cesil and chimah-origins of the gods by teddy lee pugh

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Modern day scientific thought tends to be leaning more and more toward the consideration, due to the evidence recently explored, of master intelligent designers. If they do exist, and this does seem logical-then according to the laws of physics and relativity they must have origins, and or a home planet! Join me as I use ancient Hebrew documents to decode the origins of these Gods of antiquity in order to better understand why we humans are here and what our ultimate destiny will be!


Cimah - Cesil

Origins of the GodsBy: Teddy Lee

This book is dedicated to all curious minds, who desire to better understand the GOD OF ISRAEL - YHWH, or Yahweh, and to better know of HIS ETERNAL PERSONAGE!

Acknowledgements all go to the desire YHWH has given me to understand the deep mysteries of cosmic space-time-matter, and a genuine Christian home in the mountains of southeast Kentucky. GOD bless all races of beings - AMEN!

[email protected] ~ copyright by T-C-P, a TLP fine arts work, [email protected] 2008 - all rights reserved by Threshold D.O.D. musical group Berea, Kentucky. Also by BMI publishing Nashville, Tennessee.

Special note; it is highly recommended that you the reader check my most recent works: The Seventh Dimension; Apocalypse; and Reference Point.

2: The Hebrew YHWH, and Yahweh is used 90% of the time instead of the English substitutes that misrepresent the actual identification of the God Of Israel.

Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods

Contents Introduction

Chapter One ~ Eternal Personage

Chapter Two ~ Light Bearer

Chapter Three ~ Eternal Creation

Chapter Four ~a Condemned Worship

Chapter Five ~ Points Of Light

Chapter Six ~ Angelic Procedure

Chapter Seven ~ the Seven Stars

Chapter Eight ~ Taurus the Bull

Chapter Nine ~ Nibiru Final Analysis

Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods

Introduction A young mountain boy retires to his bed, at his home in Lotts Creek, Kentucky, and another school day awaits him just in a few hours. Tonight is special, though, for at the age of 7 years old, he is about to lose another front tooth! His momma tells him, now do not forget to place it under your pillow, and the tooth fairy will leave you money in place of it. The boy does as his mother asked of him, and the next morning there was a dollar bill instead of the tooth! It worked for him every time, so his faith in the tooth fairy steadily increased, and he anxiously waited for the next tooth to come out, because of the miracle performed by this supernatural being!

One day the author arose from a good nights sleep, and questions concerning all the things he had believed in, bombarded his inner being with great intensity! Questions like; do I believe in GOD, YHWH, for all the wrong reasons? Is He, in character and personality, really like what I have been taught, or are there hidden truths that are trying to surface in my life, and so as to pull the rug out from under all my former embedded beliefs! This is exactly what happened to this ole mountain reared Pentecostal boy! It was on this very day that the author went on a 90 day research campaign to find out more about this GOD, and this BOOK, that I have spent my whole life believing in! The results of my research were overwhelmingly dramatic! The research revealed to me the whole unadulterated truth concerning the prophecies of the Ancient Of Days; it revealed to me the real truth concerning the state of the dead; the true personage of the Eternal One! What His true plan is for humans and planet earth! The conflict among divine beings over Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods His law, and the beauty of this 10 code law! The magnificent work of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary of which ancient Israels was an earthly archetype. Also of great significance is the act of believing in a God that dwells in the invisible world, and thus usually cannot be seen in the material world. However, this is why 50 days after Passover the next big feast of Yahweh - Pentecost, He delivered to all believers a special power from the source of all energy-life-substance. This was so He could go back to His point of origin and perform His duties of High Priest in the celestial temple. Then we have the dilemma of His origins? Just where did such a being of light and power originate from? The bible seems to indicate that He is the great I AM, the Eternal One, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending; indicating that the physical cosmos is set up on beginnings and endings! Yet in original Hebrew documents certain abstract words like; forever, no beginning or ending, probably and more accurately mean,

