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13 sharable statistics on call center priorities. Surveys covering performance, productivity, technology, idle time, shrinkage, workforce management


  • 1. Knowlagent Surveys onContact Center Productivity Knowlagent a leading agent productivity solution for the worlds 10 million call center agents conducted two surveys designed to better understand key issues around managing contact centers and how these challenges impact overall business goals. The surveys focused on: performance and productivity technology training and coaching corporate culture Productivity: Priority #1 The majority of call center executives say increasing agent productivity is their top contact center management challenge for the year ahead. They report their concerns in 2012 are: 59% Increasing productivity 41% Aligning corporate goals and call center staff goals 40% Budget/funding restraints 30% Integrating online inquiries with existing call center staff 20% Allocating staff resources to online channels 6% Dont know/unsure 2% Other Multiple responses permitted
  • 2. Knowlagent Surveys onContact Center Productivity We Want Outperformers! An overwhelming number of respondents, 96%, say improving performance of contact center agents is very important or important. Call center executives When measuring agent performance, contact center are seeking to improve agent performance to: executives draw on many metrics, including: Increase customer satisfaction Average time handling a call 81% 78% Increase first call resolution Quality assurance scores 72% 69% Improve agent satisfaction Customer satisfaction levels for customers whose calls they handle 65% 61% Make better use of agents idle time Total time they spend handling calls 37% 42% Reduce agent turnover Time spent on after-call work 30% 40% Improve customer effort scores Percentage of calls they transfer 27% 27% Increase time agents spend on training Value of sales made 26% 19% Increase time agents spend on coaching Net promoter scores for customers whose calls they handle 26% 17% Increase time agents spend on answering calls Training scores 24% 14% Reduce agent head count Percentage of calls they place on hold 19% 14% Increase net promoter scores Amount of time they spend on training 19% 9% Increase time agents spend answering other client needs 17% Satisfy regulatory requirements 14% Multiple responses permitted Multiple responses permitted Every Second Counts Agents have an overall average of 49 minutes of idle time wait time between calls daily, according to contact center executives. They reported the amount of The majority of idle time occurs in less than three-minute idle time per employee per day is: time slots. When it does occur, the reported occurrence is: 27% Less than 15 minutes Dont less than know 1 minute 19% 16 to 30 minutes more than 13% 12% 5 minutes 11% 31 to 60 minutes 4 to 5 7% 2.5 minute minutes 1 to 2 average 16% 1 to 2 hours 7% minutes 29% 3 to 4 minutes 6% More than 2 hours 7% 2 to 3 minutes 20% Dont?know/unsure ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 18%
  • 3. Knowlagent Surveys onContact Center Productivity Utilizing Agent Idle Time Contact center executives have a number of activities theyd like agents to complete during idle time, including: 56% Doing other off-phone work 56% Doing other off-phone work by a workforce management 40% Responding to interactions via other channels system 17% 40% Responding to interactions via other channels by agents by supervisors 31% Receiving coaching These tasks are allocated: making their own decisions 59% 31% Receiving coaching 24% 20% Receiving online training 20% Receiving online training But 40% of those polled say they are unable to allocate tasks to agents who are idle because... Dont 1 hour know 6% 15% Timing is too unpredictable 11% 15% Timing is too unpredictable Agent idle time The smallest 1 shift 14% Timeframes unit of time 18% 15 minutes occurs on average are too short used to 33% in 2V minute 14% Timeframes are too short increments. schedule agent activity is: 11% No process in place 30 minutes 32% 11% No process in place Multiple responses permitted Organizing Off-Phone Work Contact center leaders vary in how they structure off-phone work. When asked how structured, they report: 30% 28% 21% 16% Highly stru