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By Ragan Glover and Juhin Patel Janie Celi e Jane

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Character Analysis. By Ragan Glover and Juhin Patel. Celie. Janie. Jane. Their Eyes Were Watching God. Author: Zora Neale Hurston Setting: Central and Southern Florida, Early 20 th century Major Characters: Janie, Logan Killicks, Tea Cake, Joe Starks, Pheoby, Nanny Crawford - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By Ragan Glover and Juhin PatelJanie Celie Jane

  • Janie Author: Zora Neale HurstonSetting: Central and Southern Florida, Early 20th century Major Characters: Janie, Logan Killicks, Tea Cake, Joe Starks, Pheoby, Nanny CrawfordMovie: Directed by Darnell Martin, released in 2005

  • Janie looks for Sun-up and pollen and blooming trees in her life.At first, Janies intentions are to end her loneliness; she hopes to find true love.However, as Janie matures she wants freedom to do, think, and act as she pleases without the restraints of her nanny, husbands or society holding her down.

  • Nannys desires and standards present obstacles for Janie to overcome and learn from. (i.e. growing to love Logan, marriage based on assets rather than love). Each of Janies marriages presents a new obstacle for her.Janies relationship with Logan Killicks is an obstacle because she must learn to submit to her husband and obey his commands for labor.Janies relationship with Joe Starks presents the obstacle of Janie learning to suppress her voice and opinion.Later in Janie and Joes relationship, Janie must overcome the obstacle of learning to speak up for herself; she does this when she [robs Joe Starks] of his illusion of irresistible maleness that all men cherish.

  • Janies decision to be with Tea Cake is an important obstacle in that Janie defies societal expectations.Janie learns to overcome the obstacle of accepting herself as an equal in regards to Tea CakeThe decision to shoot Tea Cake, Janies true love, is an important obstacle that Janie overcomes to become an independent woman. Janies decision to move back to Eatonville alone is an obstacle that proves Janies independence.

  • Johnny Taylor: Janie kisses Johnny outside of her Nannys house, which serves as a catalyst to her marriage with Logan.Logan Killicks: Janies marriage to Logan is arranged by her Nanny. The twos marriage is the result of Nannys desires for Janie to do well in life. Because Logan is well off, holding 60 acres, Nanny insists upon the marriage. After they become married, Logan treats Janie as a laborer, not as an equal.

  • Joe Starks: Joe Starks liberates Janie from her marriage to Logan Killicks. Joe expects Janie to submit to his authority and places her in an emotional and almost physical prison. Because Joe is an insecure husband, he ridicules Janie and limits her interaction with others.Tea Cake: Tea Cake liberates Janie from the life she knew with Joe Starks. Tea Cake teaches Janie many new things including rifle shooting, checkers playing, and fishing. Furthermore, Tea Cake serves as freedom from societal expectations and represents Janies growth into independence

  • At the end of the story, Janie returns to Eatonville alone instead of staying in the Everglades. In Eatonville, Janie recounts her story of love and loss, heartache and happiness. As the story closes it is evident that Janie has finally found the peace and independence that she has searched for her entire life.

  • Author: Alice WalkerSetting: Rural Georgia, Early 1930s Major Characters: Celie, Nettie, Shug Avery, Harpo, Sofia, Mr. AlbertMovie: Directed by Steven Spielberg, released in 1985Celie

  • Celie dreams of being reunited with her children who were taken away as they were born. After Celie is forced into an arranged marriage, she dreams of reconnecting with her sister.After Celies sister (Nettie) comes and is forced to leave from Celie and Mr. Albertss home, Celie dreams of receiving letters from her sister.When she is married of to Albert, she find herself physically and verbally abused, thus she dreams of finding someone to admire and love.Celie dreams of finding success in her clothing business after she leaves Mr. Avery

  • Celie overcoming her supposed fathers molestation.Celie becoming submissive to her husband and being in an arranged marriage.Celie being separated from her sister, Nettie.Celie learning to appreciate herself and not to hide her beauty.Celies decision to leave Mr. Albert and live with Shug AveryCelies growth, and her start of a clothing business.Celies reunion with Mr. Albert and her children

  • Celies first relationship with a man occurs with her father. Her father sexually molests her. When Celie gives birth to her two children, her father takes them away immediately and allows another family to adopt them.

