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The Pitch By Kathryn and Callum

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Page 1: Callum & kathryn's pitch

The Pitch

By Kathryn and Callum

Page 2: Callum & kathryn's pitch

Song & Artist• The Artist: Plan B

• Plan B is a British Musician/rapper/singer and started his career in 2005.

• His style of music differs to what is usually in the top 40 songs.

• The Song: What you gonna do by Plan B

Why we chose it?• Good fast beat and overall tune, challenging editing and other skills

needed but is possible • Good performance opportunities to capture• Different style song compared to others

in the past• Lyrics offer an interesting concept

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• Example:• You can set me free or bang me up Just stop torturin' me

tell me what you're gonna do, what you gonna do You can set me free or bang me up Just stop torturin' me tell me what you're gonna do, what you gonna do So here we are again, it's like déjà vu Everyone lookin' at me tryin' to work out if I've been telling the truth The courtroom's the same, but the jury's changed And the judge is a she not a he still they all look the same to me, yeah.

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Ideas for video

• A linked trial between a crime and love affair.• Rapping part is for narrative/ story to be told, while the

chorus is the performance part.• Mise en scene an important part of our video, to

emphasise the story. • Setups for video:

Convict/ visiting area for prisoners.

First person view camera shot of looking

for someone, in town preferably.

Trial room

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Plan of Performance

• Location: Drama studio

Why? : Easy to create a scene • Camera angles:

Close ups

Group shots

Dolly/ tracking movements• Costume: Suits/formal• General theme: glitzy styled

(Chicago “razzle dazzle” look)

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Stage setup for performance

Page 8: Callum & kathryn's pitch

Mise en scene Requirements

• Costume: Suits/formal and Judges robes• Props: Instruments: Drums, brass (trumpets), Bass

guitar.• Other props: Judges Hammer, jail bars• Lighting: studio lights: spot lights for instruments

Page 9: Callum & kathryn's pitch

Roles of the group Band Name: Course of Action

Directing: Kathryn and Callum

Chief Editors: Kathryn and Callum

Main Parts: Kathryn, Callum & Reliable Friends

Performer: Callum

Band/ musicians: Reliable Friends

Camera Work: Kathryn & Callum, we shall setup every shot ready to be recorded

Provider of props and set: Kathryn provides the space and the designs the setting. Callum can provide his own suit and various other props.