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    About Us

    For more than a decade, Milner Browne has been doing things differently. By focusing all of our efforts into SAP Business One we have built a team of in-house experts who are dedicated to one thing: making your business better.

    After successfully completing more than 400 SAP Business One implementations we are proud of our reputation for reliability, professionalism and, more importantly, delivering real benefits to SMEs.

    Our innovation has allowed hundreds of small businesses to create a business management solution that not only complements existing processes but improves them at the same time. With the Milner Browne B1 Apps range, organisations can take the best of SAP Business One and build a solution that matches their needs.

  • Once you have chosen your solution, you can rely on our SAP expert consultants and project managers to deploy your software and train your team to maximise the potential of SAP Business One.

    After everything is in place, we are still there with you every step of the way, Sally Poff, Operations Director.

    Our award-winning support team and experienced account managers ensure your software always runs smoothly. If there is ever a query, our team is only a phone call away.

    In this selection of case studies, see how Milner Browne has transformed different types of businesses by simplifying, streamlining and automating processing with SAP Business One.

  • Abco Kovex Wholesaler and distributor of packaging materials

    Abco Kovex is one of Europes leading importers and distributors of packaging materials and machinery. Before the company deployed SAP Business One in 2014, its existing software was coming to the end of its life and was no longer supported. Additionally, the system provided no integration into the companys warehouse, resulting in no visibility or trust in existing stock levels.

    Milner Browne deployed a wholesale and distribution solution that simplified processes at Abco Kovex.

    Clear visibility into real-time stock levels Instant insight into financials and productivity Centralised data source

    Instant reports

    20%reduced costs

    10xmore buying


    In my opinion, SAP Business One is in a more advanced generation of solutions available in the SME market.

    Wholesale & Distribution

  • AydyaRetailer of innovative products

    When approached by Aydya back in 2003 the popular retailer was using several separate solutions to manage its financials, sales and CRM functions. These disjoined systems forced the company into lengthy data duplication tasks when it required important reports.

    With the implementation of SAP Business One, this single, scalable solution would not only assist Aydya with its sales analysis, forecasting capabilities and batch processing tasks, but allow the company to make significant long-term savings.

    Accurate insight into stock levels Future forecasting Improved customer service and retention


    10 yearsusing SAP

    Business One

    Instant forecasting

    The support at Milner Browne is amongst the best we have ever experienced from any company.


  • B HepworthManufacturer of equipment for the commercial travel industry

    B Hepworth and Co. Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of windscreen wiping systems, washing equipment and related control systems for the marine, rail and commercial travel industries. Back in 2010, B Hepworth was using a bespoke solution across different departments within the business.

    Milner Browne quickly recognised how a SAP Business One solution for manufacturing could benefit the company. The seamless and quick introduction of SAP Business One connected different departments within the organisation and created a centralised source of information staff could rely on.

    Significant costs savings due to reporting capabilities Integrated forecasting tools to avoid bottlenecks Award winning supply chain

    360 company-wide


    71 daily users

    -20% reporting costs

    The level of service and support has always been good at Milner Browne.


  • Cadtek Software support services

    Cadtek provides sales, training and associated support services of the software package SOLIDWORKS. In 2003, the company decided to implement SAP Business One to replace its dated and inefficient business management solution.

    The automated nature of the solution has provided integrated sales and invoicing tools. The slick process means more sales are processed per day than previously. Performance and financial levels are monitored closely at a managerial level through SAP Business One Crystal Reports. These enhanced managerial reports deliver real-time insight into company-wide activities.

    Integrated sales and invoicing tools Process more sales per day Real-time reporting

    300%increase inturnover

    5x faster

    sales to order


    Since using SAP Business One our turnover has more than tripled over a ten-year period.

    Professional Services

  • DMZ Automatisering BVIT services and support

    As a leading IT supplier, DMZ specialise in deploying solutions and support to all types of organisations across The Netherlands. They realised how SAP Business One could help solve their challenges around automating processes and storing and accessing data centrally.

    DMZ deployed a cloud-based SAP Business One solution, with an additional project management add-on from the Milner Browne B1 Apps range. The automation of sales management tasks, from quotation through to delivery and billing, removed various manual tasks from the business. By integrating data into a centralised database, staff were able to access customer records quickly.

