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LAST WEEK two of Torrevieja's most established associated joined forces, with the Torry Army giving their support to Age Concern, in their quest to raise funds for a new Coach. Thanks to a special fundraising event, a cheque for 250€ was presented by Torry Army's Edward Greenburry to Age Concern President Maureen Payne. The cheque bring Age Concerns fundraising efforts past the 26,000€ mark as they get closer and closer to their goal of 30,000€ for the new coach. Age Concern President Maureen Payne said; “We'd like to thank the Torry Army for their kind donation. It brings us ever closer to our goal of 30,000€ which we hope to reach by the end of the year, or early in 2016. The new coach will be primarily used to transport members to and from our headquarters in San Luis. It will be specially adapted with a wheel chair ramp so that we can support as many people as possible in the community.” Torry Army President Pat Stewart said: “We are delighted to be able to support Age Concern, We are all getting older and may be looking for their assistance one of these days. We also supported the last fundraising efforts for a new Coach for Age Concern, back in 2004, and we are delighted to be able to help out this time also.” Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur was formed in March 1998 and its constitution was accepted and registered by the Generalitat Valenciana in May of that year. It is a member of the Federacion de Asociaciones de Age Concern Espana which is registered in Madrid. Age Concern in Torrevieja is run by volunteers and are always looking for more. If you want to do something worthwhile and are prepared to make a commitment of one session a week to the charity they would like to hear from you on 966 786 887. The charity is based in Torrevieja at The Centre, C/Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta, 03184 Torrevieja, their headquarters for the past 11 years. The Centre is open Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Visitors are always welcome to drop in for advice and information, and to discuss matters in confidence or just stop by for coffee and a chat with the volunteers and other visitors. They do not ask for payment for any advice, information or assistance given. Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur also has a charity shop in Torrevieja at C/Patricio Zammit 41 on the corner with C/Concordia and is situated very close to the Bus Station in Torrevieja and is open Mondays to Fridays from 10.00am to 1.30pm. Contact with the Charity shop is made through the Centre volunteers on 96 678 6887. Monies raised in the Charity Shop are used to support the work of the charity and includes helping the financing of their advice and information service, LIFELINE projects plus the purchase of wheelchairs and other care equipment. They are always grateful for good quality donated items: clothing, bric-a- brac, books, etc. However, we are unable to accept large items of furniture due to lack of storage. Donations can be taken straight to the Charity Shop or to The Centre. It only costs 5.00€ to become a member of the Torry Army, CD Torrevieja's official supporters club, with more details to be found on their website at: The Torry Army was formed by a small group of ex-pats in San Luis who wanted to support and follow the local football team. During the mid-2000's they had more than 700 members although over the years many have returned to the UK to be with family or for work. The Torry Army is always looking to attract more members and apart from supporting CD Torrevieja on the terraces they also arrange dun social events such as quiz-nights, bingo sessions, lunches, day-trips and other social activities as well as arranging a coach to CD Torrevieja away games when there is sufficient interest. At their Club Shop in San Luis, open 10.00am to noon weekdays, you can purchase Torry Army branded merchandise: polo shirts, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, caps etc. and football club home and away shirts. The Torry Army was formed to bring together like- minded people to support and promote their local football team CD Torrevieja and enjoy each other’s company at the social activities it organises and that has never changed and is its reason for being. Tel: 673 196 455 [email protected] Torrevieja and local areas Tuesday, November 10 th 2015 - Edition 572 Torry Army support Age Concern The fallen from world conflicts were remembered on Sunday morning at the Capilla de las Mil Palmeras. More than 400 people attended the 8th service than has been commemorated on the Orihuela Costa in the presence of the Vice Consul for Alicante, who is also the President of The Royal British Legion, Spain District North, Lloyd Milen, Nigel Hails, Orihuela’s Councillor for Foreign Residents, Sofia Alvarez, Guardia Civil Trafico Officer Francisco Morales and the mayor of Pilar de la Horadada, Ignacio Ramos. The Phoenix Concert Band under the direction of MD, Julie Schofield played inside the church prior to and during the service, while the Torrevieja Pipes and Drums led the 'standards' to the Church. And estimated 400 people made this possibly the largest gathering to date as mostly former expatriate military personnel, their families and friends gathered to pay their respects. The service was led once again by Rev Terry Baxter with readings from Branch Members Walter Shatford and Michael Reeves along with a moving version of ‘We will remember them’ performed by Elise MacGregor and Janelle, accompanied on guitar by Alex Scott. Following the playing of the Last Post by Derek Hayes and ‘Flowers of the forest’ played by Tony Dolpin, two minutes of silence was held to remember those friends, family and colleagues who have served in the armed forces.. Keith Carter, chairman of the Orihuela Costa Branch of the Royal British Legion, said the event was yet another great success and it was especially pleasing to see so many local residents, of all nationalities, coming out to show their support. He said "It has been a truly wonderful day." Following the service in Mil Palmeras there was a further dedication in Campoverde Village Church and a Poppy Appeal Concert featuring the area's massed choirs, and organised by Nigel Hopkins, at the Cristo Recusitado Temple in La Regia. Another service will be held tomorrow, on November 11th, at the La Siesta Church in Torrevieja. Everyone is welcome to attend. More photos from Sunday's service can be found on Page 7. Remembrance Service in Orihuela Costa

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  • LAST WEEK two of Torrevieja'smost established associatedjoined forces, with the TorryArmy giving their support toAge Concern, in their quest toraise funds for a new Coach.Thanks to a special fundraisingevent, a cheque for 250 waspresented by Torry Army'sEdward Greenburry to AgeConcern President MaureenPayne. The cheque bring AgeConcerns fundraising effortspast the 26,000 mark as theyget closer and closer to theirgoal of 30,000 for the newcoach.

    Age Concern PresidentMaureen Payne said; We'd liketo thank the Torry Army for theirkind donation. It brings us evercloser to our goal of 30,000

    which we hope to reach by theend of the year, or early in 2016.The new coach will be primarilyused to transport members toand from our headquarters inSan Luis. It will be speciallyadapted with a wheel chairramp so that we can support asmany people as possible in thecommunity. Torry ArmyPresident Pat Stewart said: Weare delighted to be able tosupport Age Concern, We are allgetting older and may belooking for their assistance oneof these days. We also supportedthe last fundraising efforts for anew Coach for Age Concern,back in 2004, and we aredelighted to be able to help outthis time also.

    Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur

    was formed in March 1998 andits constitution was acceptedand registered by theGeneralitat Valenciana in May ofthat year. It is a member of theFederacion de Asociaciones deAge Concern Espana which isregistered in Madrid. AgeConcern in Torrevieja is run byvolunteers and are alwayslooking for more. If you want todo something worthwhile andare prepared to make acommitment of one session aweek to the charity they wouldlike to hear from you on 966 786887. The charity is based inTorrevieja at The Centre,C/Paganini s/n, Urb. La Siesta,03184 Torrevieja, theirheadquarters for the past 11years.

    The Centre is open Mondaysto Fridays from 10 am to 1.30pm. Visitors are always welcometo drop in for advice andinformation, and to discussmatters in confidence or juststop by for coffee and a chatwith the volunteers and othervisitors. They do not ask for

    payment for any advice,information or assistance given.Age Concern Costa Blanca Suralso has a charity shop inTorrevieja at C/Patricio Zammit41 on the corner withC/Concordia and is situated veryclose to the Bus Station inTorrevieja and is open Mondaysto Fridays from 10.00am to1.30pm. Contact with theCharity shop is made throughthe Centre volunteers on 96 6786887. Monies raised in theCharity Shop are used tosupport the work of the charityand includes helping thefinancing of their advice andinformation service, LIFELINEprojects plus the purchase ofwheelchairs and other careequipment. They are alwaysgrateful for good qualitydonated items: clothing, bric-a-brac, books, etc. However, weare unable to accept large itemsof furniture due to lack ofstorage. Donations can be takenstraight to the Charity Shop orto The Centre.

    It only costs 5.00 to become

    a member of the Torry Army, CDTorrevieja's official supportersclub, with more details to befound on their website The TorryArmy was formed by a smallgroup of ex-pats in San Luiswho wanted to support andfollow the local football team.During the mid-2000's they hadmore than 700 membersalthough over the years manyhave returned to the UK to bewith family or for work. TheTorry Army is always looking toattract more members andapart from supporting CDTorrevieja on the terraces theyalso arrange dun social eventssuch as quiz-nights, bingosessions, lunches, day-trips andother social activities as well asarranging a coach to CDTorrevieja away games whenthere is sufficient interest. Attheir Club Shop in San Luis,open 10.00am to noonweekdays, you can purchaseTorry Army brandedmerchandise: polo shirts,sweatshirts, hats, scarves, capsetc. and football club home andaway shirts. The Torry Army wasformed to bring together like-minded people to support andpromote their local footballteam CD Torrevieja and enjoyeach others company at thesocial activities it organises andthat has never changed and isits reason for being.

    Tel: 673 196 455 [email protected] Torrevieja and local areasTuesday, November 10th 2015 - Edition 572

    Torry Army support Age Concern

    The fallen from world conflicts were remembered onSunday morning at the Capilla de las Mil Palmeras. Morethan 400 people attended the 8th service than has beencommemorated on the Orihuela Costa in the presenceof the Vice Consul for Alicante, who is also the Presidentof The Royal British Legion, Spain District North, LloydMilen, Nigel Hails, Orihuelas Councillor for ForeignResidents, Sofia Alvarez, Guardia Civil Trafico OfficerFrancisco Morales and the mayor of Pilar de la Horadada,Ignacio Ramos.

    The Phoenix Concert Band under the direction of MD,Julie Schofield played inside the church prior to andduring the service, while the Torrevieja Pipes and Drumsled the 'standards' to the Church. And estimated 400people made this possibly the largest gathering to dateas mostly former expatriate military personnel, theirfamilies and friends gathered to pay their respects.

    The service was led once again by Rev Terry Baxterwith readings from Branch Members Walter Shatford

    and Michael Reeves along with a moving version of Wewill remember them performed by Elise MacGregor andJanelle, accompanied on guitar by Alex Scott.

    Following the playing of the Last Post by Derek Hayesand Flowers of the forest played by Tony Dolpin, twominutes of silence was held to remember those friends,family and colleagues who have served in the armedforces..

