chiroptera (hand-wing)

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Chiroptera (hand-wing)

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Chiroptera (hand-wing). Order Chiroptera. only true flying mammals date to Eocene (50 mya) worldwide 17 families 170 genera 850 species suborders Megachiroptera-flying foxes of tropics Microchiroptera-worldwide. Pennsylvania’s Bats. all are Verspertilionids, ‘evening’ bats - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Chiroptera (hand-wing)

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Order Chiroptera

• only true flying mammals• date to Eocene (50 mya)• worldwide

– 17 families– 170 genera– 850 species

• suborders– Megachiroptera-flying foxes of tropics– Microchiroptera-worldwide

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Pennsylvania’s Bats• all are Verspertilionids, ‘evening’ bats• all are insectivorous, hence migrate or hibernate• 11 species belonging to 6 genera

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Little Brown MyotisMyotis lucifugus

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Little Brown Myotis

Just the facts:• PA’s most common bat• 6-9 grams• may live to 25 years• favors ponds and streams for foraging• forages at about 13 mph, 3-6 m above ground• mate in early autumn; fertilization in spring upon rousing; 50-

60 day gestation• move to maternity colonies of hundreds• born after 30 minute labor in late May weighing1.5 grams• reaches sexual maturity at 8 mos.

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Northern MyotisMyotis septontrionalis

Formerly Keen’s Myotis, Myotis keenii

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Indiana Myotis/Pink-faced BatMyotis sodalis

Federally Endangered

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Distinctive calcar

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Small-footed MyotisMyotis leibii

PA Threatened

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Silver-haired BatLasionycteris noctivagans

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Eastern PipistrellePipistrellus subflavus

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Big Brown BatEptesicus fuscus

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Red BatLasiurus borealis

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Hoary BatLasiurus cinereus

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Evening BatNycticeius humeralis

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Vampire Bat

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