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Summer reading Project

Summer reading ProjectGathering BlueCallie Hodge

Summary of Gathering BlueGathering Blue, by Lois Lowry inspires us to be thankful for what we have. One day Kiras mother dies from a horrible sickness. Now everyone thinks that Kira her daughter is useless so Vandora tries to convince the council to feed her to the beast .But they decide that kira has a true talent .So she goes to a cottage out in the forest and learns how to fix peoples torn clothes Finally Kira learns how to do it and has a wonderful life with all her friends. She knows how to make every thread color. Except blue so her friend Matt sets off on a journey to find it. And brings back a Bundle of Blue and her father who disappeared when she was a little baby.Setting-In the council house




Conflict-Man VS. ManBecause Kiras convincing the council that she is useful.P.O.V-3rd Person Limited

ResoulutionKira gets to stay in her Village and have a happily life with her dad and friends.

Climax-Vandora wants to feed her to the beast.

Theme-It taught me to never give up and have hope.

Reasons for the Title ?One reason is because its in the middle of the gathering and Matt goes out to get her Blue thread .2.Its not a very good place in the village its very blue.