    Keith Carter, chairman of the Orihuela Costa Branch ofthe Royal British Legion, said the event was yet anothergreat success and it was especially pleasing to see somany local residents, of all nationalities, coming out toshow their support. He said "It has been a trulywonderful day." Following the service in Mil Palmerasthere was a further dedication in Campoverde VillageChurch and a Poppy Appeal Concert featuring the area'smassed choirs, and organised by Nigel Hopkins, at theCristo Recusitado Temple in La Regia.

    Another service will be held tomorrow, on November11th, at the La Siesta Church in Torrevieja. Everyone iswelcome to attend. More photos from Sunday's servicecan be found on Page 7.

    Remembrance Service in Orihuela Costa

  • 2 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 2013Gardening2 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015News

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    Last Monday week, the organisers for the associationfor the Barrio del Acequin announced that they havehad no choice but to cancel their festivities because of acomplete lack of response from anyone in thePentapartito council. Thus, over the December holidays,the Barrio del Acequin will not be celebrating thefestivities plus they have left the door open to thepossible dismantling of the neighbourhood associationThe Association of Residents of Barrio El Acequinissued a statement in which they made known to allmembers of the association and the press that they havehad no choice but to come to the decision to suspendthe activities "and the possible dismantling of thefacilities and assets of the association."

    The reason that has caused this decision is the lack ofresponse from the City Council, with the associationspecifically stating that they have been left without achoice because of "our fruitless efforts made to theMunicipal Corporation, through letters sent to thevarious departments requesting the necessaryauthorizations for the completion of the recreational,social and solidarity with the neighbourhood's activities.These include such festivities as bonfires, collection and

    distribution of toys and food at Christmas and Epiphany,the very popular Bisiquin, social events, bingo, charityfundraising, music, dancing plus family andneighbourhood meetings."

    The association noted that: "to date, we have not hadthe slightest response from anyone in the Council, eitherfor or against, showing a total and absolute ignoranceon the part of the government team." The associationheld a meeting on Saturday afternoon in turn wanted tosend out a general thanks to neighbours and supporterswho have made the activity possible for many years.

    Neighbours from the area commented that June's"Bisiqun" was one of the very first events attended bycouncillors from the pentapartito, although none of

    them rode through the streets of Torrevieja with themore than 300 cyclists, and this action, or lack of it, hasnow endangered the event after many years of'soldiaridad'.

    Apart from the pentapartito council cancelling theSummer Parade and moving the Salt Queen event to adifferent date, also at risk is the International Carols inthe Square, for which the pentapartito council have yetto reply to, after many requests from the organisers.Meanwhile, the Municipal Theatre remains closed, theTorrevieja Symphony Orchestra have said they willprobably not be performing in the InternationalAuditorium again due to the high cost of renting thefacility and almost all the city's International Choirs,Performance groups, Theatre Companies and MusicalSocieties and Bands are shunning Torrevieja for othermore 'friendly' towns, such as San Fulgencio and LosMontesions, or performing in smaller venues. Thus, withthe cancellation of the Barrio El Acequin event alone,more than an estimated 10,000 people will not have anyfestivities to enjoy, a number that is more than the entirepentapartito council managed to attract in May'selection.

    By Andrew AtkinsonSpain's Economy Minister Luis de Guindos and

    Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria visited Cuba onMonday November 1st to sign a deal to re-financeCuba's short term debt to Spain. I visited Cuba, and thecapital Havana, in February, 2015, in the wake of the USAand Cuba agreeing to once again establish diplomaticrelations between the two countries - re-instatingdiplomatic relations after over 60 years.

    Having been in Cuba in February, I found Havana in a'time-warp'. This followed restrictions imposed by theUSA - and the 'Missile Crisis'. In December 2014 USAPresident Barack Obama initiated full diplomaticrelations between America and Cuba that saw Americalift certain travel restrictions into Cuba. The move alsosaw some new economic ties open. President Obamamet with Raul Castro in April - the first time the leadersof Cuba and the USA had met in decades.

    The visit came in the wake of the United Statesremoving Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terror inJune, opening a gateway for the diplomatic renewalbetween the two countries.

    I witnessed refurbishment work on the USA Embassyin Havana in February, situated on the Havanawaterfront, which formerly housed the AmericanEmbassy, prior to the severing of diplomatic ties afterthe Cuban Revolution in the 1950s.

    The move ended decades of Cold War enmity in thewake of the failed 'Bay of Pigs' invasion and the MissileCrisis - when Diplomatic relations ceased between theUSA and Cuba in 1961.

    Fidel Castro visited New York in 1959 in the wake ofousting Fulgencio Batista - a USA backed dictator -

    based in Havana. President Eisenhower refused to meetCastro. And, returning to Havana, Castro nationalised allUSA interests within Cuba - without compensation. Amove that lead to America breaking diplomatic ties, andimposing a trade embargo. Properties that belonged toAmericans today see Cuban families in residence.

    The re-opening diplomatic move by PresidentObama came in the belief that the trade embargo onCommunist island Cuba, 90 miles south of Florida, wasineffective. When Obama met Raul Castro in April it wasthe first meeting between USA and Cuba leaders since1956. Raul Castro succeeded brother Fidel in 2008. Myvisit to Cuba witnessed many as poverty stricken -underlined by an aged cigar smoking Cuban ladyrunning across a busy road to greet me, and asking for aphoto, of which she wanted paying. Most Cubans arenot wealthy people although Cubans receive freeUniversity education, and a free health service.

    I saw Cuban workers waiting at the roadside, sawpolice stopping vehicles, and instruct the driver to takethem to their workplace. People jumped into the back ofa truck to go on their way.

    In a 'time-warp' I posed alongside 1950s AmericanCadillacs and Chevrolets in Havana - mostly used as taxisfor tourists. The Cuban currency is the 'Cuc' and, fromresearch, I read that a qualified Doctor's salary is littlemore than 25 Cucs a month. While Cubans go abouttheir daily tasks hundreds of European tourists spendtheir time on the Island's beaches, drinking champagneand cocktails - smoking Havana cigars. Havana is abustling, busy City, crammed with tourists.

    Agreements were signed by the Spanish and CubanMinisters on economic, innovation, industrial and

    development energy policies and the refinancing ofCubas 201.5 million Euros in short term debt, whichincludes principal and interest, to Spain. RicardoCabrisas, Cuban Vice President, signed the deal with DeGuindos at the headquarters of the Council of State. InFebruary refurbishment was being undertaken at theUSA Embassy in Havana - that has now re-opened. ACuban Embassy has also opened in Washington while itwas formally announced in July that the USA and Cubahad reached an agreement to re-establish formaldiplomatic relations that led to opening Embassies ineach other's capitals.

    It seems that following the meeting between Cubaand Spain this month things are moving in the rightdirection. New stages and new opportunities areopening, I'm convinced that Spain, as happens in foreigntrade and in many other markets, will play afundamental role, especially given the long-standingrelationship with Cuba," said Spain's Finance Minister DeGuindos.

    Barrio del Acequin cancels their celebrations

    Ministers visit Cuba to sign deal tore-finance short term debt to Spain

  • Last Friday the 'Samaritans inSpain' opened their new drop incentre at Punta Marina nearPunta Prima. This is an extensiontheir charity shop that is alreadyestablished there. Guests ofhonour included Patron DaveBull plus the British AmbassadorSimon Manley and othermembers from the BritishConsulate in Alicante.

    The official honours ofcutting the ribbon fell to localauthor, broadcaster andjournalist Dave Bull, who said afew words of thanks followed byBritish Ambassador SimonManley who praised all thevolunteers for their hard workand hours of dedication thatthey freely gave towards theproject. After cutting the tape,the guests were given a tour ofthe new facilities and given anoverview of how the call centreand private drop in rooms are tobe used,

    Keeping the crowdentertained was a spinning classrun by Jason who is raising fundsfor the Samaritans through the'Spartans' Obstacle Race onNovember 28th (more details onPage 4). Dave and Mitch Bull alsotook part in the work outfestivities and also on November28th 2015, the father and sonteam plan to Kayak from Murcia

    to Guardamar to raise funds forcancer charity, AECC and to raiseawareness for Samaritans inSpain, of which Dave is theirPatron. They will be spendingthe coming weeks training forthe event.

    The British Consul in Alicante,Sarah-Jane Morris, alsocongratulated the Samaritans inSpain in the launch of theirnational free phone number 900525 100, earlier this year. TheConsul said The Samaritans inSpain is a fantastic organisationrun by a really dedicated andprofessional group ofvolunteers. They play a key rolein supporting English speakingindividuals in Spain who aregoing through a difficult patchin their lives. Im always veryimpressed with the amazingwork they do and think theirmotto you talk, we listen reallycaptures how they approach

    providing thatsupport. Consularteams acrossSpain really valuethe impact theyhave and willcontinue tosupport them andpromote theirwork at everyopportunity. Imdelighted that

    they have been able to achievetheir aim of launching a 24hour,365 days a year free-phoneservice to those in need.

    Samaritans in Spain is anorganisation operated by agroup of unpaid Volunteers.They are available by telephoneor e mail to any English speakeracross the whole of Spain andthe Islands, of any age, who isexperiencing emotionalproblems of any kind. Theyintend to continue to expandand develop the service, whichis based very much on theestablished Samaritan model,which has been in operation inthe UK since 1953. They arepleased to have had the supportof Samaritans UK throughoutthe time they have worked toestablish themselves in Spain.

    The project began inSeptember 2005 andculminated in the launch of the

    Costa Blanca Samaritans servicein Spain in July 2008 when theyopened their first Branch inBenissa, three nights a week.This was followed by theopening of the second branch inVillamartin in January 2009. InMarch 2009 they increased theiropening hours to five evenings aweek and this was furtherincreased in January 2010 toseven evenings a week.

    With the opening in 2013 oftheir Call Centre, shop and dropin centre at the Punta MarinaCommercial Centre in Torreviejathe offices in Benissa andVillamartin have now closed.From January 2013, the serviceincreased to a full 24 hours a dayservice, 365 days a year. Theyalso have a satellite centre at theBritish Embassy in Madrid wherethere are five trained listeners

    and they are very grateful for allthe support they receive fromThe British Embassy in Madridand the Consular offices acrossSpain.

