business problem: our solution ... business problem: proactive marketing automation is largely...

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  • your customers’ emails

    matched to Facebook profiles

    reached with mobile or desktop ad on Facebook and its audience network

    Want  to  learn  more?  Visit  us  at  h1p://  or  contact  us  directly  at  [email protected]  

    Business Problem: Proactive marketing automation is largely driven by email, in which 80% of all promotional email goes unopened on average. How can a business reach more of its existing customers in a method as attributable as email? Our Solution: Reach existing customers on Facebook by anonymously matching email addresses to Facebook profiles, creating audiences that can be used for multiple ad strategies that grow your business.

    Who we are: GoChime is the global leader in social marketing automation, providing a platform that seamlessly links mobile and desktop Facebook ads into your greater Marketo marketing automation strategy to drive customer retention and acquisition.

  • Want  to  learn  more?  Visit  us  at  h1p://  or  contact  us  directly  at  [email protected]  

    through a single dashboard

    Power multiple ad strategies

  • Want  to  learn  more?  Visit  us  at  h1p://  or  contact  us  directly  at  [email protected]  

    100-200% 20x PLUS return ad spend investments when targeting lookalike audiences modeled on high-value customer segments

    Designed to Deliver Results

    COUNTLESS hours saved with real-time audience syncs between Marketo & Facebook, ensuring automatic delivery of the right ad to the right customer at the right time.

    increase in customer coverage by retargeting unengaged email subscribers

    to over 1,000 of the most savvy marketers in business

  • Want  to  learn  more?  Visit  us  at  h1p://  or  contact  us  directly  at  [email protected]  

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    If you have additional questions regarding GoChime and how we can impact your client’s business, please call or email Josh Emert

    at 423-598-655 or [email protected]

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