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  1. 1. ( STARTUP WEEKEND CEDAR FALLS: WHO WILL MAKE IT BIG? NOVEMBER 23, 2014 (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/STARTUP-WEEKEND-CEDAR-FALLS-WILL-MAKE-BIG/) / LEAVE A COMMENT (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/STARTUP-WEEKEND-CEDAR-FALLS-WILL-MAKE- BIG/#RESPOND) CEDAR FALLS Mellow. Thats the best word to describe the mood early Sunday afternoon as Startup Weekend Cedar Falls teams work together in the time between the frenzy of Saturdays heavy work day and the rollercoaster ride of tonights final pitches. The main competition of the early afternoon? A ferocious ping pong tournament that drew team members out of their temporary office space at UNIs Center for Energy & Environmental Education (CEEE). The team office spaces were littered with hot pink and green sticky notes, empty Red Bull cans and Styrofoam carry-out containers. The scent of very strong raw onion permeated the air but no one seemed to mind too much. Free food is free food and they were happy for it. Heres background on a few of the teams: inSight On the second floor the inSight team of sevenone developer, two designers and four non-technical membershappily worked on the idea which requiredall day buy-in. Through team building and working with each other, the group transformed the idea originally pitched by Andrew Baird, a ( ( LETS CONNECT! SUBSCRIBE First Name* Last Name Email Address* * = required field SUBSCRIBE NOW POPULAR POSTS Startup Weekend Cedar Falls Pitch Fest ( cedar-falls-pitch-fest/) Startup Weekend Cedar Falls Day 2: Get to work. And drink mo... ( cedar-falls-day-2/) Startup Weekend Simple Connection team wins with tech suppor... ( simple-connection/) HOME (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/) ABOUT (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/ABOUT/) EVENTS (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/EVENTS/) RESOURCES (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/RESOURCES/) SUBMIT A STARTUP (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/SUBMIT-A-STARTUP/) EVENTS (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/EVENT-POSTS/) / NEWS (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/NEWS/) / STARTUP PROFILES (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/STARTUP-PROFILES/)
  2. 2. University of Iowa entrepreneurship student, into something pretty cool thathad been originally pitched on Friday. Having seven minds instead of just one is beneficial and crucial, said Stephanie Mathena, UNI graphic design senior. Its a really excited group with different skill sets, said Russel Karim, UNI computer science/entrepreneurship major. They also credited Saturdays mentors for the transformation. They asked us questions to make us think differently, said Trent Schulte, UNI/finance MIS. Were they ready to pitch to the judges in a few hours? Team members smiled and laughed at the suggestion. Give it til 5 and well be ready, Schulte said. BlipLearn The guys on the all-male BlipLearn team didnt seem to be worried about the time crunch. Its a high- tech team of seven, including four developers. Theyd taken Jamey Daviss original idea and focused it, but other than that kept it the same. That made Davis super happy. Hes been a developer at Far Reach for 64 days, he said. They met for the first time on Friday night after more than half of the team had made pitches and came together to make one idea work. Were the team with the most visionaries, Davis said. Sure, theyd had a few disagreements but they always approached resolution in a friendly atmosphere. Yes-men dont get a group anywhere, Davis said. Simple Connection 1 Million Cups Cedar Valley Kicks Off with a Brew ( cups-cedar-valley-kicks-brew/) Entrepreneurs discuss startup community at Up The Valley ( the-valley/)
  3. 3. Several yards down the hallway the 100% non-tech Simple Connection team members were heads down pulling together their how-to idea. Still in the theoretical stage of the idea, they werent bothered by the absence of developers on their team. Alarrrm In a dark corner under the back stairs under the watchful eyes of a somewhat menacing hand-drawn logo the the Alarrrm team of five plugged away. The idea stayed relatively the same over the weekend. We made it more robust, so we added a key character story behind the idea, said Jason Thompson, UX/UI designer at Visual Logic. The groups sole developer said hed pitched the idea. His goal as a developer is to make tech products easy to use and attractive. Who Will Be the Big Winner? The pitches are ready to start, and well find out soon. When you make it big, winners, remember CVStartups for giving you your first press. Spread the News ( 6 ( 5 (
  4. 4. PREVIOUS ARTICLE STARTUP WEEKEND CEDAR FALLS DAY 2: GET TO WORK. AND DRINK MORE RED BULL. (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/STARTUP- WEEKEND-CEDAR-FALLS-DAY-2/) NEXT ARTICLE STARTUP WEEKEND CEDAR FALLS PITCH FEST (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/STARTUP- WEEKEND-CEDAR-FALLS-PITCH-FEST/) EVENTS (HTTP://WWW.CVSTARTUPS.COM/EVENT-POSTS/) DOROTHY DE SOUZA GUEDES Dorothy de Souza Guedes is a Cedar Valley freelance journalist and paralegal. Twitter: @dorothydsg ( M O R E P O S T S ( H T T P : / / W W W . C V S T A R T U P S . C O M / A U T H O R / D O R O T H Y / ) LEAVE A REPLY Enteryourcommenthere... 2015 CEDAR VALLEY STARTUPS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ( ( Related ( artup-weekend-cedar-falls-day- 2/) Startup Weekend Cedar Falls Day 2: Get to work. And drink more Red Bull. ( artup-weekend-cedar-falls-day- 2/) In "Events" ( artup-weekend-simple- connection/) Startup Weekend Simple Connection team wins with tech support video pitch ( artup-weekend-simple- connection/) In "Startup Profiles" ( uffman-foundation-visits-1- million-cups-cedar-valley/) Kauffman Foundation Visits 1 Million Cups Cedar Valley ( uffman-foundation-visits-1- million-cups-cedar-valley/) In "Events"