collaboratively solving the problems of rome

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  • 1. Objective: Collaboratively Solving the Problems of Rome
  • 2. Rome fell apart because a number of problems that they couldnt find a way to fix, thus leading to the demise of their great empire. Are you Smarter Than a Roman? Can you find these problems and then come up with a successful solution on how to fix them?
  • 3. Problems that will Lead to the Decline of RomeCategory Problem SolutionPoliticalMilitary SocialEconomic
  • 4. Problems of RomeCategory Problem Solution Army fought over leadership Corrupt politicians that take bribesPolitical Many talented stop taking part in government. Germanic tribes Invade crops & destroy fields Persia push into Eastern RomeMilitary Army cant pay the soldiers Use German soldiers not loyal Fewer people went to school Large number were enslaved Farmers grew less food Social The Plague Less Crops = Hunger Businesses closed unemployment Inflation because less taxes were paidEconomic Less gold in coins higher prices therefore bartering without money


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