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Pivotal CRM Partner Management Suite To grow revenue exponentially, support & energize partners to do more.

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  • 1. Pivotal CRM Partner Management SuiteTo grow revenue exponentially, support & energizepartners to do more.

2. Effective Partner Collaboration Pivotal CRM encompasses a fully integrated Partner Management suite that helps companiesGrowth these days is more about building more effectively manage their partnerstrong partnerships than building factories, relationships. Pivotal CRM Partner Managementoffices, and infrastructure. Its about reduces the costs associated with managing integrating with strong partners to form a partners and facilitates collaboration tosingle team. generate sales, deliver customer value, and keep customers satisfied. Pivotal Partner Manager The system creates a collaborative inter-companyA comprehensive, employee-facing application for channel managers that simplifies the management framework to exchange knowledge, manage of partners across the entire partner lifecycle from relationships, and synchronize transactions acrossrecruitment to retirement. Pivotal Partner Manager marketing, sales, and service. It gives partnersenables organizations to build an effective partner the tools and information they need to succeed, ecosystem; collaboratively sell, service and market to and organizations better visibility into partnerend customers; and measure and reward the partner based on preset criteria. Pivotal CRM Partner Management Pivotal Partner Analytics The Pivotal CRM Partner Management suite includes A versatile package that provides channel managers a number of pre-integrated applications, which work with a Web-based tool for data mining and data together to create a collaborative partner network: analysis. With detailed information on the performance and profitability of the partner network by individual or segment, or regions, channel managers have the Pivotal ePartner knowledge and insight required to drive better business A web-based partner self-service portal that dramatically decisions. decreases the cost of supporting and empowering partners by offering 24x7 access to collaborative sales,The Pivotal CRM Partner Management suite is marketing, and service capabilities.seamlessly integrated with Pivotal CRM, which also includes Pivotal Sales, Pivotal Marketing, Pivotal Service and Pivotal Interactive Selling. Each of these five suites works together to deliver on the promise of CRM, producing meaningful increases in revenues, margins, and customer loyalty. OPERATIONS SERVICECEO Pivotal PartnerManagement Suite PARTNERSREVENUE PivotalSALES MARKETINGePartnerMARGINSLOYALTY PARTNERS Pivotal PartnerPivotal Partner ManagementAnalytics2 Pivotal CRM for Partner Management 3. Power Your Winning Partner Management ProcessThe Pivotal CRM Partner Management suite unifies partners into a single network,increasing their effectiveness and reducing support costs. Recruit Partners: Recruit, certify, profile, train, and manage business partnerswith Pivotal Partner Manager. Automate recruitment via online registration andworkflow. Differentiate partners based on expertise and performance for improvedtargeting of communications, leads, and marketing programs.Benefit: Streamline the on-boarding of partners. Generate Leads: Generating leads is a two-way street. With Pivotal ePartner,partners can register leads within a consolidated lead system, and organizations canPARTNERSsend leads from the system to partners. Or, automatically route unique leads to thespecialized partner most likely to close the deal.Benefit: Closed-loop lead management. Forecast Channel Revenue: Partners enter and update opportunity information,allowing channel managers to monitor pipeline forecasts. Using Pivotal PartnerAnalytics managers gain immediate visibility into channel operations andperformance through reporting and analysis. Discover what each partner needsto generate more leads and revenue. Optimize the strengthsand minimize theweaknessesof your extended team.Benefit: Predictable business performance. Collaborate with Partners: Collaborate with your partners across marketing,sales, and service. Share intelligence on deals-inprogress, the competition andmost effective tactics. Pivotal Partner Manager helps organizations and partnerswork together to solve service issues, improve marketing ROI, and increase productdevelopment effectiveness.Benefit: Increase partner effectiveness. Ensure a Consistent Customer Experience: Accelerate the sales cycle by givingpartners access to a complete set of tools, including quoting systems, marketingliterature, and pricing information. Give partners the ability to process customerorders by synchronizing to back-end systems that provide order entry, validation,and tracking. Ensure the customer experience partners provide is aligned withcorporate goals.Benefit: Increase customer satisfaction. Gain Insight on Partner Performance: Build partner loyalty and improve decision-making with visibility into most and least-valuable partners. Pivotal PartnerManager monitors performance by win rates, revenue, and profitability. Share thetactics of winning partners to grow the success of the entire channel network.Benefit: Increase partner performance.We have a fairly complex market. We sell through affiliates and through aninternational sales system. We manage it all from start to finish with leading edge technology from Pivotal CRM. Doug Coleman, VP Application, Development, Comedy Partners Pivotal CRM for Partner Management 3 4. Pivotal CRM is approachfit for ourbusiness makes usTheir responsive the ideal to doinggrowing business. feel like a person and not just another number.Pivotal CRM is 100% committed to our success. Brian J. Boon, Ph.D., President and CEO, CARFMeasurable Partner ResultsPivotal CRMs results framework helps organizations Increase Partner Loyalty: Track partner metrics anddecide on a strategic goal, and provides the tactical map performance, and tie them to rewards. Make it easyto get there. Results-oriented reporting allows teamto share information across all business processes,leaders to measure, monitor and analyze progress alongincluding sales, service and marketing by allowing yourthe partners to collaborate via a personalizedworking environment.Increase Margins: Reduce channel support costsIncrease Win Rate: Analyze which partners are morethrough online self-service for both partner and jointsuccessful, which are more profitable, and whichcustomer requests/issues. Provide marketing collateral,need improvement. Identify key partner skills andtraining and sales support online. Share prospectresources so you can match the right partner to theinformation, schedule activities and strategize online,right opportunity. Identify which skills are lacking in thethereby lowering the cost of joint deals.partner network, and train or recruit accordingly.Accelerate the Sales Cycle: Bring in the right partnerReduce Channel Conflict: Automatically route leads toat the right time to help identify solutions faster. Givethe most appropriate channel partners based on pre-partners 24x7 access to up-to-date product information,defined business, sales tools, transaction data, and performanceanalysis reports. Increase Customer Satisfaction: Provide customerswith a wide array of partners to match requirements.Lower Cost-to-Results: Pivotal CRM provides aPresent consistent, channel-independent messages andcomprehensive partner management solution that resultsprocesses to joint customers across all faster time-to-implement. An intuitive user interfaceallows partners to quickly get up and running on theirpersonalized partner portal with minimal training.Contact us today to learn more about how Pivotal CRM can address your unique needs. Call 1-877-PIVOTAL(1-877-748-6825) or visit us at CRM makes it possible one-to-one view theeach customer. franchisees with acomprehensive, for us to ensureof success of our Angelo Tsagarakis, Commercial Manager Flag Choice Hotels 2007 CDC Software. All rights reserved. For more information or a complete list of our worldwide offices, please visit