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LATERITIC ORENickel, Bauxite

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Global Footprint


RPM has completed over one hundred lateritic ore projects globally, spanning more than 15 countries. We have worked in all of the major lateritic regions around the world including:

RPM is a leader in advisory services to the lateritic ore mining industry.

We utilise our well-known mine planning process and industry leading technology to complete projects that not only meet, but set the industry standard. This combination ensures that we identify the best, practicable solutions for lateritic ore projects.

Our approach applies mining economic principles to define the technical and economic drivers of a project. This approach has made RPM the first choice for many of the nickel laterite and bauxite deposits and operations around the world.

Through our work, we understand and estimate the crucial attributes of the ore, understand the product requirements and premiums for particular products and use our in-house scheduling software to analyse the mining and processing plans that deliver the greatest value.

We have teams on the ground in all of the world’s key laterite ore mining regions who understand the local language, culture and challenges. Through our global network, you also have access to the right specialist technical skills for your project

With our broad range of in house skills and experience together with our well established associate and partner network, RPM delivers a one stop solution for delivery of your mining studies.

We oversee the work of our associates and partners as part of our broader project team, taking full ownership of and accountability for the quality of the work we perform.

■ Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt – Australia ■ Asia-Pacific Islands ■ Colombian Ophiolite Complex ■ Amazon Basin ■ Central African Greenstone Belts ■ Cape York Peninsula - Australia

■ Gove Peninsular – Australia ■ Darling Ranges Province – Australia ■ Guinea Shield Province ■ Zabirah District Arabian Shield ■ Guyana Shield Province ■ Southeast China Province

Countries where RPM has completed lateritic ore projects

We have the expertise to provide end-to-end technical consulting from exploration to infrastructure design and processing. We model the geologic ore characteristics and metallurgical performance to arrive at optimum scales and schedules for nickel laterite and bauxite projects to deliver to customer specifications and maximise value. Our work covers wet and dry type limonitic and saprolitic lateritic ore and we have experience in free-dig or drill and blast open cut mining. We have experience in the processing of bauxites by crushing, screening, washing, drying and hydrometallurgy (Bayer Process).

We are experienced in acid leaching from heap to atmospheric and high pressure, as well as in the pyrometallurgical methods (blast furnace, electric arc furnace, rotary kiln-electric furnace [RKEF]) in the processing of nickel laterites.

Through our work in China, Indonesia and the Philippines we have significant expertise in RKEF technology and the application to nickel laterite projects. We are able to assess the suitability of this technology for your deposit and provide independent guidance on the technical performance and associated CAPEX and OPEX. We maintain an ongoing brief for technology developments in both leaching and smelting so that we can provide the best and most appropriate advice for your project and ore types.

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Examples of Projects Completed

Client Name Project Name Study Type Region Commodity

AustraliaBHP Billiton Ltd Ravensthorpe XPAC Model Development

XERAS Budget ModelMine Planning System Review

Western Australia Nickel Laterite

Cortona Resources Ltd Blackhill Mineral Resource Estimate Western Australia Nickel Laterite

Yilgarn Mining Ltd Coglia WellRocky Well

Mineral Resource Estimates Western Australia Nickel Laterite

Cougar Metals NL Pyke HillToomey Hill

Mineral Resource Estimates and Pit Optimisation Western Australia Nickel Laterite

Aluminium Corporation of China

Aurukun Project Scoping & Pre-feasibility Studies, Technical Review of Feasibility Study

Queensland Bauxite

Rio Tinto Aluminium Weipa Mine Expansion Project - Life-of-Mine Plan, Short term mine planning, Haulage optimisation study

Queensland Bauxite

Rio Tinto Alcan Gove Mine Expansion Project - Life-of-Mine Plan, Reserves Estimate

Northern Territory Bauxite

Worsley Alumina Boddington Mine Life-of-Mine Scheduling Western Australia Bauxite

Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures Cronus & Felicitas Projects

Resource Statement, Technical Audit Darling Range, Western Australia


Bauxite Resources Limited Dionysus and Fortuna Projects

JORC Resource Estimates Darling Range, Western Australia


South AmericaVALE Onca Puma, Piaui,

Niquel do Vermelho V1/V2, Timpopeba Project, Vera Cruz Project, Paragominas Project

Mineral Resource Estimates, Ore Reserve Estimate, Detailed Mine Planning, Mine Scheduling Study, Long Term Mine Planning, Mine Feasibility Studies

Para State, Brasil Nickel LateriteBauxite

Alcoa Juriti Project Contract Mining Shadow Bid Brazil Bauxite

BHP Billiton Ltd Cerro MatosoMaatschappij Mine

Hydraulic Excavator Technical & Costing DataMine Planning Training Course

Colombia and Suriname Nickel LateriteBauxite

Bauxite & Alumina Mining Venture Ltd

Linden Project Review of Confirmation Drilling Procedures Guyana Bauxite

First Bauxite Corporation Bonasika Refractory Bauxite Project

Due Diligence Study Guyana Bauxite

Mineracao Rio do Norte Trombetas Mine Long Term Mine Planning, Equipment Studies Brazil Bauxite

Asia PacificBHP Billiton Ltd Gag Island Equipment Selection and Costing West Papua Nickel Laterite

