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A collection of submitted biographies

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Bill Ausfahl


MAJOR: Economics

ORGANIZATIONS: Order of the Golden Bear, Californians, Megaphone Society

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Visiting 5 granddaughters, golf, travel, anthing Cal, major league baseball, flyfishing, track & field


LIVING GROUP: Delta Tau Delta


EMAIL:: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Born in San Francisco but never lived there. Growing up lived in Berkeley, Richmond, Los Angeles, Boston, and Danville, CA. Went straight from San Ramon High to Cal where my course focus was primarily in economics, political science, and accounting.

At a Delt convention in Swampscott I met Trudy---my wife of 49 years. We have three sons and 5 granddaughters ages 4 to 8 spread across the country from Oregon to New York making Grandma & Grandpa frequent travelers.

My first job after receiving my MBA in 1963 was working at The Farm’s Business School as an assistant to Dean Ernie Arbuckle. In 1964 I joined Cutter Labs in Berkeley where I became the CFO in 1973. Cutter was acquired by Bayer AG in 1974 and shortly thereafter Bayer also acquired Miles Laboratories in Elkhart, Indiana. I became the CFO for both companies and was part of a team merging the two companies. Technically, I was based in Elkhart but I commuted back and forth to California till the end of 1982 when I joined The Clorox Company, also as CFO, in Oakland. I was CFO and a member of the Board of Directors till I retired in 1998.

In retirement I have been very active as a volunteer at Cal and have served on the Haas Pavilion fund-raising Committee, as Volunteer Chair of the Memorial Stadium Renovation fund-raising Committee, a trustee and Chair for the UC Berkeley Foundaton, a member of the Chancellor’s Executive Advisory Committee, a trustee for the Berkeley Endowment Management Company, and a member of the Athletic Director’s Advisory Board. Since 2002 I have also been an independent trustee for the Dodge & Cox family of mutual funds.

Trudy and I love to travel and over the years have visited all seven continents, attended a baseball game in all 30 of the then-existing ballparks, been to three World Track & Field Championships and have also attended the Atlanta and Sidney Olympics.

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Elisabeth Bathgate


MAJOR: Physical Education

ORGANIZATIONS: Tennis, Women’s “C” Society, WAA

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Stained Glass, Golf, Tennis, Birding, Hiking

ADVANCED DEGREES: Teaching Credential

LIVING GROUP: Davidson Hall

PRESENT CITY: Castro Valley, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I became a P.E. teacher in Hayward and then in Fremont, CA. I taught for 20 years with a year out to go to Europe and take classes in German and two years to help build onto our small home.

I married Bob Bathgate, a fellow ‘61 grad in 1969 and we have lived in the same house in Castro Valley ever since. We have no children.

I became interested in Stained Glass in 1970 and have been making windows and lamps for customers on and off ever since. When we added on to our house we put in a studio for my glass working so that I could complete new stained glass windows and lamps for the addition.

I have been very active in volunteering in my community, first in AAUW and then with the Sulphur Creek Nature Center. I am a member of the League of Women Voters and participate in their getting out the vote events.

I have portrayed Sally Ride for elementary school children for 15 years as a part of our AAUW women in history program.

This year I have been volunteering to help paint a mural on a sound wall along the BART tracks between the Hayward and South Hayward stations. The wall is 9,600 sq feet and took from November until September to complete. There are 68 panels which are 18X9 feet and all depict different aspects of life in Hayward. The artist draws it out and I help paint the base colors.

I have been interested in Birding since the ‘80s and have traveled all over the world looking at birds and nature thru kayacking, bicycling and backpacking.

I served two years on the Community Action Committee for the Hayward Area Recreation District.

I have spent a couple of years as a tutor for Girls Inc at their elementary Start Smart school in San Leandro working with 2nd graders.

Golf and gardening are my passions in retirement. I play golf as often as I can.

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Robert Bathgate


MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Woodworking, birding, hiking

ADVANCED DEGREES: MS Mechanical Engineering


PRESENT CITY: Castro Valley, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation I moved to San Diego to go to work for General Dynamics. After a year there I returned to Berkeley to complete my masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Once I had my masters, I moved to Castro Valley and went to work for Lawrence Livermore Lab. I worked in two diffent areas during my 20 years working there.

I married Liz Hart in 1969 and have lived in the same house that I owned before we were married. Our first Christmas Liz bought me a radial arm saw and said she wanted a new kitchen. That was my first project and after that I added 650’ to our garage and 750’ to our home including a hot water and hot air system that I designed to save on the PGE bills.

After I quit the lab, I got into woodworking and building and have spent the last 25 years building all sorts of things for friends and organizations. After we added on to the house I decided I needed to build a large workshop in the rear of the property where I do most of my work.

One of the bigger projects was building 4X8’ movable art walls for a new gallery in town. The two sheets are put together at right angles and the art can be placed on all sides.

My latest work has been building blue bird houses out of old Cedar fencing material that I got when I built a friend a new fence.

I do a lot of volunteering in the community including helping to paint a mural on a 9,600 sq foot wall along the BART tracks in Hayward. I am the chief handyman for Sulphur Creek Nature Center and have built many displays, buildings to house the foxes, enclosures for the eagle and the barnyard and incubators for the baby birds. I am always on call whenever anything goes wrong at the center.

I have a large lot with many fruit trees, berries and vegetables that keep me busy. I can tomato soup each year with our large crop of tomatoes and I grow pumpkins so we can have a party for our neighborhood children at Halloween.

I play a bit of golf, hike, birdwatch and generally enjoy nature.

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Charles Bell


MAJOR: History

ORGANIZATIONS: Track manager




PRESENT CITY: Grass Valley, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: From Boalt Hall I went straight into the Army as a JAG officer. It was not a pleasant time to be in the military but it’s where I met my wife so it wasn’t all bad for me. From there we settled in California where I practiced law, mostly for corporations, retiring in 2001. We have two children, one of whom went to Cal also, where he was member of the Cal Band for four years. Our daughter attended her mother’s alma mater, Doane College, in Nebraska, where she was a member of the band for four years. There’s a definite symmetry to all of that, as my wife has played in community bands practically everywhere we’ve lived. I’m the odd one out. Go Bears!

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JoAnn Thebolt Berridge

NAME KNOWN BY: JoAnn Thebolt

MAJOR: German

ORGANIZATIONS: ASUC Rep-at-Large, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Cal Club, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Cooking, traveling

ADVANCED DEGREES: M.A.(Cal ‘93), Ed.D. (Cal ‘02)

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Delta Pi

PRESENT CITY: Belmont, California

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: A German major and physical sciences minor, i was recruited into an intern program in the School of Education that put foreign language, science,and math majors directly into secondary school classrooms upon graduation (a U.S. response to Russia’s Sputnik launch!). Placed at San Ramon Danville, I founded a German program, taught physical science,and fell in love with history teacher Ron Berridge, my husband of 49 years.

Ron’s pursuit of an M.A. at Stanford took us to the Peninsula and a position for me establishing a German program at Homestead H.S. in Sunnyvale, where I taught until 1968 when I became a stay-at-home mom for sons George (Cal ‘89),and Eric (Cal’90). The years between then and re-entering the workforce in 1977 were my community activist years in the city of Belmont where we bought our home in 1966. By 1977 there were no German teaching jobs to be had (the Sputnik languages push had sputtered), and I landed in Undergraduate Admissions at College of Notre Dame in Belmont, spawning a career in higher ed administration that continues to today - 15years at CND, (the last seven as Director of Admissions), a stint at Holy Names College as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, and 9 years as Curriculum Administrator in the Stanford School of Medicine, from which I retired in August, 2012.

Highlights along the way were the birth of our daughter, Sarah (Ca ’00);a term on the CAA Board of Directors; three sabbatical years in Yugoslavia, the south of England and Paris respectively; a five-year hiatus 1992-97 back at Cal earning an Ed.D. in higher ed administration; and Sarah’s 2007 wedding in my mom’s village in Tuscany. and now? Ron, retired from teaching, marshalls golf at the Olympic Club in SF; I continue to use my College Admission counseling skills mentoring community college students toward transfer; George is a Vice President at Symphony Asset Management in SF; Eric is CEO of Bluewolf, his global business consulting firm headquartered in Manhattan; Sarah is Executive Assistant to the Founder and CEO at Natera in San Carlos. An active bi-coastal family and seven delightful grandchildren, Eric’s 3, Sarah’s 2, and George’s 2 keep us young!

Since my retirement in 2012, Ron and I have travelled extensively in Europe, establishing home-

bases for several months at a time in Oxford, England; Mittenwald, Germany; and Orvieto, Italy.

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Judy Bertelsen

NAME KNOWN BY: Judy Bertelsen

MAJOR: English and Political Science (double major)

ORGANIZATIONS: University Students Cooperative Association, SLATE, YWCA, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Panile

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Writing (more than a hobby), music (cello), food/cooking, politics


LIVING GROUP: Stebbins Hall (USCA)


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation I worked as a typist clerk at the UCSF School of Pharmacy, eventually got a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oregon, but stable, satisfying work eluded me. To make a long story short, had the good fortune to get some wonderful help and guidance from UCB premed adviser Juan Martinez, who assisted me in going to medical school in mid life (turned 50 between my first and second years of med. school at Brown). I continue to practice medicine part time, and enjoy living in Berkeley. Last year I built a small earth oven in the side yard, where friends and I cook up the world’s best pizza. Had a fabulously delicious 72nd birthday dinner at Chez Panisse (upstairs, being a vegetarian): wild mushrooms and fresh pasta.

I’m very saddened by the fact that the excellent and affordable education we all received at UCB simply is not available any longer to young people. Costs to students at Cal today appear to be greater than the fees charged at the private Ivy League medical school I attended 20 years ago. This fact breaks my heart, as does the fact that our tax money continues to be poured into apparently endless and increasing numbers of wars, while public programs of benefit to humans are being destroyed. Our country seems to be on the skids, made much worse by the 2000 coup in which five members of the Supreme Court stopped the vote count and awarded the presidency to the loser (confirmed later by a full count of the votes by NORC). As we know, the attack on public institutions was underway in California much before that. Nonetheless each day of life is good. What can I say?

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Joan Martin Bowen

NAME KNOWN BY: Joan Martin

MAJOR: Biology

ORGANIZATIONS: Prytanean, Alpha Gamma Delta,

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, hiking

ADVANCED DEGREES: Masters from UCB, Doctorate from USF

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Gamma Delta


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I have carried the CAL Spirit since graduation. Yes, my blood is Blue for CAL. I taught many years in San Ramon while raising 4 children. Then, I worked for Pacific Bell and AT&T. I was President and Executive Director of three corporations. At Pac Bell, I had the opportunity to work with Joe Kapp in the Athletic Department and we initiated the “1800 GO BEARS” for the CAL Marketing campaign.

In 1982, my oldest son, Mark, was a CAL student and the cannoneer for “THE PLAY.” Yes, he had the best seat at the stadium for that famous moment. (The cannon sat in our garage for the year.) Connecting to CAL is a lifelong commitment.

I served on the CAA Board of Directors from 1996 - 2000. I was the President of the CAA Southern Alameda County Club, the CAA Portland Oregon Club and just finished as President of the Rocky Mountain Golden Bears in Colorado. I travel each year with GET travel to “Away football games.” These trips are highly enjoyable as they provide an opportunity to meet other “out of state” CAL alumni. I have lectured as a Professor at St. Mary’s, University of Phoenix, USF and Community Colleges. I served as a Community College Campus Dean in Colorado during the 9/11 tragedy. The college had a flight school, so it was a hectic time identifying students who were enrolled in that program. I have just returned to California after 20 wonderful years in Colorado. I am now serving on the 2011-2012 Placer County Grand Jury. I stay active with the Placer County CAL alumni Club. It has been a wonderful 50 years because I was a graduate of the greatest university.

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David Bultena

NAME KNOWN BY: Dave Bultena

MAJOR: Criminology with emphasis on municipal police administration.

LIVING GROUP: Barrington and Oxford Halls

PRESENT CITY: Bakersfield, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I have been retired from the Merced County District Attorneys Office for about 15 years of being a criminal prosecutor. I’m now living in Bakersfield where my recently retired wife and I enjoying traveling, especially by train. We’re about “cruised-out” and now enjoy travel around the country on AMTRAC. Due to a wealth of prior commitments, I won’t be able to attend the reunion, but give my best to everyone. GO BEARS!

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Ursula A. Clark

NAME KNOWN BY: Ursula A. Hahn-Lux

MAJOR: Sociology

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Music, Reading, Family and Friends, Volunteer Work

ADVANCED DEGREES: B.A. and Christie’s Education, London - Art History Degrees


PRESENT CITY: San Francisco

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating from U.C. Berkeley in 1961, I accepted a position with the Treasury Department in San Francisco. In 1963 - 1965, I traveled and studied in Europe. I returned to the I.R.S. in 1965 and continued in my Income Tax position. After completing accounting courses, I transferred to Exempt Organization Tax Law. About 1976, I became an agent in Employee Plans Tax Law and remained there until my retirement in 1999.

During that year I was accepted by Christie’s Education in London into their Early European Art Diploma Program, which I completed in 2000. I continued my education there and completed the Early European Decorative Arts Course in Decorative and Fine Arts, and later, their Modern and Contemporary Art Course.

My travels have taken me, besides living in Germany and England, and Europe in general, to India, Iran and Nepal in 1978.

My volunteer work includes participation in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, the San Francisco Antique Show, and the Legion of Honor Museum.

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Kathryn Jane Conway


MAJOR: Cultural Anthropology


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Boating, museums, volunteer boards, travel, and enjoying family and friends

LIVING GROUP: Kappa Alpha Theta


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: For 40 + years, I enjoyed living in San Francisco and working in corporate telecommunications. Recently I’ve joined our Cal ‘61 Reunion Committee and the ‘61 Class Council. I’m having a great time!

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Charles Cox



HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Family, Golf, Reading, Fishing, Football


PRESENT CITY: Pleasanton, Ca.

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I’m the owner of C. Cox And Sons Const. General Building Contractor, working with two sons here in the Bay Area. My wife and I just celebrated our forty eighth wedding anniversary. We have four children, twelve grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

The days at Cal were very special, full of wonderfull memories, nothing like a Cal football game to get you going. I Hope to retire soon so as to spend more time with my wife, family and ,of course, golf. Maybe, I can improve my handicap. I always look forward to talking with old classmates......where did the fifty years go, so so fast.

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Anne Arnold Dachs

NAME KNOWN BY: Anne Arnold

MAJOR: Microbiology


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Traveling, bridge, art and art history, classical music



PRESENT CITY: Pacific Palisades Calif.

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I was born in San Francisco and raised in the Oakland/San Leandro area. Upon graduating from UC Berkeley I worked for the State of California Department of Public Health as a Microbiologist in their laboratories. In 1965 I became a Peace Corps Volunteer and served in Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia as a teaching laboratory technologist.

