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TechniLink4th Quarter


Phone+63-2-855-9319 Fax+63-2-855-9309 [email protected]

Celebrating 100 A330/A340heavy maintenance checks

Page 2: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

2 TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

TechniLink is published quarterly by Lufthansa Technik Philippines for its customers and friends. http://www.ltp.com.ph

FOUNDED IN the year 2000 as a joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG and Philippine aviation service provider MacroAsia Corporation, Lufthansa Technik Philippines offers a wide range of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to customers worldwide.

The company focuses on base maintenance checks for the A320, A330/A340 types of aircraft. Five hangar bays and workshops have been designed according to the latest industry standards in order to support aircraft maintenance, major modifications, cabin reconfigurations, engine maintenance and painting for the A320, A330/A340 and B747-400 aircraft.

LTP provides total technical and engineering support for the Philippine Airlines (PAL) fleet. It is also rendering line maintenance to more than 15 domestic and international carriers.

Through a partnership with Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines (LTTP), LTP

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Dear readers,

Allow me to take a first look back at 2009, a year that will most likely be remembered as one of the most difficult periods in aviation history.

Cancelled checks, fierce competition and reduced work scope were the challenges that faced us in 2009. Despite these difficulties, we have reasons to celebrate. For one, it was the year when we again proved our expertise on the heavy maintenance of the A330/A340 family of aircraft. The 100th heavy check milestone materialized because of the customer’s recognition of our continuous efforts in keeping their trust (page 7).

LTP further demonstrated its mastery of the Airbus family when it released

editorLiza Martija associate editorCarla Martinez art directorGildo Velarde correspondentJaja De Perio adviserDominik Wiener-Silva [email protected]

a Philippine Airlines A320 ahead of its contracted turnaround time (page 8). This is the first PAL A320 aircraft to undergo a heavy maintenance check under the operator’s A320 campaign, which will continue until 2010.

The third cause for celebration also involved our key customer, Philippine Airlines. In 2009, we signed four landmark agreements with them. First, was the 12-year engine maintenance deal with Lufthansa Technik and LTP; second, was the Total Component Support TCS® contract for its Q400 fleet; and recently, the end of the year was made sweeter with the signing of the line maintenance and TCS® contracts for PAL’s newest addition to its fleet—the Boeing 777 (page 8).

Having in mind the economic downturn which has caused many airlines to suffer, we responded by focusing on efficiency through LEAN. In many cases, we have

initiated fruitful dialogues with our customers. It is in these times of trial that true partnerships are tested. A prime example of this was the reduced TAT for C1 checks and C4 checks for Qantas Airways. With much anticipation for the industry’s fast recovery in 2010, we vow to continue with our initiatives to support you, our customers further.

At the end of it all, we hope that our partnership has contributed in helping you make it through 2009 and we wish to be together with you in shaping your year 2010.

Sincerely yours,

Dominik Wiener-SilvaVice President — Marketing & [email protected]

mechanics are certified through EASA Part 66-compliant courses.

LTP holds repair station certificates from the FAA, EASA, CAAP and other airworthiness authorities.

Our customers:

Page 3: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 3

Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) successfully performed a scheduled C-check on Virgin Atlantic Airways’ Airbus A340-300 aircraft. This completed the campaign for the year and marked the second year-fulfillment of the signed five- year base maintenance agreement.

Seventeen Airbus A340s have already undergone heavy maintenance checks during the first year of the contract in 2008, while four A340-300s and six A340-600s had been

Second year-end campaign for Virgin Atlantic draws to a close

lined up for maintenance events within 2009.

The 2009 campaign kicked off with LTP performing a C-check and Frame 47 modifications on one of the British operator’s A340-600. This was followed by heavy maintenance checks for two of Virgin Atlantic’s A340-300s while the rest of the fleet underwent scheduled C-checks. The year’s final and successful C-check event on an A340-300 capped the second year of the contract.

