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Camden Integrated Digital Record (CIDR)

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  • Camden Integrated Digital Record (CIDR)

  • CIDR

    Camden Integrated Digital Record (CIDR)

    • Camden CCG has developed an online record that links health and social care data

    together, working in partnership with health and social care providers in Camden. This is

    called the Camden Integrated Digital Record (CIDR) system.

    • A joined up digital record allows health and social care professionals to view vital

    information about you at the right time, and place, to provide you with the best possible


  • The CIDR system currently includes health and social care data from these different sources:

    • Camden GPs

    • University College London Hospitals (UCLH)

    • Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RFH)

    • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

    • Camden and Islington Foundation Trust (C&I)

    • Coordinate My Care (CMC) (part of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust)

    • London Borough of Camden (LBC)

    What is an integrated digital record?

  • Benefits

    What are the benefits of having an integrated digital record?

    There are a number of benefits to linking up health and social care information into an integrated

    digital record. These include:

    Health and social care professionals being able to access the information required to provide

    optimal care for you.

    Potential safety benefits - as health and social care professionals will be more aware of important

    information such as what prescription medications you are taking etc.

    You will not have to repeat information about yourself to multiple different professionals -

    improving your care experience.

  • CIDR Case Study

  • CIDR

    Ethel’s Camden GP

    University College London

    Hospital (UCLH)

    Ethel’s test

    results View

  • CIDR

    Royal Free Hospital A&E

    Medications, allergies

    and adverse reactions to

    medications from Ethel’s

    GP Record

    View Warfarin and bad

    reaction to morphine

  • CIDR

    Hospital Discharge Team

    View Contact details for

    Ethel’s care team

    Adult Social Care

    Royal Free

    Hospital Ethel’s Home

  • View

    Ethel’s Occupational





    Ethel’s Camden GP

    Adult Social Care


    Therapist details

    Ethel receives the

    care she needs to be

    safe at home

    Ethel's’ community

    care information

  • Confidentiality and Security

    The CIDR system is designed to provide a high level of both confidentiality and security to the

    information that it holds. This includes the transfer, viewing and storage of all information in a secure


    Access to the system and records within this are only provided to approved and authorised users which

    are validated by their respective organisations. Access is based on their role and responsibility within

    their respective organisation.

    Access is limited to only users who have an approved N3 connection.

    Access and use of the CIDR system is auditable in regards to access and usage of the system. The

    internal audit functions have been developed line with the NHS Care Record Guarantee

  • Confidentiality and Security Only authorised health and social care professionals are permitted to use the CIDR system. There is a

    robust process for professionals to be authorised by their organisation before their access is approved.

    Staff with permission to use CIDR can only view your record once you have given consent for the

    approved organisation to do so.

    When a care professional views your record they will only be able to see information available to support

    delivering care to you at that time.

    All access is strictly monitored to ensure it is appropriate and legitimate.

    In emergency cases, where time is limited and pre-defined justifications are met, a care professional may

    view a record without explicit consent from the individual (e.g. there is clinical urgency and the individual is


  • • Yes you can.

    • The CIDR system is designed to support your individual wishes in relation to both the creation

    of a record and the level of information available.

    • You can opt out entirely or you can reduce specific information that can be viewed in the


    • If you want to opt out, at any time you can discuss this with you GP practice.

    • Alternatively, you can speak to your local NHS Trust (e.g. UCLH, RFH, CNWL and C&I) or the

    Camden Council, to stop specific information from being included.

    Can I choose not to have an integrated record?

  • Questions ?

  • • Posters and leaflets in practice, pharmacies, libraries

    • Slide show and a version of the poster for your practice TV screen

    • Communications pack for all practices including FAQ’s

    • CCG website contains information and FAQs for the public.

    • Patient survey underway

    • Patient leaflet (currently being tested with patients)


  • Resident feedback

    • Commissioned community researchers to survey 270 residents across


    • Asked a series of questions to gather awareness of CIDR, views and

    opinions on consent and the benefits to integrating records.

    • Tested the patient leaflet (to be sent to all Camden residents registered

    with a GP) and have incorporated feedback

    • In six months will re-survey Camden residents to gauge feedback from

    public awareness campaign

    • Following slides snapshot of feedback

  • Base: All respondents (263)

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    Not sure


    Q3) Are you aware of the Camden Integrated Digital Record?

  • Yes, I would give consent


    No, I would not give consent


    Not sure


    Q4) Based on this information, do you think you would give consent for a health professional to view your CIDR record inyour presence?

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    Yes, I would give consent


    No, I would not give consent


    Not sure


    Q7) Having now read the leaflet, do you think you would give consent for a health professional to view your CIDR recordin your presence?

  • View

    Ethel’s Occupational





    Ethel’s Camden GP

    Adult Social Care


    Therapist details

    Ethel receives the

    care she needs to be

    safe at home

    Ethel's’ community

    care information

  • • There is a CIDR website you can visit for more information:

    • Camden CCG will publish information about any changes and developments to the CIDR system on the


    • If you can’t find the information you need on the CIDR website, you can use the ‘Feedback’ form on the

    website to contact the CIDR team at Camden CCG. Or, you can email the team directly:

    [email protected]

    Where can I go for further information?[email protected]

  • Questions ?