In 1967 I returned to work again for the State of California and then went on to UCLA in 1970 to get a Masters in Public Health/Administration. That year I met my husband, Louis Dachs, who was an aeronautical engineer and later became an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property for Lockheed Martin and others.

We lived first in Studio City where I worked first for a non profit corporation serving the San Fernando Valley and then headed the UCLA Extension programs in Allied Health.

In the late 1970s we had designed and built our dream home in Malibu. In 1978 I moved to American Medical International and became an executive heading the domestic programs of this corporation and doing international consulting with our affiliates. My career there was very exciting and lasted ten years.

At that point in the late 1980s, not wishing to be a freguent flyer any more, I moved back into the non profit arena and served in development positions for the Griffith Observatory, Museum of Flying and Loyola Marymount University.

Retired in 1998 and since that time have continued to work with non profits in development on a pro bono basis including again the Griffith Observatory, Career Closet, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and LA Goal (which serves adults with develomental disabilities.)

My husband Lou and I both love the LA Philharmonic, both play bridge, and attend classes. I take classes mostly related to art and theater and he takes science and technology classes.

We do not have children. However, we have always had very spoiled cats. We have been lucky to have good health and lots of wonderful friends.

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Karen Eckhart

NAME KNOWN BY: Karen Malmstrom

MAJOR: Regional Group Major on Hispanic America

ORGANIZATIONS: Prytanean, YWCA, Mortar Board, Permanent Class Council

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Choral Singing, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Metal Jewelry Design

ADVANCED DEGREES: Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT)



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: My career in education included teaching Spanish, then ESL, in grades K-6 followed by 27 years teaching ESL to adults in San Diego. Seven years before retiring I took a year off to study for my MAT degree at Vermont’s School for International Training. An internship in Cuenca, Ecuador was part of this challenging, experiential graduate program.

I have lived in La Jolla since 1965 when my husband, Walter, began a long career at the Salk Institute. We divorced in 1993 but have remained friends. Though I have loved living near WindanSea Beach and have thrived in San Diego’s mild climate, a big part of my heart still lies in northern California. Happily, since retiring I’ve been able to come through the Bay Area periodically on my way to our family’s farm in Cloverdale, Sonoma County, where all three generations gather for holidays and major birthday celebrations. The surrounding vineyards with their changing colors are a never ending delight.

Update since our 50th Reunion: Road Scholar trips provided two memorable experiences: a return to Ecuador, this time to the jungles and the highlands, and a cruise to the capitals of Scandinavia plus St. Petersburg and Tallinn, Estonia. The highlight of my time in Ecuador was a heartwarming stay with the family in Cuenca who had hosted me 20 years before (see Paragraph 1). The Scandinavian cruise ended in Stockholm from where I took a train to the interior of Sweden to reconnect with cousins I hadn’t seen in 40 years! They drove me to their summer cottage on the west coast and surprised me with a day long boat trip on the historic and pastoral Göta Kanal, something I had dreamed of since I was 10.

I’m in my fifth year of singing with San Diego’s Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir. We had the honor and pleasure of singing at Carnegie Hall this past May. It was wonderful to be in New York for the first time in years. I continue my work with nature-inspired jewelry, creating designs in silver and bronze. With my artist beau I enjoyed several Art Camp sessions this past summer, expanding my horizons through printmaking and casting. I’m active in my Unitarian Universalist Fellowship where I also sing in the choir.

I’m looking forward to singing those great Cal songs again at our Reunion Dinner!

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Roy Elliott

NAME KNOWN BY: Roy Elliott

MAJOR: Business Administration


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, gardening, golf

ADVANCED DEGREES: Masters in Banking

LIVING GROUP: Theta Chi Fraternity


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Married to Ann Robertson Elliott, Class of 1962. We have a son Scott, Class of 1988 and a daughter Stacey, UC Davis, 1990. Each child has 3 children; Scott lives in Lafayette with his wife Donna; Stacey lives in Danville with her husband Robi. Worked for Bank of America starting in 1961 in various positions including, commercial lending, consumer lending, Branch Mgt. Left B of A in 1984 to form an independent bank in the Eastbay called CivicBank of Commerce. In 1990, went to work for Sanwa Bank as VP Mgr. of their S.F. Main office. Then became Manager of the Business Banking Group covering the West Bay. Sanwa was acquired by Bank of the West in 2003 and I retired as SVP, S.F. Business Banking Mgr. in April 2007.

I am now enjoying golf, travel, and being with grandchildren. Also doing some counseling for the Eastbay Chapter of SCORE mentoring small businesses.

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Audrey Engen

NAME KNOWN BY: Audrey Crespan

MAJOR: Poli Sci/Public Administration

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Golf, travel, book club,


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: From 1961 to 1992 I worked for the State of California Employment Development Department. My husband Gene and I were married in 1968 and recently celebrated our 43rd Anniversary. We have 2 daughters and five grandchildren. We are both retired and living in the active adult community of Oakmont, Santa Rosa, in the Sonoma Valley. Currently, I am serving on the board of the Oakmont Cal Alumni Club. Our annual Labor Day picnic at the Trione polo field was a huge success. The Straw Hat Band made the trip to perform for us and we were able to make a fine donation for scholarships.

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James F Ernst

MAJOR: Economics

ORGANIZATIONS: Freshman Football, Phi Delta Theta

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: intramural sports and golf

ADVANCED DEGREES: Boalt Hall Grad. 1965

LIVING GROUP: Phi Delta Theta

PRESENT CITY: Windsor, with wife Nora

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Deputy D.A. Ventura Co., Med Mal. Def firm S.F. Own personal injury law firm 1971 to retirement 1998. First 15 years in S.F. then Marin Co. and finally Sonoma Co., Santa Rosa. Since retirement have enjoyed traveling with wife Nora and sometime children and grandchildren. Eucharistic Minister with wife Nora. Have enjoyed the game of golf sometimes! Married 50+years to wife Nora.

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Nora Leroux Ernst

NAME KNOWN BY: Nora Leroux Ernst

MAJOR: French

ORGANIZATIONS: French Club, Dramatics

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Traveling and Grandchildren

ADVANCED DEGREES: M.A. Sp. Ed., SF State, M.A. Journalism, Sonoma State University

LIVING GROUP: Married, apartment

PRESENT CITY: Windsor with husband Jim

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Retired from Teaching in 1997 and have been traveling much of the time with husband, Jim. Juvenile Justice Commissioner, National Alliance on Mental Illness (N.A.M.I.) President Sonoma Co. 10 years. Active in prison Mininstry and Eucharistic Minister. Member of Police Advisory Board Santa Rosa. Much of time is taken up with 5 wonderful Grandchildren.

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Dorothy Sherwood Foster

NAME KNOWN BY: Dottie Sherwood

MAJOR: French

ORGANIZATIONS: Blue and Gold (editor,) Prytanean Society

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Horses, gardening, reading

ADVANCED DEGREES: MA (Librarianship)



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating, I went to CSU Sacramento to get my teaching credential, married, had 2 children, and returned to CSU San Jose for my library work. After 25 years of living in Mokelumne Hill and working as the librarian at Calaveras High School, I retired to Oroville, CA. My husband and I live a quiet, bucolic life on our property adjoining Lake Oroville SRA. I am still active in several horse activities including endurance riding and gymkhana. Other than my outstanding family, the accomplishment I am most proud of is initiating, planning, and routing of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail. The four years I spent at Cal were wonderful, and I am looking forward to renewing some old friendships in October.

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Geraldine Stuart Foster

NAME KNOWN BY: Jeri Stuart

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, gardening, tennis, volunteering

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Gamma Delta


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I received my masters in Career Development from JF Kennedy University in 1989, Then I began a private career counseling practice and eventually worked in the Outplacement field, primarily with Mulford Moreland Scott in San Jose. In 1999 I founded the nonprofit The Wardrobe for Opportunity which provides workplace clothing to low income men and women and now career support In Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. The Wardrobe is now in its 17th year and has provided services to over 20,000 men and women. Over 70 % of our clients are employed.

My husband Herb and I have three grown children and seven grandchildren which are the highlight of our lives.

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Richard Foster

NAME KNOWN BY: Dick Foster

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Kappa Lambda

ORGANIZATIONS: Cross Country; senior class council; pushcart relays co-chair

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Curling, Running, Golf, Model Trains

PRESENT CITY: Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: This Class of ‘61 geography graduate seemed to have everything in order by the end of 1962: just married; military active duty complete; and a corporate job in downtown San Francisco.

However, there are few constants in life. By 1967, I’m single and a grad student at S.F. State, having resigned from the corporate world. Earned an M.A. in ‘68 and headed back to Cal, the result of which was a PhD in geography in ‘75. While it seemingly took forever to finish my dissertation, as I researched and wrote, I was a planner for Contra Costa County for 18 months and then a faculty member at Minnesota State Univ. (Mankato) for three years. Subsequently, I spent two years at the Univ. of Northern Colorado. The last 29 years of my professional life had me on the faculty of the University of Manitoba. Yes, in Canada. (How many Cal grads list curling as a present interest?) Fully retired in 2006.

My wife and I live in Winnipeg as do our two daughters and their families; our son has migrated to the Napa Valley, which is convenient for me when I visit the Bay Area.

One constant in my life has been Cal, whether applauding its academic successes, visiting former faculty, fraternity brothers, other classmates, and following various athletic teams. In the latter regard, the 2011 Big Game will be my 56th consecutive, the last 40 as a visitor from Minnesota (3), Colorado (2), and Manitoba (35).

“Let there be light” and let it shine brightly on the world. Finally, Go Bears!

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Peter Frazier

NAME KNOWN BY: Pete Frazier

MAJOR: Political Science

ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Nu, Cal Track, Order of the Golden Bear

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Classic Cars, Japanese Koi, California History, Numismatist


ADVANCED DEGREES: MBA Finance, Columbia University

PRESENT CITY: Lafayette, California

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Graduated 1961. Served 2 years with Army Intelligence in Korea. Returned to get MBA at Columbia University. Worked on Wall Street and then returned to San Francisco with Smith Barney & Company.

Married Robin Gray, Class 1965, in 1967. Have two children: Laurie Frazier Crysler and Michael Gray Frazier.

Served on investment committee of California Alumni Association and U.C. Berkeley Foundation. Became Trustee of U.C. Berkeley Foundation and later Financial VP of California Alumni Association. Chairman of The Friends of The Bancroft Library. Presently Treasurer of Save The Redwoods and working with Atherton Lane Advisors, an investment counseling firm.

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Sharon Kadell Gardner

BIOGRAPHY: Returning to teaching after raising three children was very satisfying. My husband, Phil, is retiring soon and I am enjoying tennis, time with five grandchildren and travel. Living in the Bay Area (Alameda) I appreciate going to the S.F.Symphony, opera and ballet and the sporting events at Cal.

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Kenneth Gielow

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation from the college of engineering, I stayed on for a year of graduate study before joining Lockheed Missiles & Space in 1962. Although I got a degree in computer hardware design, my career has been entirely in software design and knowledge based systems.

I married in 1967, and have been married to one wife for 44 years. I have one son who has advanced degrees in Psychology.

Worked on many projects at Lockheed, all of which involved artificial intelligence and imbedded expert systems for collected data processing. Retired from Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin) in 2000 after 38 years.

Now retired, I have been rediscovering my interests in gardening, magic and singing. I am a member of Society of American Magicians and International Brotherhood of Magicians. I sing bass in a Silicon Valley Chorus. I have a large collection of carnivorous plants of many types and am a member of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society.

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Brian George

NAME KNOWN BY: Brian George



HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Fim production, Ice Skating, Tennis


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Graduation Made Me Do It

After spending 4 great years at Cal I graduated with a BSEE and immediately started work at a vacuum tube company, Eitel McCoulough. Unfortunately, Silicon Valley and integrated circuits were developing so I watched from the outside as we designed products that are now “ancient history”. Moved to Ampex for an exciting few years when it was world renowned as the source of audio and video recording systems. Finally settled down at Beckman Instruments, Spinco Division, in Palo Alto and stayed until retiring 35 years later. Spinco was a world leader in centrifugation and research instrumentation.

Carolyn and I were married in 1963 and ended up buying a home in Palo Alto shortly before I joined Beckman; so for 35 years my commute was 3 miles on city streets. We have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren who make our lives fun and memorable. During most of my life I have used film and video to capture family life but also wanted to support local filmmakers so founded the Palo Alto Film Festival with my wife. The festival ran for 13 years until the local theater, The New Varsity, closed. After retiring, I volunteered to produce video for local groups including the Palo Alto Historical Association. This led to a focus on discovering and preserving film and video related to local history. I am also involved with preserving the history of Spinco aided by other Beckman retirees.

I started Ice Skating at Cal through lessons at Berkeley Iceland as part of the PE classes. I still skate at an outdoor rink in Palo Alto. Reflecting on 50 years is fun when you realize how wonderful life was, is, and will be.

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Carolyn Camozzi George

NAME KNOWN BY: Carolyn Camozzi

MAJOR: Political Science

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Piano, tennis, ice skating, photography, Italian

LIVING GROUP: Theta Upsilon


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Nothing dramatic here, but some storybook elements nevertheless. Just seeing the movie of Senior Week again while Brian transfered it to DVD helped bring events into focus, even though I am totally aware of all that happened.

Commencement, graduate school, a job, marriage, children, a job, grandchildren, retirement. Sounds dull, but not so. To start, just look at who I was with at several Sr. activities--a friend, not a boyfriend. Brian and I didn’t date until Nov. ‘62; that’s when the time was right.

After a semester as a TA, I spent the next student teaching so I could enter the “real world”. After one year teaching kindergarten at two Oakland schools, Brian and I married in July ‘63 and moved to Redwood City to be near his work. I learned to cook.

We bought our home in Palo Alto in 1966 and welcomed 2 daughters. Activities included family ice skating at the local outdoor rink, collecting cook books, playing the piano, and volunteering on local political campaigns--at last my major was being utilized! A major involvement was the co-founding of the original Palo Alto Film Festival which had 13 runs featuring films by independent Northern California filmakers.

Being a stay-at-home mom wasn’t unusual, but by the late 70’s it was time to earn money so I put my training to work by teaching the Math and Science Labs at the local elementary school. Because many of my 40-year old friends were also looking for non-existent teaching jobs, I switched gears and entered the business world. Not a good fit, but the hours were acceptable and I still had time to volunteer showing historical slides to school children and adult groups.

That dedeveloped into involvement with local historic preservation, and I served a term on the Palo Alto Historical Resources Board. Today, I am still active in the preservation community and maintain the website and find time for tennis and learning Italian.

