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HELLO THERE Ten Trends from SXSW 2013 @CakeGroupNY | @stacykfuller | @townsendyoung

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2. Trend 1:Social creates glass walls 1 3. Trend 1: Social creates glass wallsThe culture of your organization if more importantFocus on employees, then customers,then finally investors.#companyculture #chesktalk #[email protected] ever because your philosophy is reected viaSocial media is aboutsocial media. Investment in your employees enhancing human capital.translates into happier customers, which ultimately#deathofmktg #sxswbecomes an arm of your marketing [email protected] can tell when they arent seeing theProduct. Customer. Happiness.authentic side and will search for the truth. Then marketing & PR.You gotta get the first 3 right and the rest will come. #gogosxsw #[email protected] 4. Trend 2:Doing good is good business3 5. Trend 2: Doing good is good businessThe industrial revolution empowered companies, the social revolution empowers [email protected] #sxsw #ageofdamage @CakeGroupNYYou cant just change your logoSocial good initiatives need to be at the core of your to a flower can no longer use a brand identier to #ageofdamage #sxsw #davidjonesreect your philanthropic commitments. Brands [email protected] social change and instill at the heart of their86% of people say itsbusiness will come out ahead.important that companiesstand for something otherthan profitability. @davidjoneshavas #ageofdamage #[email protected] 6. Trend 3:Data + insights5 7. Trend 3: Data + insightsTheres more data than ever, but a business had to Be passionate about the market you want to address. Dont allow othersto tell you who your consumer is. #gogosxsw #[email protected] these ndings with human insight. We still cantdictate when a piece of content will go viral but we No matter how big data gets,can begin to understand what content resonates withits still all about the story.audiences and brief teams better on what type of and when is the best time to [email protected] Data does not replace insight.#sofunny #[email protected] 6 8. Trend 4:From badges to utility 7 9. Trend 4: From badges to utilityBadges to provide real lifeincentives? Yes! My health insurance company should give me a discountfor checking into the gym. #futuremap #sxsw @stacykfullerGamication and fan counts are being replaced by socialdata helping consumers have better experiences.How to describe @foursquareConsumers are looking for how a social platform can The best of whats nearbyhelp make intelligent recommendations and ultimately- friends, deals, cool spots.tangible rewards that can be used ofine.Its not aboutgaming mechanics. #futuremap #sxsw @stacykfuller8 10. Trend 5:Tell me a story9 11. Trend 5: Tell me a storyFrom Vine to Timehop to Storify, consumers are Timehop is the best storytelling app out now.#futuremap #[email protected] How can aggregators and curation tools help digital storytelling?looking for ways to bring their experiences to life andCheck out @daylifes #SXSW panel:to tell richer stories. With the ability to curate content a variety of sources and from years past, @rachelhoatconsumers are beginning to create a linear story vs. justa post. What do #SXSW, Twitter and The Three Little Pigs have in common? Collaborative, participatory storytelling:[email protected]_walker 10 12. Trend 6:Relationship facilitation11 13. Trend 6: Relationship facilitationSocial discovery isnt just about experiences and brick Cindy Gallop is on a mission to socialize sex. You go girl!!! #futureporn #sxsw @stacykfuller Break out your calculator, because to win at online datingand mortar storestheres an inux of services that useyouve got to do your mathyour interest graph to discover compatible friends.via @DigitalTrendsThe dating scene is the best example, with online @webbmediasites exploding. Consumers are also viewing their onlineproles as an opportunity to learn how to optimizeLast session of the day is the guycontent, be it LinkedIn or OkCupid.from Proper @Grindr fanboy me #meetgrindr #sxsw @dominiccampbell 12 14. Trend 7:Too much tech13 15. Trend 7: Too much techConsumers are inundated with technology and wevestarted to see a backlash against being always on. As tech makes your life easier, it alsoprovides more ways to be annoyed.#ageof #sxsw @stacykfullerHave Millienials gone digital?Services that help curate information and brands that No, it turns out. Details on the #analog polltime messaging to go out at the most relevant occasions results we presented at #SXSW: the most appealing. Theres also a trend toward @frankroseanalog goods and services, consumers seeking outtangible/permanent products that have a nostalgicthrowback.No such thing as info overloadjust filter failure heard at #sxsw#nextnews panel @ramisms 14 16. Trend 8:From platforms to gadgets15 17. Trend 8: From platforms to gadgets How many of you remember the firstrecord you bought? Now, how manyof you remember the first album you downloaded? #EmbracingAnalog #[email protected] Learning about so many uses forThe big shiny toys everyone was talking about werentplatforms this year but actual products. 3D printing was the#3Dprinting but my favorite isstar of opening remarks and featured at almost every socialmaking prosthetics for kids.function, the announcement of the 3D scanner and Google #sxsw #openingremarksglasses were the envy-inducing accessory. @stacykfuller Report: Google Glass was theclear winner of SXSWi[email protected] 18. Trend 9:Twitter is the savior for traditional broadcast17 19. Trend 9:Twitter is the savior for [email protected] fans influence outcome ofshows thru second-screen app, the most downloaded of its kind #sxsw @RayDarnott Tweets about the #superbowlgrew from 14 million tweets last yearThe amount of consumers engaging on Twitter duringlive events are growing exponentially each 24 million this yearConsumers are again tuning into live TV programing to #tweettvavoid spoilers and to join the global conversation. And @stacykfullerthe appeal of integration into events/programing isencouraging fans to ock to social to deepen #socialTV must read. NBCUconnections. interactive exec: TV everywhere, still confusing, but second screen, lots of potential @paul_mcgrath 18 20. Trend 10:Memes are the new celebrity19 21. Trend 10:Memes are the new celebrity The line outside Mashable House tomeet @RealGrumpyCat is insane! #MashSXSW[email protected] Grumpy Cat wears costumes to hide from fans:Al Gore and Elon Musk couldnt competewith the SXSWi buzz generated...The biggest draw of SXSWgrumpy cat. The 3,000 tweets over three days and the line [email protected] her at the Mashable House was hours long.Internet memes are surpassing traditional celebrity intheir popularity and are denitely here to stay. 20 22. INTERESTED IN YOUROWN PIECE OF CAKE?CONTACT US:Aaron JaroshP: 646.587.5067C: 402.802.5515E: [email protected]