that, in our physical dimension, we cannot comprehend the laws and the units of measured events for extraterrestrial beings! Certain English bible texts, would have one inclined to believe, that, this being has no origin, descent, without any beginning nor ending of days - which sounds real neat and all, but there is a lot of evidence to support the logical assumption of a definite beginning or a point of origin! He is to believers, our Savior and our High Priest, who has returned back to His point of origin to complete a most vital work in the heavenly tabernacle! This point of origin is exactly the opposite of the composition and nature of the material world of sight-color-sound. The bible expounds to us that the physical body Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods cannot hold up under the strain of the presence of divine beings! Earthquakes, storms, soldiers falling like dead men, Paul being blinded by the light emanating from this cosmic being - all of these things are a result of the union of seen and unseen forces similar to the explosive effect of the union of matter-antimatter! So then, when they leave their world they had a point of origin - the intangible domain. After they accomplish their objectives, then their work has temporally ended, so there is a starting and an ending point to any given set of physical and spiritual laws of force in motion. This is commonsense physics! It is also a fact, that, in the spiritual realm it is a altogether different ballgame, with different rules, and the stakes are high. The spiritual transformation of humans is the main priority of YHWH! Now please try to keep this one thing in mind - when you are use to measuring celestial events in whole eons of time, then I guess to our little feeble minds - these beings have no literal end or beginning. We shall, however, inevitable see, as we travel on

through this book, that, divine beings do have a point of origin, only dont forget they dwell in the eternal-spiritual realm of the higher dimensions!

Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods

Chapter One ~ Eternal Personage (Study Revelation chapters 1-2-3-4-5 and 22)

In the book of Revelation chapter one, is seen the full personage of the being who shared and suffered along with fellow humans. He is seen in the same manner as most of all the other prophets described Him - with His eyes of fire, complexion as the sun, feet and legs with the appearance of burning brass, girded about with gold, hair white as snow, and the voice of a multitude! He spoke and said, fear not John; I am Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. Now He had in His right hand 7 stars, and He walked among 7 golden candlesticks! Even though the passage seems to indicate that these things represent the 7 churches in Asia, and the 7 angels of the churches, they pack around a much heavier weight of divine revelation. Notice that the 7 candles, and candlesticks, is a part of the scene of the holy sanctuary of Hebrew antiquity. Also note, He is holding 7 stars in His right hand; or He is

the possessor of them; or He is the creator of them! The book of Revelation is continually holding up the banner of Christs Creatorship, and it is the major issue within the grand prophetic framework! The prophetic language of Johns apocalypse indicates that the 7 lights, or lamps in chapter 4, stand for the 7 spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. In chapter 5, the Lamb slain for humans is seen having 7 horns and 7 eyes which are the 7 spirits of God. It seems that 7s are very important to this being, and He likes a lot of company to hang Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods out with Him, to aid in overseeing the divine works of the universe! The elders, cherubim, angelic orders, and all other creatures, are seen singing and rejoicing over the creation of visible matter, and the fact, that, the mystery of the cosmos belongs to the Lamb; who through His eternal sacrifice, has forever linked humanity to the unseen spiritual realm. At the start of the letter to Laodicea, the text expounds that Christ(Michael), is the faithful and true witness; the beginning of the creation of Yahweh(Heb.). Other texts such as Hebrews chapter one, and verses 1-4, tells us, that, through the personage of this being, the Eternal Force created all worlds! Christ - Yahsua - The Most High - YHWH; is the beginning of all visible substance, and or tangible matter! This would also mean, that, such a being created the milky way galaxy, the 12 constellations, and all creatures in all life-supporting star systems! In the Taurus bull constellation lies the 7 stars of the group cluster known as Pleiades. The star clusters of Pleiades and Orion are found in numerous ancient Hebrew documents. In Hebrew they are known as Cimah and Cesil, and the 12 signs are known as Mazzaroth. What will become of significance to us, is, what is revealed in the bible

concerning these star systems, and of a probable designated point of origin of the powerful deity of the old and new testaments! So now, let me try and finish up on my original thought of just what is the true significance behind the 7 stars, outside the meaning of those long-gone-forgottenchurches of Asia? In the book of Amos chapter 5, and verse 8, the prophet is exhorting YHWHS people Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods

to seek Him, who made the 7 stars and Orion.

Please do not forget these words spoken by the prophet Amos. For when we begin to examine more ancient text, one will begin to realize that the words spoken by Amos are the foundational tool in determining a possible origin of the God of Israel.

Teddy Pugh, Origins of the Gods

Chapter Two ~ Light Bearer (Study Isaiah chapter 14, Ezekie