“We’re looking forward to the return of Virgin Atlantic Airways’ fleet next year. The long-term relationship allows Virgin and LTP to benefit from continuous improvement in work quality. LTP is constantly moving towards improvements on quality in terms of performance and turnaround time (TAT). Delivering these desired results was made possible through the close cooperation and good partnership that we have established with Virgin,” shares Dominik Wiener-Silva, LTP Vice President for Marketing and Sales.

The five-year base maintenance agreement will carry on until year 2012 as it covers the entire A340 fleet of the airline which comprises 19 A340-300s and six A340-600s. Virgin Atlantic Airways is the biggest operator of A340-600 aircraft worldwide.

DESPITE THE economic downturn, Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) recently marked a successful year. The

success was brought about by the collective commitment of the employees and the strong partnerships it has formed.

As Bernhard Krueger-Sprengel, LTP President and Chief Executive Officer said, “Success can be attributed not only to the commitment our people have undauntedly demonstrated even through the most challenging times, but also to the partnership we have with MacroAsia Corporation.”

In his third time to take part in LTP’s yearly commemoration, Krueger-Sprengel articulated the challenges for LTP as it moves

Brilliance on LTP’s 9th year Success still shines through

THE MARKETING and Sales team of Lufthansa Technik Philippines welcomed a new colleague in the beginning of November. Frank Stauch was a Consultant in Lufthansa Consulting GmbH engaged in the field of airline operation and maintenance before he accepted his assignment in Manila as a Senior Sales Executive.

Having been with the Lufthansa Technik group for 20 years, Frank has worked on numerous projects in different countries. He has a solid background and wide experience in Quality Management Systems, Aviation Auditing and IOSA Certification, Capital Assets for Aircraft Maintenance, Business Economics Aircraft Maintenance, International Aviation and Air Transport Law, Aircraft Engineering Services, Aircraft Maintenance Services, Aircraft Line Maintenance, Aviation Contract Law and International Project Management.

This politics, economics and culture enthusiast is now living in Manila together with his wife, Dagmar who shares the same interests with him. Being admirers of Asian culture, the couple is excited to learn and embrace Philippine heritage and traditions. They appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the Filipinos which they said have been a good experience during their few weeks of being here.

forward to another year. “How can we do better than before? How can we improve our work habits? How can we apply corrective measures? We should all focus on these goals.” He adds that LTP’s customers have continually placed their trust in LTP for aircraft maintenance services because LTP is constantly exceeding customer’s expectations in quality and turnaround time.

A short program to recognize the retirees of LTP followed a thanksgiving mass.

Frank Stauch on board

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 3

Page 4: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

4 TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

THE FOURTH and most recent C-check on Air Mauritius’ Airbus A340 aircraft marked the completion of this year’s scheduled event for the operator. This is part of the existing Airframe Maintenance Agreement between Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) and Air Mauritius, which covers five additional maintenance events for its A340 fleet.

Welcomed in the final quarter of the year 2009 were four of Air Mauritius’ A340 jets that were lined up for C-checks. Three of the C-checks were performed nose-to-tail with another A340 simultaneously in another line.

One notable event in this campaign involved a C-check and painting of Air Mauritius’ new livery. A further highlight to

Successful C-check for Air Mauritius marks end of campaign

this particular event is the use of Selectively Strippable Scheme (SSS) during the painting of the new Air Mauritius livery.

Another A340 underwent a transition check, with considerable Out-of-Phase tasks and an all white painting of its fuselage. Additional painting requests for the wings of both aircraft had placed the MRO company under time pressure, but LTP’s proven skills allowed for a good run on the task.

“LTP thanks Air Mauritius for its continuing trust in our services, most especially with the transition check. The vast A330/A340 experience, together with recent transition events completed for ILFC and GoAir, proves LTP’s capability in this business segment,” says

Dirk Petereit, LTP Business Development Manager and Sales Executive.

In 2010, the final maintenance event in the campaign will cover another A340 for a heavy check and painting services that would also require application of the SSS paint system for its change of livery.

The Selectively Strippable Scheme or SSS is a paint system that allows topcoat and intermediate coat stripping without removing the underlying

AS ONE of the biggest German-Filipino companies in the country, Lufthansa Technik Philippines recently participated in the celebration of the German Month organized by the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI).