    The Samaritans in Spain isvery active in the province ofAlicante and throughout Spainsupporting people of allnationalities who findthemselves in situations of need,providing a much neededlistening service. The Samaritansin Spain can also be contactedby e-mail [email protected] at their drop-in centre andshop based in the Punta PrimaCommercial Centre in Torrevieja.For more information about theSamaritans in Spain and how tovolunteer, visit CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 2013 CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 3News

    By Andrew AtkinsonThe Local Policia in Los Montesinos have

    put out an appeal this week to the ownersof a missing dog. "A dog was picked upduring the afternoon shift," said a LocalPolicia spokesperson.

    The male mongrel breed dog is white,with a black patch across the left sideear/face: "If anyone knows who the dogbelongs to please contact us on: 966 721525," said the spokesperson.

    Lost dog found in Montesinos

    British Ambassador visits Samaritans

  • Jason Scawthorn, Personal Trainer at Fit 4 All Gym,Punta Prima, Torrevieja, has set himself the challenge ofparticipating in the Spartan's Race on SaturdayNovember 28th, 2015. It's a very special and uniquechallenge that is not so much about who is first andgetting to the finish line, but the journey to get there.It's a challenging 13+km race with 21+ obstacles;fastest time should be around 65 minutes. Longesttimes will be over 3 hours. The organisers use TimingChips for accuracy.

    Reebok Spartan Race operates with heat starts. Heatsize depends on the race course but will be between150 and 250 athletes. Heats will leave every 15 minutesafter the first heat. Those that register for the 9.00am"Elite" heat are those who want to be as competitive aspossible and race against the best. Spartan Races areopen to everyone. All you need to be is 18 years of ageon race day for the Super Race. You do not have to be amember of any kind of sports club and you do not needany license. The participant declares to be physicallyhealthy and that no medical concerns exist whichprevent him/her from participating in a long distanceobstacle course.

    The Spartan Race Valencia will take place in alocation called "La Muela" in Paterna- a wide area next

    to an industrial area only a few minutes from the CityCentre of Valencia. This place was used by the army fortraining and will offer a variety of rolling sections,woods and rocky areas. Parque Empresarial Tctica,Carrer del Corretger 1, 46988 Paterna, Valencia

    The organisers are always looking for volunteers.They said: Be part of our behind the scenes team byvolunteering to help at a race. You will learn a thing ortwo, and experience what it's like to be part of theSpartan team. Your efforts make the Reebok SpartanRace the best obstacle racing series, and ensure a greatexperience for thousands of participants. There aredifferent volunteer areas to choose from like Festival,course or registration. You can choose your area whensigning up as a volunteer. So what's next? Sign up andchoose the race you want to volunteer for. You canvolunteer for one day or more days (the day before raceday is also available) receive information upfront fromyour volunteer coordinator. Receiveinformation and on-site training for the jobthat has been assigned to you. Of courseyou receive one food voucher, drinks and ashirt and much more. You will quickly learnwhile volunteering, add to yourprofessional experience and probably meetnew friends.

    Reebok added: Race with your friends orcolleagues! It's probably the mostextraordinary, fun experience you'll everhave. Every team with 5 or more teammembers automatically joins the teamranking- you do not need to register yourteam for that ranking. In order to be ranked,5 team members need to finish the race. Theteam members do not have to be in thesame heat, but can race in different heats. Itwill increase your team experience and youcan run as a team in the same heat, but it'snot mandatory. A team can be composedby male and female athletes, but there is noseparate ranking by gender. Decisive for theteam ranking is the time of the 5th athleteof the team in finish. It's not about the best5 or more individuals but about the bestteam effort. So run through the course as a

    team and you will get in with a better team time.Spectators are always welcome. You can experience

    an extraordinary day with various activities at thefestival area, try out our festival obstacles, bring yourkids to the Junior Spartan Race or just enjoy watchingyour loved ones slip and slide through the course.Depending on venue obligations you may need toregister at the entrance.

    Jason's team consists of Claudia, Melanie and a friendplus they'll be supported and helped along by Jason'schildren, Jake and Luca. Jason is also offering his time togive a class to any business, shop, office or company whowish to sponsor him. Visit the new Drop In office of theSamaritans and declare your intent to sponsor Jason,leave your details and he'll visit you at a mutually agreedtime, to put your and your 'team; through their paces.More details on the Race itself at: http://spartanrace.esand for Jason at:

    4 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 2013Gardening4 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015News

    While Torrevieja may be a bit of a cultural wildernessat the present time, with the closure of the MunicipalTheatre and few performance groups willing to riskbooking premises or paying for the privilege, there arestill plenty of other attractions to pick and choose from.For those willing to travel a little, there is 'An eveningwith Texas' on Tuesday 17th November at the PalacioVista Alegre in Madrid and on the 18th they move toBarcelona's Sala Razzmattaz. The following night, theFoo Fighters are in Barcelona on Thursday 19thNovember in the Palau Sant Jordi while at the samevenue on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th, Madonnais on stage

    During the winter the The Rojales Craft Market isopen on the 1st Sunday of each month in the morningfrom 11.00am to 2.00pm. It's is a fun place to visit if youare looking for small a gift, piece of art or decoration,dont miss the monthly Craft Market at the Cuevas delRodeo in Rojales. Local artists put their work on displayalong with other craft works to browse and enjoy. Alsoon the 1st Sunday of each month is the Ace Cafe ClassicCar event, on the street outside La Torre Hotel in LosMontesinos from 11.00am to 1.00pm whileMoonshinners have their Classic and Custom Rod eventat the Miroil Garage in Catral on the last Sunday of themonth between 11.00am and 1.00pm. Admission is free.

    Something not to miss is the Torrellano MiniatureSteam Train. It is run by the friends of the railwaysassociation and so is normally only open on Saturdaysbetween 4.00pm and 8.00pm with Miniature Train Ridesduring February and March on the 2nd Sunday from10:30am to 1:30pm. Every month the Friends of theRailways Association host a miniature train event at therailway museum in Torrellano. Donations of 1.50 pervisit are requested.

    The 35th Edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival isalready in progress and runs until Thursday 22ndNovember 2015. On Friday13th November at 9:30pm,Kurt Elling and Jos James are at the Nuevo Teatro Circo:Tickets: 20. Saturday 14th November at 9:30pm,Ibrahim Maalouf and Esperanza Spalding are also at theNuevo Teatro Circo. Tickets: 20. Friday 20th Novemberat 9:30pm: Jorge Pardo and CMQ Big Band play at theNuevo Teatro Circo: Tickets: 18. Saturday 21stNovember at 9:30pm it the fabulously fun Kitty, Daisy &Lewis at the Nuevo Teatro Circo: Tickets: 18 with thefestival ending on Sunday 22nd November at 8:00pmwith Andrea Motis, Joan Chamorro Quintet & KyleEastwood Band at the Nuevo Teatro Circo: Tickets: 18.Tickets can be brought at the ticket office at the NuevoTeatro Circo and the Auditorio El Batel; 10:00am to2:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm Monday to Friday.

    Individual tickets are available from both venues oron the internet through Ticketmaster.

    And if you are looking for a bargain, a date for thediary is November 27th, otherwise known as BlackFriday. Many of the stores, not only in Torrevieja, butespecially in larger cities, including Madrid, Barcelonaand Valencia offer cut price deals and special offers.More information next week in the Coastrider.

    For more updated news about local artists and eventsthat are happening all around the Costa Blanca, checkout the Gig Guide and other information on festivals,fiestas etc., found within the pages of the Coastrider, orkeep in track online at:

    November Happenings

    Jason racing for Samaritans In Spain

    ANDRIY LYTVYN is described as 178 centimetres tall with shortblonde hair and light blue eyes. He is wanted for questioning inconnection with a homicide in Torrevieja in May, 2011. His currentwhereabouts is not known. If you see anybody matching hisdescription, please call the Guardia Civil immediately on 062 or alertthe police.

    Wanted for Questioning

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 2013 CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 5News

    Lloyd Milen has been promoted fromVice Consul in Alicante, to become thenew British Consul-General for north-east Spain. Lloyd Milen, currently ViceConsul for the Alicante region, has beenappointed as Consul-General inBarcelona and the Consular RegionalManager for north-east Spain, whichincludes the popular regions for Britonsof Catalunya and the Balearic Islands.

    Mr Milen, who will take up the positionnext month, replaces Andrew Gwatkin,who has left for a new role outside theForeign Office. Recruitment for a newVice Consul in Alicante begins this week.

    As Consul-General, Mr Milen willrepresent UK interests and lead theteams of the British Consulates inBarcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza,as well as the British Honorary Consuls inMenorca, Tarragona, Gerona andAndorra. Lloyd Milen said: I am delightedto take up this opportunity to lead threevery experienced consular teams whoprovide high quality assistance to theBritish visitors and residents that needour help. The consulates of north-eastSpain are among the busiest in the world,together handling nearly 600 seriousassistance cases last year from deaths todetentions to hospitalisations - andissuing more than 1200 emergencypassports.

    The north-east consular region seessome 5.2 million British visitors everyyear, many to the popular destinations of

    Barcelona, the Catalan coast andBalearics resorts. In addition, more than37,000 Britons are registered as residentsof the region, with many more thought toreside for all or part of the year.

    Simon Manley, British Ambassador,said: Lloyd has been a fantastic asset toBritish tourists and residents in theAlicante region for the last seven years,and I am very pleased that he will now betaking his skills and experience to leadthe teams in north-east Spain andAndorra. I also have no doubt that we willbe able to recruit a talented person toreplace him as Vice Consul in Alicante, inorder to carry on our valuable workthere.

    Mr Milen was born in Middlesbroughand studied political science at BrunelUniversity, followed by roles in the NHSand housing charities, before moving toSpain in 2006. He was appointed ViceConsul in Alicante in 2008.

    New British Consul-Generalannounced for north-east Spain

  • Some say our schooldays arethe best time of our lives andothers disagree. One aspect of ourschool days that we will allremember, like it was yesterday,were the school dinners. Weenjoyed lumpy mashed potatoes,the darkest green cabbage piledon our plates like Mount Everest,butter beans three times a week,thick yellow custard and so manymore culinary delights we mayprefer to put to the back of ourminds. We all had great fun in theplayground kicking a ball,throwing two balls up against awall, hopping around on one legplaying hopscotch or maybehaving a sneaky puff on a Woodbine behind the bikeshed.

