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Page 1: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries
Page 2: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

CDSL Infoline 2 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Y o u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

CDSL today : (as of 31.01.2004)

Securities AdmittedAs on January 31, 2004, the equity of 4776 companies has

been admitted into CDSL. Further, CDSL has also admitted

3298 debt instruments, like debentures and bonds, for


Jan 2004 Jan 2003

Depository Participants 209 184

Branch-DPs 261 233

Cities 114 107

Locations 457 407

Depository ParticipantsAs on January 31, 2004 CDSL has 209 DPs offering live

depository services in 114 cities across 457 locations in the


DematerialisationOver the last one year, the demat volume and value have

increased by 57% and 171% respectively.

Securities in CDSL Jan 2004 Jan 2003

Quantity (Crore) 1225 781

Value (Rs. in Crore) 95494 35235

Settlement Jan 2004 Jan 2003

Quantity (Crore) 116 39

Value (Rs. in Crore) 12268 3470

SettlementOver the last one year, the settlement volume and value

have increased by 197% and 254% respectively.

Security type Jan 2004 Jan 2003

Equity 4776 4584

Debt 3298 2440

Commercial Paper 76 109

Government Securities 104 72

Mutual Fund Units 20 13

Page 3: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m 3 CDSL Infoline

Y o u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

What�s New?

easi to become easiest

CDSL�s much awaited internet facility �electronicaccess to securities information & execution ofsecure transactions� - (easiest) is being launchedon March 9, 2004. The easiest facility will beinaugurated by Shri G N Bajpai, Chairman, SEBI.easiest will establish a common platform for BOsfor issuance of delivery instructions through theinternet. The �easiest� facility will provide ananytime anywhere kind of freedom to investorsto issue delivery instructions. Besides enablingthem to meet the strict deadlines of delivery setunder the T+2 regime, it will also obviate the needof their visiting DP offices to give debitinstructions.

Certification Programme on Depository Module -BCCD

CDSL in association with the BSE Training Institute(BTI), is launching a certification programme ondepository module titled �BSE�s Certificationon Central Depository (BCCD)� on March 9, 2004,at the hands of Shri G N Bajpai, Chairman, SEBI. All registrations for the BCCD programme will behandled by BTI. The certification test will beconducted online by BTI, which has tied up withvarious centers of Zee Interactive Learning SystemsLtd. (ZILS). On successful completion of the test,the BCCD certificate will be issued by BTI.

In order to register for this program, the BCCDregistration form should be downloaded fromCDSL�s website or The duly completed registrationform alongwith four passport size photographs anda certification fee of Rs. 750/- (Seven hundred andfifty only), payable through demand draft in favourof �The Stock Exchange, Mumbai�, should beforwarded to BSE Training Institute, 21st floor, P. J.

Towers, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai-400001

How to write your CDSL demat account numberin public issue forms :

While subscribing to a Public Issue (IPO), anaccountholder is required to mention his demataccount number in the IPO application form, if hedesires to obtain credit of allotted securities inthe dematerialised form. It is observed that insome cases, the IPO application form contains a16-block format for filling in the CDSL demataccount number. However, in case of some others,separate blocks are provided in the applicationform for giving details of DP-Id and Client-Id,thereby creating some confusion in the minds ofthe investor.

While mentioning the CDSL demat accountnumber in the IPO application forms (in caseswhere separate blocks for giving details of DP-Idand client IDs are provided), the demat accountnumber can be written in the following manner:

DP ID <First 8 digits of the 16 digit BO ID>Client ID <Next 8 digits of the 16 digit BO ID>

E.g. If the demat account number is 1302580000001234, the same can be written in the followingmanner on the IPO application form�

DP ID 13025800Client ID 00001234

Withdrawal of Transfer-Cum-Demat Scheme

SEBI has vide its circular ref. no. SEBI/MRD/Cir-10/2004 dated February 10, 2004 informed thatthe facility of transfer-cum-demat is withdrawn withimmediate effect. Investors/Issuers/RTAs arerequested to take note of the same and not tosend any transfer cum demat option letters to DPs.

