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  • BY STEPHANIEThe Poetry CollectionPoetry Rules!!!

  • StevenMaeRubyRick RodianDaddySydney

  • ABoy the age of 15CameDownEvergreen and FairfaxGroveHaving a feeling for some foodIn he wentJumping for JoyKicking his feetLover restraunt was on saleMomNo she saidSO he went to the bankPolitly asked forQuadrillion DollarsheaR she saidSoldTo himUp Vechecals came Waiters watchedXtreme funYears he owned

    Zebra his modo

  • Think Pink What do you call who is a Girly Girl and loves pink?She Thinks Pink

  • Funny and PlayfulLaughy, screaming, dances in circlesHe is amazingMarvolus

  • As a was lookingDown there at my cousins poolThe Look Made me faintThe Snow balls were coldEven with all my stuff on.I was still freezing.

    The garden was doneFlowers and chairs and big treesOutside Everyday

  • Who? StevenWhat? My Brother Where? Lives in my houseWhen? Born on May 13th Why? Because God wanted him to be born.

  • On September 5th 2009 I met my friend MaeThen at recess we started to playHaving Pizza at lunch We hang out in a bunch.Including ZeZe, Lexy, Ruby, and RomanBesides him we have no menAnd of chourse where are best friends.

  • There is an average size dog named Ton.Who always loves eating his bone. He would have them all day. Not at home he would stayWith or without a bone

  • Orange the color of sunsetBlue the color of water and wetRed the color of bledding toesGreen the color that says go,Pink the color of love and friendship.Yellow the color of lays potato chips.Purple the color of popsBlack the color of really dark rocks.

  • ome people sat reading is boring. o me it is a way to pass the time. very book I read is exciting eople (the authors) make them exciting appiness to me is reading adventure stories chapter a day keeps my crying away. ever lose a book from the library n my life I have very book I read Ive loved. Thats why I like reading.

  • My sisterTraded my book Even thoughI let herBorrow itI told her To get it back She said okay I forgave herBut shewasnt sorryAt all

  • Naughty and AdventuristSmart, Fightful, and a trouble maker.Son of PosideionClever

  • Leave me alone!Leave me alone!Leave me alone!Leave me alone!Leave me alone!Leave me alone!Leave me alone!

    Leave me alone!

    Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( in mind please)

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