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  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    1841F.W. Hasselblad & established in Gothenburg.

    t the heart of Hasselblads technicalrfection lies Victor Hasselbladsssion and drive to produce photographicuipment pursuing the ambition to help

    hotographers exhibit their vision of infuence and success have spanned

    years and today are embodied in eachoduct bearing his name, ensuring thatasselblad remains the brand lovedy photographic enthusiasts at all levelsd all around the world.

    1906Victor Hasselblad is born.His passion for photographyfuels the desire to create camerasendowed with technical excellence.

    1969The NASA lunar modulelands on the moon forthe rst time.It is the beginningof a new era.The 500 Hasselbladslunar camera capturedimages that have movedand excited people likenever before.

    1954SWA the rst mirrorless.

    1957The legendary 500Cis launched.

    1948The 1600F, the rstHasselblad dedicatedto consumers,is launched.

    1962Astronaut Walter Schirra takeshis private Hasselblad 500Con his space mission.

    1962 - 2012Anniversary of 50 yearsof Hasselblad photographyin space.

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    A great challenge:einterpreting a unique style.

    Hasselblad has entrusted to Lunar the dif cultand fascinating task of reinterpreting the appealof a myth: the legendary 500C of 1957, the rstcamera to go into space. A camera that, startingrom that moment, has become an object of

    desire for every photographer around the world.Thanks to this camera some of the mostevocative and iconic images of our time havebeen captured.Today Lunar revives the timeless charm of the500 through the iconic chrome-plated frame,made smooth and sinuous by the total absenceof edges. Even the contrast in colour betweenhe camera body, the lens, and the protrudingcontrol buttons, is faithfully reproduced tooffer an evocative vintage look with a decisivelyelegant appeal.

    1957Launch of the 500C

    2012Launch of the Lunar

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    Enhancingtechnological perfection so thatan instrument becomes an object of desireable to tempt those who are accustomed toalways havingthe best.In meetingthis challenge we have utilised arigorouslydeveloped Italian design, a designso exclusive that it even looks surprising.The camera is the result of constant researchand testing, leadingto the creation of anobject so unique that it catches the eye evenbefore capturingthe images of the world.The ideal luxurycamera.

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    A time of excellence.The quest for perfection has been ourbrands mark of distinction since itsorigin. Our goal is to always attain thebest product, even when this meansgoing back to past techniques. A largenumber of wooden prototypes werecrafted in order to create Lunar.Compared to the usual product designbased on 3D software models, the use ofprototypes ensures a more harmoniousand ergonomic development of shapes.The outcome can now be seen byeveryone.

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    A passion for uniqueness.Talent, patience and elegance with anartisans touch. Leather and wood hese carefully selected raw materials

    are turned into timeless stylish detailsecalling the know-how of authentic

    artisan masters. Traditional skills, thedevelopment of special techniques,a passion for perfection: everythingcomes together to create objects ofexceptional quality, unique becausehey are perfected one by one, different

    as only the hand of an artist can makehem.

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    Full-grain leather

    Perforated full-grain leather


    Examples of possible leather combinations

    Carbon Fiber. High-TechStyle.The carbon gripcombines a decisivelyhigh-techlookwith the exceptional characteristics of resistanceand lightness found in this extraordinary material.Available in three different shades of colour (black,titanium and silver), this is the right choice for those

    who love minimal style and exclusive details.

    MahoganySilver PearTitanium OliveBlack Beech

    Italian leather. All about class.The verybest Italian leather, includingthe one used for the most exclusive carsteeringwheels and interiors for the leading state-of-the-art manufacturers.The possibilityto choose from a wide varietyof styles and colours. Eachgriprecounts a tale of class and elegance that your ngers can read by covering the countless paths scored bythe texture of these extraordinarymaterials.

    The charm of times gone byis revived in a technologicallyperfect camera.

    Natural wood. The warmthof tradition.Beech, olive, pear and mahogany: all witha waxless matt nish tooptimise the grip. The best Italian wood is selected to create grips thatcome across like paintings of artistic perfection. Attention focuses onthe most beautiful wood grain, on the original shades of colour, on thecompactness and fragrance of the nest wood. Eachcamera is a little

    masterpiece that makes it absolutely unique.

    gh-tech, Italian design andion for a camera featuring nmistakable style.

    The strongest and most technical coatingtreatment.PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is the cutting edge technology inthe eld of surface treatments. Developed as a hardeningtreatmentfor highspeed cutting tools, it has recentlyevolved into topclassaesthetical nishing. It combines outstanding hardness, second

    onlyto diamond, with beautiful bright colors.