One of the highlights of the celebration was the 7th Ambassador’s Cup held at the Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club in Laguna. The annual event gathered delegates from various German companies as a

LTP celebrates German monthrepresentation of the thriving German industry in the country. His Excellency, Ambassador Christian-Ludwig Weber-Lortsch led the participants, which included several government and business leaders, in conquering the challenging 18-hole course. LTP President and CEO, Bernhard Krueger-Sprengel and Vice President for Marketing and Sales, Dominik Wiener-Silva, made up the LTP tandem.

Following the successful golf event, LTP together with more than 20 exhibitors joined the 2nd Mabuhay Germany Exhibit.

The LTP booth was one of the most visited booths during the event. It offered several activities that captured the interest of booth visitors from all ages. One of the main attractions of the LTP booth was the display of an A340 main wheel assembly, which provided a good photo opportunity for many.

Booth visitors enjoyed the life vest demonstration where they were able to wear and try out aircraft life vests.

primer. The next step is to repaint the aircraft with an intermediate coat and apply a compatible topcoat. This kind of painting system offers many advantages to airline operators, most especially in terms of time and cost-saving benefits such as reduced turnaround time in the paint shop, minimized use of chromated primer, reduced risk of damaging the anodized surface of aluminum, and lessened risk of damaging non-metallic components.

Those who wanted to get a feel of an aircraft mechanic’s job were given the opportunity to listen to instructors from Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines and install real aircraft rivets on pieces of metal sheets.

Another hit attraction was the soccer kickboard where people showed off their booting prowess.

The celebration of the German month was indeed a success and LTP will always be proud to have been part of it.

Page 5: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 �

RECENTLY SEEN leaving Bay 5 of Lufthansa Technik Philippines is an Airbus A320 bearing Mandala Airlines’ scheme and logo design.

Prior to the redelivery of the aircraft which previously donned the GoAir brand, the low-cost carrier also had a panel change in its cockpit area after acquiring a damage caused by a bird strike. During the C-check the new panel was installed.

The A320 aircraft was leased to GoAir by GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) and is now turned over to Mandala after LTP successfully finished the painting of its livery. The painting assignment demonstrates the expertise of LTP as it dealt with meeting the standards of two airline operators in servicing the aircraft.

Mandala Airlines rolls out fresh

AN AIRBUS A321 in Kingfisher Airlines livery rolled into the Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) hangar for a paint conversion job to Jetstar Airways.

Aside from the painting of the aircraft’s exterior, LTP completed cabin modifications on the aircraft. The task covered reconfiguration of seats, refurbishment of interiors, standardization of emergency equipment, and modification of galleys to

Jetstar Airways took flight in a new skinmeet the specifications of Jetstar.

By the end of 2009, eleven checks ar expected to be completed for Qantas Airways, the group under which Jetstar operates. LTP also performed a C-check on Jetstar’s A330 early this year.

“Our experience and the good business relationship we have with the Qantas Group on the A330 had placed LTP on several opportunities to handle their

fleet for base maintenance services and other outsourcing requirements. A total of thirteen events will meet completion this year for both Qantas and Jetstar,” says Dirk Petereit, LTP Manager Business Development and Sales Executive. He adds that another A330 aircraft is due for a painting job before the end of the year. It will arrive in Qantas livery, and will be deployed in Jetstar’s paint scheme design.

Mandala Airlines is one of the largest private airlines in Indonesia today. Its wide network covers 20 big city destinations

with its fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Mandala’s fleet comprised of B737-200s and B737-400s. The addition of A320s in 2006 was a significant development brought by the acquisition of the airline by Cardig International.

Page 6: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

� TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

FOR THE last quarter of 2009 until the first quarter of 2010, advertisements regarding Lufthansa Technik Philippines’ Airbus A320 capability will see print on major aviation magazines and exposures on an industry e-newsletter.