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Linda Govan


MAJOR: Political Science

ORGANIZATIONS: Mortar Board, Prytanean, Rally Committee, Angel Flight

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Teaching, gardening

ADVANCED DEGREES: Masters in Special Education


PRESENT CITY: Oakland, California

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: The weekend following graduation I married Greg Govan, Class of ’60. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary with our five children, their spouses and 14 grandchildren. We moved to Anchorage, Alaska, for a short period before we moved back to California. Oakland has been our home for the past 45 years. I taught elementary school initially. While raising a family I became an active mother/volunteer in the schools, community, our church and Children’s Hospital. When we had three children in college I returned to college myself to get my Master’s degree in Special Ed. Taught for the next 13 years in elementary school. Since retiring I have become a serious gardener along with my husband’s help. These days I docent at the U.C. Botanical Garden, the Oakland Museum in History and continue to be active in my church and the Oakland Museum Women’s Board. My husband and I have had the good fortune to travel the world, enjoying several major trips each year.

Our daughter attended Boalt Law, ’90, and a grandson is at Cal now. Living close to Cal we feel we ‘have never left’ those great college years!

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Betty Clark Halberg

NAME KNOWN BY: Betty Halberg

MAJOR: History/Education


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Swimming, water skiing, reading, knitting

ADVANCED DEGREES: Teaching Credential

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Chi Omega

PRESENT CITY: Port Angeles, WA - on Lake Crescent

EMAIL:: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating from CAL and getting my teaching credential I taught for 3 years; married John Halberg whom I met through Claude and Sue Hutchison when John was coaching the CAL Freshman crew.

We moved back to John’s family home on Lake Crescent in 1972.

We have six children, ages 32 to 46; four live in Port Angeles, one in Brentwood, CA and one in Cochabamba, Boliva. We have eleven grandchildren.

John is a real estate appraiser, still working. I substituted in my children’s school for many years, then taught full time for 3 years until my retirement. Now I work part time for my son who is a chiropractor. John and I are both active in our church.

John has started a rowing club in Port Angeles and has participated in Master’s races. I love to water ski and sail over the flat calm waters of Lake Crescent in the early morning. I have also walked the Discovery Trail Half Marathon for many years.

While I have missed my friends in California, I’ve had a good life in Washington.

Go Bears!

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Clarence Thomas Hasty


MAJOR: Electrical Engineering

ORGANIZATIONS: IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers; Life Member SMPTE Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers

PRESENT CITY: Oroville, California

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I started at UC Berkeley in 1954, dropped out for 2 years for Army service. Returned to Berkeley on the GI Bill and received my BSEE degree in 1961. Married my high school sweetheart and 5 children were born to Ginger and me during my extended college career. After graduation, I went into the aerospace industry; worked on Apollo moon rocket equipment, airborne weapons radar, early computer development, and electronic intelligence processing stuff for US government. In 1968, I grew tired of aerospace and jumped into commercial electronics with the Silicon Valley pioneering Ampex Corporation in Redwood City CA. I retired from Ampex after 26 years, with varied jobs. The last job was involved in the TV broadcast entertainment industry and we traveled and lived extensively overseas. The photo above is of me with the Emmy I was awarded in 1985. I then consulted on professional television projects, and spent 2 years in Malaysia implementing their complete satellite TV system. I am now retired from consulting and all professional work.

Our children are all grown, and each married at least once. Ginger and I have 10 grandkids, and last year (2012), found 6 great-grandkids in our lives. Kids feted us in August 2003, with a huge Golden Anniversary party at home, with over 100 guests. Our permanent home for 32 years was Monte Sereno, CA, with prior stints in Richmond CA, Santa Ana CA, Sterling Park VA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have recreational property at Eagle Lake, near Susanville CA, and spend a lot of time there in the summer, with winters at our ranch in Messila Valley, near Paradise, CA. I have new hobbies of family genealogy and DVD multi-media authoring, which I hope to combine into an epic production on DVD of the Hasty family and music roots.

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Charlton Holland







EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Graduted from Boalt in 64. Joined the Office of the Attorney General of California. Worked for that office until 2008, becoming a state-wide manager of a section of attorneys and paralegals, entitled the Health, Education and Welare Section. Married (still). Have two daughters, one a Boalt grad who works for the State Department with one child and one in the oven; one who is a principal in an architectual firm and who has two daughters. Wife was an art manager for the local Federal Reserve Bank, Visa and SFMOMA. Into travel, volunteering and golf/bridge/fantasy football (not so hot at any). Hope to attend our 60th.

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Gretchen Garrison Hoskins

NAME KNOWN BY: Gretchen Garrison

MAJOR: Political science

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Many sports, gardening, theater, reading, traveling




EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I left Cal in 1963 after completing an MA and am sorry to have missed the height of the FSM, though I did my share of marching and protesting in the following years. I worked at Stanford Research Institute on Poverty Program projects, did another degree and taught high school in Mill Valley, did another degree and became a psychotherapist. It seems my career focus went from macro to micro. I’ve taught in graduate programs and had a psychotherapy practice as an MFT for the past 35 years. The stimulation, intellectual challenge and continued opportunity for personal growth that go with this profession have made the field a very good fit for me. Most of my community activities have been linked to it in someway. I’ve lived in Marin County for 45 years where raising a family has been by far the most important and satisfying dimension of my life. I so treasure my son and daughter and their four children. I became a widow very suddenly three years ago and have learned what a profound challenge it is to deal with this very real and, of course, common human experience. Being on my own for the first time has presented an interesting encounter with myself. I’ve stayed physically quite active and am trying to adapt gracefully to the inevitable slowing that comes with being 50 years post college. Making this attempt to cover so much territory in a very few words makes me realize what a full and complex journey I’ve been on for the past 50 years. I’m delighted that I still have ties with many of my old college friends and am looking forward to our gathering in October.

Update in 2016: Five years older and still working and enjoying the same activities as before. I’ve been doing more international travel adding Turkey, Sicily and India last year.

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Julianne Jones


MAJOR: Political Science

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, music, art, philosophy

ADVANCED DEGREES: Secoondary Teaching Credential, UC Berkeley

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Omicron Pi


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After fifth year to obtain a teaching credential, was married to US Foreign Service Officer and lived in India for two years before returning to Cambridge where he attended Harvard Law School and I taught at Buckingham and Shady Hill Schools. Moved to NYC where daughter was born. After divorce, returned to SF to work in financial district for Golden Gateway and Embarcadero Centers and, finally, KGO-TV, for 20 years in promotion and public relations. Retired to Sonoma and published a document records book, Estate Documents Organizer, along with educational website and blog. Daughter and husband live in Penngrove with two boys, 6 and 8. Proud to say my father, mother, aunt, uncle and brother also went to Cal and my father brought a live bear from Idaho, named it Oski, and brought it from the ATO house to football games - circa 1936-7.

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Concetta Jorgensen (deceased)

NAME KNOWN BY: Concetta Finocchio

MAJOR: Criminalistics


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Reading, Gardening

LIVING GROUP: Unit 1 Cheney Hall

NOTE: It is with great sadness that I share the news with you that my beautiful mother, Concetta Jorgensen, has passed away. She went peacefully into the night on Monday, January 2, 2012, at 8:50 p.m. (Services were held January 14, 2012.) She had been surrounded by family and friends throughout the weekend at Alta Bates, and had her children by her side as she passed on to eternal life. Concetta truly was a courageous woman and lived a full, active life, despite her debilitating condition. But it got to be too much for even her, and she finally gave up the fight as she knew it was her time to go. Concetta’s will and determination will always be an inspiration. Please remember her in your hearts and prayers. Thank you so much, Cathy - [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: (September 2011, Berkeley) Following graduation I worked for the State Department of Public Health, Bureau of Food and Drug Inspections. I worked on many cases as an undercover agent fighting medical quackery and fraud. I also spent a great deal of time enforcing the Hazardous Substances Labeling Act. I retired several years later to raise a family of four children. We had two boys and then two girls - now adults in their 40s. My youngest daughter graduated from Cal, Class of ‘90, in Applied Mathematics. They and my ten grandchildren live in the Berkeley area. I started my own company to do marketing for small businesses and nonprofits. Following that I have spent the subsequent years working as an off-site travel agent. In, roughly, 1971, I was diagnosed with MS and in 1986 locomotion was carried on by use of a wheelchair. For 29 years I served on the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission. I continue to work in the field of travel.

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John Kagel

MAJOR: History




EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: San Francisco Examiner sports reporter, US Army JAG, law and arbitration practice still ongoing, President, National Academy of Arbitrators, 5 kids

Page 35: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Sue Kamm


MAJOR: Political science

ORGANIZATIONS: Elections committee,

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Reading, attending baseball games, photography

ADVANCED DEGREES: MLS (Master of Library Science), UCLA

LIVING GROUP: Smythe-Fernwald, Freeborn Hall


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Since graduation, I earned my MLS from UCLA and spent the bulk of my career in public libraries. I just retired after nearly 20 years at the Inglewood (CA) Public Library.

I’ve been active in the American Library Association, having served on the Intellectual Freedom, Constitution and Bylaws, and Resolutions committees. I’ve also been active in various ALA divisions, and held elected offices in the Intellectual Freedom Round Table.

Since 1972 I’ve lived in the Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles, and currently share living quarters with two cats, Bonnie and Rachel.

In 2000, I was named “Truest of the Blue” by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game.

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Bruce Kane


MAJOR: Journalism


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Tennis, writing, etc.

LIVING GROUP: Barrington Hall, Dorms

PRESENT CITY: Woodland Hills, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Like many Cal graduates of the time, I went into the army for two years after graduation and ROTC. After military tours in Korea and California i went to work in the public relations Department at the Bank of America where I learned that the corporate world and I were a match definitely not made in heaven. I then joined an ad agency and then a theatrical public relations agency representing a diverse clientele ranging from director Sam Peckinpah to Jefferson Airplane. I followed that up with five years in The CBS Television publicity department working with Mary Tyler Moore, the Smothers Brothers, Glen Campbell, Buddy Ebsen, Tim Conway, Don Rickles and Bob Newhart among many others. During this time I also hosted a radio interview show on KPFK in Los Angeles interviewing such film legends as Fred Astaire, Roman Polanski, Deborah Kerr and Norman Jewison among others.

It was on “the Bob Newhart show” where I landed my first writing assignments authoring, what came to be, two of the most memorable episodes in the series history including the thanksgiving “moo go gai pan” episode. TV guide named this episode one of the “ten best episodes in television history” and also named the final scene as one of the “fifty funniest moments in TV history.”

i went on to write for “Rhoda,” “Alice” and many other comedies along with authoring a dozen situation comedy pilots and becoming a writer-producer along the way. After writing a couple of movie scripts (that didn’t get made)

I moved on to playwriting, specializing in one-act plays, ten minute plays and monologues. My plays have now been performed in six hundred venues in twenty countries and still counting.

Ellen (UCLA) and I celebrated our fiftieth anniversary in August. Our daughter Debbie is a graduate of UCSD. Our son Brian holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. from Berkeley and his wife Adrienne also has a B.A. from Berkeley. We’re thrilled that we finally have a grandchild, Miles Handler Kane who turned one in September.

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Kenneth Jon Kelly


ORGANIZATIONS: Cal track team, InterFraternity Council, Spring Sing, Axe Review

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Volunteering, Gardening, Travel



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Retired, living in San Jose with wife Linda. In good health, good spirits and still in contact with my Fraternity brothers at Sigma Phi. Our house address in those days was 1816 Scenic Ave., corner Ridge Road on the north side of campus - originally a Phoebe Apperson Hearst summer home, and now U.C. Campus offices.

If anyone is really interested after all these years, would be glad to share with them on a one-one conversation.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Maggie Klein

NAME KNOWN BY: Maggie Wilson

MAJOR: U.S. History & Journalism



PRESENT CITY: Pelham, NY (suburb of NY City)

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: As the editor and publisher of The Pelham Weekly, my life has come full circle. I am doing what I did at The Daily Cal (and especially the Independent)-- everything to get a newspaper produced. The Pelham Weekly serves a Westchester County suburb of New York City and has a circulation of 2,200 paid subscribers. We also have a web site ( and of course are on facebook, twitter and kindle. We have one reporter other than myself and I do all the production work. We depend on many community volunteers for news and photos. We have one part time ad sales person. Yet, we have been here for 19 years and are considered a major success with a 2/3rds penetration of local households. The newspaper industry is not dead!

My work in the community has won many awards, including the Tom Fenlon Award for community service (six years on the Pelham Board of Education and for The Pelham Weekly) and the honor of Woman of the Year in 1990 that was bestowed by The Pelham Civic Association.

Before this chapter of my life, I was at Reuters in New York City for 21 years as a financial reporter, financial editor, managing editor, news production manager, and vice president of news development. This was from 1969-1990. Before than I was a reporter with The Associated Press from shortly after graduation in 1961 until the end of 1968 (in NY City for four months and the balance in Charlotte, NC).

My husband, Phil Klein, is a former AP journalist who switched to computer programming before we married in 1968. He is retired. We have two adopted children and three grandchildren. Our current dog is named Brindle and is a 2 year old Cairn terrier.

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Janet Nielsen Kretzmeier

NAME KNOWN BY: Janet Nielsen

MAJOR: Journalism

ORGANIZATIONS: Daily Cal, Angel Flight

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Tennis, reading, swimming, biking, gardening

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Delta Pi

PRESENT CITY: Portland, Oregon

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I was so proud to be a graduate in the Class of ‘61 fifty years ago. And I am no less proud nor grateful today.

I have resided in Portland since 1962, except for a year in So. Calif.

My husband, Bill, and I have four children between us, 3 grandchildren and two more on the way.

Since retiring from my position as marketing director for a Portland architectural firm in the early ‘90’s, I have been an active volunteer in the community.

You can find me in the Palentology lab. at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry every Wednesday.

In addition, as a long-time advocate for children’s programs, I have served separate terms on the Children’s Commission in two counties.

During the intervening period, I served as state-wide chairman of the Coalition of County Commmissions for Children and Families for four years.

I continue as a member of the Washington County Commission on Children and Families.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to return to Berkeley, to renew friendships, stroll on the campus and attend the many events planned to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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Linda Coupe Lanterman

NAME KNOWN BY: Linda E. Coupe

MAJOR: Political Science

ORGANIZATIONS: Daily Californian, Pro. Advertising Group, PolSci Honorary

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Tennis, Writing, Water skiing, Deep Sea Fishing

ADVANCED DEGREES: MA Political Science

LIVING GROUP: Davidson Hall


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: My tenth book is underway. I write novels and short stories.

My husband, Doug and I celebrated our 47th anniversary in July. We have a mixed marriage, Cal and Stanford. His 50th class reunion is the week after ours.

Since graduation I taught at the university and high school levels and was elected three times to the Fremont Union High School District Board of Education (five high schools in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Los Altos and Santa Clara areas. I did part time teaching in the Social Science Program at San Jose State University for a number of years and I taught summer classes at the University of Santa Clara.

My husband and I raised two sons, both UCSB grads, a doctor and a lawyer. I served two California Governor’s as their appointee on education policy advisory committees. As a CSBA delegate I lobbied Congress on behalf California’s and the nation’s public schools.

My most memorable times at Cal were the long hours in Eshleman Hall and at the press downtown putting out the Daily Californian. I was a senior member of the Business Staff and wrote the Entertainment column my junior year. Nothing, not even a final exam in the morning interrupted getting the paper out.