    Titanium Controls for a lifetime.Allmaincontrolsaremade ofuncoatednaturaltitanium,typically used to produce strong and lightweightaerospace components. The two most useful propertiesof titanium are corrosion resistance and the higheststrength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Controls madeof this valuable material are guaranteed to last virtually

    forever without a sign of wear or oxidation.

    The latest carbon ber technologyfor maximum strengthand durability.

    Aerospace industryhas always contributed to raise thebar oftechnologyand engineering. One of the results ofthis quest is the relativelynewCompressionMoulding

    Carbon Fiber technique.This process combines the strengthand lightness ofcarbon bers withthe precision and design freedomof injection mouldingparts. Lunar is the Worlds rst

    camera in usingthis exceptional material.

    Machined high-grade aluminumfor a topquality camera body.

    The latest marketingtrend in the camera industry is to manufacturecasted magnesium bodies for the sake of light weight.

    The old-school aluminum is yet much more resistant to corrosion,more durable and muchtougher than magnesium, above all when itis machined from a solid block of topqualityalloy. Like in our Lunar.

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    A formula for perfection.Careful and meticulous engineering researchhas led to the creation of an unprecedentedcamera. The perfect calibration of its bodymakes it possible for Lunar to support bothcompact and professional DSLRs lenses whilealways ensuring excellent balance.The relationship between user and cameras completely personalised thanks to the

    possibility to choose the favourite material ofhe handgrip. Anyone who has the pleasure ofaying their hands on a Lunar has access to asensory experience made of comfort, warmthand perfect grip. An almost magnetic effecthat causes irresistible attraction. A perfect

    union between camera and man has beenaccomplished.

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    Mainspeci cations

    Instant shutter response . Amazing 0.02 seconds release time lag . Professional results guaranteed . Fast and easy to capture the right moment

    Wide ISO 100 16000 range . Fast response for action shooting

    . Great versatility in low light . Extremely low-noise capturing . Dual Noise Reduction System

    Made in Sweden

    Anti-Dust System . Static free sensor coating

    . Sensor ultrasonic vibration . Automatic and manual activation

    10 frames per second . Outstanding shooting speed . Ideal for action shooting . Priceless for family shooting

    BIONZ Processor. Real time image processing . Accurate RAW to JPEG translation. Perfect match for the 24.3 Mpx Sensor

    New 25 AF points focusing. Fast & precise contrast-detection AF. User selectable Flexible spot. Direct manual focus

    APS-C 24.3 Megapixel SensorThe most powerful sensorin its categoryProfessional DSLR resultsin a compact cameraHigher resolution than most DSLRcamerasSame sensor size used by mostDSLR cameras

    More controls at your ngertips . Innovative TriNavi system

    . Fast and advanced tuning like a DSLR. Custom controls as pro cameras

    . No need to enter menu settings

    Professional Video Recording . Auto or Fully manual control . Full HD 60/24p recording . One touch instant recording

    . External microphone jack

    Ultra bright 3 high de nition display921K dot resolutionUnique technology to supress re ections+90 - 45 tiltable display for comfortand creativity

    Two ash optionsor maximum versatilityBuilt-in pop-up ashSony hot-shoe

    Revolutionary OLED View Finder100% frame coverageUltra fast and Backlight free10 times more contrast than LCDHigh precision 2,359K dotfor MF assist

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    ete and diversi ed lens rangeatile system.

    Lunar: a powerful and versatile systemDevelopyour own personal Lunar system bychoosing amonga wide and fully comprehensive range of bothcompact E-mount and DSLRs A-mount lenses.

    LA-EA2A-mount mount adaptorThis newE to A Mount Adaptor allows to t Lunarwithmore than 30 A-mount DSLR lenses, from

    sheye and ultra wide-angle to macro and supertelephoto models. The highperformance lensesevolve Lunar into a high-performance compact24.3 Mpx DSLR camera. Thanks to a superiorergonomic and the longer grip, Hasselblad Lunarguarantees a comfortable and precise handling even when larger DSLR lenses are used.The LA-EA2mount adapter features TranslucentMirror Technology that enables super-fast,high-performance full-time phase-detection AFduringstill and movie shooting.