    Quick access to data Automated processes Removed manual tasks

    SAP Business One

    Cloud solution

    2 B1 Apps

    5+years using SAP Business


    Professional Services

    The implementation of SAP Business One has been a big step forward in helping us streamline our business.

  • Cagney Contract CleaningSupplier of cleaning services and products

    Cagney Contract Cleaning has been providing a wide range of professional cleaning services to a variety of clients since the late 1970s. Back in 2008, the company deployed SAP Business One to remove disparate systems and manage operations. The system almost completely removed paper-based tasks, helped manage and track stock more effectively and allowed the business to accommodate larger orders. Importantly, the company can now accommodate larger orders without having to increase the companys headcount. This has not only led to projects being delivered more easily, on time and within budget, but also supported a period of prolonged growth.

    Powerful stock and warehouse management Instant financial and performance reports Improved cash flow and cost savings

    -50% warehouse operativesrequired

    100%sales order


    40% organisational


    SAP Business One has helped us grow as a business. We probably couldnt have coped with some of the larger contracts if we didnt have the system.

    Professional Services

  • Dutch company Emgas BV is a leading wholesale and distribution company with more than 75 years experience trading gas cylinders. After experiencing a period of growth the company quickly realised it needed to replace its legacy systems.

    Since using SAP Business One, Emgas has been able to reduce cost handling through the ability to forecast, plan and optimise its warehouse. Theres been productivity gains in financial and sales departments, and savings of 25,000 per annum after switching to digital invoicing. Whereas previously customer-facing staff were forced to investigate queries, information is now stored and accessed in one convenient dashboard. Cost saving in invoicing through going digital Reduce cost handling Increased customer experience

    ISO 9001 compliant

    25,000 postage savings

    360Customer records

    Wholesale & Distribution

    SAP Business One is saving us money thats for sure. It has given us lots of improvements and we are sure theres more to come.

    Emgas BVGas cylinder wholesaler and distributor

  • InterchemDistributor of animal health products and pet food

    Interchem is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical, biological and super-premium pet food products for the animal health market. In 2011, company directors decided to replace an outdated solution with SAP Business One.

    The implementation of SAP Business One allowed Interchem to centralise stock master data, financials and customer records in a single, integrated solution for the first time. This integrated data now provides accurate financial records and reports. Levels of customer service have also improved as staff are able to instantly access business partner activities and service history when in contact with customers.

    Centralised customer and supplier database Streamlined digital invoicing Advanced financial reporting

    50% faster


    20% more


    360 customerrecords

    SAP Business One is now at the heart of our operations.

    Wholesale & Distribution

  • Java RepublicCoffee manufacturer

    Java Republic blends coffee in the first purpose-built, carbon-neutral roastery in the world. With a history of fast growth, the company needed the help and support of Milner Browne and SAP Business One to scale its operations and enable full visibility across the increasing range of its market, products and services.

    Javas new bullet proof solution has changed the way they do business. A high level of reporting is now readily accessed by different managers and, the user-friendly interface has simplified key tasks. Efficiencies have been experienced across the business and the robust, flexible and scalable platform continues to take Java Republic to the next level. Clear visibilty into stock Accurate reporting Increased market share

    50%improved stock


    +95%increased effciency


    -10%wasted stock

    From our perspective, the implementation was flawless.


  • JJ Siddons Iron and steel manufacturer

    Joseph & Jesse Siddons is a well-established iron and steel foundry based in the West Midlands. Their flexible production methods enable them to produce a wide range of castings.

    SAP Business One streamlined monthly reports where progress could easily be tracked on manufacturing and financial performance. Paper-based tasks have now been removed from the organisation in favour of automated digital functionality in SAP Business One. Despite the companys headcount reducing due to retirement, productivity levels have improved and human error is vastly reduced.

    Streamlined monthly reports and key tasks Increased productivity Vast reduction in human error



    2 yearsReturn on



    I was well aware of Milner Browne after working with them at a former company. When JJ Siddons selected them I was delighted to maintain my relationships with the team.


  • Kelsey Networks LtdIT services and support

    Kelsey Networks Ltd (KNL) provides expert IT solutions. In its infancy, KNL used several pieces of software to manage different types of activities.

    The introduction of SAP Business One has allowed Kelsey Networks to gain a centralised system to manage company-wide activities. The automated nature of SAP Business One has streamlined operations. Key processes are now integrated resulting in improved levels of productivity. Integrated tools have driven levels of customer satisfaction offering a complete scalable solution. Additionally, by automating processes, the company has created a clear and transparent audit trail.