I love the classroom. Of all my professional/working activities the classroom holds my heart. I especially love teaching high school history and government. I enjoy and respect teens. Their testing, searching for limits, their quests for information, knowledge.

My father had his BA and MA from Cal. My aunt and a few cousins graduated from Cal. My mother received her MA from Cal. Yes, I’m hardcore. Go Bears!

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Nancy Borio Laytham-Jorgensen

NAME KNOWN BY: Nanci Borio

MAJOR: US History

ORGANIZATIONS: Women’s Rep, Jr. Class Secty, Pres, Alpha Xi Delta

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Berkeley-student government, Beer Busts, Fraternity Parties, going to San Francisco

ADVANCED DEGREES: Credential in Adult Education, CSPD/ MBA credits, St Mary’s

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Xi Delta Sorority House

PRESENT CITY: Indian Wells, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Upon departing Cal, I sent off to San Francisco to accept a position in Macy’s Buyer Training Program. Then I took a job in advertising. I fell for a handsome stock broker and married. San Francisco was a very fun city to be single in those days. I traded in my dancing shoes for a life in suburbia.

Once married, we moved to Walnut Creek then Orinda and began to raise our four children.

By 1974, I was the single mom. My charming ex-husband did not like supporting us so I did the next best thing and took a job to provide for the family. I was fortunate to be offered a position in sales with Bayer Pharmaceuticals and became one of the first women in this field. I stayed with Bayer in a number of fun and interesting positions until I took an early retirement in 1998. It was then I remarried and began to take trips to the wonderful desert than eventually became my new home. I do miss N. California but I so love the perfect sunny days we enjoy here everyday.

Now I have a second career as a certified Health and Wellness Coach, following my passion to stay healthy while supporting others, to increase their activity and energy while eating right, so they, too, can enjoy the great benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I hike, do water aerobics and try to keep myself well and fit.

I have and continue to be an active volunteer in the Arts and in my city. I spent 5 years as a Docent at the beautiful Palm Springs Art Museum. I am involved with our regional theater and Toastmasters. I serve on the board of the Joslyn Center.

My 6 grandchildren are in Oakland, Denver and NY City. They are too precious but I do not get to see them as often as I want.

Great friends, loving family, adorable grandchildren ~ what could be better? Life is good!

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Michael D. Lebowitz (deceased)


MAJOR: Psych


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Photography, Music



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I became a faculty member (1971-) and full Prof. of Medicine at Univ. of Arizona (1980-), and semi-retired in 2006. I have worked also for US Agencies (NIH, EPA, etc.), the National Academies of Science, the UN (especially WHO), and other governments. I also helped found, was a charter member of, and/or was elected to various professional societies in Epidemiology, Environmental Sciences, and Pulmonology. I’m a fellow of the Amer. College of Chest Physicians, The Amer. College of Epidemiology, and Collegiam Ramazzini, and am an honorary member of the Hungarian Hygiene Society. I’ve been Pres. of ISES and have been given various awards. I’ve published over 400 articles, chapters, and/or books. I’m currently a Prof. NTE of Medicine and a Special Government Employee with the feds. Also, I’ve been married 50 years, have 3 children and 4 Grandchildren.

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Bob LaLiberte

NAME KNOWN BY: Bob, Bobla, Lalib

MAJOR: Communication and Public Policy

ORGANIZATIONS: Rally and Games Council, Californians, California Club, Order of the Golden Bear

ADVANCED DEGREES: Master of Public Administration

LIVING GROUP: President, Tau Kappa Epsilon


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Having grown up in enemy territory, Palo Alto, I was thrilled to become part of the Berkeley family following high school. I found the many available extra curricular activities particularly enjoyable, not giving sufficient weight to the primary reason for being on campus. I especially enjoyed the spirit groups and appreciated the opportunity to serve as Head Yell Leader in 1960.

After graduation and ROTC, I was assigned to bases in Texas and Korea as an Army air defense artillery officer. This preceded a career in California government. I retired in 1995, following service in five departments, including the Governor’s fiscal advisory office--the Department of Finance, as Interim Director and Deputy Director of Housing and Community Development, and as the State Department of Education’s Deputy Superintendent and Executive Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Since retiring, I have consulted at the state level on finance and management issues; assisted in implementation of the State’s college savings program (Scholarshare), and in selection of the members of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission; and served as a volunteer with Sacramento’s St. Hope Corporation.

On the personal side, I am blessed with two wonderful adult children and three grandsons. Unfortunately, I lost my dear wife of more than 40 years, Lynne (Class of 1960) to cancer in 2003.

I am looking forward to our reunion fun and recollections. GO BEARS!

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Robert S. Lund


MAJOR: Public Health Administration

ORGANIZATIONS: Californians, Order of the Golden Bear

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, hiking, train buff, military and western history, National Parks, Fire LoTrav travel, trains, Fire Lookout Volunteer, gardening, volunteer ( Forest Service), vegetable gardening

ADVANCED DEGREES: Master of Public Health

LIVING GROUP: Theta Delta Chi


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Following graduation, I spent 3 years plus in the Navy as a naval flight officer (patrol and anti submarine squadron) before returning to Cal for graduate work in Hospital Administration in 1965/66. Married Sharlene Quilici in 1961 and we’ve raised four great children ( 3 boys and a girl) to successful adulthood. My career involved positions in a variety of hospitals and healthcare organizations in Washington and primarily California. We have lived in several great areas as a result including Seattle, Arcadia, Pebble Beach, Roseville, Westlake Village and for the last 20 Years in Highland. I retired from Kaiser Permanente after 17 years in 2008 from my final position with the company as Sr. Vice President and Executive Director for Health Plan Operations in Kern County. I have enjoyed volunteer work all my professional life and am currently focused on Host/Fire Lookout duties in the San Bernardino National Forest. My wife and I greatly enjoy time with our family which now includes three grandchildren. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this coming December 2011.

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Joy Maguire


MAJOR: Speech

ORGANIZATIONS: Class Council, Functional Services Board Chair, ASUC Ex Com, National Students Association, Secretary to ASUC Pres/VP, Mortar Board, Prytanean, and Panile

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Swimming, Reading, Politics, Cal Football, Lair of the Bear, Family

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Xi Delta


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Life has been very good to me. I am happily married to Martin Peers. Four years ago we moved to Oakland from Campbell (after 38 years) – every day we realize what a good move this was. Very close to one daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons that we see frequently, not too far from Berkeley for easy access to Cal games and Reunion Planning, a fabulous house for living and entertaining.

As a single parent for 16 years, I raised two fabulous daughters - Nicole (Cal ‘87, UCLA Anderson MBA ‘90) and Meighan (UCLA ‘89 MA/PhD UC San Diego ‘98) - and now have marvelous grandsons and sons-in-law. Our oldest grandson graduated from UC Davis while Jager will graduate from West Point next year as a Civil Engineer – the history and traditions of the Academy have been fun for all of us to experience!

My husband tells me I should write a book about my career because I came into the hi-tech world through the telephone company at a time when women were not even eligible to be management trainees! As one of the first women to be a Communications Consultant, Sales Manager, and Sales Director for ATT (top Sales Director in the nation in 1982), I moved on to become Director of Product and Market Management for a voice messaging company. I built several worldwide consulting practices in mobile strategies and technologies, introduced the world’s first Smartphone in 1997, developed a bleeding edge optical networking subsystem, and continue to work as a consultant for emerging wireless service providers. I chaired committees for several industry standards groups, including the ISDN and WAP Forums. In 2000, Wireless Week recognized me as one of the most influential women in wireless.

As a volunteer, I am currently working on political campaigns and our Class Reunion. I served as President of our Homeowners Association, after spending time as chair of the committee rewriting our governing documents. I served on the City of Campbell Civic Improvement Commission for 10 years, including a couple of terms as co-chair and one year chairing the 4th of July celebration. I’ve also worked on a number of political campaigns. This year’s stint as 55th Reunion Co-chair adds to those that I did for our 5th-35th, 45th and 50th Reunions (had to skip the 40th because of my work travels).

Martin and I have traveled around the world, but now choose to spend a month or more in Paris each year as our second home (will be there for our 25th next year). I swim over a mile every day, whether I am at home or traveling - Paris has 38 piscines to choose from! I have also been able to use my swimming to raise money for fighting cancer – over $10,000 raised in the last five years through the annual WCRCV Swim a Mile for Women’s Cancer!

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Elizabeth W. Martin



HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Family and church and friends



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation, my dad decided that I would have a struggle getting a job so I took some secretarial classes. My first job was in downtown San Francisco at Pet Milk Company’s regional office as an executive secretary. I lived in three different apartments in the city during the next two years, moving as roommates left to begin living with their new husbands - AFTER the weddings!

In 1963 I married Ed Martin, an Ensign in the U.S. Navy, at the chapel on Treasure Island. He was a career submarine officer. We moved to San Diego for a year, then spent four years in Key West, Florida. Towards the end of that time we adopted our son, Bradley. Within the next four years, we had two daughters born 16 months apart. We raised a grandson beginning just as the youngest daughter went off to UCLA, so we were slow in reaching the “empty nest” stage.

After Key West, we spent two years of shore duty in Monterey, CA. We landed back in San Diego in 1970 and have been here ever since. Our children are now in their 40’s; one is an IT guy living in Phoenix, one has a masters in social work and is working on a national level to improve children at risk, and one is a thoracic surgeon at a University of Maryland hospital. We have six grandchildren, ranging in age from 26 down to two years of age.

I worked on and off, as my maternal duties allowed, as a legal secretary and administrative assistant. I have done a fair amount of volunteer work over the years.

My husband, Ed, and I are both enjoying retirement, living in a beautiful city in a very friendly, connected neighborhood. We spend as much time as we can with our family when our other obligations allow. We are both very active and enjoy good health.

We have been blessed to stay in touch with many of our long time friends and we look forward to the reunion of the class of ‘61 and especially with my Alpha Delta Pi sorority sisters. My husband’s claim to fame is that he knows both their maiden and married names.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Donald G. McCallum


MAJOR: Criminology



PRESENT CITY: Sacramento

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I am still married to the same wife of 41 years; and we are still practicing law together after 43 years.

Page 48: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Pamela McCorduck

NAME KNOWN BY: Pamela McCorduck

MAJOR: English


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, theater, music

ADVANCED DEGREES: MFA, Columbia University

LIVING GROUP: Beaudelaire Club


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I’ve had a life I can only describe as blessed, and I’m deeply grateful. I’m the author of nine published books, with the tenth in press; I’ve traveled on every continent except Antarctica; I’ve been surrounded by a loving family and a host of affectionate friends (the best one, my Cal roommate during my senior year, and still my closest friend). Cal launched me on a long, profound, intellectual and spiritual journey. I’m deeply grateful for that too.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Martin McNair


MAJOR: Business

ORGANIZATIONS: Crew Team, Skull and Keys, Order of the Golden Bear

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Family and Travel

ADVANCED DEGREES: MBA University of Chicago

LIVING GROUP: Sigma Nu Fraternity

PRESENT CITY: Point Richmond, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Following graduation I traveled east to compete in the IRA and stroked the Cal 8 to another National Rowing Championship--we also won in 1960.

From there I traveled on to compete in The Henley Regatta in England. After the races I bought a motorcycle and began a 6 month, 43 country adventure around the world returning in time to start Navy OCS in Feb 1962. After being commissioned I turned down flight school to try the more challenging Underwater Demolition Training. Served 28 years active and reserve time with four commands retiring as a Captain in Navy Special Warfare.

I postponed entry into the business world to respond to Dean Jim Lemon’s request to succeed him as the Varsity Cal Crew Coach which I did for six years before becoming a mortgage banker (JW Rouse Co, & Wells Fargo Mtg. Co.). I left to build houses in Orinda, bought and ran a small manufacturing company and had a stint as Sr. Project Mgr for Chevron Land & Development Co. We own and manage a small real estate portfolio of commercial properties for our own account.

I have two great kids in their mid-forties (one Cal and one Stanford) and both live in Chicago. The Olympic water polo player has two boys, one of whom looks like he will follow in his father’s swimming wake.

I am currently on too many boards and commissions--both profit and non-profit. My wife Janis and I live a busy life and enjoy traveling frequently. We are blessed.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Frederick Lynn McNulty (deceased)


MAJOR: International Relations

ORGANIZATIONS: Lair of the Bear Staff--1959 and 1960

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Civil War history, hiking/backpacking

ADVANCED DEGREES: MA San Jose State (1966) MS Management, George Washington (1973)


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Lynn McNulty lives in McLean, Virginia, with his wife, Peggy Tarr McNulty (’64). Following his graduation from Cal he obtained a Masters in International Relations at San Jose State. Lynn went on active duty as a 2nd Lieutenant (courtesy of Cal’s ROTC program) with the Army right after the Kennedy assassination in November of 1963. He recalls driving past the Texas School Book Depository building nine days after the shooting on his way to Fort Benning, Georgia . In June of 1964, he was assigned to the national capital with the 902d Military Intelligence Group. After completing his two year tour of active duty he went to work for the CIA, where he took some evening graduate level computer courses as part of a second Masters degree and became involved in the agency’s computer security program. Subsequently he was employed at the FAA, State Department and the National Institute of Standards and Technology while staying in the computer security career field. Lynn retired from the federal government in 1995. He worked as a government affairs director for a San Mateo software security company until the end of the internet boom and then decided to become an independent consultant specializing in assisting private sector companies understand the government IT security market. Lynn maintains this practice to date, but will probably fully retire in 2012. The McNultys have two daughters: Maureen, a supervisory nurse, and Sarah, an occupational therapist. Peggy teaches singing in their home and has produced several national and regional voice competition winners over the years. Lynn has become a “Civil War buff” and has visited most of the major and many of the minor battlefields of this war. Lynn and Peggy have travelled extensively to both domestic and international locations. Their most recent trip was to Bhutan and Thailand in April of 2011. Lynn has also visited over 340 of the 394 US National Park system sites. His goal is to visit all of them.

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David C Melander


MAJOR: Sociology, Cal. Berkeley, MPA, Cal State Hayward

ORGANIZATIONS: Rep-at Large ASUC, Chancellor’s Committee on Discrimination, Californians, Order of the Golden Bear, Glee Club.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Music, hiking, tennis, government, people, travel, world peace.

LIVING GROUP: Smyth as Freshman, Sigma Phi Epsilon (Past President), I House as Senior.

PRESENT CITY: Pleasanton, California

BIOGTSPHY: Met my wonderful wife Hildegard in Germany when in Army 1962. Our three children, their families and our four Grandchildren are a large part of our lives and very fun!

Retired from the Alameda County Probation Department after thirty years where I worked with Juveniles and adults, supervised staff, and for 7 years was Assistant Director of a detention camp for 11 to 16 year old boys, and 11-17 year old girls. Yes, they were in separate camps (smile) but still a challenge.

