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  • Collaborative Virtual Environments andTransformed Social InteractionJeremy BailensonDepartment of CommunicationStanford University

    Virtual Human Interaction Lab

  • OverviewVR/CVE technology

    Theory of Transformed Social Interaction

    Empirical Results


  • Digital Immersive Virtual Environment Technology

  • Collaborative Virtual Environment(CVE)

  • CVE AdvantagesBandwidth


    3D Visualization/Stereo

    Transformed Social Interaction

  • Transformed Social Interaction (TSI)ActualBehaviorStrategicFilterTransformedBehavior

  • TSI: Implicit Twins

  • Example of TSI: Implicit Twins

  • TSI: Team Face

  • TSI: Non-Zero-Sum Gaze

    Gaze is powerful:

    Learning (Sherwood, 1987)

    Persuasion (Morton, 1980)

    Physiological Arousal (Wellens, 1987)

    Shaping the structure of a conversation (Kendon, 1987; Argyle, 1988)

  • TSI: Non-Zero-Sum Gaze

  • TSI: Nonverbal Chameleon

  • TSI: Multilateral Perspectives

  • TSI ApplicationsDistance Education

    Collaboration/Communication systems

    Training systems


  • WorldViz Immersive virtual reality turnkey system solutions Specialized on universities & researchersProductsVizard 2.17 software for creating real-time interactivity in 3D worldsPPT 1.2 optical precision position

  • CollaboratorsMegan Miller Andrew Orin Nicole Lundblad Julia Hu Claire Carlson Aaron Sullivan Boyko Kakaradov Hassan Adubu Stanford Graduate Students/Post Docs

    Nick YeeKayur PatelRobby RatanHunter GehlbachStanford Faculty

    Shanto IyengarCliff NassUCSB Faculty/Post Docs

    Andy BeallJim BlascovichJack Loomis Matthew TurkRosanna GuadagnoThank you!

    Virtual Human Interaction Lab

    Josh Ainslie Adriean De La Mora Jon Shih Jaireh Tecarro Sam Warburg Kathryn RickertsenJerry Yu Stanford Undergraduates

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