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Chamundi #34 Weekly Bulletin of Rotary Mysore dt 2Mar2014


  • George C. Hager, Rotary Club of Chicago, Illinois, USA 28th President of Rotary International, 1938-39 "Rotary believes that the citizen who best serves his country is the one who wishes to know the truth about his neighbors, and who desires to replace hatred between nations with friendship." Issue: 34, 2nd March, 2014 TAARE' ZAMEEN PAR special show of special children As every year over the last 7 years, Rotary Mysore will be hosting its flagship event Taare Zameen Par for the special children of Mysore district on Sunday, 2nd March, at Jaganmohan Palace auditorium here from 8 am and 6 pm. About 850 children from 18 Schools will participate in this event. This is a special day for the special children who have an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents to the outside normal world. The talent show is open to all special children of the special schools in the city. The contests will be in the following categories: Fancy dress, solo & group dance, singing, mono-acting, drawing and article-making. Prizes in each category will be awarded and mementos to every participant will be given. Three prizes will be given to Schools with overall best performance. All this is possible thanks to generous contributions from a number of our Rotarians every year and this year. Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, Founder, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, will be the chief guest. PDG Rtn. R.Guru and Sundar, Associate Vice-President, Global Education Centre, Infosys, Mysore, will be the guests of honour. Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji will be the chief guest for the valedictory. Visitors from RID 5440 Last Thursday, 20th Feb, it was a rare occasion when senior Rotarians from RID 5440 in the US visited us. Led by 2012-13 DG RID 5440 Mike Forney, the team had Rtn. Dr. Krishna C. Murthy & others from US addressing us on Rotary in US at the Rotary Center. Introduced by PP S.K.Sanjay, PDG Mike Forney who is a trainer at the Rotary Leadership Institute and a pilot, is most comfortable as a Proud Rotarian. He recounted that where others alighting at the Bangalore airport needed to be received with placards carrying Rotary District Governor Rtn. S. Gururaj will be the guest of honour. Soften (a social initiative of InfosysMysore Employees), Inner Wheel Mysore, Rotaract Clubs of Mysore, NIE, GIMDS are associated with the event. It is a touching experience to watch the children perform with enormous zeal and enthusiasm. The selfsatisfaction that one derives from TZP is enormous. Encourage them, as always Rotarians, Anns, Annettes please, at 8am this Sunday 2nd March.
  • CHAMUNDI names and designations, the Rotary symbol was enough to identify him. As one who has visited Kenya, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Moscow, Portugal as a GSE Leader and as a leader of vocational training teams, he is proud to represent 1.2 m Rotarians. Today people trust Rotarians. He was touched to visit a Bangalore Eye hospital performing 5000 operations / month. PDG Forney represents RC Steam Boat Springs Colorado, which has 11,000 people, is 7,000 ft above sea level, and under 5 ft snow in winter. Its winter sports club has 1500 athletes, and had 17 Olympians representing US in the Winter Olympics recently concluded. The Brazilian Rotary has come forward to work with his club on the recent devastating Colorado flooding. The RID has 53 clubs and 3300 Rotarians. The district is huge and covers 420,000 sq. miles and has 54 mountains that are over 14000 ft in altitude. They are doing a joint project with RID 3180. PDG Forney shared memorabilia of his club and district with us. Dr. Lee Jeffrey, of Colorado Springs which has 150 members, joined Rotary in Jan 2008. He is a gynecologist and is visiting us with Ann Carla. Dr. Krishna C. Murthy, of RC Port Collins, is a product of MMC Mysore. He is on a respiratory project to Mission Hospital and has participated in about 60 matching grant projects along with RID 3180. He has closely worked with Dr. Narayana of PolioPlus India. Fellowship at the Blue Lagoon Nearly a hundred of us - Rotarians with Anns and Annettes descended on the KRS backwaters, popularly known as Blue Lagoon and celebrated World Rotary Day there along with a grand Fellowship. The initial assembly was at the Rotary Center at around 11 am and the next pickup point was on the KRS road. On the way, Rotaractors helped us by providing directions and boards at strategic locations. Rtn. Raghavan had even provided a stepby-step photographic route map to the pristine location. The venue was beckoning and soothing to the eye... a pandal erected near the river bank gave relief from the scorching sun. Some of us went directly into the water along with the children. And then we were onto some fun and games. The Tug of War was aborted half-way but an equally enjoyable variation of Musical Chairs had all the participants on their feet and alternating between up-andrunning and down-and-out. Inner Wheel members had organized interesting games to suit the occasion. Yummy food of all varieities was made available followed by (kiwi fruit) dessert and cool rabdi. Cocktails were arranged thanks to our Sooper(B) boys of Rotary Mysore and the food was sponsored by Rtn. Raghavan. Even the small mishap luckily ended with All's well that ends well. All in all the members had a real blast and found the experience soo relaxing and were rejuvenated to face the week ahead!