Over the years I have been elected as trustee on school boards in Dublin and Pleasanton , served on the Alameda County Commission on Aging and Human Relations Commission, active in the Knights of Columbus and a Past Grand Knight, and on the Board of Managers of the Tri-Valley YMCA. Hildegard and I love to travel and trips to China, Russia, Europe, Israel, Canada, and Mexico have been enlightening.

Life is good. Let’s all try to treat other people as we want to be treated and the world can become a better place. Go For It!

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Sandra Mitchell

NAME KNOWN BY: Sandy Mitchell

MAJOR: Zoology

ORGANIZATIONS: Women’s Dormitory Association, Mortar Board

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Politics, grandchildren, traveling

ADVANCED DEGREES: MS, PhD Foods and Nutrition, Oregon State University

LIVING GROUP: Freeborn Hall


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation, I went to San Francisco and worked for UCSF. After marrying Joe Blaha in 1963, I spent several years following his newspaper career around Northern California and Oregon. During this time I birthed and acquired three children, taught high school science and mathematics, and was involved in local and state politics.

We briefly tried the back to earth experience of gardening and raising goats and chickens to feed the growing children. In 1974 I started pursuit of graduate degrees in Foods and Nutrition at Oregon State. After divorcing I started my own career in college and university teaching. Wonderful experiences teaching with several community colleges and the CSU system evolved into combining teaching with working as a clinical dietitian at San Joaquin General Hospital in Stockton, CA.

It was time to retire in 2004, and we moved to Portland to be closer to family. Since then I have been involved in selling antiques and books, enjoying the developing years of young grandchildren and delivering Meals on Wheels. Annually I take one or two excursions with Road Scholar and very much enjoy learning about the US and Canada. I have had a partnership with Hugh Sadler for about 25 years, and he tolerates my 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. We have recently moved across town in Portland to be closer to family and experience life on one level walking distance from Trader Joe’s.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Beate M. Morrow

NAME KNOWN BY: Beate Mahlendorff (until July 1960)

MAJOR: Slavic Languages & Literature

ORGANIZATIONS: U.C. Ballroom Dancers, Dobro Slovo, Slavic Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Traveling, photography, hiking, ballroom dancing


LIVING GROUP: off-campus


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: When I entered Cal in 1957 I planned to major in French and Spanish. After the launch of Sputnick, I changed my major to Slavic Languages and Literature (Russian), hoping some day to become an interpreter at the United Nations.

However, those plans changed after I met my future husband, Ken, in an on-campus ballroom dancing class and we became charter members of the UC Ballroom Dancers. We got married in July, 1960, and have been dancing through life ever since, celebrating our 50th anniversary last year. I worked in the Cal Main Library while Ken finished his senior year in Civil Engineering (Class of ‘62), after which we moved to Southern California with our 2-month old daughter Kathy. Our son Stephen was born two years later.

Realizing that my dream of becoming an interpreter at the UN had now become very unrealistic and looking for another challenge, I resumed my college studies in 1970, this time pursuing a major in business and accounting. In 1973 I started my career with Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers), becoming a partner in the Los Angeles office of the firm in 1982, one of the first women audit partners in the then “Big Eight” public accounting firms. After a successful career with a specialization in the oil & gas industry, I decided to retire in 1996 so my husband and I could pursue our dream of traveling to the far corners of the world.

In 2003 we moved back to Northern California to be closer to our two children and four grandchildren. We continue to enjoy traveling and ballroom dancing, and are active in our community’s Ballroom Dancing Group as both participants and occasional instructors.

Life has been good, and our fond memories of our Cal experience have never dimmed. Our son is a Cal graduate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Class of’86) and one of our granddaughters just entered Cal.

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Doug Moore


MAJOR: Business Adminiatration

ORGANIZATIONS: Student Government, Rugby Team



LIVING GROUP: Phi Kappa Psi Faternity

PRESENT CITY: Ross, California

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Following graduation, spent two years on active duty with the Navy aboard a destroyer deployed to the Far East. After graduating from Hastings, was a trial lawyer for 30 years with Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold, a San Francisco based law firm. Left the law practice to accept an appointment as a Superior Court judge in San Francisco and later was appointed the Chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board the first level appeal for workers’ compensation matters. Still work as a private judge and expert witness in insurance coverage and workers’ compensation matters and also am the Editor and Publisher of the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Reporter, a bi-weekly publication for the workers’ compensation industry. Spent 38 years in the Navy Reserve and attained the rank of Rear Admiral.

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Kirmach Natani, Ph.D., HSP, ABPS, ABDA


MAJOR: Physics

ORGANIZATIONS: I worked “on the hill” at the Bevatron lab

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Adding mathematical analysis to Psychology

ADVANCED DEGREES: Medical School Ph.D. in Biological Psychology


PRESENT CITY: St. Louis, Missouri

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Left Berkeley in 1963 for two full years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand. Made a serendipity contact in Nepal that resulted in a research position collecting EEG sleep at the South Pole for a year in the 1966-67 winter. Graduate school in Oklahoma, rated 12th in the nation in neuroscience at that time, 1970-1977. Post doctoral training with an NRC fellowship at the USAF School for Aerospace Medicine, 1977-1980. Director of the Human Performance Lab at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft 1980-1992. Clinical Psychology post doc at St. Mary’s Hospital in East St. Louis, Illinois. Licensed as a psychologist in Illinois and Missouri and still practicing.

Concurrent activities: NAS sponsored science exchange visitor to the USSR in 1974 in aerospace medicine based on the Antarctic work. Member of an NRC advisory committee for science exchanges with the USSR & Eastern Europe, 1979-1983. McDonnell demanded I resign from the NRC post; they did not like my comments about the Challenger shuttle disaster. Involved in a five year sleep EEG study of the “GENIE” ‘feral child’ conducted at LA Childrens Hospital and the LA area with periodic trips from Oklahoma, 1970-1975. Google me by full name to see my pic and hear the audio from a panel discussion on this case that took place in 2010 at an off-Broadway theater production based on the case. Listed in Who’s Who in America, The World, and Medicine and Health Care. Currently spending a lot of time working on a book; tentatively titled “Serendipity and Discovery in Behavioral Neuroscience: Chronometrics, Electroencephalography, Gestalt Psychology, Music, and Psychological Time” I am looking for a publisher.

Primary current goal: To get an EEG into every MD and clinical Ph.D. office for neuroscreening and to establish the need for mathematical analysis of neuropsychological data to establish biomarkers for AD/HD, Autism, and Absence Epilepsy. And, to get psychologists paid for doing this kind of work.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Thomas J Nolan


MAJOR: Civil Engineering


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Hiking, Backpacking, Running

LIVING GROUP: Cloyne Court

PRESENT CITY: Mooresville, NC

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: My ambition from an early age was to become a Civil Engineer. Thanks in large part to Cal I achieved this goal. I worked for three California cities, retiring in 2000 as City Engineer of Novato, Ca.

Now living near Charlotte, NC with my second wife Sara. My son and daughter are UC Davis grads living in Sacramento (Jeff) and Berkeley (Kristin). (One granddaughter each.)

I am fascinated by the physiology of aging as experienced during my years of dedication to long distance running. (Most recent “experiment”: half marathon run in Davidson, NC on 9/17/11).

(Update 2016) I thought that my active lifestyle would enable me to keep going for many more years. My body is telling me differently, however. Sara and I have nevertheless shared some wonderful hiking and adventure vacations.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


John F. Olson


MAJOR: Political Science

ORGANIZATIONS: Student Judical Committee, Californians, Order of the Golden Board, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Affairs, Phi Beta Kappa

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Politics, history, travel

ADVANCED DEGREES: LL. B., cum laude, Harvard Law School, 1964

LIVING GROUP: Sigma Pi Fraternity

PRESENT CITY: Washington, D.C.

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I’ve been a lawyer...associate, partner, senior partner, retired partner still Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher since graduating from Law School in 1964. That’s not a lot of imagination in career choice but I have had a wide range of experience. I’ve practiced litigation, real estate, corporate and corporate finance, mergers and acquisition, securities and corporate governance law, focusing primarily on the last two specialties for the last 20 years. I helped found both our Orange County and Washington, D.C., offices in 1967 and 1977, respectively. Currently, in addition to practicing with Gibson Dunn, I am teaching as a Distinguished Visitor from Practice at Georgetown University Law School, having previously taught as a visitor at both Cornell and Northwestern law schools.

After 44 years of marriage, and raising five wonderful children together, one of whom died tragically nine years ago leaving a widow and two young children, Libby and I were divorced last year. It was a hard decision but all things considered a wise one and we both greatly enjoy our surviving children, their spouses and significant others, and our four terrific grandchildren (who range in age from 4 months to 13 years).

I continue to do a good bit of legal writing and lecturing at programs around the country in addition to my law school teaching, and regularly advise boards of directors, board committees and senior corporate officers on corporate governance matters and special investigations. I chaired the American Bar Association’s Committees on Federal Regulation of Securities and on Corporate Governance and was a longtime member of the ABA’s Committee on Corporate Laws and of the New York Stock Exchange Legal Advisory Committee. I have served on a number of charitable, cultural and independent school boards in the Washington area, but am cutting back on commitments to find more time for family, friends and travel.

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Sheldeen G. Osborne

NAME KNOWN BY: Shelly Osborne

MAJOR: History

ADVANCED DEGREES: M.S. Education, State University of NY, Oneonta


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation, I worked in San Francisco for an import/export firm, but knew I wanted to teach. I drove across Canada to upstate New York where I entered an elementary intern program sponsored by the State University of New York, Oneonta. While studying for a Master’s Degree, I taught 3rd grade in Scotia, New York. I received an MS in Education with a specialty in reading in June of ‘65.

I traveled to Germany where I taught third grade for the Department of Defense. I traveled to many countries, snow skied on weekends and had a wonder experience. I returned to California in the summer of 1966, started on a Reading Specialist Certificate at the College of the Holy Names and taught for years in Alameda where I retired in 1998.

Retirement wasn’t my “cup of tea,” so I worked for various staff development companies and returned to teaching as a Literacy Coach in Oakland where I continue to work three days a week as a reading specialist. My hobbies include book club memberships, traveling (now the total of countries visited is 55), and attending local opera, symphony and theater.

I serve on the boards of California Shakespeare Theater, Berkeley, CA and Z Space, San Francisco. My donations to UC Berkeley include a named Women’s Basketball Scholarship, a faculty fellowship matched by the Mellon Foundation (currently given to Lisa Wymore, Dean of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies) and a Performing Arts fund.for theater, dance, and UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. I will be inducted into the Builders of Berkeley in October of 2016.

I am married to Steven Tirrell, Stanford ‘60 and ‘65, Civil Engineering. We lived for many years in Lafayette and now live in Rossmoor.

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Stephen Pace

NAME KNOWN BY: Steve Pace aka Pache

MAJOR: Business Administration

ORGANIZATIONS: Ex Com, Rep. at Large, OGB, Californians, Class Council

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, hiking, swimming,

ADVANCED DEGREES: Completed 1st year law school at UCLA

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Tau Omega

PRESENT CITY: Hillsborough, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Married to Margo Roberts Pace since 1962. Two children, Cindy and Mark, and two grandchildren – Caidyn and Connor, both Texans!

30 years with Bechtel Group, Engineers and Constructors, as Senior Manager, Internal Auditing, Procurement, and Project Management.

Retired 1991 on disability. Received a significant head injury at the hands of a felon in downtown San Francisco which resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Has since donated much time and effort to non-profit groups such Habitat for Humanity, Campus Community for International Students at Stanford (Bechtel International House), SIRS, etc.

Spends much time doing historical research and writing papers regarding California history, Siskiyou County, and San Mateo County.

Lived in London for 3½ years but did not speak the Queen’s English – when I came home, was told I didn’t do too well in American English either – Man Without a Country????

Page 60: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


A. Victry McNamara Palmer


MAJOR: French

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Boating, skiing, teaching Iyengar Yoga, studying Mandarin, and enjoying family and friends

LIVING GROUP: Kappa Alpha Theta


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Married to Pete Palmer, we are 50-year Alameda residents. Three sons, 5 grandchildren.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Joan Duren Pease

NAME KNOWN BY: Joan Duren Pease

MAJOR: Journalism




LIVING GROUP: Freeborn Hall


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Following graduation from Cal I spent several years teaching journalism in California high schools.

After marrying Stan Pease (MA ’60) I moved into the 32-foot sailboat he built, and we traveled to Tahiti and other South Pacific islands. We finally settled in Sydney, Australia where I worked first as the editor of two business publications and later as copy editor for a weekly magazine.

We continued to live on the boat in Sydney Harbor for four years and then sailed back to Tahiti where we stayed on the island of Moorea, and I began writing articles for sailing magazines including Pacific Skipper and Cruising World.

When we returned to California, we moved to Monterey where I became the communications director and later the executive for the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

While working there I arranged a “sister” relationship between the Chamber and a similar organization in Japan. Eventually Monterey became a sister city to Nanao, a seaport town on the Noto Peninsula in northwest Japan. I traveled there numerous times and even learned a few words of Japanese.

Following the years at the chamber of commerce, I got an MBA and became director of the Cooperative Work Experience program at Monterey Peninsula College and retired in 2001.

My retirement gave us a chance for more traveling, so we bought a 40-foot Winnebago and “moved aboard” spending winters in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico and summers in the Rocky Mountain states.

Three years ago we decided on a home again like normal people and bought a house in Leesburg, Florida near my sister who helps me settle the world’s problems mornings as we take a one-hour walk with the other energetic retirees.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


George O. Petty

NAME KNOWN BY: George O. Petty

MAJOR: English


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Old trucks, country retreat



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Since graduation, I married Sandra Kilpatrick (‘61), graduated from Boalt (‘64) and have subsequently practiced in-house corporate law. We have three children, Ross, Alison and Christopher, and five grandchildren. We lived in London for three years, where I managed the Bechtel Legal Department and was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister. Our current house (of 31 years) is located one block from where I grew up in Berkeley. I am proud of having spearheaded the effort to underground utilities on the Arlington from the Circle to Kensington, from 1987 to 2002. Now semi-retired, I enjoy maintaining our weekend retreat and tiny vineyard in Cazadero.

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John Phillips

NAME KNOWN BY: John Phillips

ORGANIZATIONS: Young Republicans, ROTC

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Some traveling, various finance roles, investing, hiking the Sierras using my mountain house in Arnold as a base.

LIVING GROUPS: Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I was born in SF, raised primarily in Berkeley, received my army commission after graduating from Cal, married Maryly Smith (Cal, 62) and spent two years on a Nike Hercules missile site in Germany. After graduating from the business school (MBA with an accounting emphasis) I joined Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) where I spent 31 years, retiring as a regional managing partner.

I then headed a health insurance company (now known as CALCPA Health) for 10 years, retiring from full-time employment in 2007. Since then I’ve served on a number of corporate, non-profit and governmental boards.