Infoline Updateeasiest - electronic access to securities informationand execution of secured transactions

1. What is easiest?easiest is a internet facility which permits Brokers(CMs)/ Beneficial Owners(BOs) to submit debit / credittransaction instructions to effect off-market, on-market, inter-depository and early pay-in transactions.Moreover, all the facilities and benefits of easi areautomatically available to a subscriber of easiest.

2. Why should I subscribe /register for theeasiest facility?A BO/CM should register for easiest as it gives ananytime-anywhere freedom for submission of debit/ credit transaction instructions and access todemat account deta i ls of hold ings andtransactions. Thus, a BO does not require toapproach his DP each time a transaction instructionis to be submitted.

Page 4: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

CDSL Infoline 4 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Y o u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

1 Aarti Industries Ltd.2 Add Pens Ltd.3 Alembic Ltd.4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd.5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted6 Balkrishna Industries Ltd.7 Ballarpur Industries Ltd.8 Balmer Lawrie & Company Ltd.9 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.10 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.11 Birla Corporation Ltd.12 Birla Sun Life Securities Ltd.13 Cadilla Healthcare Ltd.14 Century Enka Ltd.15 Cholamandalam Investment &

Finance Company Ltd.16 Crompton Greaves Ltd.17 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd.18 E. I. DuPont India Private Ltd.19 Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.20 Esab India Ltd.21 Export-Import Bank of India22 Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd.23 German Remedies Ltd.24 Global Trade Finance Private Ltd.

Companies, which have admitted commercial paper with CDSL

Sr. No. Issuer Name

25 Godrej Industries Ltd.26 Grasim Industries Ltd.27 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.28 Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.29 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.30 Hindusthan Seals Ltd.31 Housing Development Finance

Corporation Limtied32 Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd.33 ICICI Home Finance Company

Limtied34 ICICI Ltd.35 ICICI Securities and Finance

Company Ltd.36 Indian Hotels Ltd.37 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.38 Industrial Development Bank of India39 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial

Services Ltd.40 INOX Air Products Ltd.41 ITI Ltd.42 J K Industries Ltd.43 Lafarge India Private Ltd.44 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. [L&T]45 Madras Cements Ltd.46 Moser Baer India Ltd.

Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name

47 National Fertilizers Ltd.48 NRB Bearings Ltd.49 Omax Auto Ltd.50 Pantaloon Retail (INDIA) Ltd.51 Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.52 Raymond Apparel Ltd.53 Repro India Ltd.54 Shanska Cementation India Ltd.55 Shree Cement Ltd.56 Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.57 Suashish Diamonds Ltd.58 Sudarshan Chimical Industries Ltd.59 TANFAC Industries Ltd.60 Tata Chemicals Ltd.61 Tata Honeywell Ltd.62 Tata Telecom Ltd.63 The Arvind Mills Ltd.64 The Bombay Burmah Trading

Corporation Ltd.65 The Indian Hume Pipe Company Ltd.66 The Zandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.67 Til Ltd.68 Transamerica Apple Distribution

Finance Private Ltd.69 Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd.

3. Does the BOs/ CMs have to submit physicalinstructions slips to the DPs?No, BOs/ CMs who have entered instructions througheasiest do not have to give a separate debit instruction slipto their DPs.

4. Can all BOs /CMs use the easiest facility?Yes, the easiest facility is available to all BOs and CMs.However, A BO/CM can avail of easiest facility only if the DPwith whom he maintains his account is registered for thisfacility.

5. How do I register for easiest ?a. Login to CDSL�s website Click on the link �Register Online� from the Home

page.c. Select the facility (easiest) you wish to register for.d. Enter your details like login �Id, Email-Id, etc.e. Print the registration form.f. Submit the registration form to your DP duly signed by

all account holders.g. You will then receive the password at your email-Id.h. You can commence using �easiest� by entering the �User

name� and �Password� at the homepage of CDSLs

6. If I am registered for easiest, will I able to use thefacilities being offered under easi?Yes-all the facilities of easi will be available to all registeredusers of easiest.