In November, the advertisements appeared on Airline Business and Overhaul & Maintenance magazines. In December, Flight International will publish the advertisement while LTP will appear on the top banner of Flight Global’s airline maintenance e-newsletter on January and February.

The advertisements reiterate LTP’s expertise as a provider of complete maintenance and overhaul services to the A320, A330 and A340 family of aircraft.

Ads herald LTP’s expertise with the Airbus family

Lufthansa Technik Philippines customers took a well-deserved break as they joined the Oktoberfest celebration this year. Representatives from Etihad, Hawaiian Airlines,

Celebrating Oktoberfest 2009 with LTPJapan Airlines, Jetstar Airways, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas and Qatar Airways were welcomed to the celebration by the LTP contingent headed by Dominik Wiener-Silva, Vice President for Marketing and Sales.

The event was also attended by Washington SyCip, LTP Chairman of the Board; Joseph Chua, President and CEO of MacroAsia Corporation; Jaime J. Bautista, Philippine Airlines President and COO; and Emilio Yu, Philippine Airlines Special Assistant to the

Chairman and CEO.The guests were all for a

great time as they danced to authentic Bavarian music and joined traditional games like

the beer drinking and yodeling contest.

The Oktoberfest celebration is undeniably a successful event that brought customers out of the daily grind for a night of fun and camaraderie.


Page 7: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 �

Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) further advances its position as one of the leading providers of overhaul for Airbus aircraft worldwide when it recently started work on its 100th heavy maintenance check on an Airbus A340.

Since the introduction of its overhaul capability on the Airbus A330/A340 in 2002, LTP has steadily grown its customer base that includes operators from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. Customers trust LTP to provide Lufthansa Technik quality of service at competitive rates. Among its customers are Air Mauritius, Cathay Pacific Airways, ILFC, Philippine Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

“Lufthansa Technik Philippines is a prime example for successful international cooperation. Together with our partners from MacroAsia Corporation, we have established a worldwide

Lufthansa Technik Philippines performs 100th A330/A340 heavy maintenance checkStrong focus and commitment brought it to the forefront of competition

acknowledged center for excellence for overhaul services of the Airbus A330/A340 family over the past years. The 100th heavy check shows that LTP is well-positioned in the market,” remarked August Wilhelm Henningsen, Lufthansa Technik AG Chairman of the Board, a few days after LTP received the Lufthansa German Airlines Airbus A340. “Due to its good reputation and high quality work Lufthansa Technik Philippines is one of the cornerstones of the Lufthansa Technik Group.”

“The expertise that we have developed through the years on the A330/A340 aircraft has enabled us to reach this achievement,” said Bernhard Krueger Sprengel, LTP President and CEO. “It is because of our strong focus on the aircraft type and commitment to quality and fast turnaround time that we are able to convince old and new customers to put their trust in us,” he continued.

The company’s commitment

to quality and fast turnaround time (TAT) serves as a challenge, which pushes LTP towards constant improvement. In 2007, LTP adopted LEAN principles in its overhaul operations resulting in significant reductions in TATs.

Together with Airbus, LTP was also able to perform frame 47 modification incorporated to a heavy check on a number of A340-600s. It was in LTP that this critical modification was first performed outside of an Airbus facility, further raising the bar in A330/A340 heavy maintenance. Through the adoption of LEAN practices, LTP was not only successful in integrating the modification but was also able to reduce the Frame 47 modification TAT to only nine days.

LTP is a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) and MacroAsia Corporation, with LHT holding the majority interests. LTP’s main facility, located in Manila’s Ninoy

International Airport, has a two-line heavy maintenance hangar exclusively utilized for the A330/A340 family. A new bay was added in 2007 which can accommodate a widebody aircraft for base maintenance check. In total, LTP now operates three heavy maintenance lines in parallel.

It has an extensive line and base maintenance approval from major aviation authorities including the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Europe’s EASA. LTP is certified by the EASA to perform all kinds of maintenance work on the latest Airbus aircraft of the A340-familiy, the A340-600.