    Celies second relationship with a man occurs when she enters an arranged marriage. Her husband, who she refers to as Mr. is very similar to her father. Mr., whose real name is Albert, mistreats Celie and takes advantage of her. Essentially, Mr. uses Celie to take care of his children from his previous wife.

  • Even though Celies third relationship does not occur with a man, Celies relationship with Shug Avery is extremely significant to her development. Shug Avery teaches Celie that she too can feel loved and she too can have affection in a relationship.

    Celies fourth relationship with a man occurs after she gains independence. Even though her fourth relationship is with her former husband, Albert, the new relationship is characterized by mutual respect for one another

  • Celie grows from an insecure and unloved woman to a confident and loved woman. Her movement is characterized by her meeting Shug Avery, understanding her personal needs, leaving Mr. Albert, opening her own business, and reuniting with her family. Shug Avery taught Celie a lot about herself and what her personal and physical needs were. Furthermore, because of Shug Avery, Celie gains the courage to walk away from her relationship with Mr. Albert and open her own business. As the story ends, Celie reunites with her family and also with Mr. Albert as a secure, stable, and sucessful woman.

  • Author: Ernest J. GainesSetting: Early 1960sMajor Characters: Jane Pittman, Joe Pittman, Master Bryant, Mary, Trooper Brown, Jimmy, Ned, and Mr. Bone Movie: Directed by John Korty, released in 1974Miss Jane Pittman

  • Jane Pittman dreams of freedom from slaveryAfter the slave finders kill everyone else, Jane Pittman dreams of reaching Ohio to find Trooper BrownJane dreams of finding loveIn response to Ned and Jimmys death, Jane dreams of making a difference in the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Janes first obstacle comes when her mother dies and she must work to take care of white children on a slave plantation.Janes second obstacle arises when she must take on a new identity and go from being known as Ticey to Jane. (Jane must endure beatings by her master)Janes third obstacle occurs when she decides to make the long walk to Ohio to meet Trooper Brown.Jane fourth obstacle occurs when she must work for a reduced pay at Mr. Bones plantation, pay for Neds schooling, and raise Ned by herself.

  • Janes fifth obstacle occurs when she and Ned must separate to save Neds life. Janes sixth obstacle is when her true love, Joe Pittman, dies and is left alone. Janes seventh obstacle is when she decides to act in the Civil Right movement following Ned and Jimmys lead (Ned and Jimmy die in their Civil Rights pursuits).

  • Janes first relationship with a male is small, but significant. Trooper Brown informs Janie that she will soon be free, and he bestows her with a new name(Jane Brown) and ultimate a new identity.Janes relationship with Ned occurs when all the other slaves are murdered by the slave finders. Jane Pittman takes it upon herself to care for Ned and pay for his schooling on Mr. Bones plantation.

  • Jane Pittman meets and marries Joe Pittman within a short span of time. Joe Pittman is employed at a ranch where he breaks horses near the Texas-Louisiana border. After many years of their marriage, Jane becomes increasingly nervous about Joes risky job. Janies fears become a reality when Joe Pittman is killed by a horse.

    Neds relationship with Jane is reestablished when he relocated his family to where Jane lives.

  • Jane Pittman tells a reporter her story of love and loss in her 110 years of life. As the story closes, Jane Pittman decides to participate in the Civil Rights Movement by drinking water from the water fountain for whites only. Jane Pittmans decision is significant because Jimmy was killed for that same action. Because of her bravery, many people join Jane Pittman in a march for Civil Rights.

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