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A preview of the map used to play Castilion the board game. . Please ask for details. [email protected]


CASTILIA CARD GAME 2-12 players ages 10-adult OBJECT and WINNING The object of the game is to capture Castles/Planets/Environs**Outwit the opponent with skill, strategy and tactics using your cards for both attack and defense.Own any 4 CPEs to rule the realms and win the game. (3-12 players must control 5 CPEs to win)

SETTING UP Shuffle all the cards and deal 7 cards to each player.Lay any CPEs dealt face up in front of you, and then make up your hand to 7 cards before play begins.Shuffle all the remaining cards and place face down to become the deck. HOW TO PLAY Decide on a way to see who starts and the first player can then:-Attack any CPE face up and begin a battle - OR - Battle against your opponents cards in hand. THE BATTLE (3- 12 Players - On your turn nominate any opponent in the game to start a battle.)

To attack a C,P or E, use any amount of cards of ONE DIFFERENT colour to the defending C,P or E.The defending player uses any amount of cards the SAME colour as their C,P or E, including their C,P or E card.If the defender has no cards the same colour - the defender is defeated.If the attacker and defender numbers add up to the same amount the defender wins.ORTo attack your opponents cards in hand, use any amount of cards the SAME colour, face up from your hand.The defender lays any amount of cards of ONE DIFFERENT colour from the attacker face up.Add up the card numbers and the player with the highest score wins the battle.If the defender only has the same colour cards as the attacker, lay one or more cards and LOSE the battle.If the attacker and defender numbers add up to the same amount the defender wins. When the battle is over remove both players cards used for the battle face down on a discard pile.Both players pick up from the top of the deck to make their hand contain 7 cards. The winner of the last battle starts the next turn. When the deck is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile and use as the new deck. Special cards can be used at any time during your turn. Instructions for use are on each card. **CPE = Castles (Castilion) / Planets (Castalien) / Environ (Castilidon) N.B. All decks can be played separately, together or in any combination. Ultra rare instant win opportunity! Hold cards in your hand with consecutive card numbers 1-5 from any deck.