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The company’s mission statement

• The company’s mission statement is “To invest in our people to derive a culture driven by innovation to deliver quality service whilst providing superior returns and value to our stakeholders.” • The core values of CIMB employees are:

Integrity, Innovation, Client Orientation, Teamwork and Efficiency.

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List all the company’s business portfolio

• The company’s business portfolio for management at CIMB Banking is, they continuously uphold the best wealth management practices to meet the complete needs of our esteemed directs.

• They believed that a sound strategic asset allocation strategy is the key to long term investment success. The basis of their recommended strategy will depend upon an in-depth study of their risk appetite, long term needs and financial goals.

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Select two strategies from product/ market expansion grid.Explain two examples from each strategy which has been used by the company.

• Strategies that been used by the company is market penetration. • This strategy is for the CIMB bank Company by increasing sales

of current products to current market segment without changing the original product. They introducing BizLoyalty, It is the first business loyalty programme of its kind in Malaysia that allows to earn points (known as 'BizPoints') from various business transactions and redeem them for an array of products and services offered by participating merchants. Enjoy many business privileges and redeem amazing gifts exclusively for BizLoyalty customers. The more they transact, the more BizPoints they earn and the more they can redeem! Be part of this rewarding programme today and give the business an added advantage.

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• Second example is it offers new job opportunity. Whether they are a fresh graduate or someone seeking a new challenge, CIMB provides the platform for the best candidates to shine at every career level. The platform is not just for fresh graduates but also to interns, sales personnel and experienced hires.

• For fresh graduates as a recent graduate, they say the world is their oyster. Career pathways with them are through the complete banker TMProgramme, CIMB fusion and direct hire. For interns, their internship programme provides practical work experience with the leading universal banking group in ASEAN and allows opportunities to apply knowledge beyond academic learning..

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• For sales personnel, CIMB has an array of investment products ranging from standard financial instruments to sophisticated exotics. They provide a wide range of consumer banking products such as mortgages, loans, credit cards and foreign exchange services. They also advise clients and provide strategic guidance that capitalises on opportunities to grow wealth. Lastly is experienced hires, move the career forward in high performance environment. Now that they will have some experience under their belt and are ready to explore a career change, step up their game at CIMB. The opportunities are endless so check out their latest vacancies

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• The other strategies are market development. • The strategy is for company growth identifying and developing

new market segment for current company products. It is to review new geographical markets. CIMB Group today operates across ASEAN under several corporate entities including CIMB Investment Bank, CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic, CIMB Niaga, CIMB Securities and CIMB Thai. While the Group has a presence in 17 markets around the globe, their main markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand primarily focus on Consumer Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking and Markets and Group Asset Management & Insurance. They draw on their people, knowledge and insights to serve and connect their customers and to harness the power of scale and diversity of ASEAN for their customers.

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Corporate &










Management Insurance







Hong Kong &








Sri Lanka

Taiwan Region


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• The second example is to review new demographics markets by sponsoring in an event. CIMB Group is committed to supporting different communities in ASEAN through the sponsorship of events and individuals, particularly in the areas of sports development and community activities such as Squash. CIMB Group has been a very strong supporter in the development of squash in the country since 2005. Our commitment towards the development of the sport is clearly reflected in the banking group being the title sponsor of international tournaments such as the CIMB KL Open Squash Championships and the CIMB Malaysian Open Squash Championships. Other than that is in golf. CIMB Group is the title sponsor for the CIMB Classic, the first ever PGA TOUR sanctioned event in Southeast Asia which attracts world-class players. After that in The Edge-Bursa Malaysia KL Rat Race.

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• CIMB Group joins Corporate Malaysia in sponsoring teams to run in the annual race through the financial district of Kuala Lumpur. Funds raised from the event are channeled to support selected beneficiaries involved in various causes. CIMB also sponsoring University students in Thailand. CIMB Thai has been sponsoring the annual University Students’ Competition since 2009 as part of efforts to promote education and build work skills among students in Thailand. There is also for business forum in Indonesia. CIMB Niaga sponsored a Business Forum held in collaboration with the Financial Club to discuss issues relating to ASEAN and its social and economic development. Lastly, for ASEAN report as part of CIMB Group’s commitment to champion the acceleration of ASEAN integration and the region’s links to the rest of the world, we are proud to sponsor Bloomberg TV’s ASEAN Report.

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Develop a SWOT analysis for that company. Each analysis must have 2 points• SWOT analysis for CIMB company:-• 1) Strengths • a) CIMB group has the widest retail branch network across the ASEAN region.• b) With over 40,000 employees, CIMB group reaches 83% of the ASEAN

population, representing 89% of the region’s gross domestic product.• 2) Weaknesses• a) Competition from international banks means limited market growth.• b) Presence restricted to South East Asian nations only.• 3) Opportunity• a) To acquire customers outside ASEAN and to help small scale entrepreneurs.• b) New organization structure and training programmed for employees.• 4) Threats • a) Business income comes from ASEAN region. So any adverse situation in

politics or financial markets and lead to huge losses.

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Marketing Program Impact towards company

RM 5 Book Voucher with every RM50 spent.Pay with CIMB Bank credit card for bonus points

By using CIMB Bank Credit, CIMB will gain interest as the customer use its credit card.Banks derive income from credit cards in three forms: joining and annual fees, merchant fees when credit cards are used for payments, and interest income when credit is utilized beyond the interest-free period,”

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CIMB Junior.With an initial deposit of RM 300=Toy story 3 set and recognition card.Limited edition Toy story 3 will be given when maintain a minimum deposit of RM500 in the first month of account opening.Redeem Toy story 3 with Junior points

More customer will use CIMB and this is a marketing program way of attracting the children and their parents themselves.

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