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  • By Anthony Victoria

    Former councilmemberRichard De La Rosa hadmade his way back to thecity council---this time as Mayor.

    The 50-year-old retired correctionsofficer has defeated Frank A.Gonzales, garnering 61.32 percentof the vote.The Mayoral election saw twoexperienced candidates square off.Gonzales previously served as

    Mayor six times from 1972 to 1992and was councilmember an addi-tional three times, including recent-ly. De La Rosa served as a councilmember from 1998 to 2010.

    By Anthony Victoria

    Pete Aguilars congressionalcampaign received a bigboost when U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden made a quick-stop at Colton High Schools KenHubbs gymnasium on SaturdayNovember 1.

    Thousands of Democratic partysupporters made the trek to highschools gymnasium, withstanding

    Richard De La Rosa electedMayor of Colton

    VP Joe Biden provides Pete Aguilar with bigcongressional campaign boost with Colton visit

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    Newly elected Mayor Richard De La Rosa (left) with newly elected councilmember SummerZamora-Jorrin and friend Johnny Guillen.

    Features, Lifestyle & News You Can Use! November 6, 2014Vol 143, NO. 20

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    From left to right: PeteAguilar, Alex Padilla, and Joe Biden addressing supporters at Colton HighSchool during a Get Out the Vote rally on Saturday November 1.

    You are invited to our2015 Relay ForKickoff Party onSaturday, November 8 from 6-10pm. The party will be held atthe American Legion Post 155,1401 Veterans Way in Colton.For more information contactRandy Rivera, Event Lead at909-528-9194 or [email protected] Relay For Life of Coltonis scheduled for May 16-17,2015 from 9am-9am at ColtonHigh School, 777 W. ValleyBlvd., Colton. For more infor-mation on the event or to regis-ter information on starting ateam contact Renee Rivera,People Lead at 909-890-8620 orat [email protected]

    Relay for Life ofColton Kickoff

    Wednesday, November12, 2014 at 3:00PM Andres A. Garcia on Valley Blvd in front ofMcDonalds.Wednesday, November 19, 2014at 11:00AM Robert L. Crites near Valley Blvd and Rancho Avenext to Reese.Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at1:30PM Robert G. Martus between N Street and M Street onWest side.Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at1:30PM Bobby Vasquez SEcorner of La Cadena Drive and NStreet.Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at1:30PM Salvador L. Vasquez NW corner of La Cadena Driveand N Street.

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  • Page A2 November 6, 2014 Inland Empire Community Newspapers Colton Courier

    rain in order to hear the law-maker speak. Along with Aguilar and Bidenalso was California Senator andSecretary of State candidate AlexPadilla (D-Pacoima). The 43-year-old conducted numerous ral-lies across the state with Biden inorder to receive substantial sup-port.Meanwhile, Paul Chabot sup-porters and several factions of theRepublican Party protested acrossthe street from the high school,holding up signs. At one point, atruck hauling a Paul Chabot ban-ner drove by, in attempt to thwartattention to the rally.Inside the gymnasium several ofthe Inland Empires dignitariesmade speeches to encourage resi-dents to vote for Aguilar. Amongthem were Colton Joint UnifiedSchool District board memberDan Flores, AssemblywomanCheryl Brown (D-SanBernardino), and Colton MayorSarah Zamora.Biden referred to Aguilar as ason of America who under-stands what its like to work hardand get through school. He saidRedlands Mayor understands thatevery single solitary child outthere deserves the same chanceAguilar had and that the Americanpeople are tired of standing still.Do not let this man lose. Weneed him, Biden told the crowd.