7. If I am registered to easi will I automatically be ableto use easiest?No, you shall be required to register for easiest separately. ABO can, however, use the same easi login for easiest.

8. What are the different options for giving transactioninstructions on easiest?There are two options available on easiest:Trusted account - Transfers● Trusted accounts are those accounts known to you and

must necessarily be a settlement accounts of your CM,through which you buy / sell securities on stock exchanges.

● If this option is selected, transfer of securities will bepermitted to a maximum of 4 trusted CDSL CM accounts.

● Setting up of transactions through trusted account optionwill be permitted by additional password (PIN), whichwill be mailed separately.

● The following transactions will be permitted under the�Trusted Account� option:i. Off-market transfer to designated CM accounts.ii. On-market transfer where CM-ID of the designated

CM accounts ismentioned

Account of choice● In the �Account of Choice� option, transfer of securities

will be permitted to any account using a digital signaturestored on e-token (device provided by CDSL, which storesthe digital signature).

● CMs will have �Account of choice� option only and mustprocure e-token for authenticating transactions.

Page 5: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m 5 CDSL Infoline

Y o u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

Equities admitted with CDSL during Jan � Feb 2004

Sr. ISIN No. Issuer NameNo

Sr. ISIN No. Issuer NameNo

1 INE356G01015 Aviation Software DevelopmentConsultancy India Ltd.(Formerly Airline SoftwareDevelopment Consultancy IndiaPvt.Ltd.)

2 INE372G01012 CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd

3 INE313G01016 Dhoot Industrial Finance Ltd.

4 INE336G01017 Kojam Fininvest Ltd.

5 INE189G01010 Meenakshi Mercantiles Ltd.

6 INE001F01019 Modern Steels Ltd. (formerlyModern Steels Private Ltd.)

7 INE660F01012 Patni Computer Systems Ltd.(Formerly Patni ComputerSystems (P) Ltd.)

8 INE297G01011 Powerlinks TransmissionLtd.(Formerly Tala-Delhitransmission Ltd.)

9 INE167G01016 Sharadha Terry Products Ltd.

10 INE280G01017 Sponge Iron India Ltd.

11 INE215G01013 Sujana Metal Products Ltd.(Formerly Sujana Steels Ltd.)

12 INE194G01010 Udaipur Cotton mills Company Ltd.

13 INE235G01011 Usher Agro Ltd.

14 INE863F01012 Vertex Technosoft Ltd.(Formerly Vertex Machineries Ltd.)

15 INE19G01017 Vijayeswari Textiles Ltd.

16 INE070G01012 Vyapar Industries Ltd.(Formerly Vyapar Holdings Ltd.)

1 Aarti Industries Ltd.2 Adani Exports Ltd.3 Aksh Optifibre Ltd.4 Allahabad Bank5 Alok Textile Industries Ltd.6 Amforge Industries Ltd.7 Andhra Pradesh Power Finance

Corporation Ltd.8 Andhra Pradesh State Financial

Corporation9 Appollo Fibres Ltd.10 Ballarpur Industries Ltd.11 Bank of Baroda12 Bank of India13 Bank of Maharashtra14 Bank of Punjab15 BASF India Ltd.16 BASF Styrenics Private Ltd.17 Bharat Forge Ltd.18 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.19 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.20 Bharti Mobile Ltd.21 BOC India Ltd.22 Borosil Glass Works Ltd.23 BPL Mobile Communications Ltd.24 Cable Corporation of India Ltd.25 Canara Bank26 Carborundum Universal Ltd.27 CEAT Ltd.28 Central Bank of India29 Centurion Bank Ltd.30 Century Enka Ltd.

Companies, which have admitted debt into CDSL

Sr. No. Issuer Name

31 Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.32 Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.33 Cholamandalam Investment & Finance

Company Ltd.34 Core Emballage Ltd. (Formerly Core

Biotech Ltd.) (Formerly Growth FinanceLtd.) (Formerly Growth Leasing &Finance Ltd.)

