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Chicago Field Museum. Patrick Olchawa, Morgan Rudy, Erica Burgos, Kristin Frost, David Dieschbourg , Kevin Snauko. The Field Museum:. An educational institution concerned with diversity and relationships in nature. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chicago Field Museum

Chicago Field MuseumPatrick Olchawa, Morgan Rudy, Erica Burgos, Kristin Frost, David Dieschbourg, Kevin Snauko

1The Field Museum:An educational institution concerned with diversity and relationships in nature.Provides collection-based research and learning for greater public understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live.An institution that uses its research and public learning programs to serve and educate people of all ages.

2Situation AnalysisIntroduced on Sept. 16, 1893 asColumbian Museum of ChicagoMuseum later renamed after largest donorMarshall FieldOver 20 million specimens in allHas the worlds largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil skeleton (Sue)

3S.W.O.T AnalysisStrengthsHistory with ChicagoGreat location and beautiful architectureEducational atmosphereVariety of exhibitsWeaknessesNot as fun as other museumsPrice of admissionLack of interactive exhibits

OpportunitiesMore interactive exhibitsTeam up with local businessesRe-vamp website

ThreatsOther local museumsEconomy

4Product FeaturesThe Field Museum boasts the largest and most complete fossilized skeleton of a T-Rex (Sue)Over 20 million preserved specimensTemporary exhibits circulate throughout the yearWide variety of online exhibits

5Key Advertising ObjectivesReinvigorate current imageExpand target audienceMake it the premier museum in Chicago

6Target AudienceSuburban FamiliesChicago FamiliesMore specifically affluent communitiesAge groups 30-40Schools/Teachers

7Message StrategyThe Big Idea: Reinvent the Field Museums reputationEncourage visitors to Reconnect with History Never Stop ExploringKeep ExploringIncrease attendance, particularly among families

8Campaign StrategiesCreate awareness for Chicago Field Museum.Use a 3 season advertising planSpring, Summer and Fall consistent advertisingDifferent media outlet for each season

9Message StrategyMain Advertising OutletsCTA buses, trains, and stationsOutdoor advertisingDirect mailersSports sponsorships/partnershipsMagazine/newspapers

10Budget Allocation11AdsNo Need for Those Here!Sue: The worlds largest and most complete skeleton of a T-Rex

12AdsNever Stop ExploringCome spend a night at The Field Museum and let your dreams run wild!

13Ads (Commercial)

14Ads (CTA Train)

15Ads (CTA Buses/Trains & Stations)

16ConclusionNew Target AudienceNew Innovative Types of AdvertisingCreate Awareness for The Field Museum


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