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Campus Ministries. Campus Ministries Staff. Rev. Scott – MVNU Chaplain Rev. Joe Noonen – Assistant to the Chaplain for Mission & Ministry Opportunities Kendra Lambert – Assistant to the Chaplain for Small Group Ministries & Chapel Attendance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries

Page 2: Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries Staff• Rev. Scott – MVNU Chaplain• Rev. Joe Noonen – Assistant to the Chaplain for Mission &

Ministry Opportunities• Kendra Lambert – Assistant to the Chaplain for Small Group

Ministries & Chapel Attendance• Dr. Geri Rosser – Assistant to the Chaplain for Worship• Diana Tocheff – Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministries • Rochel Furniss – Secretary for Mission & Ministry Opportunities

Page 3: Campus Ministries

Chapel• Chapel is required for all students.• During the fall and spring semester on

Monday – Wednesday - Friday at 10:20am the campus meets in the Chapel auditorium for corporate worship.

• During January term Chapel is held on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:20am.

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Spring Semester Speakers• Joel & Sara Mullen – Griffin Missions Conference• Spring Revival – Students speaking & leading worship• Rev. Susie Shellenberger – Editor of Brio Magazine• Mad Dogs and the Englishmen – Lecture Artist Series• Dr. John Bowling – Hicks Holiness Lecture Series

Page 5: Campus Ministries

Chapel Attendance• Always carry your student id card with you

because you will need to have it scanned after the chapel service for your attendance.

• Every student (freshmen – senior) is required to earn 36 spiritual life credits for the fall semester and the spring semester.

Page 6: Campus Ministries

Options for Earning 36 Spiritual Life Credits

• Corporate Worship – MWF and some Thursday chapel services at 10:20 am are worth 1 credit each. Wednesday evening services are worth 1 credit each.

• Small Group – 3 credits for being involved in a small group sponsored through Campus Ministries

• Community Service (CoSMO) – 3 credits• Mission Trips – 3 credits for participating in a spring break

mission trip

Page 7: Campus Ministries

Keeping Check Of How Many Credits You Have Earned

• Go to• After you log in go to “Campus Life” link• There you will find the “Chapel” links.• Click on Chapel Attendance – to view the

chapel schedule & your attendance records for chapel and corporate worship services.

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Community Service and Ministry Opportunities

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Lunch Buddies

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Page 13: Campus Ministries

Faithful Friends

Page 14: Campus Ministries

Sonshine Kids

Page 15: Campus Ministries

Children’s Connection

Page 16: Campus Ministries

Wagon Ministry

Page 17: Campus Ministries

Additional CoSMO groups

• Escape Zone• Transition Mission• PB & J Club• Action

Page 18: Campus Ministries

Mission & Ministry ChapelFriday, February 6 at 10:20am

Opportunities for you to serve on a short-term mission trip during spring break and in

the summer

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