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THE ADVENTURES OF AENEAS Claire Kappler Sarah Parker Bryan Worters Sadie Hinton Stefano Guillen

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The Adventures of Aeneas

The Adventures of AeneasClaire KapplerSarah ParkerBryan WortersSadie HintonStefano Guillen

Heroic QualitiesAeneas showed responsibility and perseverance when he continued to follow his destiny to RomeAeneas could have just given up, but he didnt because Aeneas knew that he had a journey that he needed to completeBrave. Aeneas displayed bravery when he had to go to the underworld to consult his father.Aeneas displayed bravery when he had to lead his army against Latium and the Rutulians; even when all hope seemed lostAeneas also showed bravery when he had to sneak away from his camp and go find another city/army to help the Trojans

FlawsAeneas really wasnt a hero. He would never have succeeded with his quest without supernatural helpAeneas became distracted from his journey when he met Dido. He wouldnt have continued his journey if Mercury hadnt reminded him of his mission.

Events of the storyAeneas fled Troy with his mother, father and little sonHe tried to settle places but fate (the gods) always told him to leaveAeneas had a dream that he was destined to lead in Hesteria, a western country in ItalyAeneas and his crew traveled on many voyages trying to find HesteriaThe crew eventually came to a land that was ruled by Andromache (Hectors wife) and Helenus

Events of the storyHelenus told Aeneas not to land on the east coast because a lot of Greeks were there (enemies of the Trojans) rather Helenus told Aeneas that his destination was somewhere on the west coastHelenus also told Aeneas to try to go between Sicily and Italy when finding his destinationBut, Aeneas soon found that Sicily was now run by CyclopesFortunately, one of Ulysses (roman name for Odysseus) men told Aeneas and his crew to leave before they were captured by the Cyclopes

Events of the storyAfter the Trojans set sail again, Juno (a goddess) told Aeolus, the god of the winds, to create a severe storm to sink Aeneas shipJuno didnt like Trojans but she especially didnt like Aeneas. If Aeneas made It to his destination, then (according to the fates) he would eventually conquer Carthage, which was Junos pet city.Junos brother stepped in and stopped the storm, which blew Aeneas ship to North Africa (ruled by Dido)Juno formulates a plan to make Dido and Aeneas fall in love so Aeneas never makes it to his destination

Events of the storyVenus intervenes and has Cupid shoot Aeneas with and arrow That sort of makes him fall in love, but not the sort of love that will veer him from his destinyUnfortunately, Aeneas had fallen in love with Dido and didnt want to continue on his way to Rome so, Mercury came to him and told Aeneas that he must continue on to Hesteria, for it was his destinyDido became very angry when Aeneas told her that he had to leave and Dido killed herselfAeneas was very conflicted in leaving Dido, but Aeneas knew that he had to go complete his journey/questHe resolved to just not tell Dido he was leaving (and leave in the middle of the night), but then Dido confronted AeneasAeneas was told by Helenus to go to the cave of the Sibyl of Cumae, who was a woman of deep wisdom, for she would tell Aeneas what to do.

Events of the storySibyl of Cumae guided Aeneas to the underworld so that he could consult his father about what to do to complete his journeyAeneas saw Dido in the underworld but she refused to speak to himAeneas told him how to set up a successful community in Rome so that Aeneas future generations would have a city to come toWhen Aeneas finally arrived to where he would establish Rome, he was welcomed with open arms by Latium (another city in Italy)The king welcomed Aeneas because it had been foretold that the kings daughter, Lavinia, shouldnt marry anyone in the country but an outsider who came in. The king believed that Aeneas was that outsider

Events of the storyNow Juno stepped in and summoned Alecto (worker for Hades) to do three thingsOne: Juno made the Queen of Latium hate the idea of the marriage and forbid itTwo: Juno infuriated the King of the Rutulians (who was a suitor for the princess) by telling him that Lavinia, the person he has been competing for, is now getting marriedThree: There was a Latin farmer who had a beautiful deer and if anyone harmed that deer, they would be seriously hurt. So, Alecto basically forced Aeneas son to shoot and kill the deer, which ignited a war The Rutulians and Latium had two other allies in the war as wellMezentius was a great soldier who fled to Turnus (for help and also to support Turnus) after his people rebelled against himCamilla was born deep in the woods and, as a baby, learned how to shoot a bow and arrowCamilla came to fight with Turnus because she loved the feeling of freedom that fighting gave herEvents of the storyThe Trojans were severely outnumbered and were most likely to be defeated so father Tiber, god of the great river, told Aeneas in a dream to go up the river to Evander, whom he would find as an ally in the warKing Evander was very poor but very kind and told Aeneas to go farther upstream and he would find a wealthy kingdom to be his allyMeanwhile two warriors of the Trojan army, Nisus and Euryalus, had to warn Aeneas how terribly they were losingBut first Nisus had a plan to attack the Rutulians while they were sleepingThe men were successfully killing quite a few soldiers until they were caught and killedFinally Aeneas came back with a huge army to help beat Latium and the Rutulians