35 Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd.36 Cyrus Investments Ltd.37 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd38 Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals

Corporation Ltd.39 Dena bank40 Development Credit Bank Ltd.41 Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.42 Essar Oil Ltd.43 Essar Steel Ltd.44 Export-Import Bank of India45 Fibcom India Ltd.46 Flex Industries Ltd.47 Floatglass India Ltd.48 GAIL (India) Ltd.49 Global Trade Finance Private Ltd.50 Glofame Cotspin Industries Ltd.51 GMR Infrastructure Ltd. (Formerly GMR

Vasavi Infrastructure Finance Ltd.)(Formerly Varalakshmi Vasavi PowerProjects Ltd.)

52 Godavari Marathwada IrrigationDevelopment Corporation, Aurangabad

53 Grasim Industries Ltd.

54 Grid Corporation of Orissa Ltd.55 Guajarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers

Company Limted56 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.57 Gujarat Borosil Ltd.58 Gujarat Gas Company Ltd.59 Gujarat Industrial Investment

Corporation Ltd.60 Gujarat State Energy Generation

Ltd.61 Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.62 GVK Industries Ltd.63 Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.64 Haren Textiles Limted65 Hero Briggs & Stratton Auto

Private Ltd.66 Hindalco Industries Ltd.67 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.68 Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.69 Hindustan Copper Ltd.70 Hindustan Lever Ltd.71 Hindustan Petroleum

Corporation Ltd.72 HMT Ltd.73 Housing and Urban Development

Corporation Ltd.74 Housing Development Finance

Corporation Ltd.75 ICICI Bank Ltd.76 ICICI Securities & Finance

Company Ltd.77 IDBI Bank Ltd.

Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name

Page 6: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

CDSL Infoline 6 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Y o u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

78 Idea Cellular Ltd. (Formerly Birla TataAT & T Ltd.)

79 IFCI Ltd.80 India Cements Ltd.81 Indian Aluminium Company Ltd.82 Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative

Ltd.83 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.84 Indian Overseas Bank85 Indian Railway Financial Corporation Ltd.86 Indian Rayon and Industries Ltd.87 Indo Gulf Corporation Ltd.88 Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd.89 IndusInd Bank Ltd.90 Industrial Development Bank of India91 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial

Services Ltd.92 ING Vysya Bank Ltd.93 Inox Air Products Ltd.94 Irama Estates Private Ltd.95 ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd.96 ITI Ltd.97 Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.98 Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust99 Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.100 Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Ltd.101 Karnataka State Financial Corporation102 Kerala Power Finance Corporation Ltd.103 Kesoram Industries Ltd.104 Kitec Industries (India) Ltd.105 Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.106 KPL International Ltd.107 Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam Ltd.108 KSB Pumps Ltd.109 Lafarge India Ltd.110 Lanco Kondapalli Power Private Ltd.111 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.112 Leaseplan India Ltd.113 LIC Housing Finance Ltd.114 Livewell Home Finance Ltd.115 Lokhandwala Hotels Private Ltd.116 Lupin Ltd.117 Madhya Pradesh Financial Corporation118 Madras Cements Ltd.119 Maharashtra Krishna Valley

Development Corporation120 Maharashtra Patbandhare Vittiya

Company Ltd.121 Maharashtra State Financial Corporation122 Maharashtra State Road Development

Corporation Ltd.123 Mahavir Spinning Mills Ltd.124 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.125 Majestic Auto Ltd.126 Maruti Udyog Ltd.127 Mecon Ltd.128 Mercator Lines Ltd.129 Mindteck (India) Ltd. (Formerly

Hinditron Informatics Ltd.)130 Moser Baer Ltd.131 N R Agarwal Industries Ltd.132 Narmada Cement Company Ltd.

