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@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 20151IS YOUR PRINCESS IN ANOTHER CASTLE?

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015In this session, we'll review why creating buyer personas are so important to your digital presence, how to successfully develop and target your buyer personas, and how to create an engaging content strategy throughout your customer lifecycle. Stop searching for your princess in all the wrong castles and find the secret tunnel straight to your website's success.

2Lets start with a factAccording to Harvard Business Review, 60% of the buying process is complete before the sales department ever hears from the prospect@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015BUYER PERSONAS@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015What ARE Buyer PERSONAS?Fictional RepresentationsIdeal CustomersBased on Real Data@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. They are based on real date about customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns. 5But Why Are BUYER Personas so Key?They allow highly personalized and targeted engagement and are the secret to being competitive in a market with massive firms like Amazon.

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015TargetingBy Target

Hired Andrew Pole$44 Billion to $67 Billion25 Common ProductsPrediction ScoreCredit CardsCouponsSurveysLoyalty ProgramsEmails/Website Visits@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015

Take a fictional Target shopper named Jenny Ward, who is 23, lives inAtlantaand in March bought cocoa-butter lotion, a purse large enough to double as a diaper bag, zinc and magnesium supplements and a bright blue rug. Theres, say, an 87 percent chance that shes pregnant and that her delivery date is sometime in late August.

And we found out that as long as a pregnant woman thinks she hasnt been spied on, shell use the coupons. She just assumes that everyone else on her blo7How Do You Build BUYer Personas?@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Buyer personas are created through research, surveys, and interviews of your target audience. That includes a mix of customers both good and bad -- prospects, and those outside of your contact database who might align with your target audience. Youll collect data that is both qualitative and quantitative to paint a picture of who your ideal customer is, what they value, and how your solution fits into their daily lives.8Two Types of Persona Characteristics@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015How Do You Socialize a Persona

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Create a Template10Persona TemplateBackgroundBasic details about personas roleKey information about personas companyRelevant background information like education or hobbies

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Persona TemplateDemographicsGenderAge RangeHousehold IncomeUrbanicity (urban, suburban, rural)

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015IdentifiersBuzz WordsMannerismsGoalsPersonas Primary GoalPersonas Secondary GoalConcerns

Persona Template@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Persona TemplateChallengesPrimary challenge to personas successSecondary challenges to personas successHow We HelpHow you solve them challengesHow you help them achieve their goals

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Persona TemplateReal QuotesRepresent them wellCreate relatabilityCommon ObjectionsWhy they arent buyingHow to overcome them

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Persona TemplateMarketing MessagingHow should you communicate your solution to this persona?Do they respond differently to different messaging styles (humor, memes, assertiveness, etc.)Elevator Pitch

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Persona TemplateMarketing ChannelsWhere do they gather information?What sites do they visit most often?Interaction PreferencesHow do they like to receive information?Do they research for themselves or delegate?

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Persona ExamplePrincess Peach

JOB TITLE: Princess COMPANY: Mario Brothers PlumbingINCOME: $$$$$

AGE: 21PERSONAL STATUS: Single, No ChildrenLIVING: Castle in a Rural Kingdom

IDENTIFIERS: Loves Pink, Sporty, Trusting, Enjoys Writing Letters

GOALS: Get Back to Freedom

CHALLENGES: One Nasty Fire Breathing Dragon

HOW WE CAN HELP: Stomp on some Goombas & Kick Bowser Tail

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015 18How About a Real Example

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015 ocean

32 Years OldProfessional Graphic DesignerIncome of $100,000/yearEngaged (to Duke)Owns her own condoTravels frequentlyFashionableWorks out every dayWorks out for 1.5 hours@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015 Duke35 Years OldProfessional ArchitectIncome > $100,000/yearEngaged (to Ocean)Athletic OpportunistEnjoys surfing & SnowboardingWants Quality

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015 Sum it Up"If youre 20 years old or youre graduating from university, you cant wait to be that woman. If youre 42 years old with a couple children, you wish you had that time back."

- Lululemon Founder, Chip Wilson@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015 Personas

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Typically identified by the Sales or Services departments of a firm, Exclusionary Personas help us know what types of leads and customers make bad fits for our process or organization. We can use the same method of finding what content attracts them and avoiding it.23How You Can Use Customer PersonasContent CreationBlog ContentNon-transactional Conversion OffersWebsite & Graphic DesignEmail Copy & Design@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015How You Can Use Customer PersonasSalesHow does this person respond to assertiveness?What creates a sense of urgency for them?What are the key pain points the solution addresses?Whats the prospects level of sophistication?@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015How You Can Use Customer PersonasServicesWhats the customers level of sophistication?What are the primary features that attracted the customer?What organizational or experiential challenges might hinder implementation?What unique use cases can be used to upsell or retain a customer? @TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015(DirecTV FTW)

26ENGAGEMENT@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015How was your day yesterday?

What did you get to do yesterday?27More Fun Facts61% of consumers planned to watch the Super Bowl with a smartphone in hand


51% of advertisers elected to just run their ad without asking viewers to do anything.@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015How was your day yesterday?

What did you get to do yesterday?28Why You Should Care@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015 Customer Life CycleBusiness Getting@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Engaging with customers throughout the life cycle . . . Drives initial and repeat purchase. Keeps customers informed. Serves customers better. Improves retention. Fuels brand advocacy.30The Customer Life CycleBusiness Keeping@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer Interaction & ChannelsACQUIRE@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer Interaction & ChannelsENGAGE@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer Interaction & ChannelsCONVERT@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer Interaction & ChannelsSERVE@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer Interaction & ChannelsGROW@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Customer Interaction & ChannelsRETAIN@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Engagement Channels@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Website Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Website Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Website Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Website Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Website Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015EMAIL Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015

MOBILE Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015MOBILE Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015SOCIAL MEDIA Engagement

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015My Original Twitter FeedComcast you suckComcast I hate youDear Comcast, were breaking upComcast, its really YOU not me@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Direct/Print

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015SUCCESSFUL engagement STARTS HEREKnow Your CustomerDifferentiate Your Customer ServiceHumanize Your BrandHold Conversations & Play With OthersPersonalize Your InteractionsLeverage GamificationJump on the Trendy BandwagonBe There When They Need You

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015Know Your Customer

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015

Differentiating YOUR Customer ServiceInnovation is Key, But Tradition will Never Be Forgotten

@TweetsByCaraSouth Florida Code Camp 2015(Story of Couer Sports Thank Y