clermont-ferrand : 400 km due south of paris 300 000 inhabitants, world headquarter of...

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  • Clermont-Ferrand : 400 km due south of Paris 300 000 inhabitants, World headquarter of Michelin
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  • Clermont 35,000 students 2 universities 6 Grandes Ecoles of Engineering Engineering 1 Grande Ecole of Management of Management
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  • Groupe ESC Clermont One of the leading French Management School Member of the : Chapitre de la Confrence des Grandes Ecoles International Association for Management Education (USA) European Foundation for Management Development In the AACSB Process
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  • Our mission Educate students and executives to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate, innovate, and make decisions in a rapidly changing global environment => Emphasis is given on providing students with the opportunity to develop a broad, open-minded management perspective.
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  • Corporate Partners Longstanding relations with regional, national and international businesses : Andersen Consulting; Auchan, Bacardi Martini, Balantines, Cap Gemini, Danone, Fiat, KPMG, Audit, Marks & Spencer, Michelin, Nestl, Otis, Pechiney, Procter and Gamble, Rhone-Poulenc, Sommer Alibert, United Biscuit, Whirlpool,the main banks,
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  • International Academic Partners 62 universities throughout the world : Europe : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Great-Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Asia : Turkey, Jordan, China, Japan America : Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Venezuela Australia, New Zealand,
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  • International opportunities 1 semester / 1 year study abroad Double diploma : MBA (USA, Spain) EMBS (21 European universities) MSc in finance or marketing (GB, USA) More than 400 foreign students studying in ESC Clermont each year Study-Tours, Visio-conferencing, Visiting professors, etc.
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  • Faculty 1 academic director + 2 program directors 32 full time professors 135 associated professors About 20 visiting professors per year 35 part-time professors in the languages and international cultures department (15 nationalities) 6 Graduate teaching-assistants
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  • Main programs of study ESC Master in Management 3 years program (for student having at least a 2 years higher education degree) Compulsory : 6 to 12 month abroad Different specialisations : some examples 1. Banking 2. Accounting 3. International affairs LLL programmes
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  • Main programs of study 11 Masters (5 to 6 years higher education) 2 MSc in International Business development 2 MSc in International Project Management 1 MSc in Finance and Auditing 1 MSc in European Business 1 MSc in Customer Relation Organisation and Management 2 MS in Net-Management 1 MS in Human Resources Management 1 MS in Supplier and Industrial Partnership Management
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  • Accreditations For the MIM program Visa given by the French Ministry of education for 5 years For all the postgraduate Masters Accreditation given by the French Confrence des Grandes Ecoles for 3 years
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  • Rpertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles For 4 professional Master degrees Titel Export Manager : level I 1 LLL programme Titel Commercial Project Manager level II
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  • Rpertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles Registration dossier with information about : The institution, its mission and programmes Quality process Quality and expertise of the faculty, member of the Conseil de perfectionnement and jury (academic and professionals) Rfrentiel dactivits et de comptences which lists all the activities and competence needed for a specific job Rfrentiel de certification : Description of all the pedagogical activities on order to prove that the students are trained specially for this job Assessment (all pedagogical activities) Process for the Validation of prior learning outcomes Results and employment of our alumni
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  • Progress toward AACSB International Accreditation 2002 MayFormal decision by Management Committee to prepare for AACSB International accreditation. June/ Sept Preparatory work on Precandidacy application. 2003 MayMentor : Robert Scherer, Dean Cleveland State University SeptemberAACSB formally accepts ESC Clermont application to Pre-Accreditation
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  • 2004 : Progress toward AACSB International Accreditation JanuaryStrategic Plan presented to Accreditation Task Force. FebruaryAACSB formally accepts ESC Clermonts Updated Accreditation Eligibility Application JulyAACSB requests additional information for the Accreditation Plan. SeptemberAACSB formally accepts ESC Clermonts Accreditation Plan. DecemberAACSB accepts ESC Clermonts Accreditation Plan and authorizes the school to prepare the Self Evaluation Report.
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  • 2005 : Progress toward AACSB International Accreditation JanuaryAACSB appoints the following to the ESC Clermont Peer Review Team : Dean George Stevens - Chair Dean Betty Jo Licata Member Dean Theodore Cummings - Member MaySelf Evaluation Report submitted to the AACSB board 14, 15, 16 November Final Audit
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  • See you in Clermont, in Mai 2006 Next Meeting in Clermont .