133 Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Ltd.134 National Aluminium Company Ltd.135 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural

Development136 National Fertilizers Ltd.137 National Housing Bank138 National Hydroelectric Power

Corporation Ltd.139 National Textile Corporation Ltd.140 National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.141 Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd.142 Neyveli Lignite Corpration Ltd.143 NIIT Ltd.144 Nirma Ltd.145 Nishkalp Investments & Trading Co Ltd.146 Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd.147 North Eastern Electric Power Corporation

Ltd.148 North Eastern Electricity Supply

Company of Orissa Ltd.149 Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd.150 Oriental Bank of Commerce151 Orissa Polyfibres Ltd.152 Panatone Finvest Ltd.153 Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.154 Power Finance Corporation Ltd.155 Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.156 Prism Cement Ltd.157 PSL Holdings Ltd.158 Punjab & Sind Bank159 Punjab National Bank160 Rajasthan State Industrial Development

& Investment Corporation Ltd.161 Raymond Ltd.162 Recron Synthetics Ltd.163 Reliance Capital Ltd.164 Reliance Industries Ltd.165 Reliance Power Ltd.166 REPL Engineering Ltd.167 Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd.168 Saurashtra Cement Limtied169 Shamken Multifab Ltd.170 Shanti Gears Ltd.171 Shree Rama Multi-Tech Ltd.172 Shree Synthetics Ltd.173 Silverline Technologies Ltd.174 SKF Bearings India Ltd.175 Small Industrial Development Bank of

India176 South Asian Petrochem Ltd.177 Southern Electricity Supply Company of

Orissa Ltd.178 Srei International Finance Ltd.179 State Bank of Hyderabad180 State Bank of India181 State Bank of Indore182 State Bank of Travancore183 Steel Authority of India Ltd.184 Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.185 Sterlite Opportunities and Ventures Ltd.186 Surya Roshni Ltd.187 Syndicate Bank

188 Tamil Nadu Electricity Board189 Tamil Nadu Industrial Development

Corporation Ltd.190 Tamil Nadu Petroproducts Ltd.191 Tamil Nadu Road Development

Company Ltd.192 Tapi Irrigation Development

Corporation193 Tata Chemicals Ltd.194 Tata Engineering and Locomotive

Company Ltd. [TELCO]195 Tata Finance Ltd.196 Tata Industries Ltd.197 Tata International Ltd.198 Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.199 Tata Power Company Ltd.200 Tata SSL Ltd.201 Tata Tea Ltd. (Formerly Tata Finlay Ltd.)202 Television Eighteen India Ltd.203 The Arvind Mills Ltd.204 The Associated Cement Companies Ltd.205 The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd.206 The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.207 The Electro-Medical & Allied Industries

Ltd.208 The Federal Bank Ltd. (Formerly

Travancore Federal Bank Ltd.)209 The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.210 The Indian Iron & Steel Company Ltd.211 The Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd.

(Formerly Kalyani Seamless Tubes Ltd.)212 The Kolkata Municipal Corporation213 The Paper Products Ltd.214 The South Indian Bank Ltd.215 Thomson Press (India) Ltd.216 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.217 TVS Finance and Services Ltd.218 UCO Bank219 Union Bank of India220 United Western Bank Ltd.221 UTI Asset Management Company

Private Ltd. - Administrator of SpecifiedUndertaking of Unit Trust of India

222 UTI Bank Ltd.223 Vanasthali Textile Industries Ltd.224 Varun Shipping Company Ltd.225 Venus Sugar Ltd.226 Vidarbha Irrigation Development

Corporation227 Videocon Appliances Ltd.228 Vijaya Bank229 Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren

Ltd.230 Welspun India Ltd.231 Welspun Syntex Ltd.232 Western Electricity Supply Company

of Orissa Ltd.233 Whirlpool of India Ltd.234 Wockhardt Life Sciences Ltd.235 Wockhardt Ltd.236 World Resorts Limted237 Zydus Cadilla Healthcare Ltd.

Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name

Page 7: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m 7 CDSL Infoline

Y o u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m 7 CDSL Infoline

1 A.C.Choksi Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd.2 Abhipra Capital Ltd.3 Abn Amro Bank N.V4 Accord Capital Markets Ltd.5 Acme Shares & Stock Private Ltd.6 Advani Share Brokers Private Ltd.7 Ajay Natvarlal Securities Pvt Ltd.8 Ajmera Associates Pvt Ltd9 Alankit Assignments Ltd.10 Allahabad Bank Ltd.11 Amu Shares & Securities Ltd.12 Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.13 Asian Markets Securities Pvt. Ltd.14 Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd.15 B D Shah Securities Ltd.16 B M Gandhi Securities Pvt Ltd17 B R Jalan Securities Private Ltd.18 Babubhai Purushottamdas Stock Brokers

Pvt Ltd19 Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd.20 Bank Of Baroda21 Bank Of India22 Bank Of Maharashtra23 Bcb Brokerage Private Ltd.24 Bhavik Rajesh Khandhar Shares & Stock

Brokers P Ltd25 Birla Sun Life Securities Ltd.26 BLB Ltd.27 BNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd28 BOI Shareholding Ltd.29 Bright Shares And Stocks Pvt. Ltd.30 BRK Share & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.31 C.R.Kothari And Sons Shares & Stock

Brokers (P) Ltd32 Capstocks And Securities (India) Pvt Ltd33 CD Equisearch Private Ltd.34 Centurion Bank Ltd.35 Churiwala Securities Private Ltd.36 Cil Securities Ltd.37 Citibank N.A.38 CLSA India Ltd.39 CNB Finwiz Ltd.40 Cochin Stock Brokers Ltd.41 Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd42 Dalmia Securities Ltd.43 DBS Capital Markets Pvt Ltd44 Deutsche Bank Ag45 Dimensional Securities Pvt Ltd46 Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers Ltd.47 DJS Stock And Shares Ltd.48 DSE Financial Services Ltd.49 Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd50 East India Securities Ltd.51 Emkay Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd52 Enam Securities Private Ltd.53 Exponential Financial Services Pvt Ltd54 Express Securities Pvt Ltd55 Fortis Securities Ltd.56 G M Bosu & Co Pvt Ltd57 Gandhi Securities And Investment Pvt Ltd58 Global Trust Bank Ltd.59 Globe Capital Market Ltd.60 Grishma Securities Pvt Ltd61 Gupta Equities Pvt. Ltd.62 H T Nanavati Securities Pvt Ltd.63 Hasmukh Lalbhai Share Brokers Pvt Ltd64 Hdfc Bank Ltd.65 Hem Securities Ltd.66 HTS Securities (P) Ltd67 ICICI Bank Ltd.

Depository Participants (DP) connected with CDSLSr. No. Depository Participant Name

68 IDBI Bank Ltd.69 IIT Corporate Services Ltd.70 Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd.71 IKM Investor Services Ltd72 INA Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.73 Indsec Securities And Finance Ltd.74 Indus Portfolio Private Ltd.75 Indusind Bank Ltd.76 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial

Services Ltd77 Integrated Master Securities Ltd.78 Inter Connected Stock Exchange Of India Ltd79 Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd80 ISJ Securities Private Ltd.81 J G A Shah Shares Brokers Pvt Ltd82 J G Shah Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd.83 Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune84 Joindre Capital Services Ltd.85 JSEL Securities Ltd.86 Jyoti Jain Investment & Finance Co Pvt Ltd87 K & A Securities Pvt Ltd88 K Damani Securities Pvt Ltd89 K G Vora Securities Ltd.90 K M Jain Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd91 K.Jayantilal Securities Private Ltd.92 Kaji And Maulik Securities Private Ltd.93 Kalpataru Multiplier Ltd.94 Kantilal Chhaganlal Securities Private Ltd.95 Kantilal Mangaldas Securities Pvt. Ltd.96 Karvy Consultants Ltd.97 Kaushik Shah Shares And Securities Ltd.98 Keynote Capitals Ltd.99 Khambatta Securities Ltd.100 Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares And