    70400G 70-400mm F4-5.6G SeriesTelephoto Zoom A-mount lens

    SAL500F40G 500mm F4.0GSeries ultra-telephoto lens

    3530mm F3.5Sony Macro E-mount lens

    1850mm F1.8Sony Mid-Range Primelens

    1055-210mm F4.5-6.3ephoto Zoom E-mount lens

    00LE 18-200mm F3.5-6.3m E-mount lens

    18Z 24mm F1.8s Sonnar E-Mount lens

    16F2816mm F2.8A-mount lens

    35F14G 35mm F1.4G Series A-mount lens

    1635Z 16-35mm F2.8Vario-Sonnar Zeiss Zoom A-mount lens

    Contrast-Detection autofocusing Intelligent contrast-detection autofocusing delivers precise and fast focusingin both

    photos and movies recording.DMF (Direct Manual Focus), two autofocusmodes (Single-shot AF and Continuous AF)and three AutofocusArea settings (25-pointMulti, user-selectable Flexible Spot and

    Center)complete the focusingsystem.

    TrackingFocus functionThis function allows to shoot perfectin-focus pictures of movingsubjects. Onceyou select a subject as your main target,TrackingFocus maintains focus even as

    the subject moves.

    Fast and precise MF AssistIn MF or DMF (Direct Manual Focus)the MFAssist automaticallyenlarges the portionof thecomposition on whichfocus is being performed, allowing for a perfect focus.Two 5.9x and 11.7x magni cations are


    Peakingfunction for focus con rmationThe Peakingfunction allows for a precisefocusingby detecting the most sharplyreproduced area of the image andhighlightingit for con rmation. The levelsof sensitivity and highlight colour areadjustable.

    Precision Digital ZoomPrecision Digital Zoom delivers up to10x magni cation of the central area of the frame. It works with any E-mount orA-mount lens, including xed-focal lengthlenses.

    1200-zone metering Theadvanced1200-zonemeteringdeliversprecise exposures even in the most dif cultlightingsituations. It evaluates light levelsand colour distribution, then it calculatesin real time the exposure for each image.

    de Converter (VCL-ECU1)andConverter (VCL-ECU1)

    ensesenses, includingthe topof the range Carl Zeiss ns series, are the ideal choice for an elegantight weight and highly transportable system.

    A-mount lensesA-mount lenses evolve your Lunar into a powerful DSLR camera andunleash the potential of the large 24.3 megapixel APS-C HD CMOSsensor. The DSLR like Lunar ergonomic enable to handle withease even the larger lenses. A-mount lenses require a dedicatedadaptor to ft Lunar E-mount.

    New24.3 Megapixel APS-CHD CMOSSensorThe APS-Csize sensor is the largest sensor in the Compact System Camerasegment and larger than most DSLRs inthe market.

    The extra-large sensor enables to effectivelycontrol the background defocusingeven in extremely lowlight conditions,especiallyin manual or semi-manual shootingmodes.

    Lunar sensor is more than 13x larger than 1/2.4-size sensors, 3.1x larger than 13.2x 8.8 mm sensors, and 1.6x largerthan MICRO Four Thirdssensors, resultingin muchhigher image quality, lower noise and faster response.

    Bundled softwareLunar is bundled with a universal set of imaging software tools for image display, editing and archiving,includingRAW le conversion and video editing.

    Long-lasting powerful battery allows to take up toapproximately 430 still images and 100 minutes of movie withLCD monitor.

    Advanced white balance and colour controlLunar features an advanced real-time white balanceand colour control for bothphotos and videos. Thedesired settingcan be achieved in different ways: Automode, nine presets, manual adjustment on a colourchart or by selectingthe colour temperature. Customsettings can also be saved in memory.

    MICRO Four ThirdsSensor

    13.2x 8.8 mm Sensor

    1/2.4Sensor(common in compact digital cameras)

    APS-CHD CMOSSensor 23.5x 15.6mm

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    Recording system (still image)Image qua li ty modes RAW, RAW & JPEG, JPEG F ine, JPEG S tandardMediaM ed ia M em or y St ic k P RO Du o , M em or y St ic k P RO -H G D uo , SD me mo ry ca rd , S DH C m em or y ca rd , S DX C m em or y ca rdSlot Multi slot for Memory Stick Duo/SD memory cardExposure controlExposure modes iAUTO, Programmed AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter-speed priority (S), Manual (M), Sweep PanoramaExposure compensation Sweep Panorama, Anti Motion Blur, Scene SelectionBracketing 3 continuous exposures in 0.3 or 0.7 EV stepsLCD monitorBrigh tness cont ro l Auto, Manua l (5 s teps between -2 and +2) , Sunny Wea ther modeDisplay contents Graphic Display, Display All Info., Big Font Size Disp., No Disp. Info., Live View Priority, Level, Histogram, For view nderFlashType Built-in ashFlash compensation +/- 3.0 EV

