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Character Formation- Prof.

Pramod Bhatnagar

What is the foremost requirement to uplift the soulMoney Physical Strength Mental Strength Behaviour Character

What you can not get in Inheritance Wealth Property Character Wisdom

Those who adopt good moral conduct in place of wicked conduct achieve excellent life and longevity.

Human life is an invaluable gift from God Man has received the facilities not granted to any other life form. They are Power to think, talk, write, read etc Family, medical care, industry, housing, vehicles.

Why all this special grace of God on Man only ?To achieve immortality

How man can get immortalityBy Money By physical strength By Daivee Sampda (Divine Gift)

Excellent Men Have Some Special QualitiesFaith Austerity Compassion Charity Forgiveness Gentleness Trust Patient Courage Stability Balance mind Generosity

Mrutyoho padum yopayanto yadaita draaghiya Aayuhu pratarum dadhanahaa, Aapyaayamaanaaahaa prajyaa dhanena Shuddhaahaa pootaa bhatata yagyiyaasaha (Rigved10/18/2) U h H

MeaningThose who adopt good moral conduct in place of wicked conduct, achieve excellent life and longevity. They obtain physical and mental purity while being blessed with money and children

India is the country of Great men Some of them are Subhash Chandra Bose Maharshi Arvind Ramkrishna Paramhans Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya

But Great men counted on fingertips are not sufficientThe level of our ordinary and very ordinary people also should be excellent

Adhendvaa charati maayayaisha Vaachum shushruvaam aphalaampushpam(Rigved 10/71/5)

U c

MeaningThose who do not practice moral conduct, they do not get benefit despite being educated, just as a cow produced by a magician does not give milk.

Our bodily requirements are ordinary and can be easily fulfilled. We waste our extra capacity in Useless talking Searching faults of others Negative and destructive thoughts Getting rich without hard labor

How can we utilize our extra capacityBy helping others By teaching others By improving our self and others In Self reforming By Good behaviour

Ways to Live HappilyBy Proper Diet By Proper Daily Routine By Exercise Positive and Constructive Thinking

Most People are not prepared to amend their bad conduct and they are not willing to replace wicked conduct with good conduct even then they expect God to fulfill their desires

Most people think by doing ritual worship, sing, hymn, praising God by imploring or by making offerings they can get work done through Him.

Real Meaning of Worship Gods qualities be firmly impressed on our memory and behaviour and to create maximum cleanliness, discretion and purity in our minds and soul.

We have1. Time 2. Labour 3. Intelligence 4. MoneyFor the service of Mankind, we can utilize only or all of them

For fulfilling the Gods Wish We should include maximum purity, generosity and excellent ideals in our thinking, attitudes, qualities, deeds, nature and activities.