Securities Pvt Ltd101 KNC Shares & Securities Pvt Ltd102 Kotak Securities Ltd.103 LKP Shares & Securities Ltd104 Lohia Securities Ltd.105 LSE Securities Ltd.106 M Prasad & Co. Ltd107 M R Share Broking Pvt Ltd108 M/S. Jitendra J. Bhabhera109 M/S. Sanjay C. Baxi110 Madras Stock Exchange Ltd.111 Maheshwari Equity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.112 Malti Securities Private Ltd.113 Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd.114 Maniput Investments Pvt Ltd115 Manubhai Mangaldas Securities Pvt. Ltd.116 Master Capital Services Ltd117 Mehta Vakil And Company Private Ltd.118 MLR Securities Private Ltd.119 Money Care Securities And Financial

Services Ltd120 Mother India Securities Pvt Ltd121 Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.122 MPSE Securities Ltd.123 Mukesh Babu Securities Ltd.124 Nagar Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.,

Ahmednagar125 Navkar Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd126 Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Ltd.127 Oracle Securities Private Ltd.128 Orbis Securities Pvt Ltd129 Oriental Bank Of Commerce130 OTC Exchange Of India131 Pashupati Capital Services Pvt Ltd132 PCS Securities Ltd.133 Prabhat Financial Services Ltd.

134 Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd135 Pragya Securities Pvt Ltd136 Pratibhuti Viniyog Ltd.137 Pratik Stock Vision Pvt Ltd.138 Pruthvi Brokers & Share Holdings Pvt Ltd139 PSE Securities Ltd.140 RBK Share Broking Ltd.141 RRS Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd142 R M Share Trading Private Ltd.143 R N.Patwa Share & Stock Brokers (P) Ltd144 Rajkot Nagarik Sahkari Bank Ltd.145 Rashi Equisearch Private Ltd.146 Reliance Capital Ltd.147 Renaissance Securities Ltd.148 S P.Jain Securities Pvt. Ltd.149 Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd.150 Saikripa Securities Ltd.151 Sam Global Securities Ltd.152 Saurashtra Capital Services Pvt Ltd153 SDFC Securities Ltd.154 Seema Securities Private Ltd.155 Shah Investor�s Home Ltd.156 Shilpa Stock Brokers Private Ltd.157 Siddhi Shares Private Ltd.158 Sino Securities Pvt Ltd159 SKP Securities Ltd.160 SKSE Securities Ltd.161 SMIFS Securities Ltd.162 SMK Shares And Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.163 Som Datt Securities Ltd164 SPS Share Brokers Private Ltd.165 Standard Chartered Bank166 State Bank of India167 State Bank Of Indore168 Steel City Securities Ltd.169 Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.170 Sunidhi Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd171 Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.172 Sushil Finance Consultants Ltd.173 SVV Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.174 Sykes & Ray Equities (India) Ltd.175 Techno Shares & Stocks Ltd176 The Akola Janata Commercial Coop.

Bank Ltd, Akola177 The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd.178 The Cosmos Cooperative Bank Ltd.179 The Greater Bombay co-operative

Bank Ltd.180 The Hongkong And Shanghai

Banking Corpn. Ltd181 The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd182 The J & K Bank Ltd.183 The Omniscient Securities Pvt Ltd.184 The South Indian Bank Ltd.185 The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad186 The United Western Bank Ltd.187 Total Securities Ltd.188 Union Bank Of India189 UTI Bank Ltd.190 UTI Securities Ltd.191 Uttam Financial Services Ltd.192 Vadodara Stock Exchnage193 Vedika Securities Pvt Ltd194 Vijan Share & Securities Pvt. Ltd.195 VNS Finance & Capital Services Ltd.196 Vogue Commercial Company Ltd.197 Wallfort Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.198 Wellworth Shares And Stock Broking

Ltd199 Zuari Investments Ltd.

Sr. No. Depository Participant Name Sr. No. Depository Participant Name

** For details of CDSL DPs, please visit our website

Page 8: CDSL...CDSL Infoline 4 CDSL Your Depository 1 Aarti Industries Ltd. 2 Add Pens Ltd. 3 Alembic Ltd. 4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd. 5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted 6 Balkrishna Industries

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