    Flash modes Flash off, Auto ash, Fill- ash, Slow Sync., Rear Sync.ShutterType Electronic ally controlled, ver tical-traverse, focal-plane typeShutter speed 1/4000 to 30 sec., BulbFlash sync. speed 1/160 sec.Electronic front curtain shutter Yes, On/Off Drive

    ModesSingle-shot, Continuous, Speed Priority Continuous, Self-timer (10/2 sec. delay), Self-timer (Cont.)(with 10 sec. delay; 3/5 exposures), Bracketing, Remote Cdr

    InterfacePC inter face Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0) : Mass-storage, MTPHD output HDMI mini connector (Type-C) , PhotoTV HDOthers Auto-lock Accessor y Shoe, Microphone jack, Remote sens orWeightBody only Approx. 420 g DimensionsW x H x D (including protrusions) Approx. 140 x 83 x 67 mm

    Besides an amazing package that surpasses most DSLRs in image quality, speed, control, and exibility, Lunar features aset of easy-to-use tools that make taking pictures more fun and entertaining for both expert and novice photographers.

    Sweep Panorama modeSimply press the shutter button and sweep the camera in a smooth arc,ither horizontally or vertically. A series of shots are taken automatically

    and then stitched together into a seamless, high-resolution panoramicphoto ready for large-format printing.

    Fifteen picture effectsPicture Effect is a fun and simple way to convert any picture into a uniquepiece of art. Lunar provides a total of 15 effects for endless artisticpossibilities. Real-time preview is available for most effects, letting youxperiment and play with your creativity and imagination.

    Intelligent Face Registration: party timeThe Face Registration function allows registering up to eight faces in thecamera memory. While shooting, these faces are instantly recognisedby the camera that automatically focuses on them while adjustingexposure and other settings to capture them at their best.

    Thirteen Creative StylesThirteen Creative Style modes can be applied to photos and videos.Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Black & White, Clear, Deepand other depending on the scene, are the available options. Contrast,aturation and sharpness can be further ne-tuned for an additional

    personal touch.

    Eight Scene SelectionEight Scenes are available: Portrait, Sports Action, Macro, Landscape,Sunset, Night Scene, Night Portrait and Hand-held Twilight. IntelligentAuto mode automatically identi es and selects the most appropriateone. Aperture, shutter speed, white balance and other parameters areadjusted to achieve the best results for each scene setting.

    Dif cult light conditions made easy: Auto HDR and DROCertain light conditions are ideal to shoot evocative images, but withgreat variances in light and shadow, they are often the most dif cult tohandle. Lunar offers two solutions to capture wonderful images in theseituations.

    Auto High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode takes three shots at differentxposures one for highlights, mid tones and shadows then digitallyombines them into a single photo with rich shadow and highlight detail.

    D-Range Optimizer (DRO) produces natural-looking images with optimalbrightness and tonal gradation. If a backlit subjects face is dark, forxample, DRO recovers details hidden in the shadows and delivers a

    naturally bright image.

    Technical speci cations chart

    Hand-held TwilightIn Hand-held Twilight mode, Lunar shoots six photos at high speedand composites them to create one low-noise photo. This amazingtechnology, possible thanks to the ultra-fast Bionz processor and theDual Noise Reduction System, produces amazingly low-noise beautifulnight shots.

    Anti Motion Blur modeThis shooting mode magically improves picture quality when shootingaction scenes at long zoom, portraits and in low light situations byeliminating the need for a ash light. After taking six shots at highspeed, Lunar aligns and combines them into a single surprising photo.

    Since the beginning Hasselblad cameraswere born from a love for photography and the desire

    of a man to give photographers the technical excellenceneeded to realize their creative vision.

    That man was Victor Hasselblad.

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    1998-2003Mirrorless XPan createsa new segment.The worlds only dualformat camera that canshoot both normal35 mm images andpanoramic images.

    2012Mirrorless Lunar setsnew standards for materialsand technology.A distillate of Hasselblad traditionand cutting edge technologyinto a revolutionaryand amazing design.

    2012H5D System.The best medium-format DSLR setsa new industry benchmark with thisnew perfected release.

    2002H System.Designed to becomfortable inboth worlds:analog and digital.

    2009H4D System.With advantages ofTrue Focus technology,larger lenses andsensor size, and moreadvanced optics.

    2004H2 System.The rst completelyportable medium-formatDSLR.

    2006H3D System.A new milestonein the H System.

  • 8/12/2019 Cat Uk Hight HASSELBLAD


    Swedish cameras since 1948