We have 4 grown children (2 boys; 2 girls) and 7 grandchildren. In 2003/4, three fraternity brothers and I took temporary ownership of the (then “unfit for human habitation”) TKE house on Channing and rebuilt it and, as a consequence of that role, I continue to serve on the fraternity’s housing board. My mother, brother and I funded a chair at Cal (Phillips Girgich Chair in Business) and although I have kept my basketball season tickets, I have given up my football tickets due to the scheduling program put in place by Cal Athletics. Cal will always be a very special place to me.

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Allen Phipps


MAJOR: Economics

ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Phi (Pres), Glee club, ROTC Golden Guard, Triune

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Choral singing, golf, hunting, fly fishing, opera/symphony, travel

ADVANCED DEGREES: MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business, ‘69

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Delta Phi


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: 1956-1961: UC Berkeley: BA Economics ’61; President Alpha Delta Phi, Army ROTC Top Cadet/Captain Corps of Cadets ’61, Distinguished Military Graduate

1961-1967: US Army Artillery, Captain, served in Germany, US, Vietnam(66-67); Army Commendation Medal, Bronze Star

1967-1969: Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA with Honors

1969-1984: The Boston Consulting Group, Vice President/Director, Boston, Menlo Park, Munich

1984-1995: Allen M Phipps, Management Consulting, independent management consultant, Chm of the Board of 2 ALZA public subsidiaries, CEO tech startup (failed!!)

1990-1992: Exec VP, Management Consulting Division, Regis McKenna Corp, Palo Alto

1995-2001: President and CEO, SRI Consulting ($75M for profit subsidiary of SRI International); retired 2001 resumed private consulting practice part time

2006-2011: Executive Director, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (large multisite church on the Peninsula); retired completely

2011 1985-now: Member of several profit and non-profit boards: Board President: Pacific Skyline Council, Boy Scouts of America; Hawaiian Island Ministries; Elder, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church; New Door Ventures(San Francisco), Simco Electronics, Currently: Happily retired and off all boards except New Door Ventures. Recreation/Entertainment: Vacation home on Cape Cod, golf, hunting, fishing, choral singing(Menlo Church choir), opera, symphony, travel, member of the Bohemian Club. Happily married to Joyce, two adult sons, 3 grandsons

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Mary Louise Pugh-Hulsey

NAME KNOWN BY: Mary Louise Pugh

MAJOR: Psychology

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Golf and singing Barbershop Harmony

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Chi Omega


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation moved to Tacoma, Washington, and went to work at Weyerhauser. Then worked at the US National Bank in Portland, Oregon, with a transfer to Medford, Oregon.

Returned to the Bay Area in 1967 where I joined United Airlines at the San Francisco Maintenance Base working in the Engine Maintenance Department for the next 36 years until I retired in 2003.

Time since retirement has been spent playing golf several times a month with a couple of different golf clubs and singing with the Bay Area Showcase Chorus. The chorus is a part of the world wide Sweet Adelines Int’l. Org. singing a cappella music in the Barbershop Style.

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Dolores Robbins


MAJOR: Social Welfare

ORGANIZATIONS: 2nd VP ASUC., Jr. Class VP, California Club, Mortar Board, University Orchestra

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Playing Chamber Music, Photography, Civic


LIVING GROUP: Oldenberg, Chi Omega


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Dori has many wonderful memories of Cal: philosophy courses – her favorite, student government activities, life in the dorm, Chi Omega, football games, and, especially, wonderful friends. Dori also played violin in the University orchestra, but never dreamed of becoming a professional musician. She majored in social welfare and spent two more years at Cal earning a Master’s degree in Social Work. A sense of adventure led her eastward for her first and only clinical social work job, at the Yale Medical Center. Realizing clinical work was not her preference, she joined the Peace Corps administrative staff in Washington DC, and six years later became associate professor of Social Work, Antioch College, - Washington/Baltimore campus. Throughout her 20’s, Dori continued to play with amateur orchestras, and resumed her violin studies.

In 1971, she had the good fortune of working with Leonard Bernstein, performing his MASS for the opening performance of the Kennedy Center. She soon became a member of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, where she held a titled chair for 38 years. While performing nightly at the Kennedy Center, Dori continued other part time professional endeavors including a variety of administrative positions in the arts and the human services. Then, in 1996, her social work career came full circle when she was hired by Sunrise Assisted Living to create a network of community social services for the elderly. In 2003, the National Social Work Honor Society awarded Dori an honorary membership for significant contributions to the Social Work profession. Nonetheless, Dori’s main fulfillment came from being a member of an orchestra that traveled to Japan and played with many great artists, her favorite being Placido Domingo. You can see (and hear) a snippet of Dori playing a Haydn quartet as Goldie Hahn fainted into her salad in the movie, BEST FRIENDS. Dori’s continued devotion as a Bears fan, resulted in another major life-altering event. In 1984, at a joint Big Game viewing party for Cal and Stanford alums in DC, Dori met Stanford alum Robert McCue. Today, you can hear them cheering for their beloved respective alma maters. Since 2004, Dori and Bob have resided in La Jolla, California, traveling abroad as the mood dictates and walking daily on the beach. Dori continues to play chamber music for fun, and is active in many community organizations. Now, in 2011, as President of the Permanent Class Council since George Link’s death, she is busy working with the Council on our 50th reunion. GO BEARS!

Page 67: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Karolyn Klapak Roberson

BIOGRAPHY: In 1961, after graduation, Darryl Roberson and I were married and moved to San Francisco where we lived for 40+ years and raised our two children, Kimberly and Tom. Darryl is the founding partner of Studios Architecture. I did, and still do, work for non-profits. In 2008, we moved to Sonoma, California and into a new home, which Darryl designed for us, and where we are living now. We go to the Cal Football Games and are looking forward to being in the new stadium, for which Darryl is part of the design team. We love Cal !!! GO BEARS!

Page 68: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Mary Judith Robinson

NAME KNOWN BY: Judy Robinson

MAJOR: English

ORGANIZATIONS: Daily Californian; U.C. Yacht Club (a skipper)

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Sailing, jazz, book collecting

LIVING GROUP: Independently

PRESENT CITY: San Francisco

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Author of historical biographies including:

“The Hearsts - An American Dynasty” (1991, in 4th printing, 2011); “’You’re in Your Mother’s Arms’ - The Life & Legacy of Congressman Phil Burton” (1994); “Noble Conspirator - Florence S. Mahoney and the Rise of the National Institutes of Health” (2001); “From Gold Rush to Millennium, 150 Years of the Episcopal Diocese of California 1949-2000” (2001); “Patriots and Loyalists - An American Family from Colonial Times” (2010)

Long-time U. S. Senate and Congressional legislative assistant (for late Sen. Gaylord Nelson and former Rep. David Obey, both Democrats of Wisconsin), handling health, biomedical research, consumer, health & safety, food additives,pharmaceutical drug policies (among others).

Reporter/journalist for Associated Press, United Press International, National Journal; editorial writer, “San Francisco Examiner.”

Qualified Researcher for Bancroft Library, California State Library, others.

Active in U.S. & California historical, preservation and maritime organizations. Member, Book Club of California, Roxburghe Club, Arnold Bennett and Elizabeth Gaskell Literary Societies (England).

Special interests include book collecting, travel in England, English history and literature.

Page 69: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


David C. Ruegg

NAME KNOWN BY: David C. Ruegg

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel 109 countries, Pilot since 1955, Skiing, Bridge



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Married to Eugenia for 57 years and have three adult children as well as 6 grandchildren. Real Estate Broker and Contractor. In Partnership for 55 years with Bob Ellsworth, also a Cal graduate, developing property in Berkeley and Sacramento.

Active in community past and present. Was president of Berkeley Chamber of Commerce and Berkeley Real Estate. Board . Also National President of Sigma Nu as well as on the Board of Head Royce School. Member of the Pacific Union Club and club Bridge Champion for three years, The Family Club, University Club of S.F. and Claremont Country Club. Supporter of Cal football and basketball teams.

Happy to still have my pilot’s license and be able to travel and ski at 83.

Page 70: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Peter Sanford

NAME KNOWN BY: Peter Sanford

MAJOR: English


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Grandchildren, Reading, Walking

ADVANCED DEGREES: JD Hasting Law School; LLM Taxation, NYU Law School



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I have been married for 47 years to Sandra and we have three children and 5 grandchildren, all of whom we are very proud. The oldest grandchild, Max, just finished his freshman year at Berkeley, and lived his first year in the same high rise quadrangle where I lived 50 years ago. I have been a lawyer for 42 years, practicing in San Jose (28 years) and Santa Cruz (for the last 15 years). My area of specialty is estate planning, business and tax. Our life centers around our grandchildren, 4 of whom live in Santa Cruz, and one in Redwood City.

My wife and I still love to go to Berkeley, but not the campus. Now it is all the great shopping and restaurants on 4th St.

With the Vietnam war, the cold war, Iraq and Afghanistan, the years have been marked by anxiety around wars. And our current world condition, financial and otherwise, does not give me comfort or a feeling of security.

But, I feel so grateful for the inexpensive and good education that I got at Berkeley, and then at Hasting Law School.

Page 71: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Kent Sather

MAJOR: Business

ORGANIZATIONS: Student Union Board ,Vp Living Grp

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Swimming, skiing, tennis


PRESENT CITY: Santa Monica

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Married bright active Berkeley Girl, 2 kids, now 6 grandkids, Active in local town, Pacific Palisades. Member School Board, Neighborhood Assn Board. As So Cal resident past 40 years forced to endure USC types but kept the Berkeley Spirit intact. Spend time in home in North Shore Hawaii as often as possible. Yes, did vote for Jerry . Go Bears .. Aloha

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Tom Schneck


MAJOR: Physics


LIVING GROUP: Cloyne Court


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation I became an Air Force Officer before marrying Patricia Quealy and settling in the Bay Area. I attended night law school, then joined a law firm to practice patent law for a few years before starting my own firm.

I am now partners with my son, Dave, and practice IP law in San Jose. I have taught IP law at a local law school and business law at SJSU. Ten years ago I served on the County Parole Board. To get the flavor of parole hearings, check the video “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Pat and I have now been married 46 years and have 7 adult children, including 2 Berkeley grads, and 17 grandkids, half local and half in Portland and L.A. where we travel quarterly.

To meet new Cal classmates I am currently serving on the Reunion and Class Gift Committees. I get back to campus to attend physics, astronomy and other lectures. A recent discovery is Prof. John Searle of Philosophy, whose lectures on iTunes U. and whose books are fascinating. (2016 update) I have been participating in Project CARA, to end detention of families seeking asylum in the US., participating in legal representation of detained women and children in south Texas.

Page 73: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


David P Sexton


MAJOR: English

LIVING GROUP: Cygnet House, Deutsch Hall


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Started Cal in ‘59 after attending Mt San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. Met Joan Perry of Santa Barbara at Cal (Class of ‘60.) Celebrated our 50th last September. After graduation in ‘61, obtained a teaching credential from SF State and began teaching high school English in Southern California. Drafted into the Army in 1963, served 3 years in the Intelligence Corps including stints in Okinawa, Japan, and Pasadena, CA. Resumed teaching high school English in Rialto for several years. In 1972, joined the staff of the Montana state affiliate of the National Education Association serving as a field consultant, communications director and government relations director. Active in politics. After retirement in 1995, moved to Oregon where our two daughters live. Took up ceramics (wheel-thrown pottery), volunteering, gardening, hiking, and travel. Active in the community garden movement. Hike every week somewhere in the beautiful Cascade Mountains, Columbia Gorge, Coast Range, or rugged NW coast. Hiking trips to Africa, Italy, Galapagos, Costa Rica. Two young grandkids who live nearby. Life is good.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Dr. Mark H. Shapiro

NAME KNOWN BY: Mark Shapiro

MAJOR: Physics

ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Eta Sigma, Univ. Students Cooperative Assoc.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Amateur Radio, Facebook, Volunteer Service

ADVANCED DEGREES: M.S. (1963 Univ. of Penn.), Ph.D. (1966 Univ. of Penn)



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: As an undergraduate at Berkeley I majored in physics and mathematics, but did not complete the math major. Coming from a relatively poor family, I greatly appreciated scholarship support from the Alumni Association and from several university sources, as well as from a cooperative studentship at the Naval Radiological Defense Lab in San Francisco. My work at USNRDL delayed my graduation until January of 1962, although I was a member of the class of ‘61. In 1961 I married Anita Lavine who was a student at Mills College. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary earlier this year (June 8th).

Following graduation I continued working at USNRDL until the start of the Fall 1962 semester when I started my graduate studies in physics at the University of Pennsylvania where I earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics. At the same time my wife Anita earned her LL.B. degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Following graduate school I held postdoctoral fellowships in nuclear physics at Caltech (1966-68) and at the University of Rochester (1968-70). In 1970 I joined the physics faculty at Cal State Fullerton, where I remained until I retired in 2007 as a Full Professor. At Fullerton I carried out research in several areas of physics and published over 100 papers in refereed journals, several with undergraduate student co-authors. I also served 10 years as Department Chair. I am a Senior Fellow of the American Physical Society.

In retirement I have been active in the Fullerton Community Emergency Response Team, and at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute on the Fullerton campus.

I doubt that I ever would have been able to achieve what I did had it not been for the affordability of a Berkeley education in ‘50s and ‘60s. It pains me to see that affordability slipping away from the current generation of bright but poor young Californians.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Billie Shawl

BIOGRAPHY: Billie Nelson received her BA from Cal to add to the end of her name and a month later

added Mrs. to the front. She married Stan Shawl, ‘59 whom she met at Cal. Billie

immediately joined the Alameda County Probation Department, supervising a caseload

of court designated neglected and dependent children. After five years, she traded

her caseload for her family of two children. The Shawl family moved to Carmichael

and Billie devoted her time to an educational foundation, leading discussion groups and

eventually the Sacramento/Davis area. She worked with several non profits on service

improvement for youth with disabilities, producing a resource directory and a training

video. Moving to Visalia, CA in 1996 to assist with family needs, Billie coordinated

a five year project of community building. After a retirement of several years, she

returned to the non profit world to work on coordinating awareness around neglected

and dependent children. Billie and her husband enjoy traveling and are leaving soon

to celebrate their 50th anniversary in New York at the Big Apple Circus where their

son, Scott, and his wife, Muriel, are appearing in this season’s production as comic

magicians. Billie’s daughter, Sara, lives in Phoenix with her husband, Aaron, where she

works as a dental hygienist. Billie still wants to make the world a better place!

Page 76: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Al Simonsen

NAME KNOWN BY: Al Simonsen

MAJOR: BS Industrial Engineering


LIVING GROUP: Smyth then Lambda Chi Alpha


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating and being commissioned an Ensign in the US Navy I began flight training in Pensacola, FL, July 61. While in training I was lucky enough to marry Marilyn Engelhard (Delta Gamma also class of 61) on Christmas break in Orinda. I made two wartime cruises on board the USS Bon Homme Richard aircraft carrier flying A-4 Skyhawks bombing enemy troops, roads and bridges in Vietnam. After 5 years in the Navy and having received a Distinguished Flying Cross and several Air Medals, I began a 32 year career as a pilot for American Airlines. For 17 years on my days off I coached and ran soccer, basketball and softball programs for the children of Moraga and Lafayette. I was named Moraga Citizen of the year in 1990 for all my work for the youth of the community. I was President of the Miramonte High School Sports Boosters Club and Parent’s Club. I still support the schools and students while substitute teaching and attending music and sporting events. I am a past President of the Moraga Rotary Club and have run the Field Day fun event for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students for the last 20 years. Marilyn and I have 3 children and 12 grandchildren. Life is great. We are very lucky and blessed.