    Over the next couple of weeks you have not one buttwo opportunities to travel back in time a decade or fourto the days that our parents kept telling us were the bestdays of our lives. You are all invited to re-live thesemagical moments at Reflections Restaurant and Bar,Calle Aviles, San Luis. The first of these special events hasbeen organised by the guys from The Cucaracha Clubfilm. On Thursday 19th November at 7.30pm, theclassroom doors will be flung open and memories of theSchool Disco will come flooding back as you enter intodays long past. Siesta Productions, responsible for themaking of the film The Cucaracha Club in and aroundTorrevieja, play host to an Old School Disco.

    And it's not just the great music from your youth butyou'll be taken back all those years with a two coursemenu that includes a choice of your favourites sausages,

    fish fingers or cheese burgers andfor pud a choice of rice puddingwith cinnamon or apple crumble.Livening the evening up, TKO'sKeith Nicol will be spinning thediscs and playing all the hauntingmelodies of the 50s, 60s, 70s andfor the really young 40somethings, maybe even a fewfrom the 80's. There are lots ofprizes for the best dressed schoolboys and girls and those who wishto come in the dress of the era. Allthis fun and food: all muchimproved from our school days iswaiting for you at Reflections onNovember 19th. So get yourtickets now. They are priced at just

    12.50 from Reflections or book your place by phoning603 344 717 or 688 387 490.

    On Wednesday 25th Novemberat 7.30pm we go back in time forSmile Charity Group to host theirevent School Dinners. We may notremember our history, geographyor arithmetic lessons but we will allremember our school dinners forone reason or another! No packedlunches then with good andhealthy nutritional food it was allhearty, belly filling food withoutmuch thought for proteins,vitamins or carbohydrates. Peaslike bullets, lumpy gravy, stodgysuet puddings, and the memoriescome flooding back!

    The School Dinners event also takes place atREFLECTIONS, Calle Aviles, San Luis (Just down from theChristmas Shop) on Thursday 25th November will bereminiscent of days past with the menu similar to whatwe knew, but will be cooked superbly, totally edible andto be enjoyed. A two course menu including spamfritters, macaroni cheese or shepherds pie with chips orfreshly mashed potato with Afters of either applecrumble with lump free custard or hot rice pudding witha dollop of jam. All comes with bread and butter and aglass of orange squash.

    The school timetable is going to include games weused to play like Conkers and Jacks. Entertainment fromlocal vocalist Ricardo getting us on our feet dancing tosongs from the 60s and 70s. Headmaster, John Palmer,will be taking the register and overseeing the 11 plusexam and spelling test. Come dressed in your schooluniform or PE kit and you could walk off with a lovelyprize. All proceeds of the raffle will go to one of the threecharities Smile have close ties with. Torrevieja StrokeSupport, Elche Childrens Home and Benijofar CrisisAppeal. Tickets are just 12.50 euro are now on sale atReflections, The Post Room Benijofar, Benijofar library orby phoning 966 712 382, 665 222 974 or 688 387 490.

    6 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 20136 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015

    School Daze Dinners

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 2013 CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 7

    We Remember Them

  • 8 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 20138 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015

    By Andrew AtkinsonLocal Policia and the Guardia Civil are appealing to

    the public following a bank robbery in the quite town ofLos Montesinos, Alicante. "The Banco Santander de LosMontesinos has suffered a robbery. Any information orwitnesses are asked to get in touch with the Civil Guardon 062," said a spokesperson from the Local Policia inLos Montesinos.

    The daring robbery occurred on Saturday night,November 7th that involved 'explosive' materials. TheCivil Guard is looking for the authors of the event thathappened on Saturday night," said the spokesperson."An explosion has led to numerous failures in theinterior of the bank office," they added. Guardia Civil,Local Policia and firefighters attended the scenefollowing the robbery. At the time of going to Press nodetails were at hand as to what was stolen during theraid.

    A petrol station in Los Montesinos was the scene oftwo armed robberies earlier this year. Since therobberies in Montesinos and other areas in the VegaBaja region arrests have been made. Los Montesinos,which celebrated their annual October Fiestas lastmonth, is this year celebrating its 25th Anniversary as anIndependent Town.

    By Andrew AtkinsonBenidorm Palace show star Joe Longthorne has

    finished radiotherapy treatment following the return ofmouth cancer this year. Hes doing really well, theradiotherapy finished six weeks ago, but it stays in thesystem for six months," said Manager Jamie Moran.

    Longthorne, 60, who appeared at the Benidorm Palacein 2012, was diagnosed with mouth cancer in June 2014,and underwent a 12 hours operation to remove thetumour. This summer the tumour returned - leading toshow cancellations by the star - and Longthorne, who hasfaced numerous cancer battles, had a six weeks course ofradiotherapy. Jamie, who is also Joe's partner, said: "Ittakes its toll. Joe was 30 when he first got cancer. Hes 60now - and you dont bounce back so quickly.

    Joe, who lives in Blackpool, and is expected to returnto show business in 2016, will be in attendance at TheImperial Hotel, Blackpool on November 15th, in aid of theJoe Longthorne Foundation. Joe does feel bad to havecancelled shows around the country - but it looks like hellbe back - being on stage is his big love. That is what Joeslived his life for," added Jamie.

    After the monthly meeting of the Asociacin de lasRutas y Caminos de la Sal on Saturday 7th November,about a dozen of the group of Volunteers went on a walkfrom the information center, the Casa Forestal, up to thefar end of the lake of La Mata, at the roundabout junctionto Los Montesinos. The day was perfect, the lake calm andlike a mirror and in places the silence was total, difficult toimagine for a place so near a major road and large town.

    Some of the group looked at plants and birds en routeand were lucky to find things of interest. We took note ofthe new signs which were made by a small working partythat spent Saturday mornings for several monthsproducing these. We all enjoyed the companionship aswell as the walk and hope to repeat such activities in thefuture.

    We welcome new members at our meeting once amonth, the next of which will be on the 5th of Decemberat the Casa Forestal, the little white house perched on thehill at the roundabout for La Mata. We can give guidedvisits to the Park for small groups in English and German.

    To find out more please look at our website which If you wouldlike to join us please contact our President Stephen Bollon email: [email protected] or Secretary Maggie ontel. 966 848

    Bank robbery inLos Montesinos

    Rutas y Caminos de la Sal Star Joe Longthorne 'doingreally well' after cancer scare

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 9

    While the majority of 2016 Calendarsproduced on the Costa Blanca havesome beautiful scenery and greatphotographs, the Cucaracha Club teamhave gone for a much more PirelliCalendar look for the New Year.

    Yes, the girls have been down to thebeach in La Marina and are displayingtheir charms, but in the most tastefulway. While it's bound to very, very,popular with the local lads, even yourgranny or grandpa will appreciate thebeautiful girls who all can be seenacting in the Cucaracha Club Film too.

    The calendar was photographed byJorge Herrera from La Marina-Villageand is available for just 5.00.

    It's available from: Venture Fleet, BarSpangles, Kennedy's Supermarket andLa Campana in Los Montesinos: DaVinci's, Luz de Luna Reflections Bar andBar Kenz in San Luis: The Card Shop,Benimar: The Post Room, Benijofar andThe Bog Road, at Aquamarina in CaboRoig and also at the Old School Disco atReflections, San Luis Lakeside,Torrevieja, on Thursday November19th.

    Glamorous Girls for 2016

  • 10 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 201310 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015Spanish News

    When the Spanish CivilWar tore through Spain in1936, thousands of peoplefled the country's ruraltowns for the cities in searchof work.

    From these conditionsemerged the unlikely lovestory of Juan Martin andSinforosa Colomer - acouple who refused toabandon their small villagewhere they have lived bythemselves for the past 45years.

    The couple, now aged 79and 82 respectively, work the land and take care ofa few dozen cats and dogs in a town that was oncehome to 200 residents.

    A short film by Jungles in Paris has detailed thesimple but hard life the couple live in the isolatedtown, located around 100miles from Valencia, inthe country's east.

    Juan Martin told the filmmakers he would haveleft many years ago, but his wife grew up in the cityand it was there they had a daughter, whotragically died aged eight.

    He explained: 'Because my wife was born in thisplace, she has always lived here. She doesn't wantto leave.

    'Had it been up to me, I would have left thetown a long time ago. But I can't leave her byherself.'

    The town, like any other rural village, once hada mayor, policeman, priest and professionalteachers.

    But according to Angloinfo, in the wake of anatural disaster that killed many residents, it neverregained its former vibrancy.

    This loss of population was further exacerbated,first by the movement of population from ruraltowns to cities amid the Civil War, and morerecently, modern demographics.

    In one particularly poignant moment in thefilm, the two are filmed eating lunch together insilence when Sinforosa gently scolds her husband.

    'How much oil have you put [on the food]?' sheasks. 'Don't you see the lettuce is plain?'

    With a grace bred by extreme familiarity, hesimply chuckles at her reproach, rather thanoffering a retort.

    He told the filmmakers he met her one daywhen they were young as she was bringing thecattle in from the fields.

    From there, the couple got to know each otherat the two local taverns, where dancing used to beheld at the weekends.

    Husband and wife the world left behind

    The Spanish government pledgedFriday to take immediate legal actionagainst the regional parliament ofCatalonia if the Barcelona-based bodyapproves a proposal to formally start anattempt to break away from the rest ofSpain.

    Catalonia's parliament has agreed toput the secessionist parties' proposal toa vote Monday, setting itself up for aconfrontation with the nationalgovernment in Madrid, which deems themove a violation of the SpanishConstitution.

    Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenzde Santamaria said the government willseek the opinion of the Council of Stateand then call a special Cabinet meetingto announce it is seeking aConstitutional Court ruling.

    The separatism proposal was drawnup by the "Together for Yes" pro-independence alliance and the radicalleftist CUP party, which between themhave 72 seats in Catalonia's 135-member

    regional parliament following anelection in September. The two are intalks to form a new regional governmentbut disagree strongly over who shouldbe president.

    Acting regional president Artur Mashas pledged Catalan independencewithin 18 months if he is chosen asregional president but the CUP hasvowed not to support him. Theparliament has until Jan. 9 to form agovernment or call a new election.

    Catalonia, a region of 7.5 millionpeople in northeast Spain, is responsiblefor nearly a fifth of Spain's economicoutput and is proud of its own cultureand language.

    Pro-independence sentiment beganto swell four years ago at the height ofSpain's economic crisis as secessionistsclaimed Catalonia could do better on itsown.

    Most polls show Catalans would like asecession referendum but are evenlydivided over independence.

    Residents of the normally tranquilMurcia countryside had their peacedisturbed on Tuesday when a strangeobject showed up out of nowhere.

