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2. The Open Knowledge FoundationA not-for-profit organisation promotingopenness in all its forms.Progress through community engagement -organise events to bring people together.We have projects and partnershipsthroughout the world, especially in Europe. We build tools and communities to create, use and share open knowledge - content and data that every one can use, share and build on. Aim to improve governance, research and the economy. 3. CKANOpen source data portal software thatmakes it easy to publish, share and finddata. Rich search and data publishing tools Integrated data storage, processing, viewing andvisualization Geospatial metadata & search (including support forINSPIRE) Extensible and flexible: easy to adapt, extend andintegrate Componentized structure with variety of add-ons: stats,analytics, datastore & data API, social etc Rich restful JSON API 4. Add dataset form Unique URLs for datasets Clear licensing Upload or link to data 5. Add and edit dataset metadata through a simple userinterface, allowing you to: add further resources/files group and tag your dataset, making it easier to find throughbrowsing add maintainer, source and contact details create custom additional fields 6. Resource editor allows you to add additional information todata files themselves: 7. Example dataset 8. Example dataset on 9. Example dataset with enabled social features (share, commentsand Related Stuff) and download counts 10. Numerous social and community features 11. Authorisation & access controlAdd and edit permissions for groups (all datasets belonging toa publisher) or by individual dataset 12. Keyword as well as faceted search provided via webinterface and API 13. Search Example 14. Search Example 15. Using Faceting and tags 16. Several sophisticated geospatial capabilities 17. Geo-search - filterby locationCKAN supports WMSpreviews, INSPIRE,GeoJSON 18. CKAN resource preview can plot data on a mapusing Latitude and Longitude or GeoJSON 19. Extensive visualisation & data explorer functionality: Previews for many types of data Data API for .csv & tabular data Linkable URIs and ability to embed visualisations 20. Data explorer allows filtering, editing, plotting, graphingand embedding 21. Resource view page - data explorer grid view 22. Resource view page - data explorer graph view 23. Stats & analytics: inbuilt + integration with Google Analytics 24. CKAN comes with stats on: numbers of views resource downloads edits 5 star openness ratings 25. Our sophisticated harvesting mechanismallows interoperability between catalogs working on defining a standard metadata spec CKAN supports DCAT + Dublin Core harvests over 15 EU catalogs into onecentral portal 26. CKAN is fully documented - meaning it can be easilyextended, customised and independently supported 27. ... dozens of CKAN deployments around the world 28. One of the latest themed CKAN instances: 29. Language & MultilingualismCKAN portal interfaces areavailable in over 18languages and fullysupport internationalcharacters 30. Language & MultilingualismSignificant recent developments on this front. Multilingual search Consistant navigation and labeling of multilingualdatasets Dataset information (metadata) in multiple languages Per dataset specification of primary language