Page 77: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


James K. Singleton


MAJOR: Poli Sci

ORGANIZATIONS: Class Council, A Phi O, Phi Phi, Phi Delta Phi

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Golf, fishing, sailing, reading, travel


LIVING GROUP: Tau Kappa Epsilon

PRESENT CITY: Anchorage, Alaska

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating from Cal in 61 I remained on campus and attended Boalt Hall graduating with an LL.B. in 1964. I went to Anchorage and practised with a firm for five years. I am a member of the Alaska and California bar associations. Sandra and I were married in 1966. We have two boys, Matthew and Michael now both grown. Matt is married and has four children ( We are proud grandparents) Ryan,7, Jake,5, Ashley, 3, and Willow , 2. Michael is still fancy free.

I was selected for the state superior court (Alaska) in 1970, the state court of appeals in 1980 and moved to the U.S. District Court in 1990. I was chief Judge from 1995 til 2002 and took senior status in 2005. I continue to work part time.

Sandra retired as a high School English teacher and volunteers at our local museaum as well as spending time becoming more and more proficient as a bridge player and golfer. We have acquired a winter home near Tucson in Arizona and split our time between Alaska and Arizona.

Page 78: CLASSMATES Then&Now

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Matthew Sloan M.D.








EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I have practiced Ophthalmology in Long Beach after completion of my residency at the Jules Stein Eye Institute. I continue to practice as I love my work. I consider myself a cinemaphile and regularly attend film festivals. Primarily this interest is pursued through world and independent cinema as well as documentaries. I have a genuine interest in film criticism and frequently contribute to this subject. I am most proud of my wonderful family. My marriage to Sharon (50 years this July), along with our 3 children their 3 spouses and seven grandchildren, are the center of my universe.

Page 79: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Bobbie Emanuel Spike








EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Like SO many women of our era, I became a teacher. After graduating from Cal, I attended UCLA (for a change of scene) to earn my credential. For five years I taught high school P.E. and Biology in Los Angeles, Ohio, and San Diego. After having two baby girls, I returned to school at San Diego State where I earned an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling and worked with the severely physically disabled at Sharp Hospital (San Diego). After two years at Sharp I returned to the high school scene as a Guidance Counselor at Vista High School. This was my favorite job (23 years)! My husband of 42 years, Dick Spike, was a psychiatric social worker.

After being widowed I moved back to Berkeley five years ago. to be nearer my family.

A most interesting involvement now is being a reader of undergraduate admission applications to Cal. Not as easy to be selected as it was in 1957! High school counselors are recruited for this task (also read for U.C.S.D.).

I keep very busy traveling, exercising, socializing.

Page 80: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Nancy Star

NAME KNOWN BY: Nann Harding

MAJOR: German

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Nature, Travel, Spirituality

LIVING GROUP: Epworth Hall

PRESENT CITY: Gainesville, VA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I have lost contact with everyone at Epworth Hall and am eager to reconnect if possible.

After graduation my husband Michael Sturman (Theta Xi and class of ‘61) and I moved to Washington, DC in 1962. I have remained in this area ever since. (Mike passed away in 1993.) We began our lives out here: Mike was with the federal governmet, Public Debt (they could use him now!) and I began teaching elementary school. We have 2 children, Kirsten and Ivan, both married and we have 5 grandchildren. Mike and I and our children enjoyed many trips back across the country to CA to visit our families and vacations. We purchased a vacation home in Canaan Valley, West- by God- VA, with a million dollar view- the house cost less. I spent an enjoyable couple years writing articles for and then editing the Audubon Naturalist News, a publication of Audubon of the Middle Atlantic States. Mike won an award for solving a budget problem at Health and Human Services that saved hundreds of jobs, and he won the club championship in golf at his level at Hidden Creek Country Club. I also won the A level golf championship for 9 holers there for 2 years. I enjoyed writing poetry in the West Virginia woods at Canaan Valley, but that was when Mike was so sick.

Today I live with my companion, Aboul Mansuri, in a retirement community in NVA. We have traveled extensively and look forward to more trips. We are enjoying sharing one another’s families and friends. I am a Licensed Unity Teacher, a LUT- or so they say, and I teach courses for my church. I have a full sized Chartres style canvas labyrinth in my closet and set it out at Unity churches or where ever people are interested in walking it. We just had our garden on the Heritage Hunt Fall Garden Tour. Aboul has over 30 roses and I am the gardener!

I am very proud to have gradulated from the University of California at Berkeley. I wish all of you well.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


James Stonehouse

NAME KNOWN BY: Jim Stonehouse

MAJOR: Speech (Pre-Legal)

ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Phi Omega, Men’s Ex Board. Californians, Elections Council (Chair),

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Golf, Reading, Boy Scouts, Rotary



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: My CAL experience prepared me for a number of leadership opportunities in later life. First, I was accepted by the CORO Foundation as an Intern in Public Affairs. Then on to Hastings. Passed the State Bar Exam in ’65 and started work with Hall,Henry law firm in SF. Met and married Marilyn in ’66. We have 2 children - Julie (UCD 89) & Steve (CAL 91) and one grandchild-Ben.

In ’71 I became a partner in a firm in Alameda. I started my own firm in 77 and fully retired 2010. I was a Certified Specialist in Probate, Estate Planning and Trust Law.

I joined Rotary in ’71 and served as scholarship chair for 15 years. I was President ’07-08 and have been Assistant Governor of District 5170 for the past 2 years.

I went thru the chairs in Alameda Elks, serving as Exalted Ruler in ’78-79 and earned all state honors in ritual.

Then in ’81 I joined the board of the Lincoln Child Center Foundation, serving as President ’83-85.

Next was the Boy Scout oddessey. After being legal counsel for the board in Alameda for 6 years I became Pres. in ’86 thru ’88. In 90 I was named Area VP and in ’95 elected as an at-large member of the Western Region Board where I still serve. In ’91 I received the Silver Beaver award from Alameda council.

Meanwhile in ’89 I chaired a successful school bond election campaign for Alameda USD, achieving 68.7% of the vote.

In ’90 I was named pres of Robert L Lippert Foundation and am still on the board.

’94 brought me back to St Josephs High School as a school board member. I was Pres from 97 -00 leading a successful master plan development.

’99 was a memorable year as the Boy Scouts honored me with the Silver Antelope and I was chosen as Citizen of the Year for the City of Alameda with both awards being presented within 1 week.

As much of my regional work with Scouts involved building endowments, I received the McLaughlin Award in 04.

I am presently a member of the Sequoyah Country Club Senior golf comm and as Vice-Chair of Peralta College Dist Bond Oversight Comm.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Molly Sullivan

MAJOR: English Literature

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Family, Dancing, Hiking, Photography, Architecture, Travel, Gardening

ADVANCED DEGREES: M.A., Early Childhood Education; Ph.D., Clinical Psychology



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Some people who come to Berkeley like it so much they never leave.

I live a short distance from the University, and I still tilt forward in anticipation, the minute I enter Campus. What a green Freshman I was -- and what an old white head I have become -- in this never-dull community. I soaked up every morsel of culture and campus life that I could as an undergraduate, and when it was time to leave, I decided (in true Berkeley fashion) to rebel and stay.

Staying in Berkeley means that I have seen the transformation of Telegraph Avenue, as well as the transformation of the student population. I, and my children, have seen the armored vehicles move slowly down Oxford Street; we’ve whiffed the tear gas when it was dropped; and we’ve gone to countless concerts, lectures, movies, demonstrations, marches, graduations, sporting events, and weddings on the Berkeley Campus.

But that’s just been the vibrant backdrop to raising a family, developing a career in Early Childhood Education (specializing in the care of the really little ones), and returning once again to school to become a Clinical Psychologist – a profession that I intend to practice as long as my brain cells permit – because I love it almost as passionately as I love my husband and children -- and of course my children’s children.

Walking through Campus will always be thrilling to me because this is where I developed the courage and confidence to be curious and to think outside the box. The intellectual rigor demanded of me was transformative, as was the magnificent exposure to those academics and students who were, and remain, passionate in the pursuit of knowledge.

We were so fortunate. We are so fortunate.

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Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Heather McCune Thompson

NAME KNOWN BY: Heather McCune

MAJOR: Human Development

ORGANIZATIONS: Class Activities

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, read, hike, etc.

ADVANCED DEGREES: MA, Univ. of SanFrancisco



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Most interesting job: after Cal, my first “real” job was in the Selection Dept. of the Peace Corps, across the street from the Kennedy White House.

Most demanding job: being married. I worked this job for 45 years, until ‘07 when my husband passed away.

Most rewarding job: being the mom of two sons. I really loved this job because it had such variety and kept me engaged with constant “on the job training.”

Most tiring job: elementary teaching for the public schools. I did this for 10 years; I thought it would be FUN after 20+ years teaching adults. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Most gratifying job: helping people navigate through some rocky times as a family and child counselor.

Most difficult job: being nurse/caregiver to my husband during his last years, with all his diabetes related problems, and to my mother, who outlived him and is now 104 years old.

Most challenging job: writing books about my mother’s and grandfather’s early lives.

Most fun job: being Nana of six: four boys and two girls, where I have the pleasure but not the work.

Most peaceful job: being me, at 72.

Page 84: CLASSMATES Then&Now

Reunion55TH CLASSMATESThen&Now


Kent W Thompson


MAJOR: Psychology


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Grandchildren and Travel

ADVANCED DEGREES: MD, Tulane Univ School of Medicine ‘67

LIVING GROUP: off campus

PRESENT CITY: Corralitos

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Los Angeles (1938), Kent was raised in Pasadena. After graduating from Pasadena HS (1956), Kent attended two years at PCC. He began his studies at UC in 1958. There he met his future wife, Dolores (Dee) Rae Middleton (BA ’60). Kent and Dee were married in June, 1961.

Kent and Dee resided in Oakland until Kent was drafted into the US Army, Dec., 1961. Following discharge in the fall of 1963, Kent entered the freshman class at Tulane University School of Medicine. While residing in New Orleans, Dee gave birth to two daughters, Cara (UCSB ‘87) and Andrea (UC ’88). Kent received an MD from Tulane, in 1967.

That July, Kent began pediatric training at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. During Kent’s four years at LAC-USC-MC, the family grew with the birth of daughter Leslie (UCSC ’11) and son Kent Jr (UCSB ’93).

In July, 1971, the family moved to Aptos, CA, where Kent joined a pediatric group. Living in Santa Cruz County was good and the family thrived.

In the spring of 1997, Dee had a recurrence of breast cancer. She succumbed to the disease in June, 1998. Her passing was a great loss to the family.

August, 1999, Kent married Claire Dempsey Delano (MSW ’66). Claire’s two adult daughters, Quitanne (UCD ‘91) and Maya (U of OR ’98), joined the clan.

Kent, Claire and the family traveled extensively and enjoyed life. Kent retired in 2006.

Claire developed lung cancer. It was a type not associated with smoking. She passed away in January, 2008.

Kent currently resides in Corralitos, CA; a rural setting at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is a central location from which he can travel, up and down the state, to harass his children and ten grandchildren.

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Linda Shemanski Tochterman

NAME KNOWN BY: Linda Shemanski

MAJOR: Sociology

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Walking, Reading, Gardening and Travel


LIVING GROUP: Delta Phi Epsilon

PRESENT CITY: Sacramento, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I was married to Ron Tochterman (Pi Lambda Phi) the day after I graduated from Cal. We recently celebrated our 50th anniversary. I began my career as an elementary teacher in the Richmond School District, moved back to Sacramento and taught kindergarten in Del Paso Heights until our first son Joel was born. Jeff came two years later. I taught preschool and parent education part time for several years, then went to UC Davis for a M Ed. My last job was as the Executive Director of the Harry S Truman Club, a PAC that raises money for local Democratic candidates. We are now proud grandparents of two boys and two girls from high school down to second grade. And best of all, they all live nearby. I am grateful for the good, satisfying life I’ve led so far.

(Update 2016) I am one fortunate woman. I have two wonderful sons and one great daughter-in-law who all live close by. One son has two great boys, 12 and 16. And the other son has two wonderful daughters, 19 (NYU) and 16. My husband has taken up writing and teaching in retirement. I am busy with the above hobbies plus as a docent at the Crocker Art Museum.

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David Totten


MAJOR: Business Administration

ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Big C Society, Crew

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Golf, Traveling, Boating, Fishing

LIVING GROUP: Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: While at Cal I met Margie Myers and we got married in the summer of 1961. I received my commission after going through ROTC and we spent two years at Ft. Lawton in Seattle. Margie finished her last year at Seattle U. After the service we came to Southern Cal where I started working for my father who had just started a tubing distribution company, Totten Tubes, Inc. It became a lifelong pursuit with my semi-retirement in 2005.

We have three children, Sue, Greg and Paul. Sue and Greg followed in their parent’s footsteps, with Sue graduating from Cal in 1985 and Greg in 1987. Paul elected to go Humboldt State U. and graduated in 1991. Sue has been in development work since graduation, and currently is the Asst. Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Advancement at U. C. I. Greg and Paul, after high school teaching jobs, came to work for our company. Greg works in our main office in Azusa and Paul is the branch manager of a new branch we have established in Northern Cal. We have been blessed to have six grandchildren, three of each, from 6 months to 13 years.

Margie and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in October and renewing old acquaintances!

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William Kingwell TuckNAME KNOWN BY: KING TUCK







EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Self employed attorney and corporate council for Atlas Heating & Ventilating Co., a 100 plus year old business; my office located at the Atlas World Headquarters, 340 Roebling Road, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Four children: Bill (Rachelle), Mary, Nate, Marshall (Mae), and finally, one grandchild (Mason, now 3 months old.)

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Elizabeth Ravitz Wagele

NAME KNOWN BY: Elizabeth Wagele when I graduated, Elizabeth Ravitz one year

MAJOR: Music

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Music, psychology, Unitarians, drawing cartoons and my dreams


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: While raising four children with my husband, Gus, I taught piano lessons for many years. Later, I co-wrote “The Enneagram Made Easy” and “Are You My Type, Are You Mine?” then wrote “The Enneagram of Parenting,” “The Happy Introvert,” “Finding the Birthday Cake,” and made a CD playing excerpts from Beethoven sonatas and talking about Beethoven’s personality, “The Beethoven Enneagram.” My most recent book is “The Career Within You,” which I co-authored. I have a blog on Psychology Today called “The Career Within You” also and another blog on Word Press on the Enneagram. I’m currently writing a book on the Enneagram (a system of 9 personality types) and death and dying. I illustrate all my books with my drawings and cartoons.