    Centralised system to manage company processes Transparent audit trail Streamlined operations

    10k savings per


    360 view of company


    Single system to manage sales &


    SAP Business One has allowed us to expand our headcount.

    Professional Services

  • Kent Stainless Steel fabricator

    Kent Stainless is the largest fabricator of steel in Ireland. Suffering from common growth issues, the company was faced with a lack of visibility across all divisions, plus under-developed supply chain, stock and order management systems.

    The SAP Business One solution allowed managers to track the progress of work within the factory, analyse the cost of off-cut materials and stock and collate data in one agile, accessible solution. Different departments are now working together through its supply chain via immediate and accurate information. By storing information in a single source the company has also been able to produce vital managerial reports.

    Centralised data source Real-time progress tracking Visibility across company divisions

    +44% increase

    in turnover

    +66% quicker monthly


    +50% productivity


    When we asked questions like can SAP Business One do this or can it do that? the answer back was always yes.

  • 10+ years using

    SAP Business One

    B1 WMS

    10kinventory savings


    Kingspan Access FloorsSupplier of rasied access flooring

    Kingspan Access Floors has been using SAP Business One for more than a decade. After using several different disparate systems across the organisation, the introduction of an integrated solution delivered instant cost savings by eliminating waste and productivity gains through improved performance.

    It has been able to streamline its levels of stock by having access to real-time data to make smarter purchasing decisions. With fewer stock outs, optimised inventory management, and better quality control over dispatched goods, customer orders are fulfilled and delivered on time. Customer facing staff also have instant access to key intelligence when answering any queries.

    Improved customer experience Smarter purchasing decisions Cost savings by eliminating waste

    The support provided by the team at Milner Browne over the last decade has been excellent.

  • Leoxx An innovative flooring company

    Leoxx develops commercial project flooring. All of its products are CO2 neutral, recycled or can be 100% recycled. Deploying an eco-friendly solution was high on the agenda.

    After selecting SAP Business One Leoxx went from using ten separate solutions to just one. The removal of mass data duplication instantly improved levels of productivity. The automated nature of the solution now links together the departments making the company more pro-active and flexible. Field-based staff also use SAP Business One mobile functions; this improves the overall speed of quotations with instant access to pricelists.

    Removal of mass data duplication Centralised data source Increased productivity

    50% time saved

    registering activities

    70% reduction in paper flow

    50% less C02 emissions


    SAP Business One has contributed to helping us become a cleaner organisation.

  • Medina Dairy Supplier of dairy and bakery products

    Medina Dairy had several problems with the applications they were using, in some cases, software was more than a decade old and none of the applications were integrated.

    SAP Business One made an instant improvement across the business as well as being able to make significant cost savings per year. As a result of the automated streamlining processes, data duplication was removed with staff only having to populate information into one central system. Senior managers could extract instant reports and make more informed decisions. Rather than waiting weeks to get information on the performance of different departments, this is now available instantly.

    Significant cost savings Removal of data duplication Informed decision making with real-time reports

    80k Annual ITsavings

    3x faster


    92% faster


    Wholesale & Distribution

    We evaluated a number of solutions. But due to a lack of features and the cost of other applications we opted for SAP Business One.

  • Miriad ProductsWholesaler and distributor of caravan components

    Miriad Products, a wholesaler and distributor of caravan and motorhome components, had quickly outgrown its former software after a period of sustained growth.

    SAP Business One was introduced to streamline and standardise procedures. Greater efficiencies were experienced due to the single data source and automated operations. The results were almost immediate. Miriad Products has also integrated Milner Brownes online e-commerce solution. This innovative tool has enabled Miriad to double the number of online sales it takes, with the company having a solution able to both meet customer demand and outmanoeuvre rivals.

    Double the number of online sales Automated, standardised procedures Greater efficiencies completing tasks

    +50%online sales



    ERP& e-commerce


    Wholesale & Distribution

    Weve been really impressed with the ability to extract data from the system and its more flexible than our former software.

