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    申請美國公民歸化之面談內容 Naturalization Interview Questions

    當您提出公民入籍申請後;您將等待六 個月左右收到面談通知。面談分三部:

    1. 第一部:移民官針對入籍申請表格 (N-400) 提出問題,申請人做相應回答。

    2. 第二部:移民官用電腦選題,測試申請人 十至十五道有關美國歷史、憲法及政府方 面的問題。有三種考法,自念自答;自念 自寫;他問您答。

    3. 第三部:移民官念出一個或幾個短句,讓 你寫下來,即聽寫。


    1. Please raise your right hand. 請你舉起右手宣誓。

    2. Do you swear that all your statements are true and correct? 你發誓你講的一切都是真實和正確的嗎?

    3. You may have a seat. 請坐。

    4.May I see your Green Card, California ID Card or Driver License? 可否把你綠卡、加州身份證或駕照給我看?

    5. Do you understand what you have written on your application? 你明白你在申請表上所填的一切內容嗎?


    NATURALIZATION (N-400) 入籍申請表格問題

    第一部分 (Part 1) 1. What is your name? 你的姓名是什麼? 2. Have you used other names? 你有別名嗎?

    3. Do you want to change your name? 你想改名字嗎?

    4. What new name do you want? 你想改成什麼名字?

    第三部分 (Part 3) 1. What is your Social Security Number? 你的社會安全號碼是什麼?

    2. When were you born? 你何時出生?

    3. Where were you born? 你何地出生?

    4. What is your nationality? 你的國藉是什麼?

    5. What is your marital status? 你的婚姻狀況是什麼?

    公民入籍面試 | 實用信息篇

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    6. When did you become a Permanent Resident? 你什麼時候成為永久居民?

    第四部分 (Part 4) 1. What is your mailing address? 你的郵寄地址是什麼?

    2. What is your daytime phone number? 你的日間電話號碼是什麼?

    3. What is your evening phone number? 你的夜間電話號碼是什麼?

    4. What is your email address? 你的電子郵件位址是什麼?

    第五部分 (Part 5) 1. What is your sex? 你的性別是什麼?

    2. What is your height? 你的身高是多少?

    3. What is your weight? 你的體重是多少?

    4. What is your race? 你的種族是什麼?

    5. What is your hair color? 你的頭髮顏色是什 麼? 6. What is your eye color? 你的眼睛顏色是什 麼?

    第六部分 (Part 6) 1. Where do you live? 你的地址是什麼?

    2. Where do you work? 你在哪里工作?

    3. What do you do? 你做什麼工作?

    第七部分 (Part 7) 1. How many total days did you spend outside of the United States during the past 5 years? 過去五年中,你總共出國多少天?

    2. How many trips of 24 hours or more that you have taken outside of the United States during the past 5 years? 過去五年中,你總共有多少次離開美國超過 24 小時的旅行?

    第八部分 (Part 8) 1. How many times have you been married? 你結過多少次婚?

    2. What is your spouse name? 你配偶的姓名是什麼?

    3. What is your spouse immigration status? 你配偶的移民身份是什麼?

    第九部分 (Part 9) 1. How many children do you have? 你有多少個孩子?

    第十部分 (Part 10) 1. Have you EVER claimed to be a U.S. Citizen (in writing or any other way)? 你曾否以書面或其他任何方式自稱你是美 國公民?

    2. Have you EVER registered to vote in any Federal, state, or local election in the United States ? 你曾否在聯邦,州或地方選舉中登記投票?

    3. Have you EVER left the United States to avoid being drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces? 你曾否為了逃避服役而離開美國?

    4. Since becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident, have you EVER failed to file a required Federal, State, or local tax return? 自從成為永久居民以來,你曾否漏報入 息稅表?

    5. Do you owe any Federal, State, or local taxes that are overdue? 你是否欠聯邦,州或地方的稅?

    6. Have you EVER been a member of or in any way associated (either directly or indirectly) with: a. the Communist Party? b. Any other totalitarian party? c. A terrorist organization? 你曾否以任何方式與以下組織團體有( 直 接或間接) 聯繫或是其成員?a. 共產黨? b. 極權政黨? c. 恐怖組織?

    實用信息篇 | 公民入籍面試

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    7. Have you EVER advocated (either directly or indirectly) the overthrow of any government by force or violence? 你曾否( 直接或間接) 鼓吹以武力或暴力 顛覆任何政府?

    8. Have you EVER persecuted (either directly or indirectly) any person because of race, religion, national origin, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion? 你是否因種族、宗教、民族或政治觀點 ( 直接或間接) 迫害過任何人?

    9. Between March 23, 1933, and May 8, 1945, did you work for or associate in any way (either directly or indirectly) with: a. The Nazi govern- ment of Germany? b. Any government in any area (1) occupied by, (2) allied with, or (3) es- tablished with the help of the Nazi government of Germany? c. Any German, Nazi, or S.S. military unit, paramilitary unit, self-defense unit, vigilante unit, citizen unit, police unit, government agen- cy or office, extermination camp, concentration camp, prisoner of war camp, prison, labor camp, or transit camp? 在 1933 年3 月23 日至1945 年5 月8 日 之間,你曾否直接或間接參與: a. 德國 納粹政府? b. 德國納粹政府佔領的,結 盟的或設立的任何 政府c. 德國納粹政府 或與之有關的任何軍事組織, 准軍事組 織,員警部隊,自衛隊;義警隊, 納粹党 的國民隊,政府機構,消滅營,集中營, 戰俘營,監獄,勞改營,拘留所和過渡營?

    10. Since becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States, have you EVER called yourself a nonresident on a Federal, state, or local tax return? 自成為永久居民後,你曾否以非永久居民 身份報稅?

    11. Have you committed a crime or offense for which you were NOT arrested? 你曾否犯罪但沒有被拘補?

    12. Have you EVER been charged with committing any crime or offense? 你曾否因犯罪而被起訴?

    Have you EVER been in jail or prison? 你是否被判入獄?

    Have you EVER: a. Been a habitual drunkard? b. Been a prostitute, or procured anyone for prostitution? c. Sold or smuggled controlled substances, illegal drugs or narcotics? d. Been married to more than one person at the same time? e. Helped anyone enter or try to enter the United States illegally? 你曾否: a. 酗酒?b. 賣淫或指使別人 賣淫?c. 違法販賣或走私毒品?d. 同時 與超過一人結婚?e. 幫助外國人非法進 入美國?

    Have you EVER been removed, excluded, or deported from the United States? 你曾否被美國驅逐出境?

    Have you EVER served in the U.S. Armed Forces? 你曾否在美國軍隊中服役?

    Do you support the Constitution and form of government of the United States? 你擁護美國憲法和美國政體嗎?

    Are you willing to take the full oath of Alle- giance to the United States? 你願意宣誓效忠美國嗎?

    If the law requires it, are you willing to perform noncombatant services in the U.S. Armed Forces? 如果法律需要,你願意在美國軍隊內執 行非戰鬥人員的任務嗎?

    If the law requires it, are you willing to perform work of national importance under civilian direction? 如果法律需要,你願意在政府官員指 導下執行重要任務嗎?

    備註:本資料僅供參考, 所有標準答案應以 移民局公佈為準。









    公民入籍面試 | 實用信息篇

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    通常在您遞交入籍申請表4-5 個月后,您會接到公民入籍面試通知。 根據我們切身的面試 經驗,我們總結了以下的一些體會和大家分享﹕



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