    Shepherd brothers Francisco and JuanEspn del Amo, who were tending theirflocks in the area as usual, stared inamazement at the greyish, oval-shapedthing that looked like nothing they hadever seen before.

    The object weighed around 20kilograms and measured about a meterin diameter. It was wrapped in a blackmaterial that appeared to provideisolation.

    It must have dropped from the sky,they concluded, according to local mediareports.

    The object could also have been amilitary device given that the army wasconducting training exercises in an areaknown as Llanos del Cagitan, within themunicipal limits of Mula (Murcia) or ananti-hail rocket launched by an airplane.

    The Civil Guard immediately activatedits protocol for nuclear, radiological,bacteriological and chemical threats, andsent officers in hazmat suits to inspectthe artefact.

    It was later confirmed to be anaerospace industry device, possibly anauxiliary fuel tank for a rocket or asatellite.

    This is not the first time that suchobjects have landed on Earth, said CivilGuard explosives experts. A couple ofyears ago, similar items were found inAustralia and Brazil, said one source.

    By the time it was identified, Franciscoand Juans brother-in-law, a communitymanager whom the brothers contactedas soon as they found the strange object,had already done his own online researchand reached his own conclusion.

    The sphere looks very much like acomposite overwrapped pressure vessel(COPV), possibly from a space station, hesaid. These objects are made from suchresilient materials that they can surviveEarth re-entry, and even catastrophicexplosions, nearly intact.

    On Wednesday morning, Murciaauthorities were continuing to assesspotential environmental risks in the area.A radioactive facilities inspector has beenanalysing the site with an ionizationchamber, and tests have turned upnegative for higher-than-normal alpha,beta and gamma emissions.

    The object is now at Civil Guardfacilities, waiting for somebody to claimit.

    Spanish govt vows to take legal action ifCatalan parliament backs independence bid

    Did it fall from the Death Star?

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 11Spanish News

    Despite an apparent economicrecovery, Spanish salaries did notexperience any noticeable rise last year,while the difference between top andbottom earners increased, as did thebreach between men and women,according to figures released by theNational Statistics Institute (INE) onFriday.

    The 2014 Active Population Surveyadditionally shows that 4.37 millionworkers in Spain made less than gross1,221.10 a month last year, with another2.9 million failing to even reach the1,000 mark, coming in at a monthly972.80 or less.

    In 2005, the term mileurista (one-thousand-euro-earner) was coined by amember of the public who wrote a letterto the editor of EL PAS, to describe thecountless highly skilled young Spaniardswho made no more than 1,000 a monthdespite a booming economy.

    Now, many people talk aboutnimileuristas, or not-even-one-

    thousand-euro-earners. There are aroundthree million Spaniards in this situation.

    And that is just looking at grosssalaries. After deducting income tax andSocial Security payments, and factoringin two extra payments a year that mostsalaried workers receive, there are morethan four million Spaniards who makeless than 1,000 a year, out of a total of14.2 million included in the INE study.

    The average monthly salary last yearwas 1,881.30 gross, representing only a0.65-percent rise (or 22.20) from 2013.

    Those with lower salaries experiencedthe smallest increases, widening the gapbetween those who make the most andthose who make the least.

    There is also a gender disparity, withwomens salaries dropping an average3.50 a month to 1,618.10, while mensmonthly checks rose 23.80 to 2,125.

    The INE notes that one of the mainreasons for this disparity is that morewomen work part-time, on temporarycontracts and in lower-paying sectors.

    Three million Spanish workers madeless than 1,000 a month in 2014

    A Catalan police officerstanding trial for bodily injury tolda judge on Wednesday that he hadaimed his baton at the plaintiffslegs, but was thrown off balanceand hit his head instead.

    The incident took place inBarcelona on May 27, 2014, duringstreet protests over the eviction ofa squatter centre called Can Vies inthe Sants neighbourhood.

    The citys plans to tear downCan Vies were at the heart of aviolent four-day confrontationbetween street protestors and riotpolice.

    The defendant, a member ofthe Mossos dEsquadra regionalpolice force, admitted that he wasthe person shown hitting Ivn J. inphotographs taken by an eyewitness.

    But he alleged that a fellow policeofficer got in the way of the blow,throwing him off balance and divertingthe weapon towards Ivn J.s headinstead of the lower half of his body - thearea that police regulations dictateshould be targeted.

    As a result of the blow, the young manhad to undergo surgery to reconstructhis left ear, which was smashed by theforce of the impact.

    In his complaint, Ivn J. said that at thetime of the incident he was riding hisbicycle to meet his partner at Santssquare, and that two officers came up to

    him and hit him with the baton withoutany exchange of words or motives tojustify their action.

    But the police officer said that theyoung man had addressed them in athreatening manner, proffering insults.Two other officers including the onewho allegedly got in the way of the blowand inadvertently diverted it ratifiedthis version of events.

    The police also said that they offeredthe youth medical assistance, but that herejected it.

    Lawyers for the plaintiff expressedtheir regret that the officers superiorsnever opened an internal investigationinto the case.

    Catalan riot officer says hebatoned youths ear by mistake

  • 12 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 201312 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015

    Rehearsals are going wellfor Stagestuck's SleepingBeauty and they are alllooking forward to theperformances on the 26th,27th and 28th November.The show features a cast of22 in this show and around15 other Stagestruckmembers are involved eitherbackstage, Front of House,wardrobe or sound and light.

    This production ofSleeping Beauty is anoriginal, pantomime scriptwritten by Stella Reardonand directed by LeighHumphries. Although it isbased on the traditionalstory, it has some hilariousscenes and comical characters such as theGangsters, disguised as jesters who are employedto protect the Princess from the evil Maleficent,Fanny Surefire the Nanny, played by a man inDame role and Sadie, the Lady in Waiting whospeaks in rhyme.

    Sleeping Beauty is played by Blanca HelenaSierra who in the past has played Cinderella andJack as a Principal boy in Jack and the Beanstalkand Prince Rupert is played by a newcomer to thegroup, Victoria Scott as a Principal Boy. BothBlanca and Victoria are very talented actresses andsingers and play their parts with enthusiasm andprofessionalism, as do the whole cast. Thisperformance is interspersed with song to aid thetelling of the story and so has something to appealto everyone.

    The show is being performed at the CardenalBelluga Theatre in San Fulgencio with the firstperformance being a matinee on Thursday 26thNovember, followed by two eveningperformances on Friday 27th and Saturday 28thNovember. Proceeds from ticket sales will beshared between the Alzheimer's Association, theCardenal Belluga theatre and other local charities.Tickets are 6.00 each and this includes a freedrink on arrival. There is a 10% discount for groupbookings of 10 or more. Tickets are on sale at TheCard Place in Benimar, The Post Room in Benijofar,The Post Box in Dona Pepa, Quesada, MarabuLounge in Quesada, Kennedy's supermarket inMontesinos and Ray's Laundry in La Marina.Alternatively, call Jenny on 608 129 983, Leigh on679 679 584 or email Leigh:[email protected]

    Nigel Hopkins presents his Christmas Concert featuring InHarmony Chamber Choir on Sunday 13th December in La ZeniaChurch, La Zenia at 7.30pm. Plenty of new and well-loved Christmasmusic for the whole family, including plenty of audienceparticipation ... and featuring the best local soloists. Nigel Hopkinswill also sing on the night. Tickets are 8.00 and available from LaPonderosa Gift Shop. C.C. La Zenia.

    On Saturday 30th January 2016 at the Orihuela Costa Resort, LaZenia there are two shows to bring in the New Year; an afternoonperformance at 2.00pm and in the evening at 8.00pm. This time,Nigel Hopkins Presents "That's Entertainment" featuring MelodyMakers International. Another fabulous show in this series of high-quality entertainment. Melody Makers International are withoutdoubt the leading popular chorus on the whole East Coast of Spain,and will perform many popular favourites including: Bridge OverTroubled Water, Fields Of Gold, Fix You, Rock Around The Clock, OneMoment In Time, Phantom of the Opera Medley, and many, manymore.

    The show will feature the very best soloists on the Spanish musicscene, and include several special performances all from within thegroup. This year "That's Entertainment" are supporting the charityDebra - The Butterfly Children. Tickets: Afternoon (2.00pm) 10.00and Evening (8.00pm) - 12 available from La Ponderosa Gift Shop,C.C. La Zenia.

    Christmas andNew Year Concerts

    Stagestruck's Sleeping Beauty

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 13

    It was blockbuster weekend forJames Bond fans last weekend as the24th and latest 007 film, SPECTREopened at Cines IMF. The film willcontinue playing in SALA 4, tonight,Wednesday and Thursday, at 6.00pm,with just the one screening eachevening. It costs 5.00 on Monday andWednesday and 7.00 on Tuesday.However, once the new film andculture club, Admit One, is up andrunning, it will only cost 5.00 Mondaythru Thursday and 7.00 Friday,Saturday and Sunday or on Fiesta andRed Days.

    You don't have to be a member ofthe film club to enjoy an EnglishLanguage film. They are open toeveryone. Just look for the acronymV.O.S.E., along with the film descriptionas this stands for Version OriginalSubtitulada en Espaol (Spanish:Original Version Subtitled in Spanish).

    Nick from Admit One said: Greetings everyone andthank you for your interest in the new Admit One Englishlanguage film club. We are busy having specialmembership cards produced with a mag strip, so thatthe cinema can follow your viewing of English Languagefilms, and after ten films, your next one will be free. Also,if you wish to see a film on your birthday, that's also free.All films are first run films, and open on the same Fridaynight as the Spanish Language dubbed version, inSpain. On most occasions you will see it on the samenight as a film is released in the UK or Ireland. The filmwill be shown in English for one week. Thus Thursday ofthe following week will be the last night it will be shown.The films play all week, for seven nights.

    All films are shown at the Cines IMF, located in theOzone Centre, opposite the amusement arcade andbowling rink, just across the road from the HabanerasShopping Centre. There is plenty of free parkingavailable but to use the underground parking costs only1.00. The process for signing up and receiving yourmembership cards is still under review and we will betalking with the cinema on Tuesday to work out theLogistics.