  • 1single


    Award winning solution

    +14% levels ofturnover


    Mollart EngineeringDeep hole drilling and engineering specialist

    Mollart Engineering is a leading deep hole drilling specialist. They required in-depth functionality that would provide true insight into daily production costs. Their customised solution allows them to reduce the amount of applications and databases it used in favour of a single, integrated solution. With a trusted vault of data the company can confidently make more informed decisions when planning and managing production tasks. The ability to access timely information has improved the accuracy of reports and forecasting and reduced levels of human error. The B1 Production app developed by Milner Browne in tandem with Mollart Engineering, delivered the required costing accuracy the company once searched for.

    Increased levels of turnover by 14% in consecutive years Identify true job costings Data security

    Weve witnessed a 14% increase in turnover in consecutive years since using SAP Business One.

  • Murrays Medical EquipmentSupplier of medical, homecare and mobility equipment

    Murrays Medical Equipment was the first company in Ireland to deploy SAP Business One. Prior to implementation, the software they used for sales and distribution channels was at breaking point.

    After company-wide buy in, staff quickly saw the benefits after productivity levels significantly improved. Prolonged processes were replaced instantly. Staff have instant access to accurate levels of stock, finance teams can generate important reports quickly and easily and field-based teams no longer have to contact colleagues to check orders can be fulfilled or to provide a quote on any enquiries.

    Increased productivity levels Access to accurate stock levels Centralised data source

    25% growth

    1st company in

    Ireland to use SAP Business One

    -16% time on data management

    Wholesale & Distribution

    Despite being in business for 30 years, we found there wasnt a single process that couldnt be radically changed for the better with SAP Business One.

  • 24,000 products in

    supply & distribution chains

    24/7 managerial


    10+years using

    SAP Business One


    Pulse AccessoriesFashion accessories retailer

    Pulse Accessories is a retail company selling jewellery and accessories in stores across Ireland. Having witnessed a burst of growth the retailer required a solution to replace its outdated one.

    SAP Business One ticked all boxes. There is comprehensive reporting and data mining, an efficient EPOS system in retail outlets and an integrated solution for financial management, stock control, sales administration. The benefits have been felt through retail and management level enhancing the businesses performance. In store, staff have embraced the user-friendly nature of the system and managers are able to make more accurate decisions.

    Reporting and data mining Effective cost control User-friendly EPOS system

    Milner Browne took care to understand our requirements and they have provided an efficient and cost effective solution.

  • SerosepManufactuer and distributor of medical diagnostic products

    Serosep specialises in diagnostic instruments and consumables for hospitals and laboratories. They had become frustrated with using disjointed systems to manage its finances and inventory and having no CRM tools.

    SAP Business One equipped them with a single application to manage every aspect of its business. Fragmented, out-dated applications were replaced with a scalable, integrated solution. Serosep no lonjger have to rely on manual checks. The company is able to rely on the data stored to make more informed and cost-effective business decisions.

    Automated reports for industry regulations Decrease in manual data collation Increased efficiencies in operations

    4 daysa month saved on reporting

    ISO 9001 & 13485


    -12 the number of stock takes reduced per



    What Id say about Milner Browne is that they are very pro-active. The customer service is very good and enquiries are answered very quickly.

  • SoundstoreElectronics retailer

    Soundstore are an Irish owned electrical retailer. They currently have six retail stores and distribution centres. Its existing software was struggling to cope with new operations. The retailer had a total reliance on a single person who had written and maintained the bespoke solution the company were using.

    SAP Business One delivered a scalable platform that has assisted Soundstore in meeting its growth ambitions. This trusted source of information, which is updated and accessed in real-time, has led to more efficient reporting on performance and financial metrics.

    Enhanced data visibility Efficient reporting on financial metrics Increased productivity in distribution chain



    20%less man hours



    Our stock variance has reduced and our confidence in our reporting has increased. This has to be good for our business.

  • The Packaging HubHigh quality packaging and logistics supplier

    The Packaging Hub is a goods packaging company established in 2009 that has witnessed a period of impressive growth. The implementation of SAP Business One delivered a number of immediate benefits. By obtaining a clear and accurate insight into its inventory the company was able to make significant savings that have been invested back into the business.

    The Packaging Hub has become more agile when it comes to new domestic and international opportunities. Despite scaling up in a short period of time, SAP Business One has provided a solid platform where levels of productivity have grown without increasing overheads.

    Return on investment in under a year Increased productivity without increased overheads Improved cash forecasting

    1 solutionacross several


    12 monthsreturn on


    3x quicker


    By streamlining our inventory weve made significant savings and weve only been using the solution for a year.

