that is OK and does not add any additional fees. I suggest wearing solid colors. Stay away from busy patterns and try to limit the use of white to one item, these can be distractingcan be distracting.



  • You photograph children & families. Why professionals too?My business runs strictly on referrals, the best way to get in front of mytarget client is to come to their place of business. We are all busy these days and lets face it having your picture taken isnt always the easiest experience for some of us. I try to take the pain out of the process.

    What makes a professional better than having my friend tatake my picture?Since referrals are my main source of business, my name and reputation is extremely important. I stick to my timelines and provide aquality product, if at any time you are not completely satisfied with my service I will do everything in my power to make it right. I also have years of experience and education to know how to make you look your best.

    Do you have a session fee?YYes, my session fee is $99. I provide a full service concierge experience, my studio can travel and I can photograph you at your home or place of business. This fee covers my travel, time, photography skills, equipment maintenance, processing time and other misc costs. This fee is waived for businesses with a guaranteed group of five or more to be photographed during a single session.

    How long will my session take?I knI know you are a very busy professional and I try to stick to your scheduled time as much as possible. If I can have early access to the location, I can begin setup an hour before our scheduled start time so that your work canbe planned around your session. Once we start, I can usually have a good selection of images within half an hour to an hour depending on what you are looking for. Remember this is a business investment and you want themto be done right.

    HHow long does it take to get my images afterwards?Generally 2-3 weeks after you select your images. Photography is a seasonal business with busy times picking up in the spring and latesummer to fall. I try to deliver products as soon as they can be ready.

    How do I pick my images?My standard package is five portraits, but you are able to select more at an additional cost. I photograph my professionals tethered which means their rtheir raw images can be viewed just after their session. You may choose your images then or opt for an online gallery to review at your leisure.



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