LTP’s workforce of 2,800 comprises of highly skilled English-speaking mechanics, engineers and support personnel. Through a partnership with Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines (LTTP), LTP mechanics are certified through EASA part 66-compliant courses.

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 �

Page 8: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

� TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

Philippine Airlines received an Airbus A320 aircraft from Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) after a heavy maintenance check was completed three days ahead of its contracted TAT.

Right after its release, the aircraft immediately entered into service. PAL is now utilizing the A320 to serve its domestic route.

This event is the first of the five A320 heavy maintenance checks in PAL’s campaign which will continue until the end of 2010.

The scope of the heavy check involved compliance of six-year maintenance tasks, cabin refurbishment, out-of-phase tasks, scuff sanding and painting. LTP also performed engineering orders with regard to airworthiness directives and service bulletins issued by Airbus.

The contracted turnaround time (TAT) for this check was 30 days but LTP was able to release the aircraft on day 27. Much credit on the shortened TAT is given to the early

First PAL A320 D-check concludes ahead of schedule

execution of critical inspection tasks and the outstanding cooperation shown by the teams involved in the event. In preparation for the first heavy check on a PAL A320 aircraft, all concerned groups—Aircraft Overhaul, Aircraft Maintenance, Material Management and Engine and Component Overhaul departments—started their preparations early this year, giving weight to the review of tools and materials essential to the heavy check.

With almost 10 years of experience in providing maintenance to the A320 family, LTP has solid expertise in handling this type of aircraft. LTP has been performing A-checks and C-checks on PAL’s A320s since year 2000. LTP has carried out heavy maintenance check on the A320 aircraft of Lufthansa German Airlines, Jetstar Airways and Vladivostok.

Aside from experience, this heavy check also benefited from the exemplary collaboration within the Lufthansa Technik network. A Senior Project Manager from

Lufthansa Technik Budapest assumed the role of an onsite consultant and provided the needed technical expertise for the layover.

Prior to this event, Shannon Aerospace used to perform heavy maintenance checks on the A320 fleet of PAL, which now consists of 22 aircraft. To serve its key customer fully, LTP built its A320 D-check capability and dedicated one line that can accommodate up to two A320 aircraft. As stated by Pearlie Martina Rubio, Key Accounts Manager, this is a decision made by the LTP Board of Directors to support the growing A320 fleet of Philippine Airlines. With the expansion of its capability, LTP now offers complete maintenance and overhaul services for the Airbus family of aircraft to the customers.

� TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has recently signed two contracts with the Lufthansa Technik group covering line maintenance and Total Component Support TCS® for the airline’s new B777-300ER fleet.

In the first contract, LTP is tasked to provide line maintenance services for PAL’s B777-300ERs fleet both within

PAL’s B���-300ER fleet to receive line maintenance and component support

LTP’s facilities and Terminal 2 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

A total of six B777-300ERs has been planned to form PAL’s fleet of the aircraft type. While two B777’s are to be leased by PAL from GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS), the option to acquire four more planes as direct purchases from Boeing is being strongly considered.

PAL’s first B777-300ER recently received a warm welcome and a ceremonial blessing upon arriving at Bay 3 of LTP. The second aircraft, also under lease arrangements, is reportedly due for delivery in January 2010.

The delivery of PAL’s new

batch of Boeing planes will allow the operator to enhance its long-haul flights.

In line with this upgrade, the Philippine flag carrier also inked a 12-year agreement with Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) and LTP for a Total Component Support TCS® deal covering the Boeing 777-300ER fleet.

The TCS® is one of Lufthansa Technik’s premier products which involves a seamless integration of component maintenance and access to a pool of materials stock at Lufthansa Technik in Frankfurt. Readily available parts from the pool resource will replace any unserviceable part removed and shipped to Frankfurt.

With TCS®, PAL will also

maintain an on-site stock to easily secure no-go material needs of the aircraft particularly during an aircraft on ground (AOG) situation. LTP will carry out the removal, installation and shipment preparations of the components covered under the pool arrangement. At the same time, an in-house repair for fast-moving items will be performed within LTP.

