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Cave Crawlers

One day, a bat named Fred was flying around in the cave when suddenly he saw a weird shape. “Hey Bob, come here!” said Fred. “What is it Fred?” said Bob, Fred’s best friend. “There’s a weird shape over here! Come look.” Bob joined his friend and said, “That’s a human. I got abducted by one.” “Are you a human?” asked Fred. “Yes I am a human but I will not hurt you,” said the human. “My name is Joe.” “Bob come over here!” said Bill the fish. “What do you want?” Bob asked. “Tell that human, Joe, to get out of here,” ordered Bill. “Why?” asked Bob. “Because humans are not good for our environment and us,” said Bill. “He seems very nice,” said Bob. “Well, that is only a trick. Look at Fred, talking with Joe…very, very tricky.” “Let’s give him a chance and if he is mean or bad we will tell him to leave,” Bob suggested. “Fine, we’ll give him a chance.” Bill said. They all agreed and they stayed living together.

One day Joe did something bad. He killed a fly and the spider did not like what Joe was doing. So the animals were mad at Joe. They said that he had to leave and Joe was so sad because he had no where else to live. Later, Joe’s twin brother, Mike came in the cave. Mike wanted to steal all the animals and he wanted to sell them. He locked up Joe and Joe said, “What are you doing here, Mike?” Mike said, “I want to sell your animals to labs to make money.” “Why do you want to sell my animals to labs?” Joe said. Mike said, “I want money. If you don’t give me all your money I won’t let you go and your and animals will be experimented on.” Joe said, “Okay, you can have all my money but let my animals go! Then you can have my money.” “How much money is it?” Mike asked. Joe said, “800,000 dollars.”

Mike tricked Joe and locked him up. Mike said to himself, “Now it’s time to get those animals”. Mike ran out of the cave to get cages for the animals. He came back in and went to the animals. All the animals where happy to see Joe, they had missed him while he was gone. They were asking where he had been. Mike said, “You’re coming with me. I’m not Joe.” All the animals where confused. Finally Fred said, “Then, who are you?” Mike said, “I’m Joe’s brother.” Bob asked, “Why do you have those cages?” Bill added, “And that knife.” Mike lied, “Just for experiments, now close your eyes and count to ten.” All the animals did it. Mike came from behind and grabbed each of them and put them into the cages. One cage for each animal. Bob slithered out of his cage and took Mike’s knife. He looked for Joe and found him. Bob cut Joe free. Bob and Joe ran after Mike and the animals. They caught up to Mike and they set all the animals free. After that day, Mike never bothered them again!