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Bradford M. Wait


MAJOR: Bus. Ad., Accounting

ORGANIZATIONS: Senior Men’s Octet, Glee Club, Golden Bear, Californians




BIOGRAPHY: I stayed around for a fifth year at Cal, having changed my major to Bus. Ad. During that year I studied more, got better grades, worked on weekends at the Standard Station on Durant and got married. Susan Wilde (also class of ’61) and I tied the knot on April 14, 1962 in Berkeley. I was president of the Californians in the fall of that year and a new member of Golden Bear.

When we returned from two years of Army duty, Susan taught school, and I went back to work for Arthur Andersen in San Francisco. After five years, I left to go to work for a client, Leisure Enterprises, a privately held company in San Francisco, and stayed for ten years.

My subsequent employers were Kaiser Aluminum, Hexcel, Siltec, Pixar (very briefly), Neurex (which we took public), Xytest, and finally Central Garden & Pet, where I still have a part-time connection.

Working close to home, I was able to participate in my children’s lives, although Susan did most of the child rearing.

A major interest of mine has always been choral singing. In 1969 I joined the Bohemian Club and its chorus. I continue to sing there, and last year concluded five years on the board, the last three as treasurer of the club.

Susan persuaded me in the early ’70s that foreign travel is a great thing to do. We especially enjoyed taking our children to Europe in 1984 for three weeks. Beginning in the early ’90s, Susan and I went on a bicycle tour in either Europe or North America every year for about ten years. We also built a house at Fallen Leaf Lake in 2001 and visit there frequently.

Our son, Ken, a former member of the San Francisco Boys Chorus and now a member of the UC Alumni Chorus, and his wife and two children live in Albany. Our daughter, Karen, a former member of the San Francisco Girls Chorus, and her husband and two children live in Lafayette.

We have had a great life together, and Berkeley was a great place to start.

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Susan Wilde Wait


MAJOR: English & Teaching Credential


LIVING GROUP: Alpha Chi Omega


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating with a BA in English and a teaching credential, my husband, Brad (also Class of ’61) and I lived in Oklahoma and Washington while he completed his active Army Reserve duty. During this time I began to teach.

We moved back to the Bay Area and Orinda, and I taught 8th grade English at Walnut Creek Intermediate School for two years until our son, Ken, and daughter, Karen were born. While they were young, I volunteered in the community. Highlights for me were serving as Vice President of the Oakland-East Bay Junior League and as President of the Head-Royce School Alumni Association.

When my children were a little older, I launched into a career in public relations for ten years. Eventually looking for a different kind of challenge, I went back to school at St. Mary’s College to get an MBA. With that degree I was able to transition into banking as Branch Manager for Citibank and then Vice President and Branch Manager at Bank of Walnut Creek – both in Orinda.

I joined the Orinda Chamber of Commerce board and became President. I was also the first woman President of Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary and went on to become the Rotary district’s first woman District Governor – retiring from my ten-year banking career to take on this position.

Finding that I was not quite ready to retire, I bought Avant Card, a high-end greeting card shop on Bancroft across from the Bancroft steps and ran the store until 2008.

During this time, I was appointed to chair the Rotary end of the Rotary Peace Fellows Program at Berkeley and enjoyed meeting graduate students who came from around the world to study peace and conflict resolution on full Rotary scholarships.

Now I am a member of the Town and Gown Club in Berkeley and Orinda Rotary. I am also a docent trainee at the Asian Art Museum. Brad and I like to spend time at our Fallen Leaf Lake cabin, travel and enjoy our four grandchildren.

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Maria Watt

NAME KNOWN BY: Maria Siegel

MAJOR: Anthropology

ORGANIZATIONS: OskiDolls, started Cal Camp with John Ginsberg

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Helping Obama turn Nevada blue, hosting foreign students connected with International House, traveling, working with children, and walking

ADVANCED DEGREES: Elementary teaching credential, Special Education credential

LIVING GROUP: Cheney Hall, International House, Cunningham grad resident


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I’ve spent most of my life here in Berkeley with my husband, Dennis Watt (Cal 1960), whom I met while working in San Francisco several years after graduating. Together we had a son and a daughter and bought an old 1920’s arts and crafts home in North Berkeley, where we’ve lived for 42 years.

For thirty years I taught special education at the elementary school level working with dyslexic children, which I found to be very rewarding.

We have traveled all over the U.S. in connection with my husband’s Master’s rowing events. I was also involved in coxing at Lake Merritt Rowing Club and competing in crew races, but gave that up after about twenty years of steering long, skinny boats containing eight rowers while yelling at the crew.

We are lucky to have our children and their spouses living within a half hour of us, and I enjoy caring for our two grandkids part time since I retired from teaching in 2003. We have, over many years, hosted foreign students who are attending Cal, so we’ve made a great many connections with people from all over the world. Recently we have traveled to Italy and Spain.

I have always been interested in Democratic politics and civil rights issues, and worked for President Obama in Nevada in 2008. I feel very lucky to still live in the beautiful Bay Area, and frequently enjoy walking on campus with one of my sisters.

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Priscilla Spires Wegars

NAME KNOWN BY: Pris Spires

MAJOR: German; minor, English

ORGANIZATIONS: Daily Cal, Pelican, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Women’s J Com

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, especially by train; wine tasting (OK, wine drinking)


LIVING GROUP: Hoyt Hall (Univ. Students Cooperative Assn)

PRESENT CITY: Moscow, Idaho

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: While you were all embarking on your lucrative and rewarding careers, blissful and long-lasting marriages, and adorable and above-average children, Pris Spires, later Wegars, joined the Peace Corps, serving as a high school English teacher in northeastern Thailand for two years. She returned to the U.S. via Southeast Asia and the Far East, experiencing bedbugs in transit, long before they became fashionable here. Back in Berkeley, she was a barmaid and waitress for a couple of local watering holes, before deciding that she really, really needed another degree from Cal - this time an M.L.S. After 10 years as a junior high librarian in Oakland, Pris ventured to the University of Bradford in England for an M.A. in Scientific Methods in Archaeology.

When a “midlife career change” beckoned, she moved to Idaho and became a poor but happy archaeologist, working as a “dig bum” while obtaining a Ph.D. in history/historical archaeology from the University of Idaho. Meanwhile, she established the Asian American Comparative Collection (AACC) at the University of Idaho,; tax deductible donations are always welcome, and naming opportunities are available. Since Pris never bothered to have children (how selfish!), she has no grandchildren to dote on, so is currently a self-employed historian, historical archaeologist, editor, author, and lecturer, and a volunteer with the AACC. Her books include Hidden Heritage: Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese (edited, 1993); the brief biography Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer (2003); Chinese American Death Rituals: Respecting the Ancestors (co-edited, 2005); Imprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Internee Road Workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp (2010), and As Rugged as the Terrain: CCC ‘Boys,’ Federal Convicts, and World War II Alien Internees Wrestle with a Mountain Wilderness (2013). Her current book project is another biography of Polly Bemis, this time for adults; it promises to be “scholarly but readable.” Pris lives in Moscow, Idaho, with her trophy husband, Terry Abraham, and their weird cat, Kate.

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Robert Wells

NAME KNOWN BY: Robert Wells

LIVING GROUP: Alpha Sigma Phi

CAMPUS GROUPS: Big C society, honor students society, OSKI committee

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Tennis, travel, investing

PRESENT CITY: Walnut Creek

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation, Robert enrolled at UCSF where he earned his MD in 1965. After an internship at San Francisco General Hospital, he completed his residency in Ophthalmology and became board certified in that specialty. His private practice was in Fresno from 1969 to 2001.

He also served as an assistant professor of Ophthalmology at UCSF, is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and was Chairman of the Ophthalmology Valley Medical Center in Fresno. Other activities have included Kiwanis and SIRS.

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Robert A. White


MAJOR: Architecture


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Photography

PRESENT CITY: Palm Springs, CA

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Married Sandra in January 1961. Lived in montclair District of Oakland, CA. Son Daniel Born January 1962, Son James born October 1963. Acquired Architectural License 1964. Moved to Napa, CA 1965. Married Evelyn in 1985. Practiced Architecture in Napa Until 2002.

Moved to Borrego Springs, CA in 2002. Continued Architectural Practice until 2005 when second wife died. Retired and moved to Palm Springs, Ca. Enjoy traveling, especially cruises. During 2009 traveled Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and England for 7 weeks with present partner, Clement.

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Susan Stewart Witherspoon

NAME KNOWN BY: Sue Stewart

MAJOR: French

ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Class Council

ADVANCED DEGREES: M.A. Psych. Found. Ed CSU Northridge



EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: After graduation I worked in San Francisco as a secretary and became a marine insurance broker. I attended CSU Northridge for a masters and teaching credential K-9. Met my husband, Jerry, and spent time primarily in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, West Point, NY and Alexandria, VA as an Army officer’s wife and teacher. My two children were born at West Point. I returned to CA and attended De Anza College to learn computer programming. Worked for ESL (TRW, now Northrup Grumman) in Sunnyvale, where I started as a COBOL programmer, becoming an IT Systems Engineer before retiring. Became guardian for my 2 year old great niece 10 years ago. Currently enjoy yoga, walking my dog, reading, travel and friends.

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James C. Woodfill

NAME KNOWN BY: Jim or Woody

MAJOR: Mining Engineering

ORGANIZATIONS: Del Rey, AIME Student Chapter, Collegians

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, sports, alumni activities

ADVANCED DEGREES: MS, Materials Science, Cal 1966

LIVING GROUP: Del Rey Fraternity

PRESENT CITY: Pleasanton

EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I enjoyed a fascinating 40-year career in mining and mineral processing from 1960 through the end of 2000. Except for my first job with the U. S. Bureau of Mines (summer 1960), I worked almost exclusively in the equipment end of the business. I joined Ingersoll-Rand upon graduation in 1961, but in early 1962 I switched to Allis-Chalmers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I spent seven years in their international sales division, with time off for a year of graduate study back at Cal in 1965-66, followed by a year’s assignment in their New York office. In May of 1969, I joined Bechtel’s Mining and Metals Division in San Francisco. I hired on as a metallurgist, but was loaned to the mechanical group for 4 of my first 5 years, so when I was offered a lead position in mechanical, I switched over and never looked back. It was an interesting and diversified career at Bechtel, with about 15 field assignments scattered over a 31-year span.

It is interesting to note that none of my four principal employers exist today in the same context as when I worked for them. The Bureau of Mines was discontinued by a stroke of Bill Clinton’s pen in 1993. Ingersoll-Rand and Allis-Chalmers were partitioned up into their major divisions and sold or taken over, piece by piece, until little or nothing remained of the original corporations. And Bechtel, which used to be one of San Francisco’s major employers, is now scattered to the four winds. Time marches on!

I met my wife in the spring of 1963, and we were married the following year. She was a young widow with a small son, and we added three more (a girl and two boys) of our own. We were together for 28 years, until her sudden passing in 1997. I have not remarried, and doubt if I will at this point, but my kids keep me from being lonesome.

Looking back, I have enjoyed a full, happy and productive life. Looking forward, who knows? But I like to think there is at least one more adventure waiting for me over the


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Deane Wylie


MAJOR: Journalism

ORGANIZATIONS: Daily Cal, Usher Club


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: I Joined the Peace Corps in July ‘61, went to the Philippines as part of an English-teaching project. Married a fellow volunteer, Carolyn Ekdahl, from Moline, IL. We taught in provincial schools in Masbate and Mindaneo. Coming home in June ‘63, I was the first ex-volunteer editor of the Peace Corps’ newsletter in Washington, D.C. Two years later went to Rome to work in the Freedom From Hunger Campaign of the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization. In 1966 returned to California and worked at a series of newspaper jobs in Fresno, Riverside, Long Beach and Los Angeles. For 20 years I was an editor on the L.A. Times op-ed and opinion pages. Retired in 1999 and have been involved with several volunteer groups. My wife, who died in 2004, was an administrator for 20 years with Riverside County schools and in 2000 became the first director of the county’s Children and Families Commission (First Five). I have two children and two grandchildren. Berkeley was my childhood home and I return often to visit friends.

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Beverly Middleton Wyllie

NAME KNOWN BY: Bev Middleton

MAJOR: Political Science

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: reading, travel, gardening, bridge


PRESENT CITY: Lafayette, Caliifornia

EMAIL:: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Graduated in the January Class; served as a Field Secretary for Phi Mu; married to Loring Wyllie, Jr. Cal ‘60; lived in El Paso, Texas while Loring was in the Army and I taught school; returned to live in Oakland, CA for a year, then moved to Lafayette where we had 2 children, Blair UCLA ‘88, Kelly ‘91; became a nearly full time community volunteer, joining Junior League of Oakland East Bay, serving on Parents’ Club and PTA boards, serving as a board member for Goodwill Industries of the East Bay for 36 years; active at St. Stephen’s Episcoal church; grandmother to two girls, Colette 10 and Kennedy 9 who also live in Lafayette and attend the same school that their mother and aunt attended. Life is filled with good friends, travel, good books, and good health. Looking forward to catching up with classmates.

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Fortune Zuckerman

NAME KNOWN BY: Fortune Zuckerman

MAJOR: Home Economics Club



ADVANCED DEGREES: M.Ed., Special Education, Peripatology, Boston College, 1981

LIVING GROUP: Epworth Hall


EMAIL: [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY: Upon graduation from Cal in 1961, I was a Home Economist for 2 1/2 years at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Then I attended UCLA and earned a Lifetime Teaching Credential in 1964, facilitating an eight year assignment with the Los Angeles Unified School District, teaching primary grades, and English as a Second Language. In 1974, I trained for the Peace Corps in Colombia, South America. I lived in Cartagena, Santa Marta and Bogota for 3 1/2 years, working in the field of Home Economics, working with families, and then with the street children, better known as gamins, in the capitol city of Bogota. I was appointed as an Associate Director of Peace Corps in Colombia, and served in that position for 2 1/2 years. As a volunteer, I met two children who were blind and encouraged them in their studies. One of them became a lawyer. Upon completion of service in South America, I attended Boston College and earned an M.Ed in Special Education, Peripatology, to teach people who are blind to travel about safely, efficiently and with confidence. Upon completion of studies in Massachusetts, I returned to my native city and worked at Braille Institute headquarters for 2 1/2 years as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist. I was then appointed to lead Braille Institute’s center in Palm Springs. During nine years at that post, I was involved with the development of their stellar state of the art center in Rancho Mirage. Having success there, I was transferred to San Diego where I spent 3 1/2 years, assisting in the development of that center. In 1996, I transferred to Los Angeles and led a variety of projects. I retired from full time employment in 2003. In 2004, I was asked to be a university supervisor for graduate students at California State University, Los Angeles in the Orientation and Mobility Program. I continue to mentor a few students each quarter. In 1961, we were told that our education was just beginning. That’s been my life’s theme.