Xstrata Nickel Koniambo Independent Engineer AuditHealth, Safety, Environmental & Social ReviewEnvironmental Design Criteria

New Caledonia Nickel Laterite

CIBC World Markets Koniambo Bankable Feasibility Study Audit New Caledonia Nickel Laterite

Highlands Gold Ramu Nickel Preliminary Cost Estimates, HKEx IPO Documents

Papua New Guinea Nickel Laterite

GCL Capital Management Morowali Independent Technical Report (Hong Kong Ex) Sulawesi, Indonesia Nickel Laterite

Race Resources Ltd Amonggedo Conceptual Processing & Mining Study Sulawesi, Indonesia Nickel Laterite

China Nickel Resources Holdings

Iron Hill Nickel JORC Resource & Reserve Statement (Hong Kong Ex)

Kalimantan, Indonesia Nickel Laterite

Lumina Capital Partnership Sulawesi Nickel Project Desktop Environmental Review Sulawesi, Indonesia Nickel Laterite

Ferrier Hodgson Asia Aluminium Bauxite Project

Independent Technical Review Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu, China


Bintang Delapan Sulawesi Nickel Project JORC Resource and Reserve Estimates, Mine Planning, Geological Procedures

Sulawesi, Indonesia Nickel Laterite

PT Stargate Pasific Resources Sulawesi Nickel Project JORC Resource and Reserve Estimates, Long and Medium term Mine Planning

Sulawesi, Indonesia Nickel Laterite

Confidential Client Northern Mindanao Nickel Project

JORC Resource and Reserve Estimates, HKEx Competent Person’s Report

Barangay Cagdianao, Municipality of Claver, Province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Nickel Laterite

Confidential Client Rotary Kiln-Electric Furnace (RKF) Smelter Audit

RKF Technology and Stainless Steel Plant Production Review

Fujian, China Nickel Laterite

AfricaGeovic Mining Corp. Nkamouna, Mada NI 43-101 Technical Reports and Pre-Feasibility

StudyCameroon Nickel Laterite

Argosy Mining Corp. Burundi Burundi Mineral Rights Valuation Burundi Nickel Laterite

RUSAL Dian Dian ProjectFriguia Mine

Mine Feasibility StudyGrade Control System implementation

Boke Belt, Guinea Bauxite

Vimetco Management GmbH Concessions & Assets Due Diligence Study Sierra Leone Bauxite

Minerex Limited Kibi Project Due Diligence Study Ghana Bauxite

Middle East Ma’aden Az Zabirah Project Mine Feasibility Study, Mine Optimisation Study Saudi Arabia Bauxite

For more detail on our global lateritic ore experience, contact your local RPM representative or email [email protected].

Page 4: Capability Profile Lateritic Ore Uk

For more information visit or email [email protected].

RungePincockMinarco is the world’s largest publicly traded independent group of mining technical experts, with history stretching back to 1968. We have local expertise in all mining regions and are experienced across all commodities and mining methods.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: RUL), RungePincockMinarco is a global leader in the provision of advisory consulting, technology and professional development solutions to the mining industry. We have global expertise achieved through our work in over 118 countries and our approach to the business of mining is strongly grounded in economic principles.

We operate offices in 18 locations across 12 countries.

About RungePincockMinarco

Whole of Business Advice During a Mine’s Lifecycle


Mine Closure and Rehabilitation Plans

Post Closure Audits

RPM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSRPM’s software capabilities span the mine lifecycle and complement our advisory services to add

value to our client’s projects.


Short, Medium and Long-Term Mine Planning

Contract Management

Detail Mine Design

Mine Ventilation Surveys

Maintenance Planning

Options Analysis and Project Optimisation Studies

Project Cost Audits and Analysis

Operations Economic Modelling and Budgeting

Environmental/Social Management Plans

Process Audits

Process Advisory


Short, Medium and Long-Term Mine Planning

Contractor Tendering and Selection; Contract Documentation, Shadow Bid, Tender Evaluation and Selection

Detail Mine Design

Mine Ventilation Design

Maintenance Planning

Approval and Permitting Assistance

Construction Monitoring

Completion Certification

Environmental/Social Management Plans


Bankable Documents

Independent Expert and Technical Specialist Reports for Public Disclosure Documents (ASX, HKEX, TSX, AME, LSE, SGX)

Independent Engineer and Due Diligence for Financiers and Investors

Independent Engineer Audits and Reviewers

High Level Technical Reviews

Merger and Acquisition Assistance

Mine Valuation (Valmin, CIMVAL)


Concept, Scoping, Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA), Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies

Strategic Project Planning; Options Analysis, Trade Off Studies

Reporting to International Standards; JORC, NI 43-101

Mine Planning; Deposit Characterisation, Mine Limit Determination, Design, Scheduling, Fleet Estimation, Economic Modelling

Peer Review and Audit

Processing/Metallurgical Test Work Program Design and Management

Permitting Assistance

Social and Environmental Assessment

Geotechnical Evaluation


Exploration Plans and Strategies

Identifying Resource Targets

Managing and Processing Exploration Data

Geological Consulting and Modelling

Resource Estimation and Reporting to International Standards; JORC, NI 43-101