Events of the storyThere were many battles until finally Aeneas and Turnus faced off in single combatAeneas defeats and kills Turnus, marries Lavinia and becomes the ruler of RomeBecause of Aeneas victory, Rome is later known for their amazing army, who spares the humble and defeats the prideful

Archetypal CharactersAeneas Aeneas is portrayed as the hero because he fought with and for his people.Aeneas also eventually establishes Rome as a great and prosperous empire. Since Aeneas becomes the leader of Rome, it is a respected country with similar values of Aeneas Juno (Hera) Hera is portrayed as the villain because of her many attempts to stop Aeneas from getting to Rome One of her attempts of trying to stop is asking Aeolus to sink Aeneas ship at sea. This never worked because Junos brother stepped in

Archetypal settingsThe SeaThe sea is portrayed as dangerous and unknownJuno devises a plan to sink Aeneas ship by asking Aeolus to create a massive storm in the seaJunos plan would have worked if her brother had not stepped in and told Aeolus to stop the stormThe riverThe river representing crossing over into new territory and new experienceWhen Aeneas went down into the cave, he had to cross a river to actually get into the underworld to speak to his father

Archetypal settings (cont.)The CaveThe cave archetype sometimes represents deathAeneas is forced to travel down into a cave to get to the underworld (to see his father)In this case, the cave actually IS death because its where the underworld is located

Archetypal symbolsSupernatural InterventionThroughout the story there are many cases of supernatural intervention. In fact, supernatural intervention is what causes Aeneas to succeed. Supernatural was a good and bad thing for AeneasGood: Father Tiber, the god of the great river, came to Aeneas in a dream telling Aeneas where to go to find allies to beat Latium and the RutuliansBad: Juno, a god who was trying to stop Aeneas from getting to his destination, told Aeolus, the god of the winds, to create a huge storm to sink Aeneas ship and kill Aeneas (the plan failed though). Juno also has many other attempts to try and stop Aeneas throughout the story.

Motifs and themesGuilt and RedemptionMotifAeneas and his army are at an all time low (war wise) because the army knows that they will not be able to defeat the Latins and RutuliansBut, in a moment of hopelessness, Father Tiber (the god of the great river) came to Aeneas in a dream and told him of where Aeneas can find allies for this war.Aeneas feels frustrated that he cant defeat these enemies so he listens to the god and goes on a heroic task to find alliesThe Trojans then end up winning the war with these allies

Story summationAeneas learns to follow your destiny and what youre told you have to do then follow your heart/dreamsFor example, when he is introduced to Dido and falls in love with her, the gods tell him that he needs to move on and get to his destination (which is Italy)Aeneas also learns that even when all odds are against you, you should never give upIn the battle against Latium and the Rutulians, Aeneas army was soon losing terribly. Then, when all hope seemed lost, a dream came to him to tell him where to find allies. Aeneas then set out to bring back the people who would help him win this war.

Story summation (cont.)Aeneas also ends up giving Rome a reputationAfter Aeneas is victorious, Rome begins to have a reputation for having a powerful army and empire. Not only is Rome seen as having a great empire, Aeneas is seen as a great rulerRome also becomes known for their skill in art and science

Cultural values/lessonsDont look back, always look forwardAeneas was saddened when he found Dido in the underworld but he knew that he had to keep on his journey to fulfill his destinyDont back down after taking a hitWith all of the things that Aeneas faced (severe storm, finding Dido in the underworld), he should have just given up. But, Aeneas did not give up. Instead Aeneas found ways (with a little help) to fulfill his destiny of creating Rome.Everything happens for a reason Although it was very sad that Troy had been burned down, there was a reason that specifically Aeneas escaped. If Aeneas home hadnt been taken from him, Aeneas wouldnt have been looking for another place to live and he might not have completed his destiny.