The B777-300ER is the world’s largest long-range twin-engine commercial aircraft with a range of up to 14,685 kilometers. It is known for being cost-efficient with its minimized fuel consumption. The aircraft holds a 370-seating passenger capacity in a two-class cabin configuration.

Page 9: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 9

AS A finale to a banner year for Lufthansa Technik Philippines, the Manila-based MRO company will once again welcome its customers, colleagues and friends in the industry to its booth at the MRO Asia Exhibition and Conference in AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong on December 8-10, 2009.

Adding highlight to LTP’s presence at the annual exhibition and conference is the participation of Dominik Wiener-Silva, LTP Vice President for Marketing and Sales, as one of the resource speakers at the conference. Wiener-Silva will join the Interactive Session entitled, “MRO Industry Plain Talk on Coping During Tough Times”.

LTP is located at booth number 224, adjacent to Ameco Beijing’s booth.

Produced by Aviation Week, the MRO Asia Exhibition and Conference brings together a diverse group of airline operators,

Participation at MRO Asia caps year 2009 for LTP

OEMs, and MRO suppliers. Delegates from all over the world attend this annual event to further their business contacts and relationships in the Asia Pacific region.

See you at the LTP booth!

Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) built strong presence at the three-day Asian Aerospace International Expo and Congress 2009 at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong as it joined Lufthansa Technik AG’s booth at the exhibit.

“The conference was a great opportunity to further build our network in the industry. Major players, competitors, customers and partners in aviation both globally and within the region were seen in the event. LTP’s

LTP shows strong presence at Asian Aerospace ‘09

presence was a chance to highlight our expertise and commitment as an aircraft MRO provider, most especially here in Asia,” shares Dominik Wiener-Silva, LTP Vice President Marketing and Sales.

One of the featured speakers, Cathay Pacific Airways Engineering Director Christopher Gibbs, discussed cost control among low-cost carriers and the challenges brought by the changes in the MRO industry.

Seen at one of this year’s biggest trade fairs in the aviation industry is Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP), together with fellow Lufthansa Technik AG subsidiaries under a shared exhibit booth.

The MRO Europe conference is an annual event that hopes to deliver the right aviation products, services and information to its targeted visitors and guests. This year, the three-day exhibition was held at the Hamburg Messe und Congress in Germany. It was in this occasion where LTP had the chance to share and showcase the organization as a key provider of A320, A330, and A340 base maintenance services.

Similar to the previously attended Asian Aerospace conference in Hong Kong, central to the speakers’ discussions was the impact of the crisis in the aviation industry. August Wilhelm Henningsen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Technik AG talked about how the financial crisis forced a change in MRO and airline strategies.

To further bring to the fore its position in the aviation and airline market today, LTP will make a return to Hong Kong for another three-day MRO Asia conference at the AsiaWorld Expo on December 8-10, 2009. It will occupy its own exhibit booth beside Ameco Beijing.

Headway at MRO Europe

TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 9

Page 10: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

10 TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

MORE THAN 500 employees of Lufthansa Technik Philippines were not spared by the onslaught of typhoon “Ketsana”. Without any hesitation, the LTP family reached out to their fellow employees.

A few days after “Ketsana” struck, a team of LTP employees, headed by the Human Resource Department and Employees Council, visited the affected employees and distributed necessities such as food, clothes, beddings and toiletries.

Those who were not affected by the typhoon made their contributions by donating cash or necessary items.

LTP was not alone in caring for its family. Colleagues within the Lufthansa group also showed concern and sent help. Through the initiative of Elmar Lutter, CEO, and Janos Fay, Human Resource Director, employees from Lufthansa Technik Budapest raised funds and sent it to LTP.

On top of the goods that were distributed, the LTP management, through the decision of LTP shareholders, Lufthansa Technik AG and MacroAsia Corporation, provided financial assistance to the affected employees to help them recover from the unfortunate event.

The wrath of “Ketsana” may be hard and heavy but LTP employees who experienced it were able to stand up and move on with the help of people who took a big step to reach out to them.