    Get out the vote!In his speech, Biden mentionedAguilars opponent Chabot andthe Republican Party, explainingthat they were not the bad guysbut that they didnt get it. Theparty has proposed a $4.5 billion-a-year cut to the National Insti-tutes of Health budget, a $5.7billion-a-year tax break to oilcompanies, and opposing fundingfor pre-kindergarten, to name afew.But they have no problem pro-viding $11 billion a year in taxbreaks for people who run hedgefunds on Wall Street, paying 17percent, Biden said.Pete understands that its allabout people. Its not about ideol-ogy or philosophy. Its about peo-ple. Its about getting thingsdone.However, Sara Hector, one ofChabots supporters said Aguilaris not suited to handle the regionspublic safety and economic con-cerns and is disgusted by the tac-tics the Aguilar campaign used tobelittle Chabot.If raising taxes and cutting ourPolice Department is 'balancingthe budget' he has donethat, she said. However, wehave millions of dollars in debtthat haven't been addressed. He isblatantly misleading the public byrunning on this claim. I am alsodisgusted at the negative cam-paigning Aguilar has produced.He has continually lied and de-

    nounced Chabot, while using spe-cial interest money to do so. IfAguilar had merit, and has somany accomplishments to boastabout, all he would need to do isrun a respectable campaign doingexactly that.Biden closed the rally by ex-plaining that American businessesare returning from overseas (ashift from outsourcing to insourc-ing). More energy is being pro-duced in the U.S. now than therest of the world combined, andAmerican workers are three timesmore productive than Chineseworkers, the vice president said.In addition, the U.S. protects in-tellectual property and has thebest research universities in theworld, Biden said.Were on the cusp of a majoreconomic breakthrough in theU.S., but it wont matter unless wedeal the middle class back in,Biden said. The middle class hasto become a part of it. Your gov-ernment has to be as big, as boldand as resilient and as optimisticas the American people are.Theres not a single, solitary thingwe cannot do.

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    U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden takes photographs with supporters during a Get Out the Voterally at Colton High School on Saturday November 1.

    Both men were confident thattheir platforms would attract vot-ers. Gonzales claimed that with hishelp, the city for helping balancethe budget, while De La Rosa ex-pressed he plans on creating utilityincentives and rebates for currentand future businesses and creating

    more transparency in the citycouncil.Tensions rose among the twocandidates, when Gonzales ac-cused De La Rosa of trying to sethim up during a meeting. De LaRosa denied any wrongdoing.The race was never close, withDe La Rosa ahead by more than 20percent when the first results cameout at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Hefinished with 2,603 votes, whileGonzales garnered 1,642 (38.68percent)De La Rosa awaited the electionresults among friends and familyat Espinozas Mexican Seafoodrestaurant on Mt. Vernon Ave.,while Gonzales did the same at theHampton Inn on 9th St.I was anticipating a closer racebecause I know the people are ed-ucated about their vote, De LaRosa said. However I knew I hadthe advantage because I wasknocking on doors and handingout mailers. I could have not donewithout family and friends work-ing every weekend going door todoor, business to business. I wasblessed to have them with me.Gonzales said despite the results,

    he will remain positive and acceptsthat the residents chose De LaRosa.The people made a change andthats what it is all about, he said.I want to thank the people whosupported me.Gonzales hopes that De La Rosalives up to his commitment of pro-viding utility incentives and said

    the city will remain in good shape.I hope he does it, he said. Iknow its possible and it can bedone.In the city council races, SummerZamora-Jorrin defeated GeorgeAguilar (56.14 percent over 43.86)in District 2 and Richard Prieto de-feated Dr. Luis Gonzales (50.77percent over 49. 23) in District 4.

    Current District 1 councilmemberDavid Toro ran unopposed.

    Anthony Victoria is a commu-nity writer for the Inland EmpireCommunity Newspaper Groupand can be reached at [email protected] or at (909) 381-9898 Ext. 208


    U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden speaking to supporters.

    Mayor cont. from front


    Richard De La Rosa (center-right) with the Colton Clean Up crew.COURTESY PHOTO

    Colton councilmember FrankGonzales.

    Grand Terrace Senior Center would like to invite you to join us fora CELEBRATION! On Veteran's Day, November 11, we arehaving a potluck to celebrate all 80 and 90 year olds. So bringyour favorite dish ( to serve 6 or more ). Utensils and drink will be pro-vided. Our "Chief" will be carving the meat and we always have a greatvariety! We will have many raffle prizes and our theme is Hawaiian socome in your grass skirt, Hawaiian shirt, dress, or muumuu! We alwayshave a wonderful program so come and