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  • 1. Agility Transformation JourneyLen Lagestee @lagestee Si Alhir @SAlhir
  • 2. Hello from Chicago!Our culture changed from adversarial tocollegial almost overnight.I learned I can try out things withoutfearing failure.Retrospectives are therapeutic!Agile is my favorite workout regime.Agile saves trees.
  • 3. Engage and Energize Experience and Elaborate Evolve and EmbodyLeadership Leadership Agility Coaching Culture Community Transformation & Culture & Culture
  • 4. Core Team Len Lagestee, Clay Johnson, Jacques HarperJonathan Yenkin, John Manganaro, Jim Sanders Coaches Si Alhir (phase 1, 2, and 3) Mark Ferraro (phase 2 and 3) Larry Schoeneman (phase 1)
  • 5. Make the Move to Dedicated TeamsIt Is Not Just a Technology TransformationPrepare for Bad DNA to Be ExposedMaintain Persistent Focus on the Role CommunitiesBecome a Value-Centric Culture Instead of a Project-Centric Culture
  • 6. Len Lagestee @lagesteehttp://www.illustratedagile.comSi Alhir @SAlhir