    Membership to the Cultural and Film Club costs just20.00 to join. If you are a couple, it costs 30.00. Forchildren under 18 or those holding a Carnet Jove, it costsjust 5.00. Thus a family of two adults and two childrenunder 18, the total would be 40.00. Along with the freefilm options, club members will also be offered special

    prices on food and drink, offers for adinner and movie from differentestablishments in the Habaneras andOzone Centres, raffles and draws to winclub merchandise and film memorabiliasuch as posters, advertising signage andother fun stuff such as dinners, free filmtickets and special film nights. They arealso planning a film festival for spring2016 and looking for sponsorship topurchase a film projector, audioequipment and screen to allow them totake the film club out and about andinto the community, to allow manymore people access to new and classicfilms around the Southern Costa Blanca.

    Nick continued: We will also beorganising social events and looking formembers who wish to volunteer andhelp out at the various activities that weare planning for 2016, plus helping withmembership drives, helping to establish

    the club, and many other items. It's your club and longmay we have English Language cinema in Torrevieja.Every Tuesday evening the Cinema is informed aboutthe films it will receive for the following week. OnWednesday we will inform everyone on our mailing listwhich film will be showing the following Friday, in whichSALA and at what time. You can also find out thisinformation by visiting the cinema's website:

    For those who would like more information about thenew club and to join their mailing list, just send an emailto: [email protected] with 'Opt In' on the subject lineand you will be kept up to date with what is happeningand also how to join the club once their new 'Smart'loyalty cards are printed and ready.

    English Language Films start in Torrevieja

  • 14 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 201314 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015


    9:00am Los Belones 9:00am Benissa 9:00am Los Alcazares StreetMarket 9:00am La Unin 9:00am Los Alczares 9:00am Alhama de Murcia 9:00am Relleu 9:00am Altea 9:00am Jumilla 9:00am Callosa d En Sarri 9:00am Agost 9:00am Bullas 9:00am Orihuela Street Market 9:00am Pilar de la Horadada 10:00am Guardamar Fish Market


    8:00am Alcoy 8:00am Calpe Flea Market - Carpark close to Casa 9:00am Santiago de la RiberaStreet Market 9:00am Polop 9:00am Mutxamel 9:00am San Miguel StreetMarket 9:00am Teulada 9:00am El Poblets Craft Market 9:00am Alcantarilla 9:00am El Campello 9:00am San Javier 9:00am Benidorm

    9:00am Orba 9:00am Benitachell 9:00am La Mata 9:00am Yecla 9:00am Ondara 9:00am Guardamar del SeguraStreet Market 10:00am Guardamar Fish Market- Port Marina de las Dunas


    8:00am Benidorm AntiquesMarket - El Cisne 9:00am Villajoyosa 9:00am Lorca 9:00am Javea 9:00am Blanca 9:00am Los Urrutias 9:00am Guardamar del SeguraStreet Market 9:00am Murcia 9:00am San Javier Street Market 9:00am San Javier 9:00am Balsicas Street Market 9:00am Gandia 9:00am Agost 9:00am Librilla 9:00am Rojales Street Market - 9:00am La Marina Street Market 10:00am Guardamar Fish Market- Port Marina de las Dunas


    8:00am Alfas del Pi 8:30am Abarn

    9:00am Gata de Gorgos 9:00am Pilar de la Horadada 9:00am Onil 9:00am Torrevieja Street Market 9:00am Calasparra 9:00am Finestrat 9:00am El Verger 10:00am Guardamar Fish Market- Port Marina de las Dunas 12:00pm Benidoleig CharityAuction at El Cid 4:00pm Los Montesinos StreetMarket


    8:00am Calpe 9:00am HELP Charity Sale -Behind Rendezvous Bar Tiro dePinchon Pueblo Principe 9:00am Underworld Car BootSale Punta Prima 9:00am Alicante Market 9:00am Benissa 9:00am Torre Pacheco StreetMarket 9:00am Almoradi Street Market 9:00am Los Narejos StreetMarket 9:00am Fortuna 9:00am Pedreguer 9:00am Los Narejos 9:00am Santa Pola Street Market 9:00am Abanilla 9:00am Elda 9:00am guilas 9:00am Playa Flamenca Street

    Market 9:00am Orihuela Street Market


    9:00am Alhama de Murcia CraftMarket 9:00am Lorca 9:00am San Pedro del PinatarCraft Market 9:00am Torremanzanas 9:00am Cabo de Palos StreetMarket 9:00am Guardamar CampoLemon Grove Market 9:00am Pedreguer Flea Market 9:00am La Marina Street Market 9:00am Zoco Street Market 9:00am Aledo 9:00am Los Nietos 9:00am HELP Charity Sale PuntaPrima - Water Tower Punta Prima

    9:00am Murcia Antiques Market 9:00am Mazarrn 9:00am La Nuca Flea Market 10:00am Flea Market PuntaPrima


    9:00am San Pedro del PinatarStreet Market 9:00am Dnia 9:00am Roldan 9:00am Beniel 9:00am Parcent 9:00am La Nuca 9:00am Caravaca de la Cruz 9:00am Ontinyent 9:00am Los Narejos ArtisanMarket 9:00am Santa Pola Street Market 10:00am Guardamar Fish Market- Port Marina de las Dunas

    Markets Costa Blanca and Costa Calida

    The 1st of November, heralded a milestone inEl Chaparral Torrevieja as Bar Carmen'sRestaurante celebrated its third birthday, andwhat a weekend it was!!. As usual Julie Purdy, theproud owner of the bar, pulled out all the stops todecorate this fine establishment for theHalloween dinner dance, a full house, which wasenjoyed by all. The decorations were spectacular,over board, but spectacular, and the menu wastraditionally spooky and delightfully tasty.

    As many bars have been empty and strugglingduring the recession I have to ask myself why BarCarmen's continues to thrive against all the odds.There are many reasons to choose from. Is it thewonderful, home cooked food that keeps themcoming back for more? Could be, as the food isfresh, traditional English fare, cooked toperfection. The portions are huge and definitelyvalue for money. The Sunday and Wednesdaycarvery, with salad bar, is always of a very highstandard. Varied and satisfying food, a steal, at9.95e for three courses. Is it the warm and invitingatmosphere? The bar is tastefully decorated, thestaff are extremely friendly and professional.

    But why would people eat and drink at thesame place so frequently? I decided to talk to afew of the local customers and ask why.

    Outside the bar, on the terrace sat John. Hesbeen a regular customer of Bar Carmens for threeyears. I asked John why he used the bar and hereis what he had to say.

    When I first move to Torrevieja, I used to call infor my coffee and to read a book in the mornings.I was soon draw in by the sense of community.Julie and Phil the landlords are forever dreaming

    up ways to bring people together. They go out oftheir way to make people feel at home andspecial. It just feels like home.

    This sentiment was echoed by everyone Italked to that day, and it seems to me that, BarCarmen's is a little community in itself. Accordingto the customers, it is Julie and Phil who are theglue that holds everything together. Theycontinuously work hard to provide excellent foodand entertainment for everyone. They are alwaysraising funds to help others, not as fortunate. Forexample, Elche Children s home and morerecently help the Heroes, not to mention theanimal charities.

    As an impartial observer it was obvious to methat there was no, one thing, to define this bar. Itseems to work as an excellent mixture ofgenerous hardworking management, great staffand loyal customers.

    Apparently Bar Carmen's has been fullybooked for Christmas day lunches for months.However Julie still has availability in the diary forpre Christmastime lunches or dinners at 11.50eor 15.50e per person. (If the booking is for 20people or more you can chose the carveryoption).

    According to recent sources, Julie decoratesthe bar as a winter wonderland and pulls out allthe stops. A definite sight to see. The bar hasfacilities for private functions and a full andvaried entertainment schedule.

    So Happy Birthday to Julie and Phil at BarCarmen's, congratulations all your hard work ispaying off here's to many more successful yearsto come.

    Bar Carmen's

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 15

  • 16 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 201316 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015Entertainment

    Artist Direct Spainrecently had a chat withthe multi-talented PaulCastle. If you have anyrequirements for acts you can search on thewebsite or for moreurgent requirementsjoin the Book Acts DirectFacebook groupdedicated to finding actsfor venues and parties. Dont forget you can add yourgigs to the Coastrider Gig Guide for free whether or notyou are registered on the website. Download the appand let us know or send us an email [email protected]

    Who are you and what do you do?I am Paul Castle. I am a guitar/vocalist and a

    karaoke/disco host. I also play lead and rhythm guitar ina live guitar and bass duo called the Jammy Dodgers.

    How did you start in the business?I have always loved music and wanted to learn guitar

    to play for fun and to accompany myself singing. After awhile I realized that I could actually get paid for doing it.

    What would you be doing if you were not anentertainer?

    I would be a self-employed entrepreneur. Not sure inwhat field but I would definitely be working for myself.

    As an entertainer who has been your biggestinfluence?

    There are too many to name really as I like lots ofdifferent styles. I have taken inspiration from the RollingStones, the Beatles, Clapton, Knopfler and Eagles to

    name but a few.Do you ever get nervous or have you suffered

    stage fright?I always have a little of both. I think that in moderation

    they are a good thing as they give you that little edge ofadrenalin.

    What was your best moment?It was working in the piano bar of a big hotel in Corfu

    in the early nineties. The opportunity arose out of theblue when the previous artist left suddenly.

    What has been your worst moment?Probably having fruit and tomatoes thrown at me on

    my debut with my first group, called Black Rat, in the latesixties. Suppose I should be thankful it wasnt bottles!

    Whats the best piece of advice you have receivedor would give someone starting out in the business?

    Just to keep plugging away and something will turnup.

    Any little anecdotes or interesting stories? A friend and I formed a duo and called ourselves The

    Good Ol Boys which is about as country as you can get.Looking back though maybe we didnt quite thinkthings through as we were pop/rock! At our first gigeveryone turned up wearing country and western gearready for a hoedown, barn dance, big yeehaaa,whatever. If youve ever seen The Blues Brothers filmyoull understand exactly how we felt. We played allthese songs thinking we were the bees knees but allthose country & western fans were singularlyunimpressed. We didnt get invited back to that venueand promptly changed our name to Double Echo.

    You can see Pauls profile and contact information soyou can book him direct either as a solo guitar vocalist,karaoke/DJ or as a duo on the Artists Direct Spainwebsite.

    Back Stage with Paul Castle

    Whats On Costa Blanca shared abrandy after hours with RestaurantRendezvous this week. This restaurant islocated on the commercial complex onthe Altos Del Limonar urbanisation justbefore the new Indoor Market. You canfind out their opening hours and see theirmenu on the website.

