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College of the Arts

College of Communications

College of Education

College of Engineering and

Computer Science

College of Humanities

and Social Sciences Art: VA-102

Music: PAC-220

Theatre and Dance: CPAC-139

Department Office: CP-500

Biological Science: MH-282

Chemistry & Biochemistry: MH-580

Geological Sciences: MH-254B

Mathematics: MH-154

Physics: MH-611

College of Natural Sciences

and Mathematics

Communications: CP-650-26

Communicative Disorders: CP-420-1

Human Communication Studies: CP-420-1

Cinema and Television Arts: CP-650-7

Civil & Environmental Engineering: E-100

Computer Engineering: E-100G

Computer Science: CS-522

Electrical Engineering: E-100A

Mechanical Engineering: E-100

College of Health and

Human Development

Athletic Training: KHS-121

Child and Adolescent Studies: EC-503

Counseling: EC-405

Health Science: KHS193

Human Services: EC-405

Kinesiology: KHS193

Military Science: MS-103

Nursing: EC-190

Social Work: EC-207

American Studies: UH-313

Anthropology: MH-426

Comparative Literature: UH-322

Comparative Religion: UH-313

Criminal Justice: UH-547

English: UH-322

Environmental Studies: H-420A

Ethnic Studies:

Asian American Studies: H-314

African American Studies: UH-314

Chicano and Chicana Studies: H-314

European Studies: 815F

French: H-835A

Geography: H-420A

Gerontology: RGC-8

History: H-815F

Japanese: H-835A

Latin American Studies: H-420A

Liberal Studies: H-230

Linguistics: UH-426

Philosophy: H-311

Political Science: UH-547

Psychology: H-830J

Public Administration: UH-547

Sociology: CP-900

Spanish: H-835A

Women and Gender Studies: H-214

Accounting: SGMH-4313

Business Administration: SGMH-3100

Business Advising: SGMH-1201

Economics: SGMH-3313

Finance: SGMH-5113

Information Systems and Decision Sciences: SGMH-4113

International Business: SGMH-5214

Management: SGMH-5313

Marketing: SGMH-5214

Mihaylo College of Business

and Economics

Student Services and Resources

Academic Advisement Center: UH-123B

Admissions and Records: LH-114

Adult Re-entry: UH-205

African American Resource Center: H-222

Asian American Resource Center: UH-210B

ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center: TSU-253

Athletic Advising: LH-209

Career Center: LH-208

Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science (CASECS): CS-201C/D

Center for Careers in Teaching: EC-379

Center for Internships and Community Engagement: LH-206

Chicano/a Resource Center: TB-109

Dean of Students Office: TSU-235

Disability Support Services: UH-101

Elementary and Bilingual Education: EC-324

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP): UH-231

Extended Education: CP-100

Financial Aid: UH-146

Freshman Programs: LH-216

Graduate Studies: MH-112

Health Professions Advising: UH-223

Intensive Learning Experience: UH-143

International Students & Scholars Office: UH-244

Leadership & Multicultural Development Programs: TSU-235

LINKS mentoring program: UH-143

Male Success Initiative: UH-183

Parking and Transportation: T-1400

Reading Education: CP-570

Secondary Education: CP-600

Science Education: MH-166

Special Education: CP-570

Study Abroad: UH-244

Supplemental Instruction: 657-278-7290

Testing Center: UH-143

Titan Dreamers Resource Center: PLN-203

Titan Pride Center: TSU-main lobby

Transfer Center: LH-501B

University Honors Program: PLS 194

University Learning Center: PLN, 2nd floor

University Outreach: LH-540

Veteran Student Services: UH-230

WoMens Center: UH-205

Writing Center: PLN, 1st floor

ART: VA-280A

COMM: CP 650-26

ECS: CS-206

EDUC: EC 379

HHD: EC-105

KHS: KHS-193

NSM: MH-488

HSS: HSS 112-113


Student Success Centers