  • Rotary Information Was Paul Harris the first president of a Rotary club? No. Was Paul Harris the first president of Rotary International? Yes. There is an easy explanation to this apparent contradiction. Although Paul Harris was the founder and organizer of the first Rotary club in Chicago in 1905, the man selected to be the first president was one of the other founding members, Silvester Schiele. It is 109 years since Rotary came into being. Some good to know facts on the occasion. Paul Harris - First but Not First By the year 1910 there were 16 Rotary clubs, which linked up as an organization called the National Association of Rotary Clubs. Two years later the name was changed to the International Association of Rotary Clubs, as Rotary was organized in Winnipeg, Canada, and then in England, Ireland and Scotland. In 1922 the name was shortened to Rotary International. Congrats Harish Shenoy President of Round Table India, our own Rtn. Harish Shenoy is making things happen. He is seen here with Ms. Gauri Khan, Brand Ambassador, Round Table India. Rotary International President-Elect Gary Huang hopes to warm up to China's president Xi Jinping as easily as he warmed up the crowd of fellow Rotarians at a club meeting in Muscatine on Monday. One of Huang's big goals as the upcoming president of Rotary International is to expand Rotary into China. Huang hopes to take advantage of the relationship some local Rotarians built with Xi when he visited Muscatine in 1985 and 2012. "It truly is a special, special day," Rotary District Governor Jacque Andrew said as she introduced Huang. Gearing up Rotary for entry in China She described the district's excitement at having Huang visit, smiling as she said, "We didn't think it was ever going to happen." Huang's friends in China have already arranged a meeting with Xi, during which they will pass along photos and stories from Huang's visit. Huang said he believes this will prompt Xi to meet with him. Huang expresses hope that he, and Rotary, will be well received by Xi, saying "I think [Xi] has a heart, he has a feeling, like a Rotarian." When the first organization of Rotary clubs was created in 1910, Paul Harris was selected as the first president. He served in this position for two years, from 1910 until 1912. Thus, the founder of the Rotary idea, who declined to be president of the first club, became the first president of the worldwide organization. Rotary International. INDIA POLIO FREE Michel Jazzar, Rotary International Representative to the United Nations I participated in the second round of the polio vaccination campaign that took place in Lebanon between 6 and 10 December 2013, organized by the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and WHO with the support of almost 200 volunteers from Rotary and Rotaract Clubs. The expansive awareness campaign was approved by the International Polio Committee and funded by the Rotary Foundation.... March Literacy Month Objective: Highlight successful literacy projects or increase awareness of the area's literacy needs.
  • CHAMUNDI Annets' Corner Generation Z IronMan With advances in technology, more and more brands are competing with one another to come out with Electronic Wearables.. Wear these in-things on your body, you may start looking like IronMan! Torso OMSignal's spandex shirt tracks and transmits breathing patterns, heart rate, and location data via Bluetooth. time to celebrate Waist Lumo BodyTech's Bluetooth LumoBack belt makes sure you sit straight when your shoulder droops and also how long you sit, stand or sleep. ($150) Birthdays Ravi N. Harish Shenoy Rajaram M.R. Feet Sensoria's anklet, paired with socks tracks info on distance covered and at what speed ($149) Rotary Anniversary Ananth Raj Urs K.G. 24th Feb 25th Feb 27th Feb 1st Mar 1989 Ear: Smart Earbuds tracks heart rate with sensors placed in the buds. Eye: Google Glass wearable computer with optical head-mounted display; displays info and communicate with internet in natural language voice commands. Have A Good Day Chest Quardiocore heart monitor sends ECG to a smartphone, which can then be forwarded to a doctor (($450) Quote Hanger Hand - Liquid Image EgoLS streams videos live. Helps athletes who want to share their trail and records. ($200) Wrist LG's life band combines a fitness tracker and a smart watch