    Tell us about yourselvesMy name is Olga and I am originally

    from Belarus. I run RendezvousRestaurant with my partner Valdas who isa chef with many years of experience. Heis from Lithuania. I have been in Spain for7 years and Valdas for 10 years. Both of ushave previously worked in otherrestaurants over here.

    What made you open a bar?You mean a restaurant of course. Well

    when you have spent a lot of time and

    gained a lot of experience working forother people you get to the stage whereyou want to be your own boss. Valdas wasa chef in Lithuania for many years andalways dreamed of having his ownrestaurant, a dream that fortunately forboth of us I shared.

    Where did the inspiration for thename come from?

    Rendezvous, although a Frenchword, has become the international wordfor meeting place throughout the world.Rendezvous Restaurant is designed to beexactly that, a meeting place for peopleof all nationalities to get together andenjoy good food.

    Who does the cooking? And howwould you describe your style?

    As the qualified chef Valdas does mostof the cooking while I manage front-of-

    house. He is influenced by dishes frommany parts of the world but our menu ismainly aimed at the Western Europeanmarket, especially the British as thesedays most nationalities seem to likeEnglish food.

    Whats your favourite dish on themenu?

    For me, steak. Valdas has alwaysenjoyed cooking steaks more thananything else, stretching back to his daysas a junior chef in Lithuania. Over theyears he has developed many interestingvariations of this. People tend to thinkthat cooking steak is a simple process butto do it properly and keep it varied andinteresting is a fine art that takes manyyears to develop. I always look forward toeating a steak cooked by Valdas which is

    subtly different to anything Ive tastedbefore. I am pleased to say that in all theyears we have been together I have yet tobe disappointed.

    Favourite day of the week?Tuesday is our special menu day where

    any 3 courses are available for 12.50 allday. We are always extremely busy andtime usually flies by.

    Any interesting tales?One very busy evening a meal had

    been placed on the bar ready to bedelivered to a customer and one of thewaitresses for a reason she has neverbeen able to explain decided it wasleftovers and threw the contents of theplate into the bin. We were searchinghigh and low for this missing meal whilethe poor lady waiting for it was becomingmore and more irate. It was embarrassingat the time but very funny looking back.

    To book a table at RestaurantRendezvous - telephone 966 617 641

    After Hours at Rendezvous

  • CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 17Entertainment

    Coastrider Gig Guide

    Tuesday 10th November

    8:00 PM El Marino Restaurante Casa Da Vinci, ZeniaMar8:30 PM Graeme Mykal Friendly Bar, PlayaFlamenca8:30 PM Timewarp Duo Rosamar Hotel, Benidorm8:30 PM Tony Capaldi Tango Bar, Avda Purissima,Torrevieja9:30 PM Martin Kay Cabaroke Pablo's, PlayaFlamenca9:30 PM Duo Zodiac Rio Connection Bar, Benidorm10:00 PM Andy Winwood Kvikk Baren, Torre La Mata10:00 PM Dan Davy Tradewinds, La Fuente10:30 PM Gina G Lansdowne, Playa Flamenca

    Wednesday 11th November

    8:30 PM Shanie Vaughan Twilight Bar, La Marina8:30 PM Duo Zodiac Hotel Helios, Benidorm8:30 PM Sharni Bar La Copa, Calpe9:00 PM Ed Temple Pablos, Playa Flamenca9:00 PM Dougie Munro Queen Victoria, Cabo Roig9:00 PM Samantha Curtis Park Inn, Quesada 9:30 PM Showaddywaddy Legends Emerald Isle LaFlorida10:00 PM Gina G Local, La Florida10:00 PM Roz McQuillan New Priory, El Galan10:30 PM Backyard Session Murphys on the Park,Torrevieja

    Thursday 12th November

    8:30 PM Tony Capaldi Ali Baba, Rojales9:00 PM Duo Zodiac Hotel Rio Park, Benidorm9:00 PM Dougie Munro The Local, La Florida9:00 PM - 11:30 PM Sunflower Valley Trinity Bar,Cabo Roig9:00 PM - 11:30 PM Roz McQuillan Porterhouse Bar,Altos del Limonar9:00 PM - 11:30 PM Samantha Curtis La Vida Sunset,

    Dona Pepa **10:00 PM - 11:30 PM Andy Winwood Kvikk Baren,Torre La Mata10:30 PM - 11:30 PM Showaddywaddy LegendsYolo, Cabo Roig

    Friday 13th November

    2:00 PM Samantha Curtis Carmen's Bar/Restaurant,El Chaparral 8:00 PM DJ Weeto Bar Martinez, Cuevas de Reyllo8:00 PM El Marino Restaurante Nautilus, PuntaPrima8:30 PM Drew Clark Breakaways, Villamartin8:30 PM Sharni Rusty's, Benitachell8:30 PM Nigel Burchill as Elvis Sportsbar, PlayaFlamenca8:30 PM Graeme Mykal Friendly Bar, PlayaFlamenca8:30 PM Shanie Vaughan Twilight Bar, La Marina9:00 PM Gina G Clarke's Bar, Playa Flamenca9:00 PM Dougie Munro Yolo's, Cabo Roig9:00 PM Timewarp Duo Hotel Sol Ifach, Calpe9:00 PM Andy Winwood La Luna Bar/Restaurant,Las Mimosas9:00 PM Duncan Papillon Bar Toretta 210:00 PM Dan Davy Tradewinds, La Fuente10:30 PM The Streeters Lansdowne, Playa Flamenca

    10:30 PM Roz McQuillan Trinity Bar, Cabo Roig11:00 PM Martin Kay Cabaroke New Priory, El Galan11:00 PM Shani Ormiston La Manga Club

    Saturday 14th November

    8:00 PM Randall Cain Laurel & Hardy's, Quesada8:30 PM Shanie Vaughan Sports Bar, PlayaFlamenca8:30 PM Tony Capaldi Aneto Cerveceria, Benijofar8:30 PM Andy Winwood El Capitan, Lago Jardin 29:00 PM Dougie Munro Yolo's, Cabo Roig9:00 PM Roz McQuillan Abbey Tavern garden9:00 PM Monsters of Rock Oscar's, Mazarron9:00 PM Rob Roberts Whispers Bar, San Miguel9:30 PM Dan Davy Emerald Isle, La Florida

    Sunday 15th November

    1:30 PM Tony Capaldi Gastro Restaurant, Torrevieja8:30 PM Dougie Munro Bar Argento, Orihuela8:30 PM Roz McQuillan Thirsty Monk, Torrevieja10:00 PM Rain O'Connor Gogarty's, La Zenia10:00 PM Sharni Tradewinds, La Fuente10:30 PM Gina G Lansdowne, Playa Flamenca10:30 PM Showaddywaddy Legends Paddy's Point,La Zenia

    Monday 16th November

    8:00 PM El Marino The Bells Restaurant, Quesada8:30 PM Rain O'Connor Pablo's, La Florida8:30 PM Drew Clark Breakaways, Villamartin - QuizNight8:30 PM Tony Capaldi Asturias Restaurant, PuntaPrima8:30 PM Tommy Meetlaaf Taylor Matrix Madhouse,Campoamor9:00 PM Gina G Bar La Torre, Playa Flamenca9:00 PM Backyard Session Emerald Isle, La Florida10:30 PM Showaddywaddy Legends Celtic Drop,Playa Flamenca

    Chloe Leigh Cher Tribute Showaddywaddy Legends

    Ed Temple ComedyHypnosis Show

  • Sometimes, when you look in the mirror, it's asthough you have aged 10 years overnight and you askyourself what's gone wrong?

    dry and parched skin puffy and shadowed eyes lank hair saggy cheeksDrink up and reduce puffiness More often than not fluid retention is to blame for a

    puffy face. If the body becomes dehydrated it tries tohold on to all the water it can and as a result bloodvessels enlarge and your face swells up.

    Have a glass of water as soon as you wake up andthen another on the hour, every hour. And don't forgetthat last glass before you settle down to sleep.

    Check your diet for essential fatsAccording to the experts, a lack of essential fats in

    your diet could be one reason why you wake up lookingmore wrinkled than usual.

    Your body is 66% water. This is held in cells that havemembranes of fat which need essential fats to supportthem. Eating oily fish such as mackerel, herring orsardines three times a week can help.

    Puffy eye rescuePuffiness (or oedema) can be due to poor lymphatic

    circulation, says Vicci Bentley, author of Lose Ten Years inTen Minutes a Day (Orion) Excess fluid floods the spacesbetween fatty tissue, especially after long periods oflying down hence early morning puffy eyes. Here'show to disperse the trapped fluid:

    Using your finger tips, lightly circle the eye orbits,following the contours of the sockets.

    Firmly but still gently, stroke several times from thebridge of the nose out across the eyebrows.

    Use the last three fingertips of both hands to taplightly along the cheekbone ridge. Use a light drummingaction as though you are playing a piano and work fromthe inner to the outer eye corners.

    Move those musclesFacial exercises can also help dissolve signs of strain

    and tiredness by boosting circulation to facial tissue. Trythe following to bring back a healthy glow.

    Lie down and pull your upper and lower lips apartinto a long oval.

    Press your upper lip firmly against your teeth. Use the corners of your mouth to smile, then relax. Repeat 10 times.Now repeat, lifting your head 2.5cm from the pillow.

    Hold for a count of 30. Repeat entire sequence threetimes.

    Moisturise, moisturiseWhile you sleep skin turnover speeds up so last thing

    at night is the ideal time for applying moisturiser as it'sabsorbed by the skin at a faster rate.

    Look for creams containing the antioxidant vitaminsA, C and E which will help in the war against free radicals,unstable molecules that can wreak havoc with skin cells.Beware of overdoing the amount, though, as this canalso lead to puffiness.

    18 CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th 201318 www.coastridersl.comCoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015Over 50s

    What can you do to make the most of your little greycells and boost your brain power?

    Brain boosting method: meditation Science'Tuning out' thoughts while awake has a physical

    effect on the brain. According to Harvard and Yaleresearchers, meditation increases the brains thickness inthe parts that deal with attention and processingexternal information.

    Is it for you? If the thought of sitting in the lotus position and

    chanting doesnt appeal, dont worry. Meditation cantake place wherever you feel comfortable, so long as itsquiet.

    Although its not a difficult skill to master, you willneed some training or advice to help you clear yourmind of all thoughts. If youre willing to put a bit of timein, though, you can learn to do it anywhere at any time.