    Wholesale & Distribution

  • TranslasManufacturer of welding equipment

    For more than half a century Translas has been designing and manufacturing innovative welding products to companies across Europe. The company recognised the need to upgrade their business solutions and future-proof the organisation. By implementing SAP Business One and replacing divergent solutions, Translas was able to manage marketing, sales, production and distribution processes centrally from one solution.

    By storing information centrally, they have been able to make smarter purchasing decisions. Accurate data allows staff to check real-time levels of stock to ensure the company is able to fulfil orders and give instant answers to enquiries from customers.

    Smarter purchasing decisions Real-time stock inventory Supports LEAN philosophy

    2 B1 Apps

    5 B1 Production



    9 PL14


    SAP Business One is now the backbone for the organisation.

  • TrulifeManufacturer of niche healthcare products

    Since 1987, Trulife has been a truly international business employing over 600 people with operations in Ireland, UK, USA and Canada. SAP Business One was selected to integrate business units.

    Rather than using separate, disparate solutions, SAP Business One enabled Trulife to run manufacturing operations, distribution chains, customer service and support, purchasing and inventory management in one solution. Improvements have also been in the customer service department. These factors have led to Trulifes reputation for product and service improve and result in new business sales.

    Time saved in data extraction activities Improvements to customer purchasing experience Integration of disparate business units

    5x faster


    100% order


    25% company growth


    Ive used quite a few different systems and SAP Business One strikes the right balance for a company like ours.

  • Up and UnderRetailer of outdoor clothing and equipment

    Up and Under is an independent stockist of outdoor, walking and watersports clothing. As well as its shop, the company also has a popular online store. They were suffering from common growing pains, such as no interaction between departments, a lack of accurate insight into its inventory and company-wide task and data duplication.

    SAP Business One integrated information into a single database that allowed them to make more intelligent decisions through advanced data handling and reporting. Advanced forecasting tools in SAP now allow the company to react quicker to customer demand and become more flexible with its levels of stock.

    Significant productivity gains Visibility across department activities Quicker reaction to customer demands through forecasting

    60k annualsavings

    1 database to manage

    sales & stock

    5 B1 Apps


    SAP Business One basically runs our company now. Everything that can goes through the system.

  • Westomatic Manufacturer and supplier of premium vending machines

    Westomatic, the vending machine manufacturer, was using several solutions to manage departments within the organisation which caused a lack of visibility. Data duplication was an issue with different systems having inaccurate levels of stock.

    By storing data centrally in SAP Business One, staff can analyse demand patterns of customers and forecast to ensure future orders can be fulfilled without having a detrimental impact on current operations. Key production processes are now automated with staff able to manage process controls. Westomatic is now able to act leaner with orders coming through from the sales team.

    Cut costs Increase scale of operations Optimised inventory

    92% components

    in streamlinedsupply chain

    1solutionto manage operations

    4 differentB1 Apps


    We worked closely with Milner Browne to create a tailored SAP Business One. These additional add-ons complement the tools already in SAP.

  • Wow! StuffInnovative gifts and toys supplier

    Wow! Stuff is one of the fastest growing toy companies in the UK. The company supplies some of the biggest toy retailers across the UK.

    When Wow! Stuff first contacted Milner Browne the company was suffering a number of common issues that growing organisations experience. One of the biggest issues was a complete lack of visibility on the status of products from the supply of distributors on to the delivery to customers. The transparency of SAP Business One solved this issue instantly. As a result, Wow! Stuff have seen an increase in sales and the business has become more agile and flexible, especially when shipping orders to retailers.

    Visibility of product supply from distributors More agile and flexible business operations Increase in sales

    The thing that stood out for us was Milner Brownes honesty, their integrity, and their under promise but the feeling that they were going to over deliver. And thats what they absolutely did.


    40k project

    management savings

    4 B1 Apps


    8.82 PL 7

  • We simply wouldnt have been able to grow the business without SAP Business One as a tool to enable such growth. Anthony Moynihan, Operations Director, The Packaging Hub

    The best thing about SAP Business One is its integration across the business. Nigel Peach, Financial Controller, Active Electronics

    We wanted to make sure we had a solution that was bullet proof. After considering SAPs reputation and our growing relationship with Milner Browne we decided to deploy SAP Business One. David McKernan, Owner, Java Republic

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