co-leaders: sharni howarth anthony perez

+ Co-leaders: Sharni Howarth Anthony Perez Group Members: Andrew Gorgen, Alison Butler, Kelsey Brennan, Tucker Nebel, Brittany Johnson Inside the Classroom

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Inside the Classroom. Co-leaders: Sharni Howarth Anthony Perez. Group Members: Andrew Gorgen, Alison Butler, Kelsey Brennan, Tucker Nebel, Brittany Johnson. Project Summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Co-leaders:Sharni Howarth Anthony Perez

Group Members:Andrew Gorgen, Alison Butler, Kelsey

Brennan, Tucker Nebel, Brittany Johnson





Project SummaryInside the Classroom videos are videos that inform

viewers of a particular classes activities and content. Featuring student interviews and teacher comments,

Inside the Classroom videos offer insight to what students and teachers enjoy about the course and what

they learn in that particular class.


Goals, Purpose, PlanGoals:The goal of our project was to:

•Inform people about the IT/ICT classes offered at Florida State University.•Show insight to the material covered in the featured class.•Preview the projects completed in that course.•Produce creative videos, about 2-3mins in length that showcase the IT/ICT courses at FSU.

Purpose:The purpose of our project is to inform students about IT/ICT classes that are offered at Florida State University.

Plan:We planned to complete a video per month (February, March, April). In our plan we included to interview students and professors to feature in our video. Also, we planned to film in our selected classes in order to get good video of the class to feature in our video. Our plan catered to the busy schedules of professors and the availability they would have to be interviewed and for us to film in their classes.


Project Deliverables Our project deliverables are our 3 videos.

1st Video –LIS4301 Electronic Media Production 2nd Video – LIS4930 Social Media Management 3rd Video – LIS3784 Information Organization and Communication

Our videos met all our goals:• Informational• Insightful• Good content• Creative


MetricsWe measured how successful our videos were through a survey.

How informative was the video?

How interested are you in this course after watching this video?

How complicated is the video content?  

Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent

0% 0% 0% 15%(3) 85% (17)

Not Interested Somewhat Interested Very Interested 0% 20%(4) 80%(16)

Too complicated Just right Too simple 0% 95%(19) 5%(1)


Project TimelineDeadline Assignment

Feb. 4th - 8th Contact professor/students for interviews

Feb. 11th - 18th Film interviews/class

Feb. 22nd Rough cut due @ 5PM

Feb. 24th Final cut due @ 9PM Email link to Ebe

Video 1 LIS4301

Electronic Media


Video 2 LIS4930Social Media

Management*revised dates in red


Project TimelineVideo 3 LIS3784

Information Organization & Communication

*revised dates in red

Revised DatesVideo 2: The original date to film the class and interview the professor, she was sick. So we had to push the filming to the

following week and got a replacement professor to discuss the course.

Video 3: When emailing professors to ask if we could feature their class in one of our videos, the first two professors took a while to respond and then turned us down. We had to revise

the dates to allow more time contact professors and students.


Team RolesSharni: Editor

Anthony: VideographerAndrew: Videographer

Tucker: Feedback/Results.Alison & Kelsey: Communications

Brittany: Videographer/Communications.

Everyone was involved in the creative process. Whoever was available to help film for the video, attended to

help the videographer.Everyone also contributed to the finalizing of each video

with constructive feedback and commented with any changes they thought were needed.



Web Marketing

Website FSU


Long Term PlanningFor long term planning, we created an introduction

video that can be used for future Inside the Classroom videos. The project file we created can be accessed

via our wiki for future groups. The text for each class can be changed via the project file.