LTP shines beacon of hope WHEN THE call to provide

assistance to the United Nations’ relief operations came, Lufthansa Technik Philippines immediately responded.

The Manila office of the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP) requested LTP to provide ground support for two helicopters, which were set to conduct relief operation missions.

Upon landing of the Aviacon Zitotrans-operated Ilyushin-76 (IL-76), which was carrying the two Mi171 helicopters, LTP

UN’s World Food Programme seeks support from LTP

provided ground support. The assistance involved the provisioning of equipment and manpower during the off-loading and transport of chopper parts and materials, which included the rotors, blades, rear door assemblies, to LTP’s Bay 4 for re-assembly.

Still with LTP’s assistance, the Russian helicopters were towed to the run-up area of Philippine Air Force (PAF) before finally taking off to fulfill relief operations for victims of the recent hard-hitting typhoon “Ketsana”.

Hawaiian Airlines did not think twice about helping when they learned the catastrophe that the storm “Ketsana” caused. More so, the courage, unity and willingness of the Filipinos to help despite their own predicament inspired Hawaiian Airlines.

In response, Hawaiian Airlines launched the HA Manila Relief Fund, a program that aims to provide sustainable help to those who were affected until such time that they have recovered from the calamity.

The HA Manila Relief Fund has been providing assistance

Hawaiian Airlines lends a helping hand

Reportedly, the helicopters will stay in the Philippines for at least three months to conduct relief missions.

“We, at LTP, are delighted to use our facilities in a direct way to support the WFP relief efforts. This is LTP’s way of showing the bayanihan spirit to support the timely reassembly of these vital helicopters,” says Richard Lynch, LTP Vice President for Material Management.

According to Jean-Francois Lafont of WFP Aviation Services, the helicopters under registries RA22432 and RA22446, were flown all the way from Turkey and were being used for firefighting activities.

The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency in the fight against global hunger. It is a frontline agency of the United Nations, and relies entirely on voluntary contributions for its funding. WFP’s principal donors are governments, but the organization also receives donations from private sectors and individuals.

to the hard hit areas. More importantly, this assistance goes to their employees who showed great dedication during the calamity when they made sure that Hawaiian Airlines’ flights go on as scheduled despite their

personal situation. The aftermath of tropical

storm “Ketsana” may be a picture of despair but on the other side of things, it has also brought out the best qualities that make us human.

10 TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009

The Hawaiian Airlines team during a visit in an evacuation center.

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TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 11

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Sales — Base Maintenance for A320, A330/A340 Region: • Europe and CIS Manager Business Development & Sales Executive • Middle East and AfricaDirk Petereit • Australia [email protected] • LeasingPhone +63-2-855-2222 ext. 8540 Mobile +63-917-807-8420

Sales — Base Maintenance for A320, A330/A340 Region: • Europe and CISSenior Sales Executive • Middle East and AfricaFrank Stauch • [email protected] • LeasingPhone +63-2-855-9374Mobile +63-917-571-8209

Sales — Base Maintenance for A320, A330/A340 Region: • AsiaManager • Pacific RimDino Santos • USA and [email protected] • Latin AmericaPhone +63-2-855-9319Mobile +63-917-838-5746

Sales — Line Maintenance and AOGSenior Account ExecutiveErick [email protected] +63-2-855-2222 ext. 8527Mobile +63-917-850-7147

Sales — Personnel DeploymentAccount ExecutiveMa. Nikki [email protected] +63-2-855-2222 ext. 8526

Key Account — Philippine AirlinesManagerPearl [email protected] +63-2-855-9315Mobile +63-917-793-1509

Marketing Communications • Press and public relations Section Manager • BrochuresLiza Martija • Technilink [email protected] • Advertising materialsPhone +63-2-855-9215 • Conferences and eventsMobile +63-917-857-7127 • Website and intranet

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Page 12: Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks Files/TL_4Q09_CE.pdf · Celebrating 100 A330/A340 heavy maintenance checks. 2TechniLink 4th Quarter 2009 ... maintenance checks

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