    VerdictMeditation can be a great way to unwind. It reduces

    stress, improves mood and sharpens your mind. Brain boosting method: omega-3 oilScienceFish arent renowned for their brain power, but the oil

    contained within them could improve your mentalclarity. One study among many, undertaken at theUniversity of Siena in Italy, found that people who tookomega-3 supplements had improved mood andcognition. The researchers concluded that a diet rich infish oil is associated with better attention, and improvedcomplex cortical processing. In laymans terms, thatmeans eating fish oil helps keep the cogs in your mindfunctioning smoothly.

    Is it for you? The official recommendation is to eat two or three

    servings of cold-water fish, such as herring, fresh tuna,salmon, or mackerel per week, and if you do then youllalready be experiencing the benefits of omega-3s.

    "Other foods rich in the oil are pumpkin seeds,walnuts and flaxseed, though the omega-3s from fishare easier for the body to use than those from thesevegetarian sources," says nutritionist Carina Norris. "It's agood idea to get as much omega-3 from your diet as youcan, but in order to consume enough to get the full heartand brain benefits, you'll probably need to take asupplement."

    VerdictNot all omega-3 supplements are created equal.

    "There are several different kinds of omega-3, not all ofwhich have identical benefits," says Norris. "EPA

    eicosapentaenoic acid, and DHA docosahexaenoicacid, are the two most important forms and its theseyou should look for on the label."

    Brain boosting method: running, cycling ordancing

    Science "Randomised, controlled trials have shown that

    aerobic exercise increases cognitive function especially the speed of mental processing and ourability to pay attention to things in healthy, sedentaryelders," says Professor Deborah Barnes, of the Universityof California, who has studied the effects of exercise onthe brain.

    It may also help prevent 'executive function' declinein people over 70, says Barnes. Executive functioningincludes focusing on a task, short-term memory and theability to judge social situations and behaveappropriately within them.

    Is it for you? With side effects such as a flatter stomach, a stronger

    heart and reduced risk of disease, this is one brain-booster everyone should try.

    VerdictDo it. Sign up for a class at your nearest gym, cycle or

    jog with your partner or a friend, or just stick on somemusic and get down to it in your living room.

    Brain boosting method: brain trainingScienceYou can exercise your brain just like any other muscle.

    Studies on rodents and monkeys have shown that if theyplay with toys they learn more easily, have bigger brainsand brain cells.

    Another recent study conducted by Kings CollegeLondon, published in the Journal of Post-Acute andLong-term Care Medicine, found that playing online

    games that challenge reasoning and memory skills brain training - could have significant benefits for olderpeople in their day-to-day lives. The study was fundedby the Alzheimer's Society and involved almost 7,000adults aged over 50. You can try out their demo game

    Is it for you? Brain training in the form of learning a new language,

    playing Sudoku or even video games, is most likely to beeffective on people who have repetitive and un-stimulating day jobs.

    VerdictThe best activities challenge you in ways youre not

    accustomed to, encouraging your brain to create newneural pathways. If you work with numbers, sign up tolearn French; if youre a salesperson, try something thatrequires visual-spatial skills such as carpentry; or if youwork in computer technology, take an art class.

    Brain boosting method: caffeineScienceYou probably dont need boffins to tell you that

    caffeine keeps you awake, but what may surprise you isthat research also shows it can impair certain types ofbrain function. Researchers at the University ofCalifornia found that although caffeine improvedalertness and concentration, it slowed motor learningand verbal memory.

    Is it for you? Coffee is such a part of our everyday culture that we

    tend to forget its an addictive stimulant, not so differentin its physical effects from illegal amphetamines! Itcauses the release of adrenalin, which is what makes youfeel awake. And caffeine also affects dopamine levels,giving you a mild 'high'.

    If you drink more than three cups of coffee a day orfive of tea (around 300mg) and stop suddenly, youllprobably experience withdrawal symptoms. Thankfullynot as severe as if you suddenly quit cocaine or heroin,though still unpleasant. Expect to experience fatigue,irritability and headaches.

    Verdict Caffeine has a half life of about six hours, which

    means that if you drink a large cup of coffee at 3pmyouve still got the equivalent of half a cup circulating inyour blood stream when youre beginning to get readyfor sleep.

    "If you must use caffeine to get through the day, haveone cup at around 11am as a pick-me-up," says Norris."That will give you a through-lunch boost but wontkeep you awake at night."

    Get smart: increase your brain power

    Are you having a bad age day?

  • Wrinkles may be an inevitablepart of aging, but that doesn'tmean fighting them is useless.Protecting your skin fromexposure to ultraviolet radiationis the most significant thing youcan do to prevent wrinkles,sagging, and discoloration.Some people try invasivetechniques, such as chemicalpeels, Botox, dermal fillers, orsurgery. But those efforts are alldone from the outside. What

    about protecting your skin fromthe inside?

    Researchers from Australia,Greece and Sweden, led byMartalena br Purba of MonashUniversity, Melbourne, studied450 people aged 70 or more tosee if there was a link betweenhow wrinkly they were and whatthey ate. They found that thosewho ate mainly vegetables, oliveoil, fish, legumes, low-fat milkproducts and tea were the least

    wrinkled.Based on the research

    findings, heres a comprehensivelist of what you should eat anddrink to protect yourself againstwrinkles:

    Green leafy vegetables Vegetables especially

    spinach, eggplant, asparagus,celery, onions, leeks, and garlic

    Vegetable juice Water and tea Legumes especially broad

    beans and lima beans Fruit especially cherries,

    grapes, melon, apple, prunes,pears, fruit salad, dried fruits

    Olive oil, and othermonounsaturated fats includingnuts and olives

    Polyunsaturated oil Yogurt Cheese Sardines Eggs Multigrain bread The magic ingredients for

    protecting against wrinklesseem to be monounsaturatedfat, vitamin C, retinol, calcium,phosphorus, magnesium, ironand zinc.

    Vitamin C is a powerfulantioxidant that helps toneutralize free radicals, theunstable oxygen moleculesproduced by pollution, stressand sun. Free radicals attackhealthy skin cells and causecollagen breakdown, all of whichlead to wrinkles. Antioxidants found in green tea, vitamins Cand E, and coenzyme Q10 work together to neutralize freeradicals.

    Vitamin A is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and retinol isone of its most active forms.Retinol is required for growthand reproduction of the skin,and differentiation of epithelialtissue. This is important becauseyour skin ages over time and theresults are wrinkles, roughtexture, discolorations, and

    thinning. Retinol is an essentialfat-soluble vitamin that is usedto combat these negative effectsand promote healthy skin. Thisvitamin is found in animal foodssuch as liver and eggs and insome fortified food products.

    Iron helps bring oxygen to theskin thus giving your skinenough air to breathe, while zincpromotes cell repair and growth,and is a key member of a groupof enzymes that helps tomaintain collagen supply.Without zinc, the enzymes thatrebuild new collagen do notfunction properly.

    The researchers concludedthat people with the mostwrinkles lunched on full-fat dairyfoods, butter, margarine, redmeat, soft drinks, cakes andpastries CoastRider - Edition 470 - March 5th CoastRider - Edition 572 - November 10th 2015 19Health and Beauty

    Foods that Fight Wrinkles

    Dry skin can speed up theaging process. Moisture is a keyelement in the core functions ofthe integumentary system. It isneeded to lubricate collagenfibres. If collagen fibres are notgetting the moisture they need,they turn dry and brittle. Theybecome more susceptible todamages.

    You don't have to suffer fromdry skin condition anymore. Usethe following tips and prolongyoung looking skin:

    1. Did you know that your skinturns dry and flaky at night? Thatbeing said, you have to make surethat your dermis is properlyhydrated before going to sleep.Drink a glass of water. It will helpnourish your cells and tissues. Alsoapply a good moisturizing cream on your face andall over your body before hitting the sack.

    Use a dehumidifier too. Place it a foot away fromyour bed. This will keep your skin dewy and softduring the night. After using these tips, your skinwill surely look healthy and moist.

    2. Exfoliation is the key. Most people suffer fromdry skin condition because they do not regularlyexfoliate their dermis. This leads to theaccumulation of dead skin cells in the pores. Rubyour hands on the surface of your dermis. If it feelsrough, it means you need a good scrub.

    Mix yogurt, brown sugar and honey. Apply thison your damp skin. Carefully massage the scrub allover your dermis. Let it sit there for about 10minutes before washing it off with lukewarmwater. Use this treatment twice a week for betterresults.

    3. After bathing, wipe your skin dry and apply agood hydrating cream. There are different types of

    moisturizers out there. Some contain moreeffective emollient ingredients.

    You should look for products that have beenloaded with Phytessence Wakame, Manuka Honeyand CynergyTK. Phytessence Wakame is a kind ofJapanese sea kelp that can get rid of harmfulenzymes. These enzymes tend to break downhyaluronic acid, the acid that lubricates collagenfibres.

    Manuka Honey contains humectant properties.It can penetrate the inner layers of your skin tolubricate cells and tissues. CynergyTK canaugment missing keratin in your dermis. Keratin isneeded to promote a steady growth of collagenfibres.

    4. I suggest drinking lemonade daily. Freshlemonade is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin cankeep collagen fibres hydrated. It will also maintainhealthy and young looking skin. Moreover, thisvitamin prevents the depletion of collagen fibres.

    How to Get Rid of Dry Skin for Good

    Your body needs two main food group sources to performnormally every day. The first group supplies energy and consists ofproteins, fats and carbohydrates. The second group suppliesbuilding materials consisting of proteins, amino acids, vitamins,minerals and many other micro-elements.

    Protein is formed from amino acids. Many of the 21 amino acidscan be made by the body from carbohydrates, but the nine essentialamino acids must be provided by the diet. Protein shakes canprovide a healthy meal for helping to maintain balanced nutrition,essential vitamins, amino acid, minerals and nutrients in your body.

    Many protein shakes include soy protein, fiber and essentialnutrients that can help support metabolism, cellular growth, repairand production. They have also been shown to relieve menopausesymptoms, facilitate memory improvement and contribute to ahealthy prostate. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol thatinclude 25 grams of soy protein may reduce the risk of heart disease.

    It is a well known fact that protein shakes can be used for bothweight loss and enhanced performance. It only takes about thirtyminutes for the protein from shakes to reach the muscle afteringestion whereas solid food proteins could take an hour or longer.It is important to understand that your mus