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IMPLEMENTATION OF GSM MODEM FOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT MONITERING SYSTEMTitle of the project :- Implementation of GSM modem for vehicle accident monitoring system.



Embedded Systems Design




Micro controller



Power Supply


+5V, 750mA Regulated Power Supply



8 MHz



Vibration Sensor

Communication Devices


Global System For Mobile Communication (GSM) Modem and Global Positioning System (GPS) Modem




PROPOSED SYSTEMSWith the increasing standard of lifesyyle,a person of present era likes to own more and more prestigious possessions to lead a luxurious life.How ever,a setback of this situation is the safety of the such luxury is the car so the need for it's protection.on the other hand,commercial vehicles must be monitored so that their movements do not voilate thr intended purpose.

A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle.It uses a conventional global system for mobile communication(GSM) MODEM for communication purpose and finding the position of vehicle using global positioning system(GPS) MODEM.It is essencial to improve the performance of accident detection system in order to minimize the effect of such incidents. Research work is going on this project like 1)Method of freeway incident detectiion using wireless positioning by Li chuan from university of Technol in Ningbo from Qingdao.2)Implementation of GSM based commercial automobile tracker using PIC 18F452 and development of google earth embedded monitoring software by Junaid Ali,Shahid Nasim from NED university of engineering and technology at Karachi(Pakistan) in 2009 IEEE student conference.The above project was given information only about location of vehicle.



This project describe design of effective monitoring system for vehicle accident.This project is designed to inform about an accident that is occure.In this project we are going to use a vibrator sensor which can detect abrupt vibration when an accident will occure.It will send signal to microcontroller(MCU).The MCU read the data from GPS modem , the GSM modem and send an SMS to the predefined mobile numbers and inform about this accident and location(latitude

and longitude) from remote place.Project is built with the PIC microcontroller from microchip.This microcontroller will provide all the functionality of the SMS alert the SMS it will also send the temprature and pressure values.The uniqueness of this project is not only alerting the neighbour by it's siren,but also send a caution SMS to four mobile numbers.for example first two numbers are reserved for 1)ambulance 2)firebriged and remaining two for family members along with location.This number can be change at any time by the user using 3*4 key-pad.These numbers are stored in EEPROM.This project uses regulated power supply of 5V,750mA .7805 is used for voltage regulation.EEPROM is an Electrically Erasable read only memory which stores information temporally the GPS latitude and Longitude values at regular intervals of time.


Temp. Tranduser

Whistone Bridge

Filter CKT




Smoke Transduser


Comparator CKT PIC MICRO-CONTROLLER Tran. Base Driver Buzzer

Vibrastion transduser


GPS Modul


MAX 232 Voltage Shifter





GSM Modul


Figure:- Implementation of gsm modem for vehicle accident monitoring system

WORKING:The vehicle tracker system uses conventional GSM based communication to monitor the location of an automobile at a remote monitoring station and allow stopping the vehicle when required. The system presents the vehicle driver an option to generate an alert signal at the monitoring station using a secreted switch, when in danger. The system also monitors tracker temperature and operating voltage to ensure the correct operation of the system. The PIC16F73 controller employed provides a single unit compact module with built-in ADC and UART modules. The monitoring software is developed for a user friendly GUI with visual indication of location on Google Earth and easy to understand controls. Continuous or intermittent updating of location is possible as demanded by the situation and status of the monitored vehicle. The system is designed for commercial trackers and can be used for local guidance systems



WORKING OF CIRCUIT DIAGRAM:The project is vehicle accident positioning and navigation system we can locate the vehicle around the globe with PIC16F73 micro controller, GPS receiver, GSM modem, EEPROM.

As we can see from circuit diagram,pin no 9 and 10 are connected to crystal oscillator,so that it will provide a constant frequency.Pin no 8 and 9 are connected to ground.while pin numbers 17 and 18 are connected to GSM and GPS module.Same way pin 2 is connected to vibration sensor so that it will sense the vibration,pin 3 to smoke sensor and pin 4 to temperature sensor. As soon as vibration sensor sense the vibration(accident) SMS will be send by GSM MODULE using AT cammands to the predefine numbers.GPS MODULE will give the position where the accident will happen. The project is operated in two modes: Manual and Automated. In the Manual mode, the microcontroller checks for the STATUS and sends the information whenever user requests for the data. The RI pin of GSM will be HIGH when it gets the SMS from the owner to send the data .microcontroller detects GSM received a SMS decode it and sends the data to the owner with the help of AT commands. In the automated mode, microcontroller sends the information to the owner at regular intervals of time. The information is latitude and longitude values. Microcontroller does not check for RI interrupt of GSM, directly sends data to the predefined number with help of AT command set. Microcontroller communicates at baud rate of 9600 bits/sec with the help of serial communication. First it takes the data from the GPS receiver and then sends the information to the owner in the form of SMS with help of GSM modem

TOOLS USED:Block diagram contains two parts one is software section and other is hardware section as given below.


1)GPS Global Positioning SystemWhat is it? GPS consists of satellites which continuously orbit the Earth. There is a network of ground stations used for monitoring and control of the satellites. GPS provides users with accurate information on position, velocity, and time anywhere in the world. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS was developed by the US DOD to allow the military to accurately determine their precise location anywhere in the world. GPS satellites there are 24 - orbit at 11,000 nautical miles above the Earth. They are continuously monitored by ground stations located worldwide. The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by anyone with a GPS receiver. GPS satellites circle the earth twice a day in a very precise orbit and transmit signal information to earth. GPS receivers take this information and use triangulation to calculate the user's exact location. Using the receiver, you can determine your location with great precision GPS receivers can be hand carried or installed on aircraft, ships, tanks, submarines, cars, and trucks. These receivers detect, decode, and process GPS satellite signals. There are a couple of high quality GPS receiver manufacturers that produce reasonably priced GPS products such as Garmin GPS and Magellen GPS. Many police, fire, and emergency medical service units use GPS receivers to determine the police car, fire truck, or ambulance nearest to an emergency. Automobile manufacturers are also offering moving-map displays guided by GPS receivers as an option on new vehicles, for use in planning a trip. The Latitude/Longitude Grid The Lat/Long grid consists of the same elements. The axis are the Equator running in an east/west circle around the globe, and the Prime Meridian which is a line running north and south through Greenwich England. Accuracy The accuracy of the receivers is dependent on the number and quality of the signals from the satellites.

Many factors can affect the accuracy of a GPS unit. These factors include proximity to buildings, canyons and trees. Even haze can prevent you from getting a good satellite signal. Accuracy can be off by as much as 300 ft. Conclusion As dedicated to the same system. There is possibility of no GSM network conditions. Since the whole system will not work where GSM network is not available. VHF network is the answer. Security of the data in hands of private service provider. No internet connectivity is required.

Figure:- GPS Receiver with Active Antenna FEATURES:1) High sensitivity -160dBm 2) Searching up to 65 Channel of satellites 3) LED indicating data output 4) Low power consumption

5)GPS L1 C/A Code 6)Supports NMEA0183 V 3.01 data protocol 7)Real time navigation for location based services 8)Works from +5V DC signal and outputs 9600 bps serial data 9)Magnetic base active antenna with 3 meter wire length for vehicle rooftop installation

Figure: (positioning) (map) locating the position where the accident will occure

APPLICATIONS:1)Car Navigation and Marine Navigation,